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  1. Carrier Bug

    Interestingly enough I did in fact do a game restart. It did not help me.
  2. Carrier Bug

    So I was just in a game with the Lexington, highly close battle, I consider myself a DECENT carrier player, it was certainly a battle I could have turned our way if I were able to give my planes orders. However, a bug popped up that has popped up for me a few times prior. At some point through the battle any time I tried to give a plane an attack order or a move order or any order that wasn't clicking on my carrier to make them orbit it, I got a circle with a line through. And if I proceeded to try and click on the ship I was trying to target anyways it simply selected that ship as a primary target for my secondary batteries. This is highly annoying, probably cost my team the game, cost me XP and credits, and hurt the progress I've been making in getting my stats up to acceptable levels now that I've learned from the derpiness that all players go through when they start the game. The biggest reimbursment wargaming could give me is simply fixing the bug so that the game is more enjoyable for me, other carrier players, and so it doesn't ruin a game for a team who winds up with a CV player who gets stuffed like this. Anything else is just icing on the cake. If it is required, I can provide the replay of the match.