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  1. CaptainMrEpic

    Russian CV

  2. CaptainMrEpic

    Canadian ships?

    Honestly, they would probably just be British destroyer clones.
  3. Tillman has been added as a premium!
  4. CaptainMrEpic

    Possible Netherlands Cruiser line

    I think De Ruyter would be better as a premium.
  5. Tillman I might be placed either at 8 or 9. But still, its a a big Maybe.
  6. And if Tillman I is added, she would take the appearance of Tillman IV but without a fourth gun, and her size may be reduced. The only reason I think she could make it as a tier 7 is due to the lack off AA.
  7. Ok. MAYBE I will consider putting Tillman 1 as a premium tier 7 or 8. But the two key words here are "consider" and "maybe".
  8. I also posted the reason why I won't work.
  9. Yeah. But speaking of Tillman. Tillman will not be added.
  10. Yeah. I get notified pretty fast. I'll probably give her 15 or 16 inch guns. Because I'm pretty sure I'll get flak for putting a ship with 20 inch guns as a tier 7.
  11. The problem with the tier 9 and 10 is, is that now they are an only option. As far as I know, modifying those two are the only option. I am trying to think of ways to make them different that any us high tier battleship. Their one main feature I want them to have is that they can actually pull off a full broadside and not get killed in one shot from another ship. Unless the tier 10 from line 2 should be replaced by the tier 9 and 10 from line 3 and the line 3 tier 10 just connects to the line 2 tier 9.
  12. But Admiral is already in line 1.