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  1. Nothing about that, just checking to make sure you didn't get price gouged by one of the more ethically corrupt "boutique" system builders.
  2. ... Real Khab is back? I don't have to play pretend Khab with Tashkent anymore?
  3. Hope you didnt pay more than $800usd for that ...
  4. How much are you paying for the 8920 XPS?
  5. looks more like 1/3 or 1/4 carrier, to 2/3 or 3/4 bb.
  6. You obviously never played the Erie at it's prime.
  7. If only enemy gearing knew what his guns could do.... turns the complete wrong way to open his torpedoes up, instead of just using his guns and wrecking you...
  8. I had quite a few tachibana and smith replays...and then wowsreplays died... If you have some old installs of wows, to view older replays...
  9. Who cares about a Flag collection, there's only one flag that matters.
  10. There does seem to have been some sort of bug (feature) that would cause a person to appear spotted for a few seconds even when hidden and with nothing actually spotting. - but Doc's right, put up the replay so it can be dissected, analyzed, and combed for details.
  11. ~58k, dragon flag, military, zulu. No first win, no exp camo. No events or other flags. Kurfurst.
  12. Whats so special here? These are numbers I deal while twiddling my thumbs in a tachibana or smith.
  13. No. I like the Gearings guns way more than the fletchers, simply because of turret layout and lol 13.5km torps that go 71kt. I also like her better smoke.
  14. Stop trying to premium ship a win. GO BACK TO TIER 2. Start with A. The Umikaze, or the German Line, whatever the hell its' called. Move your way up from there. Then, go back, and do the American and Russian lines to learn Gunboat. Try to get at least tier 6 on each line before you complain about DDs again.