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  1. King_Zacarias

    Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    Same ballistics as Gearing and Yueyang 10km would work IF WARGAMING GAVE US NARROW SPREAD They got high damage and good speed I like running the rudder shift mod on everything so not a bother for me
  2. King_Zacarias

    Royal Netherlands Navy

    We need a Pan Europeon tech tree, and put the Blys in there. Plenty of Dutch Norweigan Swedish Spanish Polish and Portugese Ships that can make a tech tree.
  3. King_Zacarias

    Give RN DDs Speed Boost

    The only thing WG needs to do to the RN DDs is make the wide spread a narrow spread. If you give them speed boost then they will just dominate. The lack of speed is their flaw and if you take that away then they will just be too good. Even taking away hydro and giving them speed will remove their only flaw. Fun Fact: A boat can’t be good at everything, that is called overpowered
  4. King_Zacarias

    Super Container......disapointment

    I got one with 150k Free XP, I wanted 3 Juliet Charlies, so disappointed.
  5. King_Zacarias

    I see that the Eagles are Losing Again...

    Until the Shark players start reaching 195 tokens Eagles will lose every day
  6. Lert just called himself dumb
  7. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    In Mother Russia we have equality, ALL WILL SUFFER EQUALLY
  8. King_Zacarias

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    Tomrrow will probably be Gascogne then its done. Dang I was hoping for Roma
  9. King_Zacarias

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

  10. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    I just realized I’m a better player than Vaffu Hahahaha
  11. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    Because youre dealing with smart players who don’t tolerate stupidity Instead of complaining you ask for advice, and youll be treated much more nicely. Instead of “MM SUCKS” do “How can I play better against Tier Xs in my Tier 8s”
  12. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    HAHAHAHA Time your turn right after he fires so you can turn safely thats like Warships 101 Montana can only really damage a Tirpitz broadside sooo Thats the way the cookie crumbles we all deal with it At least you try
  13. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    YAY HES GOING AFTER ME WOOHOO Then don’t fight the Yamato Don’t show broadside Don’t charge in like an idiot think about your positioning RNGesus does that to everyone just not Tier 8 pal
  14. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    Ok now I feel bad for offering some sympathy, as a Tier 8 grinder I have no problem with the MM. It makes you think about how to play your ship better and out smart the guys in the better ships making you a better player overall when you do reach the better ships. The smartest player wins
  15. King_Zacarias

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    This poor guy is being completely owned because he was mad for 5 minutes. RIP DemarticusStone