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  1. Someone @ me later on this thread. Its been a while since I had fun with a troll.
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    And here I thought I could just spend money on a basic [edited]mouse and keyboard and know how to use my WASD keys to win many many times.
  3. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Wait, i could spend money to get better stats?
  4. It's been really hard for me to pick between the Izzy and the Clemson, I love them both. The Izy has the slight slteath, range, and ROF advantage - the Clemson's got harder hitting indivudal torpedoes on two sides, and harder hitting guns + american smoke. Both have good games, and bad games. but overall, I think the Clemson narrowly edges out the Izzy for it's Torpedo powers. The izzy will satruate things and it's torpedoes won't kill a full health BB a lot of the time in a drive by - even partial health BB's survive a lot of Izzy schools. The Clemson never has that problem and ha an extra 1/2km of range on her torps which can mean a lot of extra hits.
  5. The same thing that happens to everything else. /humblebrag for the Clemson lovers.
  6. Todays DD song

    So, that same argument also for Carriers, Battleships, and Cruisers.
  7. Blyskawica

    #1. Get the tier 1 skill that tells you how many people are targeting you, then get EM, SI, AFT. #2. Dont play the Blys, because WG nerfed it into the ground soooooo far.
  8. What is the best torp DD in the game at TIER 5?

    Per average, I find the Gremy to be the best tier 5 DD for W/R in my stable, but the Kamikaze/R/Fujin trio can pump out those high-damage games once in a while.
  9. My Free stuff

    Ive played for years as a whale, got a free diana and that was it....
  10. That is the dumbest thing ive ever read about w/r.
  11. Is that why my average damage is so low? Because I don't farm enemy AFKs? sheeeeeitttt....