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  1. aether_tech

    Why I don't break truces (though you might)

    Truces are for people that need help killing Rasputin and it's minions. For everyone else, there's 12 barrels of Crocasour.
  2. aether_tech

    Gearing; Unique hull mod

    The "stat" number is pointless. Ignore it.
  3. aether_tech

    Full AP pin on dd?

    It has nothing to due with balance spreadsheets, and everything to do with making black numbers bolder on the fiscal spreadsheets.
  4. aether_tech

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    because 07 has an aimbotter.
  5. aether_tech


    Is this some sort of non-whale joke I'm to rich to understand?
  6. aether_tech

    WoWs need additional spectator modes

    i do that quite often, it's not impossible, but difficult. high rof + last known position + understanding how the target may be moving.
  7. aether_tech

    Tier VIII Ranked Predictions?

    World of Gunboats; and Edins, and Balti.
  8. aether_tech


    Good clan leader example: gaishu Be like Gaishu
  9. aether_tech

    BB-C4---Bunker Busters Is Looking For YOU!!!

    Allow me to extend my official COMPLAINT about this clan, and the members of it. They WILL THROW ranked games by being among the stupidest players I've ever encountered. ETHAM53409 being an individual I just had a game with, who BLAMED me for him eating several Mass torps. He blamed me because HE was to stupid to stop behind an Island, and instead tried to charge out into a very obvious TORPEDO ALLEY to try and get into my just-about-to-dissipate Belfast smoke. Then, when I still continued to play, and attempt to win, had the gal to say I had given up. Listen you, you slimy, low-browed, skillless, candy-corned stat RUTABEGA. And the rest of your CLAN who I think I'd put on the same level as BR , or STARS/Z in terms of your rampant ability to be a liability to the team you are on. Please, Git gud. But I think that's impossible for you. Please pass along my worst of wishes to the rest of your pathetic inbred clan of game-throwers. And may everyone else be warned of the danger of having you and yours on their team.
  10. aether_tech

    US BB California doubloons price

    Looks like trash. Small, inacurate guns. Slow, short range everything. Awful
  11. I can agree, cheesecake. Just had some myself for dinner.
  12. aether_tech

    Japanese Commander without unique trait

  13. aether_tech

    Sprint 7 - Ranked out in Leander

    I don't know who you are. But I like the way you deal with these candy-corn filled ruttabegas.
  14. No CV, and not good in CV? Check. No Le Terrible, and no Mogador? Check. No desire to give WG money? Check. No desire (or time) to grind the HOF thing whatever the [edited] it takes? Check. Guess I'll take the dubloons.