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  1. Flavius_Julius_1

    Unsporting conduct for killing own planes?

    Did not turn pink because of it. But I saw the "unsporting conduct" bit in post battle results. Surely that means it's being calculated in your team damage totals.
  2. So today I was playing my Essex (had a great game btw, 4 kills and 130k, screenies available for those interested in proof) and when I was browsing through the post battle results information I was surprised to see that the game actually counted an aircraft carrier killing his own planes against the player when calculating team damage and how much you've done when deciding when to turn you pink and go through the entire progressive disciplinary process. To put that into context I am certainly not above baiting an enemy CV into attacking one of my squadrons with both of his squadrons, and then strafing the entire lot with my remaining squadron, more or less getting a two for one deal when trying to joust for air superiority, especially mid game when CVs start concentrating on getting kills on ships with now weakened AA defenses. I'm not sure how the CV rework will affect all of this but surely the ability, to even by accident kill your OWN planes, shouldn't count against you?
  3. Flavius_Julius_1

    [YETI] Recruiting new members - casual, friendly clan.

    Just sent you a forum PM!
  4. Flavius_Julius_1

    World of Fire and Torpedoes = HIGHLY dissatisfied.

    The only issue I sort of take with what you're complaining about is torpedoes having a large alpha strike compared to a shell, but then also the potential floods deal more damage due to their longer duration. However on the other hand these effects can be mitigated by appropriate flags; Juliet Yankee Bissotwo and the India Yankee flag which causes floods and fires to last a shorter duration. You can also take appropriate captains skills to mitigate the effects of fires. Also invest in premium consumables, namely the premium damage control and learn how to manage it properly. Don't repair one fire straight away unless you're at a quarter health or less, and don't repair two fires straight away unless you're below half health. And if your ship has it, invest in the premium heal, so if your damage control is on cooldown you can pop a heal and try to heal out of the trouble you're in. Also the November Foxtrot flag lowers the time it takes for a consumable to come off of cooldown, and appropriate tier 2 captains skills can bring your damage control and heal off of cooldown even faster so that you can keep yourself out of trouble. Also know when to "go dark", and when to duck behind an island to take cover when coming under concentrated fire from cruisers, especially american and japanese cruisers. Also don't drive in straight lines, especially if you know there's an enemy destroyer nearby. Basically the game provides for you ways to manage any DOT damage (damage over time) and it's up for you to practice using them and manage them properly to ensure your longevity in a battle. :D