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  1. I tried to find the AtlanticRim so I can read about this problem I am have playing the game. Can you direct me to the right place. Thanks for offering to teach me. 

    1. viperah


      I posted this before and I have done my homework this time. Keeping track of the game and it is rigged. Red wins 65% of the time because of the ship disappearing and reappearing. The fist time I post this I was hit with the curve of the earth. Well guys on the open sea line of sight is about 14 miles which is about 22km. Now when I have a ship in sight under the 22km range and was about to shot  at it, it would disappeared and reappeared 5km closer to me I had no chance to fire a shot. So like I said this game is rigged. The programmers of this platform should not have any ship red or green disappear unless it is over 22km away. I don't see any of the green ship disappear and reappear..

    2. desmo_2


      Red doesn't win 65% of the time in my games.  Your win rate doesn't mean everyone has that win rate.

      The "curve of the earth" explanation doesn't apply to this game.  Ships have a detection distance for game balance, not for realism.  Destroyers, for example, are very fragile.  They are made that way for game balance.  They also have a low detection range (some nations' destroyer's are more stealthy than others).  If they didn't, players would target the low health ships first and destroyers would always be erased early in the game.  It isn't a realistic mechanic, but ships disappearing because of their detection range is necessary for game balance.

      Green ships don't drop out of detection because they are your team mates.  A couple of years ago you could see your team mates no matter where they were on the map.  Now, they will disappear from view if they are very far away, but they will still appear on your mini map.  I think WG did this to reduce clutter on your screen. 

      The game is not "rigged".  By saying it is you are implying that when you created your account, WG decided to 'get you' and stacked the game against you.  That just isn't even plausible.