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  1. CAPTAINS OF NORTH AMERICA Hi everyone my names Craft and i am the Admiral of Captains and i am looking for some new players plus some people who might be able to help me run Captains. About two years the clan have become a inactive and is now on the verge of being disbanded and i don't want that to happen. I will not be making a long list of requirements like most other clans do if you are interested in helping me rebuild the clan The clan discord is https://discord.gg/kaJWXKW Also please fill this form out if you are interested https://forms.gle/TsEPtRj7TWxsCGAZ9 Thank You, Craft
  2. Well now that AA has been changed HOOD is now no more than a piece of junk sitting in my port Her Def AA fire was special and thats what made her special plus her AA rockets but with out the Def AA actually directly helping the rockets hood kinda sucks know :( :(