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  1. Sir_Pengu1n

    Which one to choose?

    I mean any researchable ship in the game. Yamato, Minotaur, etc... But if Alaska DOES get released, that would be a good idea to save
  2. Sir_Pengu1n

    Which one to choose?

    After some carrier shenanigans, I came across the wealth of 550k free xp, after selling them all. What ship to get?
  3. Sir_Pengu1n

    Thoughts on Matchmaking

    We hear a lot of problems about ships on this forum, which includes, but is not limited to, practically any and everything that people have different opinions on. We hear problems like the power creep of new high tier premium ships. We hear problems of nerfing and buffing ships. we even hear problems about CV's, however few people really care about them However, we do not hear problems of how these ships are put into battle together. I would like to hear everyone's opinions on the MM of WoWs, what you think its flaws are, what is good, what could be improved. Anything really. Let the chaos ensue
  4. Sir_Pengu1n

    Those Nights When You Cannot Win

    Have not seen many good CV captains in a very long time. Good to see we have one out there. One question though. How does the new (not really) US CV changes affect the CV line? I havent really played the US CV's since before that change and have mainly played the IJN CV's. Just curious
  5. Sir_Pengu1n

    The Great Gorgon

    So I recently got a 5 star match on the second Halloween mission and got the really awesome Great Gorgon camo. I already have an almost max upgraded Shokaku and read somewhere that the Gorgon camo equipped all the planes with the bat skin. However, when I went to put on the camo, the planes did not have the bat camo. Is this right? Or am I wrong that the planes get the bat camo?