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  1. aether_tech

    Torpedo targeting malfunction

    slightly on topic, I, a full health Stealthedo without ramming flag, almost died (FOR VICTORY) having to ram a 1/2 health Seascythe at speeds approaching a reversing, while flooding, with broken engine, but with last-stand, south carolina bb.... It was hilarious.
  2. aether_tech

    Torpedo targeting malfunction

    It works just fine. You just need to understand that ships that go 50-70+kt, and can stop and turn on a dime, are much more difficult to hit. I have no problems getting multiple kills, and wins in Savage.
  3. 3.5 seconds.... Not great. Dispersion buff tho...
  4. funnny, veterans are fodder for new players too. Because some veterans still suck. That's not a good argument you've got there.
  5. aether_tech

    Sync drops

    *me winning a game against a synch dropping clan that had 7 players in the game and none of them on my team...* I'll just be over here, playing chess.... or something.
  6. aether_tech

    How do i delete my acc?

    they wont let you delete your account, there's a tiny, marginal, fractional, minuscule percentage of a chance you may give them money.
  7. Snort a few to many crayons? This post of your just went full non-sequitur...
  8. Bismarck has Hydro and better AA. Tirpitz has torpedoes. The Tirpitz isn't better than the Bismark. Do your research. And according to the player base, Bismark is better by ~2%. So uh.... Come back when you want.
  9. That analogy is fallacious with regards to the game as it is now. HOWEVER, it applies to Paragon level systems (and similar.) There is NO 'unfair' advantage here, merely unethical game design, and its abuse by players with immoral minds.
  10. They aren't hurting for money. You don't fly a bunch of people out and sell them this type of thing when you are hurting for money. They'd slash prices, have huge sales on ships, premium time, and other things, if they where hurting for money. They want bolder black numbers.
  11. Buddy, find your pills. Come back, and maybe post in in manner that makes your point easier to find.
  12. Why are you poor? *who doesn't use premium consumables already? *
  13. I see the abuse, but I have the conviction to disagree that the game is 100% pay to win. Are parts of it pay2win, yeaaaa. But Yamato a tech tree ship? Its play-2-play on that one. And it's not exactly a hard play challenge to get there either. Other lines, similar stories. Belfast? Kuter? Nikolai, Super-Cruisers? Yea, I'd call those pay-2-win. But those can be beat at least by skill. Paragon system (as is) on the other hand? Not sure skill is enough anymore. Also, please don't call me an idiot, I am insane,, and asocial, but not stupid.