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    I love to draw fictional WW2 ships. I plan to draw WW1 Dreadnoughts in the future.

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  1. Totally agree with you.
  2. Exactly, doubloons or the online shop.
  3. I got a few things to say about the Siegfried. I know the ships current purchasing status is not up yet, but I've been seeing people request it as a coal or free exp ship. And if I'm going to be honest, I don't think it should be either. From what I have been reading about peoples opinions on this ship, it seems like they don't really know how to feel about it. The reason I say it should be not be bought with free exp or coal is because if people don't really like it that much it should just be put on the premium shop. Better ships should only be kept as a coal or free exp purchasing thing. But hey, that is just me. I'd personally like to get the Siegfried because I'm really into the Kriegsmarine and their Z-Plan. It would be a nice ship to just take out for grinding for credits or something. :-)
  4. It better not be a free exp ship.
  5. CaptainMrEpic

    US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    Lets get the USS Utah as a premium ship in here!
  6. CaptainMrEpic


  7. CaptainMrEpic


    Do snowflakes come back everyday? Like bonus exp?
  8. CaptainMrEpic

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    Ok so I don't really have time to watch ALL of it. But do we know if it will be a free exp ship or simply a normal premium?
  9. CaptainMrEpic

    Graf Zeppelin?

    Alright thanks for letting me know!
  10. CaptainMrEpic

    Graf Zeppelin?

    So it might not even be out for a long time?
  11. CaptainMrEpic

    Graf Zeppelin?

    What happened to Graf Zeppelin? Is it still in testing after it got removed? Nothing has been said about it for months. What happened?
  12. CaptainMrEpic

    Just a question about premium ships

    Ooooh ok. Got it, sorry for some reason I didn't process what you said the first time. Thanks! :)
  13. CaptainMrEpic

    Just a question about premium ships

    Oh ok so they both will be taken down soon?
  14. CaptainMrEpic

    Just a question about premium ships

    Ok so, this is just a little random but all I wanted to know was, will the Vanguard (only the ship, not flags or a bundle) be on the shop only until December 7th? Or after that will it be taken down for a few months? I just wanted to know. I also want to know is this going to happen with Jean Bart? Thanks! :)