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  1. If Detonations still exist when I come back, I just won't play at all. Wargaming, there's no point to detonations in this arcade-like-shooter. None. Take them out.They do more harm than good to your player base. If you're going for "historical accuracy" then doing it with Detonations ain't the place to do it. See ya scrubs next year or so. Maybe. *because PUBG is way, way better than WOWS.*
  3. Upgraded my rig, somewhat. 4790K MSI Z97M Gaming (from Z97 PC Mate) 4x8GB HyperX Predator Black DDR3-1866 ( from Crucial Balistix Tactical LP 4x8gGB DDR3-1600) MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming (from GTX 970 Gaming 4G) Mushkin Reactor 1TB (from OCZ Trion 150 240GB and WD Black 2TB) EVGA G3 550W /w Ensorced custom cables (from EVGA G2 550W) BeQuiet Dark Rock 3 /w Scythe Slipstream 120mm LP (from Cryorig H7) Fractal Design Define C Mini /w 2x GP-14 X2 Black fans, and 1x GP-12 X2 Black fan. (From Define R5) MNPCTech Anti-Sag GPU bracket. Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 LED strip.
  4. Despite the odds - Erie on our team, enemy has more tier 3s, and double Konig Alberts + Tenyru to our...nothing.... I say this: Smith is best DD.
  5. I believe the highest I earned (when playing the Kurfurst) was ~41,500. 200% Event, Dragon Flag, Restless Fire Camo, regular XP and Cap XP Flags, American Flag. It was a high 2k base XP game. I had a screenshot for it a long time ago. --------- Found a cropped shot of the actual xp: Not sure if this is the actual game; but it looks reasonable -
  6. Time to learn how to garden the side of an island with explosive shells...
  7. The Dunk-King, despite her trollish dispersion, is easily one of the easiest ships to carry with late in the game - as long as you aren't being focused by multiple enemy ships. She can go from one side of a map to the other rather quickly for a BB in those tier ranges. She spews lava, and her AP while not especially devastating against BB's, can still slam home for ~10-20K volleys into the upper belts and superstructures against angled targets (at mid to close range...) At long ranges however, is were the Dunk is just Junk. Her dispersion against even big targets is just awful. And while her shells fly fast, landing them in the same ocean that your target is in, is often an issue. TLDR: Dunk-King is the best Close and Mid-Range 1v1 there is tier for tier under tier 10. At long ranges, you'll want the Arizona. Against CV's, the Dunk is about equal with the other tier 6s. And it does fairly well against DDs and British cruisers. Oh, it just pummels the hell out of Clevelands. Never have problems vs. Clevelands when I play the Dunk. The 13" shells either hit for massive regular pens, or easily find the citadels on the Cleveland were everything else just overpens.
  8. If what you do, you think is "brawling", you are so wrong. What you do is suicide your ship into the mass of enemy forces, right into wall after wall of torpedos like some substance high/drunk ahole.
  9. You're actually right, you do have the right to not care. You also apparently don't have the decency to even try and care. Which makes you a terrible human being. But that still doesn't give you the excuse that you have the right to not care about the teammates you're affecting. I'm not even trying to get you to care about your teammates - or the game, or any game anymore. If you think that, you're so far gone into your own little universe of delusions that someone really should plop you down in front of a group of psych students for a very interesting study. What I am doing, is letting you show everyone just how much of a sad sack of anti-social narcissistic egomaniac you are. Oh, no. I'm disregarding your fun? Tough crap, since you disregard everyone else's experience to enjoy your fun - which means everyone isn't having fun because of you. Hypocrite much? (lets cover that one a few lines down, shall we?) Well, for starters - you could attempt to help others. But I guess you'd look at that as something that is uh....... how did you put it? "I absolutely have the right to not care about my teammates, or anyone else." Right, I was starting to forget just how awful of a person you are, thanks for reminding me. A lack of empathy, compassion or consideration for others, great quality my friend. The best. Now let me pull some words from your head that just formed "aether_tech is a hypocrite because of what he's posting, blah, blah, blah my name is issm and I don't care about others blah blah blah so take that and shove it blah blah blah," or something like that spilling like a vile bile from your mind. I gladly accept that honor, because at the end of the day - as the saying goes - I still care enough about my teammates to do my best, and go for that win. No one is entitled to ruin the game for other people. But you just ruin the game for the majority. I just want to ruin the game, for you, and others of your ilk - like Kyogure. So yea, if you want to call me a hypocrite because I don't care about your fun, the fun you have at the total and complete disregard for your team, then that's on you, and you alone.
  10. Notice how i could ask you nicely to understand that MOST people that do play this game (all games in general) do so with the intention of trying to win. Notice how I could ask you nicely to go play a different game were you aren't part of a team. Notice how I could ask you nicely, to actually think about your team, instead of being the selfish [edited] you are instead? Notice, how nothing you say will ever make anyone think of you as anything more than poor sport, a bad mannered player, and someone who is a massive liability to the team that you are forcing your "i don't wana win" [edited] on. Issm, here's the deal. Either help your team, or find a game were you don't negatively impact the experience of your teammates because you don't give a damn about their fun. You are one of the things I hate most in people - the inability to understand that you are ruining the game for others on your team; or lets call it - that you are so [edited]entitled, that you think you have the right to not care about your teammates. Either way, please go get a 2x4x8 from your local hardware store and us it as a rectal masturbatory aid.
  11. And in a Indy.... How many DDs died by his radar?
  12. If Pope is OP, what is his Horse? <-
  13. ....what is..."friends?" Can I eatz it?
  14. No, they thought you were issm.