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  1. Flavius_Julius_1

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    My blackmouth cur Ben! He turned one year old about a week ago. :D
  2. Flavius_Julius_1

    Where is the HMS Indomitable?

    Even worse. You wound up with a tier 4 CV at tier 6 lol.
  3. Flavius_Julius_1

    Aircraft Carrier Bug

    So I was playing my HMS Hermes just now, and part way through the battle I had a squadron in the air, while the squadron was in the air I opened up the map to set my autopilot to re-position myself, left the map, then set myself up for an attack. Only when I left clicked, NOTHING HAPPENED. I thought no big deal, temporary bug, maybe going to a different squadron will fix it, so I hit the F key and tried again. Except that was only the beginning. I couldn't select another squadron, I could no longer speak in chat, I could open the map but when I clicked on it to set an autopilot nothing happened. I couldn't manually control my CV and drive it somewhere, nothing. The only thing I could do is press the enter key and then the tab key to select which chat I would theoretically want to type in, yet when I wanted to type nothing happened. So next thing was I went to the player support tab on the website (this did result in my CV dying), checked the relevant boxes, but then nothing. Nothing came up to let me type in my issue, there wasn't a submit button, nothing. So I am left to come here and vent it out and maybe get some real help on why this issue occurred, how to keep it from happening again, and maybe figure out why player support is not cooperating with me. Edit: I tabbed out to wait on the battle to end so I could try again and see what happens, and this is what I tabbed back into a few minutes later lol. (Btw at this point in the battle I had been dead for quite some time, so the battle report stating my death you can see is waaaayyyy out of date and is just another issue here lol.) When I have the patience again I'll load up later tonight and play, I had to use my task manager to kill the game as it had completely locked up. I can't wait for my brand new computer to show up tomorrow so I can install this game on an SSD and be done with it all lol.
  4. Why do people start in a ranked battle with the mentality that they must save a star, rather than they must win? I can't tell you how often I start a battle and at least one of the battleships on the team runs behind an island and the DDs run off to the flanks in order to launch torps with little chance of hitting just hoping to farm damage in an attempt to top the team, while hiding in their smoke. No capping, not much in the way of killing, just trying to save a star. Like, why do so many people do this? And why doesn't wargaming do away with the save a star mechanics? If it were up to me you wouldn't be able to save a star, and if you won you wouldn't even get a star unless you were in the top half of your team in order to keep certain people from being carried game after game to the top.
  5. Flavius_Julius_1

    In Game Announcer

    I laughed way to hard at this only because it is true [edited].
  6. Flavius_Julius_1

    In Game Announcer

    So can the timeliness of the in game announcer be improved upon so he doesn't say "the enemy team has taken the lead" after they've taken a solid three hundred point lead? Or maybe even just be taken out of the game entirely? I think the average player is smart enough to know who has what caps and how many points each team has lol.
  7. Flavius_Julius_1

    Rubbing Pants with a Yamato

    It is now lol. :P
  8. Flavius_Julius_1

    Rubbing Pants with a Yamato

    Aye, that Yammy cheek is a massive weak spot in her lol.
  9. Flavius_Julius_1

    Rubbing Pants with a Yamato

    The funny thing is he did not kill the minotaur before he went down, who I do not believe was in torp range, he was just raining AP down on the Yammy's head. :P
  10. Flavius_Julius_1

    Rubbing Pants with a Yamato

    Rubbed pants with a Yamato and lived to tell the tail! This Yamato should have had me but decided he wanted to aim at the Minotaur instead while I was still on my approach in lol. Thanks to Shadow for taking the screenshots, I was way to stressed and concentrating way to hard to even think about taking a screenshot lol.
  11. Flavius_Julius_1

    Question about Naval Battles

    So right now my clan is tied in terms of stars with our opponent in the naval battles, if we end this weekends naval battles in a tie, how is that counted? Is it like random battles where it's counted as a loss for both sides or what's the procedure here?
  12. It's a solid 2.5 hour drive from where I live in Texas, but the Texas is well worth it for sure, and I haven't been to a community event for WoWS before, so this should be fun. (Is it shameful that I haven't really ever watched any of Fem playing the game? Almost always watching The Mighty Jingles, Flamu, and Flambass. :P)
  13. Flavius_Julius_1

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    All of us native Texans are well used to the intense summer heat of our great state. ;) On a serious note I look forward to seeing y'all at the USS Texas next weekend. :D
  14. Flavius_Julius_1

    Ship of the Week: T5 Texas - 15th to 23rd

    nevermind. misread something.
  15. Flavius_Julius_1

    So which do you hate more?

    Apparently you do if you took the time to post. :P ;P