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  1. Forum changes

    Ouch. The pain is real. I am hurt. Anguish. Misery. I am... ...oh, the microwave dinged...my Hot Pocket is done!
  2. Forum changes

    Well, I have a message for those types (NSFW language within):
  3. Forum changes

    Will that little face added to the bottom of someone's post really have that effect??? If so, have we really become that touchy-feely, hyper-sensitive? I really hope people aren't THAT freakin' fragile that a little face added to the bottom of their post fractures their day.
  4. Forum changes

    If it doesn't reduce your forum reputation (because THAT would be a game changer!!!), what difference does it make?
  5. Forum changes

    Does the new 'thumbs up' emoji still increase the poster's forum reputation? If so, does that mean 'thumbs down' reduces it? Are down votes a thing again? Do the other emojis affect said reputation? I'm so confused!
  6. Deepwater Torpedoes

    Only the Pan Asian destroyers have deep water torpedoes. Deep water torpedoes CANNOT hit destroyers, as they don't sit deep enough in the water. However, you can still be hit by regular torpedoes from destroyers of other nations. You are correct in that deep water torpedoes have a lower detection range, and they do more damage to cruisers and battleships than regular torpedoes. When you are aiming your deep water torpedoes at other destroyers, you should have a warning on screen that you cannot hit the target. If you look closely at incoming torpedoes you will notice there are different icons for deep water torps and regular torps. As a cruiser or battleship captain you will want to avoid them all, obviously. But, as a destroyer captain you can disregard the deep water torps as they are harmless to you.
  7. another Newbie here

    Dave'Newbie'...welcome. ..."and one day, you'll be DaveNewbie, WoWS vet. Then you should change your name to DaveKickinAsss." Upvote to the first who posts a vid of the reference...
  8. Stats

    Stats available in game is poison. Stats available in forum is gold. /Thread.
  9. Something... Anything?

    "Tip of the Broken Spear"?
  10. Yes, but only recently, and even then only on some maps. A recent update screwed up something...
  11. Ugh, I don't know which is worse...thinking you won something only to realize you actually paid for it... ...or discovering you are out of whiskey!?! Thankfully, I think my bar is stocked. Lemme check... Yep, I'm good. ;-) One of my co-workers just bought me a bottle of Bulleit Rye for covering a shift for him. I love these guys I work with!
  12. Something... Anything?

    Yes, quite frequently...and I have never understood it. Especially now when surviving a battle while getting your butt kicked means very little. Perhaps it boosts WTR rating??? I don't know...but it seems to me that charging and punching the winning foe in the mouth before you succumb would be more satisfying. You may even get another kill or two. Or, maybe enough damage to compensate for a meaningless 'survives the match'? I get major warm fuzzies when I top the losing team and also still beat most, or all, of the winning team in base XP without the benefit of a win multiplier. I would like this just so I can track how many times I have accomplished it. We have achievements for absolutely meaningless things such as 'First Blood', so why not something like this?
  13. You are getting screwed, man. In Tier 8 play I have been placed as bottom tier 41% of the time (yes, I'm keeping track). Roon and (reportedly) Hindenburg are definitely worth it. My very first game in Roon was great. I normally feel the pain of stock ships, but I really didn't with Roon. She's a good one. I haven't reached Hindenburg, yet...I've heard she fights for top honors at T10. I hope I am not disappointed, because I LOVE Roon.
  14. Something... Anything?

    Well okay then. I guess I am an idiot. Wait...but...where does it...ah, WTH, never mind.
  15. Something... Anything?

    Ah! I am not a WoT player, so no, I didn't realize that. I thought you meant both teams got the same XP, win or lose. I don't mind the top player on the losing team getting the XP modifier. Yes, I would approve of that.