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  1. HereCreeepers

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    A few bits here that I'd like to see a bit of clarification on. Not all of these are things that seem disagreeable but are more of a "why" question. - Why is the Halland ranked so low? I guess the lack of smoke hurts it a lot in certain matchups, but seeing it below something like the Hayate feels weird. - What places the Hayate in a low tier than the Shimakaze? I'd imagine that the added gunpower would balance out the concealment and torpedo DPM loss, though I guess it really is a situational thing. - Why is the poor Plymouth so bad? I feel like smoke/radar would be at least worth something vs the average randoms DD. - What makes the Ragnar better than the Smaland? I assume its the added survivability and more versatile/consistent guns. - Why do you rate the Colbert so low? Is it just not survivable enough to function? - How does one become based enough to put the Petro in its place in F tier in a public post on the WoWS forums? - What's up with the Vermont? Placing it in the same tier as total memes GK feels a bit unfair, though I guess the total lack of mobility could just be too big to overcome in a lot of games. - What makes the Ohio and Shikishima sit at a lower rank than the Montana and Yamato?
  2. HereCreeepers

    How To Udaloi?

    It is primarily a gunboat like the Tashkent but with more concealment to make aggressive plays and added flexibility thanks to the usable torps and ability to mount smoke and heal. Generally you don't want to be fighting DDs at close range since a number of them have good enough DPM to compete with you but once you open up the range a bit you will start to outtrade them thanks to your superior ballistics that allows you to land more hits than they will. Basically your main game-plan is to go near a cap, kite BBs and CAs at mid-long range to keep them from pushing in, force the DDs to come fight you, and then beat them in a favorable engagement. Only use your torpedoes as your primary weapon when it is unsafe to gunboat (too much focus fire, low HP, or when ships that you can't juke show up) and you can safely stay within the stealth-fire buffer. This general playstyle was very effective when I ground through the ship and works even better on the Grozovoi.
  3. I saw someone talking about downloading Game Center, starting the download and stopping it, then transfering the game files over. I'm not sure if that would even work but it seems possible.
  4. HereCreeepers

    Rebalancing the German DD line

    I think a suitable buff for these ships would be to give them access to the Pan-asian smokes and buff the concealment of the T6-8 ships. With the 1/4 HE pen I find most of the ships to be somewhat competitive but the lack of effective smoke really hurts their ability to lock down caps and farm damage. I also feel like the current smoke-screen """gimmick""" is a leftover from a time where having Hydro on a DD was much stronger than it is today and the short/limited smokescreens were a tool to balance it out. Nowadays the hydro isn't your only carry tool (1/4 HE pen is no joke, especially on the higher tiers) and in general is nowhere near as good for a multitude of reasons so I think buffing the smoke would be a safe balancing option. The lower tier ships could also use a bit of help since their horrific detectibility ruins any chance to use their hydro effectively. While I am against buffing the range of the hydro, I think considerable buffs to the concealment of these ships (think 6.3 - 5.9km instead of 6.9 - 6.2km) would make them way more enjoyable to use in aggressive role. The Z-23 could also use a bit of a DPM buff (increased to about 130k~ instead of less than 100k) and the 150mm gun option should be made the default loadout.
  5. Long story short, my main PC is having some pretty major issues and will likely be gone for over a week while I get it repaired, leaving me with a backup laptop that I haven't used in over a year. This laptop's version of WoWS is over a year out of date and would likely need loads of updates. While normally I would either go to a friends house and use their high speed internet (mine would likely take several days to do the download/s) to do the installation or just take the L and not play for a while, COVID restrictions and the current event chains make those both undesirable alternatives. This leaves me with one real option, transfer my WoWS files from one PC to another using an external HDD. I've seen multiple posts about doing this for WoWS and WoT but none of them are really up to date and I'm not sure those methods would work in current year with WGC. If anyone has any experience/advice (What files to transfer and where to find them mainly) about how to do this, let me know.
  6. HereCreeepers

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    > USSR gets the best cruiser ever released, USA gets 3 trash battleships AND its 3 best ships are being removed from the game, your bias is pretty laughable at this point. USN Bias is so much worse than Russian Bias it isn't even funny. The Georgia, Alaska, and Massachusetts, and Ohio alone are more OP than any "overperforming" Russian ship (bar the Smolensk, which most people funnily enough say "isn't that OP"). Yet despite this, the WoWS community deems these ships that have no major weaknesses only "powerful" or "fun" while calling an overspecialized heavy cruiser that can only effectively deal damage to broadside targets and gets hardcounted by any ship with 1/4 HE pen "blantantly overpowered" and "best ship in the game". lolk
  7. HereCreeepers

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    Event ships don't drop in normal containers.
  8. HereCreeepers

    Petro buff?

    I don't think it should be buffed, I'm just saying that the Petro loses basically all of its damage output if it isn't facing braindead opponents. The real strength of the Petro doesn't come from its gunpower but instead its because of just how damn tanky it is.
  9. HereCreeepers

    Petro buff?

    You mean when people are dumb enough to show broadside to you so your good pen isn't entirely irrelevant. Petro AP is literally a joke if you cannot angle. Dolphin has made some pretty hot takes in this thread but he is completely right when he says that the Petro will lose to almost every T9-10 CA if they don't show broadside.
  10. HereCreeepers

    What is wrong with this picture

    I don't really see anything wrong with this. I bet the FDR in this example sent a full squad in, got two strikes off for 40k total damage, and then lost almost the entire 14 plane squad. These losses will basically mean that he isn't going to be able to field a full 14 plane divebomber squad for the rest of the game which will hurt his performance in the long run. The FDR definitely is a wack ship but being able to get off strikes on a group of ships despite heavy losses isn't the main issue with CVs and moreover, it isn't unique to the FDR. Also that FDR was dumb as crap. Why would he attack a massive AA blob that will shred his planes when there are multiple isolated ships that are literally just free kills.
  11. HereCreeepers

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Would it make sense to change the closest contemporary of the Warspite from the Bayern to the Queen Elizabeth now, given that they are the same class and share something resembling the same playstyle?