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  1. Mr. Desmo thank you for allowing me to save face. English is comparable to 24k encryption to me will never get it. and speaking it I can not make the proper sound for the words. (might have lyrnanix removed then won't have to speak. lol 

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    2. MzFortune2001


      English is language 6 which just befuddles me why I can not seem to get it.( HaveGramerly now) the program helps with writing. Hope I learn from it. If you are able to understand my thoughts I am terribly sorry. Send me the counseling bill. I owe you this. ( if you figure out what my thoughts mean can you advise me please) lol.

      Mr. Desmo, I enjoy you. you are always helpful and answer questions articulately. and with faultless logic. 

    3. desmo_2


      6 languages?!?  Ms. Saito, you make me feel lazy. ;-)

    4. MzFortune2001


      Lol, Mr. Desmo three are dialects of Mongolian not very practical. But studied in Ulaanbaatar for two years. great Physics program there. then Japanese a little Wu Chinese, and Russian. Of course, English which is atrocious. And speaking is kinda a stretch. I have TBI which causes stutter. not to mention vision and other physical things I am sure you have no interest in.