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  1. Poxa... Seria muito legal de aparecer, se eu morasse perto. Bom evento para vocês!!! Legal ter a presença de um dos jogos da WG na BGS!!!
  2. Vava_das_SPGs

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

  3. Vava_das_SPGs

    Can not connect to server

    I've just seen on WoT forum that the server was down. Now, as a moderator told, the servers are up.
  4. Vava_das_SPGs

    PEF Missions FTW...or wth???

    I'm not hyped enough to get the PEF, then no problem at all for me (of not getting it). And as some have testified here on the forum, PEF isn't "really" that good. But it's another ship. Some want it just for that.
  5. Vava_das_SPGs

    Caption the profile image above you.

    L'Oreal for dogs: the best dog's shampoo. For Super Extra Floofy dogs.
  6. Vava_das_SPGs

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    +1 for the OP. I recommend the same on all games. I'm a newbie here on WoWs, so I'm focusing on the BBs and CAs, because I don't run a premium account, neither spend any money (yet) with the game (so... not so many ships on the Port - need to grind the tech trees one by one). I already have a CV on the Port, but never used it (yet). I'll not enter on a battle not knowing all the commands and then screwing my team with a bad performance. Maybe I'll wait for the CV rework to try to understand all the key commands. I didn't started playing DDs because their main role involves getting really close to the enemies , with a minimal armor, so the chance of this going wrong (as I don't have experience) is huge. But I'll learn both CVs and DDs.
  7. Vava_das_SPGs

    Apresentação sea_you

    Sou novato aqui no fórum do WoWs, mas agradeço a sua presença por aqui. Sou jogador de WoT e eu participo há bastante tempo do fórum de lá. Por muito tempo o fórum ficou "desassistido" de moderadores ativos, e isso acabou induzindo a criar um comportamento pouco... como direi... pouco "saudável" por quem frequentava o fórum. É por isso que agradeço a sua presença.
  8. Vava_das_SPGs

    Code for Asian lantern Camo

    Code not valid, unhappily. But thanks, anyway.
  9. Vava_das_SPGs

    Shaking my head.

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Vava_das_SPGs

    Shaking my head.

    I'm really curious how was the Normandie player post-battle results (I love that BB).
  11. Vava_das_SPGs

    The Unsung Okt R Hack

    I'm relatively new to the game, so when such a thread bring me an info about a different characteristic about a ship, I found it interesting.
  12. Vava_das_SPGs

    Thank you, War Gaming

    Let me understand... You received a free ship, and you're complaining about it. That's correct? Is that it?
  13. Vava_das_SPGs

    Your very first Premium was?

    I think that was the Albany or the Mikasa ("bought for free").
  14. Vava_das_SPGs

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    I got the Tirpitz B (or as I'm naming, "Darth Tirpitz"). It was a sweet surprise. That's my first tier 8 ship.