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  1. King_Zacarias

    Took a break, came back

    Just before someone says stop comparing, no I’m gonna complain. It’s in my genes I took a 3 month break after the Anchorage dockyard and came back today. I picked out the new captain skills for my DM/Alaska Captain and had a few rounds This new meta SUCKS MAN. It really sucks. It’s just boring to play. What was the most fun part of WoWs for me personally are 10km> fights where you have to have ultimate situational awareness and you feel awesome. Now it’s just everyone sniping at each other. The game has been trending that way for awhile but this new update pushed it over the edge. If I just want to click at things all day, I’ll play minesweeper. This game is becoming more boring than my physics class with my teacher’s inability to fix her microphone. In the very very small chance someone important at WeeGee reads this post, FIX YOUR GAME. I hate watching this game I like and spent a lot of money on die so quickly due to shortsighted decisions.
  2. These get worse every single month Thank goodness I don’t have to pay for Prime.
  3. King_Zacarias

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    THAT IS NOT A SALE THOUGH Do I need to mail a dictionary to Wargaming?
  4. King_Zacarias

    The Summer “Sale”

    A sale by definition is “a selling of goods at bargain prices” according to Merriam Webster So I went to the Premium Shop and there’s nothing that is at a bargain price? Is there a different definition of sale in the East? Edit: Sorry about the messed up fonts, I did this on my phone
  5. King_Zacarias

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    WeeGee continues to have 0 clue how to do CVs I know they say they play the game, but every time they announce anything to do with CVs I seriously doubt it.
  6. That’s it? Just give me 3 days premium. I don’t need a Massa or an American Cruisers Container. This Twitch Prime thing has been underwhelming to say the least. At in WoT you get a Free T7 Things I would rather take them this month’s rewards. 50k credits, 50 ramming flags(I can sell those for credits), 1 port slot, the damage control special upgrade, and the Def AA special upgrade
  7. King_Zacarias

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    It’s still A) Not a good look B) Wouldn’t that ring alarm bells? A ship that’s so bad to the current gameplay that testers can’t triple division it without getting massive hate? Why would you release a ship in the first place and like 3 days later say “Don’t run it in a division” Tells me WeeGee needs to scrap the ship instantly.
  8. King_Zacarias


    This game made me lose my will to live
  9. King_Zacarias

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    More nerfs to the Venezia, it was fine for awhile but after 1 season where it was popular it’s getting slammed with the nerf bat God forbid there be a viable ship in Clan Battles than the Stalingrad. Henri was nerfed because what happened in Comp, now the Venezia. Prime example of Russian bias Meanwhile the reasons Venezia is popular in Clan Battles continues to elude WeeGee, it’s like they don’t even play their game. I’ll give them a hint. 2 words, starts with Aircraft and ends with Carriers.
  10. King_Zacarias

    Crappy Game

    Obviously it’s WeeGee’s fault here
  11. King_Zacarias

    Canada Day and US Independence

    Texas with the Lone Star Camo
  12. King_Zacarias

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    T6 CV Clan Battles? That'll be even worse 1 Ryujo and 6 Perths or maybe a London
  13. King_Zacarias

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    USS Fletcher
  14. King_Zacarias

    wows and it future

    There are a lot of problems. 1. CVs overall. Just that 2. New player experience, so a new player got his shiny new T3 BB and they’re excited to play it, and they get a CV game and instantly get dunked on. 0/10 New Player Experience, great job WeeGee. 3. DDs are extremely tedious to play especially in CV battles. 4. HE Spam and CVs is becoming more and more passive which makes it boring and not fun to play. WeeGee needs to make the game more aggressive focused. 5. CVs in clan battles have completely ruined that mode for veterans to keep coming back 6. CVs, have I mentioned CVs as a problem? WeeGee need to get their act together in the next 365 days or this game will die in 3 years. My solution would be just remove CVs.