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  1. The Roma is a floating pile of poop. That dispersion would make a shotgun laugh.
  2. Because they reward winning and not participation. I outscored the entirety of the other team last night while losing. That felt bad. I should have gotten the bonus they didn't deserve. WG needs to remove the bonus for winning (so people stop afking) and start giving a bonus for participation in the match. Things like objectives should have a high bonus, while damage is second bonus, etc.
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  4. I made several large purchases of dubloons, silver and flags, 5 days prior. I asked for a refund. The money that will be refunded will was used to buy stuff as part of the 200% dubloon sale. I have given up on this account and moved to the new one.
  5. I ended up asking for refunds on my old accounts purchases and just started a new account. 60k+ dubloons + 3 prem ships + 90 days prem for 140.00 is a stupid good deal. I also get bonuses for signing up a new account. If you had a somewhat un-used account, it just makes sense to start over.
  6. Sale doesn't begin for another 2 days. Now that he spent money, he won't get the benefit from the sale. He effectively screwed himself. I really hope you didn't talk him into buying today.
  7. I just went that route. I literally spent my first bit of money since beta 5 days ago. I feel like I am getting screwed. I put in a ticket to close this account and get a refund. I will be starting a new account with the dubloons offer. 150k dubloons for 100.00 is too much to pass up. I will just progress down another line of ships. I like my Yammy, but I can live with out it. I will essentially have 150k dubloons and an extra 30 to spend on premium, + new account incentives from VulgarrViking and sign up bonus. So yea.. new account is worth it. I lose an Arkansas Beta ship, and Guilo Ceasar but meh.
  8. Think you are missing the point there hombre. One is entertainment, other is not.
  9. You are talking about a service that is mandatory to use vs a optional service that is a video game. They have no correlation.
  10. Sadly, getting a refund for the money I spent last week and ditching my account with a Yamoto is a better choice for me with the dubloons event =/.
  11. I am unable to google the sale or free items. What deep discounts or free items did they give us?
  12. I can do you one better, I don't qualify because I spent money (6500 dubloons) during Closed Beta.
  13. Wasn't the anniversary last week? If so, when and what was the bonus last year?
  14. 200% for everyone, gets everyone to spend money, not just new players....
  15. Not that any of this is really any of your business but, I spent 120.00 last week. I have also spent another 40 or so gifting premium time to a streamer I watch. I planned on buying another 30k dubloons at the 35 to 1 ship experience conversion event. I have a few CVs I was thinking about leveling, I am sure that will cost me some silver and dubloons. So I was planning for another 100 or so next month. I usually drop 100-200 a month on my gaming habit. If I like the game my max budget is 500 a month. I am one of them "whale" type players. I work too much, so I spend money to catch up.