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  1. Possible Verniy T7 Destroyer

    Why not? Premiim tier 7 DDs are always great!
  2. Active wows discords?

    best wows discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/m8v2X3q
  3. Is Tier V the new Tier IV?

    nor my pheonix against aobas and pepsis - or any tier 7 for that matter.
  4. Best Game in a Clemson

    You've still got a lot to learn. But yes, the Clemson is overpowered.
  5. nothing rare about the lima versions of those two - but the codes wont work for established players :(
  6. 1. The badge displayed on the victims screens should be reduced by half size, and moved off to the upper left, or lower left corner of the screen and should persist for no more than 8-10 seconds. 2. There should be an option to turn them off completely - for both the victim's side, and for players that don't want their victims to be subjected to such BM. 3. Wargaming should focus on actually improving maps, and general game play instead of no-positive-additions-to-the-game-cosmetic craplike the Badges. 4. Wargaming should give players with Tachibana, and Marblehead, the Lima versions too.
  7. I miss the Erie. The Erie with AP Erie. God what a fun ship that was. Angling? LOL. Take another citadel hit.
  8. I'll never play it. But I need it because it's a premium.
  9. if i take off the premium camo, does it still have that ugly can?
  10. The Unicum Sleeps Tonight

    I never sleep.
  11. A long long time ago, in a patch far away, I joined OPG. When I did the angels sang, my guns were blessed and my shells were tamed. And I'm not clever enough to continue this tune to American Pie...
  12. because, i'd still have to retrain them somehow - and i don't have a huge bank of premium captain xp to use on that.
  13. should be stupidly easy with any t10 dd.
  14. How I shall play my french bb tech tree. Buy tier 3 french BB. move dunk-king captain to it, retrain. have 19 point frenchy ready to go from the get go - and still be able to play him on dunk-king. pay 500 dubs per tier up. /whale/and/dont/care
  15. Wow PC Gaming case

    Do you want to build your own, or buy a premade system?