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  1. CaptainMrEpic


    Kinda doesn't make sense how California was one of the test ships in 0.8.8. and of the four that where finally added, she hasn't been added yet.
  2. CaptainMrEpic


    I thought it would have been been released then as well.
  3. CaptainMrEpic


    I was thinking that too.
  4. CaptainMrEpic


    I have a theory for California. Maybe she will get released in the 28th? The day she was laid down.
  5. CaptainMrEpic


    Oh. So California still has no release date.
  6. CaptainMrEpic


    Is that the release date order? Or is that just a list of the upcoming ships?
  7. CaptainMrEpic


    It doesn't matter. Tillman can't work as a tier 10? Maybe a tier 8. But it CANNOT be a tier 10, without basically making up a fake ship.
  8. CaptainMrEpic


    Yeah exactly. But it is not likely it will ever be a tier 10.
  9. CaptainMrEpic


    That is a cruiser. This is a battleship. A battleship with no aa is easy meat.
  10. CaptainMrEpic


    Tillman can't be added because it has elements of tiers 6-10. It can only be a tier 10 because of its guns. But it would be an easy target for aircraft since it has no aa. It's slow and sluggish like tiers 6-7. It's long and large likes high tiers, meaning it can be detected very easily. Also having 15 16 inch guns is to overpowered. A full salvo from Tillman can result in instant death. The only way it can be added is if a fictional ship was made. But that would basically mean making up an entire new ship to fit tier 10, and giving it similarities to Tillman.
  11. CaptainMrEpic


    There is no way Tillman will or can make it in the game.
  12. CaptainMrEpic


    Yeah where is she?
  13. I hope she comes out before the year ends.
  14. When does the California come out?
  15. CaptainMrEpic

    German Premium Tier 8 "Odin Vs Woden"

    Hopefully its a normal premium. Because the free exp or the armory thing is just being kind of abused now.