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    I have no problem with the new US light cruisers, and am finding them to be quite fun. That said, they aren't meant for open sea, hard core brawling. These are primarily support ships, and are limited in their play style. Let's just say you cuddle up next to islands as much as you can, and if you can't find a suitable island, then you use your WASD keys A LOT. When I attack enemies, I look for enemies that don't have their guns pointed my direction. Then I shoot some volleys at them, until I see their guns turning. Once I see their guns turning my direction, I find the nearest Island to hide behind, or I haul butt as quick as I can away from their detection range, and look for the next unsuspecting enemy to harass. The only time I shoot at battleships, is if I find an island that's low enough for me to shoot over, but high enough to keep his shells from hitting me. Trying to tangle with an enemy battleship with a US light cruiser in open water is beyond stupid, and anyone with common sense won't do it unless they have too. If you find yourself in that situation, then you're on a crappy potato team that's about to lose anyway. US light cruisers definitely aren't easy, or noob friendly to play. They require a lot of skill to master, and attract players who like a good challenge, and enjoy living on the edge. I've had the Cleveland since the official launch of this game, been playing the Dallas since the new cruisers came out, and just unlocked the Helena. Though the Dallas has frustrated me a little, because of it's low skill captain, still like the ship, as it does give me a nice adrenaline rush when things get hairy, and I'v had a number of great games in it. Once I get it's captain fully trained, with a full AA build, this thing will be one hell of a floating bug zapper, as it already has pretty impressive AA, despite it's low captain skill.