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  1. How to change payment info?

    I was trying to change card info
  2. How to change payment info?

    Alright thanks, got it to work. Closing thread now
  3. How to change payment info?

    Solved. No help needed
  4. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    While I think a mentor program might work, it seems a bit iffy. One, new players might not feel comfortable interacting with someone else that teaches them how to play (although I might be completely wrong here). It also could lead to problems if rewards are offered for it, because some people would likely just find a way to abuse it to get rewards.
  5. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    Weird, because most of the time I am fighting a strike Ranger in my Saipan I usually just completely shaft them. Also saying that your strike aircraft are good at spotting is kind of false. They are not only slower than fighters, but also take away from your strike power by using up a squadron. Also you make canceling out the enemy CV sound like a small thing. While canceling out an AS CV is not helpful for your team apart from denying the enemy team scouting (which is extremely helpful for DDs on your team), stopping something like a Kaga or Hiryu is extremely helpful. Without fighters, the enemy CV can just roll over your team, striking whoever they want too because you have nothing to defend your allies with (not to mention they usually have fighters to stop your strike aircraft).
  6. Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    I don't have the Nurnberg but the Konigsberg seems a lot better. The only thing it doesn't have that the Nurnberg does is a slightly faster reload. Other than that they are basically the same ship, just with one of them at t5 and one at t6.
  7. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    Sorry but I have to disagree here. Strike Ranger can do good but only against a (somewhat) incompetent player. Having no fighters sets this ship back massively in terms of actually being able to help your team protect themselves from strikes, as well as denying your team effective scouting. Maybe I am wrong but the majority of games I play against 0-1-3 Ranger end in me completely wiping him out because I simply don't let him get Strikes in, and there is nothing he can do about it because he has no fighters. And yes, I do know that AS Ranger is horrible, I don't know why you think I was trying to say it was good. It is just that it at least can support it's team and keep the enemy carrier suppressed, rather than letting it have free roam to do whatever it wants while you just watch. As for the upcoming changes being a buff, we will have to wait and see, as it very well could balance the ship. I still think it will be outdone by the Hiryu because the ship will still be outclassed in terms of fighters and torpedo bombers, with the Divebombers still being heavily reliant on RNG.
  8. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    Ever tried to fight one? There is not really any way to fight an AS Bogue unless you are able to strike him or if he is a complete idiot, both of which do not often happen due to the small size of low tier maps and due to the Bogue being so easy to play. It is simply as just clicking on a squadron and then it dies. (Also I am not speaking out of my [edited]here, I have played Bogue a lot and I know what I am talking about.)
  9. V-25 is killing the game

    >Has almost 6,000 battles >Still playing tier 2 and 3 against people with under 50 >Complains about one ship ruining the game >kek
  10. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    Idk it still seems iffy. The Essex and Midway seem fine but I am worried about what will happen to the Lexington and Ranger.
  11. Help with the Lexington

    But at least with the specialist loadouts you were good at one thing. I am not saying that they didn't suck, I am just saying that this will be no better. You will be outclassed by a 2-2-2 Shokaku in almost every way. Your fighters are worse, being unable to be in multiple parts of the map, compared to the Shokaku which can be in two places at once. It also make you unable to lock up with a squadron then strafe out while strafing the now stunned squad with your offhand plane. You also are outclassed in terms of torpedo bombers, being unable to perform cross drops, which really hurts your ability to kill maneuverable ships. It also makes any target than has a floatplane fighter up nearly impossible to attack. You do have superior dive bombers, but having dive bombers as your main source of damage is just horrible. Also baiting with a single dive bomber squadron doesn't work against any skilled player, they will just ignore it as it is just not a significant threat. The addition of AP dive bombers is a nice thing but ultimately is not that effective unless you are attacking German battleships.
  12. Help with the Lexington

    Except this will only make it worse. It will basically be stock Lexington (which is already horribly outclassed by the Shokaku in every way) with another squadron of planes that are completely reliant on RNG to do damage. At least with the specialist loadouts you get good air control (still outdone by AS Shokaku, which also have better strike power) and strike give you insanely powerful damage if you can avoid enemy fighters.
  13. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    I am pretty sure that they would. WG usually doesn't overlook stuff like that.
  14. Would it make sense to change the closest contemporary of the Warspite from the Bayern to the Queen Elizabeth now, given that they are the same class and share something resembling the same playstyle?
  15. Mogami or Atago

    The Mogami is amazing if you have a specialized captain for the 155mm guns. With the 203mms or without a IFHE captain (which doesn't work well on the rest of the line), the Atago is just better as a whole. If you are willing to spend money/captain XP to swap the captain skills back to a normal IJN build when you get the Ibuki or use an existing captain for the 155s, go right ahead, as 155mm-Mogami with IFHE is horrifying.