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  1. OldHippie72

    Is the server down?

    Ok, folks. Maybe you need more horsepower in the server dept. This week I've games that: 1) froze in mid-play today several times (today which cost me "2 stars" for my clan), 2) Went right back to the port saying "No Stats Available" and 3) Kicked me back to the log in screen while a game was loading. I've swapped my router with my back-ups: same thing. I'm running on a 100m fiberoptic and DSL testing has me at 98/92 Down/Up. So, I know the hardware is good. Tested my system (Intel Quad, 8g DDR3, NVIDIA GT1030 (which isn't a slouch) shows no problems. Give us some info on what is going on. PLEASE!!
  2. OldHippie72

    Black Swan - Changed AP to HE

    There really wasn't any reason to change the shell type other than to dummy her down. They could of lease gave you the option but that would have been too nice. Arggg……..
  3. OldHippie72

    All Cruisers need heals period

    If you want to be "somewhat" realistic" you could set heals by the ships average crew size. Any one who served on a ship knew a certain amount of crew made a "Damage Party". Wasn't a fun job and stressed related, but you could set it up as: DDs = 1 Cruisers = 2/3 BBs = 3 to 5 CVs = 5 to 7
  4. OldHippie72

    A bit disappointed in the RN CA event

    There's a big problem that I just thought was me having bad luck. I'm not getting anymore tokens and there's a thread where someone said that stopped on the 5th. BUT! in the Armory it says they are a temporary resource you can receive until 2/11/2020 and must spend by 3/10/2020. In another thread, there were about a dozen of us stuck on the Devonshire drop and now we have no ability to get tokens. Someone(s) at WoW needs to figure out the problem and let us know the true day we can't get any more of them. 20 crummy tokens is all I need to get the ship (same as the others) and they dead-ended us. Guess we'll just have to wait until the next update when the line is started.
  5. OldHippie72

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    By the way, folks. When you go into the Armory, this it what it says about the tokens: "THESE TOKENS ARE A TEMPORARY RESOURSE THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE UNTIL 2/11/2020 AND MUST SPEND BY 3/10/2020" So I would say that WoW can't seem to follow what they are telling us.
  6. OldHippie72

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    Yes. That's EXACTLY what happened to me. Kinda crappy to do that and it would seem to be intentional. Guess just have to wait for RN tree to include the heavies.
  7. OldHippie72

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    The biggest problem I have found so far is that the "friendly" BOTs are torping at me randomly (others have mentioned the same to me), sometimes w/o any of the bad guys called out yet. One DD spat torps from both sides in backward arcs. Someone switched on the "I don't think I like humans" switch!
  8. How about putting the FLINT in the premium shop and not just in the armory. If it's a "Premium" put it in the Shop.
  9. OldHippie72

    Who have you seen in game

    Thanks for the shoot out, Doc. I find jumping down in the lower tiers more fun than worrying making credits with the 8's and my 2 T-9s. Most people are more calm down there, unless they are new. Those are the ones who worry about "YOU STOLE MY KILL!!". I always tell them it's the damage that makes you good, not the kills (though they look pretty).
  10. OldHippie72

    Premium Ships and Crates

    I'm getting older by the day and don't want to be buried before that rotation takes place. LOL
  11. OldHippie72

    Premium Ships and Crates

    Why is it you folks don't have all the premium ships in the shop nor WoW 3-year crates? I got the Atlanta but really want the FLINT and it required game play I hate (Randoms). You also started the WoW 3-year collection but they have not showed up in the Armory or the Premium Shop.
  12. OldHippie72

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    I use the Ocean port constantly but when the new upgrade hit, It would always start me in the Russian port. Come now, comrades, lets not force people to start like that. Where's freedom of choice? And bacon?
  13. OldHippie72

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    Not a MAC person but I have seen my FPS cut in half. I'm on a 1-Gig fiber optic line and it usually runs at 27FPS. Tonight I saw a 14 and then a 21. As I built my own system, I know my choke point: better vid-card needed. One other item: My McAffee has been reporting blocked items lately from the WoW site. I won't jump into a "It's the Russians" rant but it does seem odd that McAffee has started to report this. I would be sure that WoW-NA has software to find out if this is happening and/or monitoring any deviation or piggy-backing from the game program itself. Just a thought.
  14. OldHippie72

    Is it me or...

    I would say the torpedo isn't strapped in place but that may be getting to picky.
  15. OldHippie72

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    I noticed that my Atlanta doesn't show with the other Premium ships anymore. Rather odd. Also, give us a better opportunity to get the Flint than using steel that many of us will never accumulate enough of. Put it in the Premium Ships section to buy like the other ships.