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  1. I will not stand idle while someone insults the reputation of The Lonely Queen of the North.
  2. USS Wasp at t6? Kind of a step sister to the Big E. The Akagi at t6 a la the Ark Royal with t4 planes? A French torpillur line of dds
  3. IH8PEPL

    IFHE All Night Long

    Ill thank you to leave senpai's butt out of this. Using Haida for reference I'm sure it's quite strong for its tier.
  4. I'm a grown up and have a job. I have 1-2 week stretches where I sometimes can't log in. I've enjoyed this game and tried to support it by buying stuff, and have a job where I can afford to do so. I don't have time to grind and regrind lines. Ive played for years and only really ground one line to 10 - though I enjoy my t8 premiums. This is it for me. I tried playing today but it just feels like work - looking at all the [edited] I have to go through again, and again, and again, and all the premiums that'll be trash. Just - damn it guys, why? I won't say I'm gone forever - I might come back for scenario battle if a friend asks me, but I can say I won't play over t7 again.
  5. IH8PEPL

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Just do the same thing I do in WoT. Turn off chat. If not, what I started doing as soon as I started playing the game is as soon as someone starts doing anything at all non game related in chat I blacklist them. Then you're never going to have to hear from them again. It takes about a week for chat to quiet down and be useful.
  6. Oh! UK The Thunderer as designed by LWM. I really want this ship. Furious/Courageous cruiser at t6. No real armor, but able to switch between 4x15 guns like the warspite has or 2x18 guns with bad sigma a( a Japanese dd has a similar ability). A one trick pony but its a really good trick. Soviet Royal Sovereign/Arkangelhesk With application of Stalinium would fit in t6. Basically a slower warspite. Would round out rhe soviets to have t4-6 Bbs Germany lutzow. A sister of the prinz Eugene originally planned to have 12x6" guns. Later thia was switched to 8x8", then sold to the soviets incomplete where she was used as a barracks ship. Sold as a prinz Eugene with 12x6" at t8 Syedlytz another sister of Eugene that would have been converted to a cv. T6 or t7 Commonwealth Hmas Australia fits t5, t6 with a hypothetical upgrade like kii got. Because the commonwealth needs a battlecruiser. USA Saratoga as a battlecruiser at t7. Standartd type speed till t8 is too much to ask of anyone. Italy Cvs aquila and sparviero ( a liner conversion) France Joffre t8 cv