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  1. desmo_2

    commanders in the armory

    While I agree with you from a historical perspective, a commander is only seen by the player. A player should be able to choose the race/sex/image of their commander. Their commander would have zero impact on your experience.
  2. desmo_2

    Who have you seen in game

    Had @Cruxdei as a team mate about an hour ago...I was in Dmitri Donskoi and he was in Salem. Alas, we fell short in a pretty close game.
  3. desmo_2

    Are Their a Lot of Trolls like this in Game?

    Ranked is a hot spot for trolls who don't care about ranking up anymore. They know they can really light people's fires in Ranked, because each loss is so important. They can still troll in Random, but the loss doesn't mean as much so it is harder to get a reaction. The later you go in the Ranked season, the more you see a few of these players now and then.
  4. "King of the Sea" will return with future KOTS tournaments.
  5. desmo_2

    Finally T10 Ranked again

    I only play Ranked for the season flag, so Rank 15 is as high as I need to go. At Tier 10, I don't even like to do that.
  6. desmo_2

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    Stating a fantastical, fictional, sensational number for the sake of making your opinion sound more valid? If that isn't the case, please share your source for this "millions" figure. Do you work at CNN? If you get your head too wrapped up in how the teams stack up, you will blame every negative result on that team composition. I suggest you concern yourself less with things you cannot control and just play to have fun every game. You can have fun, even in a loss, if you allow yourself to. And no, I don't work at WG.
  7. desmo_2

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    OOOOooooohhhh!!! That's a pass for me.
  8. desmo_2

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    Duncan, a 6.5 pound Morkie. I have never liked small dogs. But, this one is the smartest, funniest, most affectionate dog I have ever met. He's my buddy.
  9. desmo_2

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Telling players what to do will frequently result in a harsh reaction from those players. Repeatedly pinging the map and calling them out in all caps appears aggressive to other players. They will react with same (I am not condoning the behavior illustrated by the "unicum" player). Ping a map once. Make a plea in chat, but don't give orders. Then leave it alone. Anything more and you are asking for unpleasant drama.
  10. DD players that simply rush in to torp the first thing they see usually get focused and sunk quickly. To be a DD player that cleans up you have to play smart. A smart player is a rare thing, even in Co-op (exhibit 1: watch how many players blow a hydro early, so far out of range it will expire before they detect anything with it). As others have said, push up and do everything you can to be in position to start dealing damage once those overly aggressive DD's and CA's/CL's get blapped. Sometimes you may not get a chance...but most of the time you will.
  11. desmo_2

    You Asked, I listened

    I don't believe most people leave a reaction with any intent to "work against you". Forum reactions are just that...a quick feedback on agreement, disagreement, etc. Don't let it get under your skin. By looking at that feedback, it is apparent most people do not agree with your point of view. Which is fine. Winning obviously is desirable, since it pays more XP and helps you more quickly achieve daily objectives that require base XP. However, I have learned to enjoy a game even if I lose. I want to win for the XP boost, but I play to have fun. If I play well, I can still have fun even in a loss. If it becomes apparent a loss is inevitable (and sometimes that becomes apparent quite early), I work to be the biggest pain in the butt I can be for the reds. Sometimes it works out to be very satisfying...even in a loss.
  12. desmo_2

    Map preferences

    Map preferences? Set up the map? I am confused...?
  13. desmo_2

    Visibility question

    If you smoke up with no one spotting for you, you will lose all visibility on those ships outside your smoke. You covered your own eyes.