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  1. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    I absolutely love my current Clevelend. I really, truly hope there is still a ship that plays exactly the same after the split. I rely on Cleveland heavily for several missions: get X number of fires - Cleveland's fire chance, number of guns and ROF make her a fire hose. get X number of main gun hits - again, number of guns and ROF means x200 hits in a game isn't hard to get. shoot down X number of planes - spec'd for AA with DefAA consumable, only foolish CV captains fly near a Cleveland. If they do, 20 plane kills is easy. sink X number of destroyers - stay near caps, battleships, or carriers and let the DD's come to you. Then mop them up. This tactic made the infamous "sink DD's" task of the ARP Myoko mission much less frustrating. The current Cleveland is very, very good at several things. She is the shining star of the current US cruiser line (haven't tried Des Moines, yet). I don't care what name it has, but I really want this ship to stay in the game. She is my most played cruiser with 205 battles. Since I don't like anyone messing with something I really like, I want it to stay at T6, as well. So, basically, keep my current T6 Cleveland, just give her another name.
  2. No, just a small glass...
  3. Getting drunk while playing high tiers is how I cope with the morons I encounter in high tiers. Even plastered, I can't be worse than 80% of the players I encounter there...
  4. If I am playing after 3 pm, chances are I have a pour of bourbon next to my mouse. If I am playing after 4 pm, chances are I have my second pour of bourbon next to my mouse. if I am palying after 5pm, changes are I haf my thrid pour of burbon next to my mouse. If I am plyyaning fafter 6pjm, chancesa re I havve my 5gh pour of bouubon ment to my mososue. Iff i ma astill dinrinkig after that I am mos likelly faced...
  5. PC recommendations?

    Resolution achieved...for now. I bought a Corsair CX550M power supply. Once the switch was made, my PC is up and running again (and humming a bit quieter, I might add). It may be a bit outdated, but it does work. I might upgrade a few things down the road. Dig, now that I have power I found my PCU is an i3-2120 CPU @ 3.3GHz. As I said, I'm sure it's outdated since i5 and i7 seems to be the norms now. Thanks to all for your help. I have learned a bit during this process. Anything PC related was totally foreign to me...I'm an operator, not a tech. But, I feel like I can tackle a future component swap, if need be. I'll just need some advice on what component to buy!
  6. PC recommendations?

    LOL...errrrr...there is a slight roadblock to that...
  7. PC recommendations?

    I am honestly not sure what CPU it has. What size PSU? Does bronze vs. gold matter that much? Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to learn this as I go.
  8. PC recommendations?

    Focus, people! This is MY crisis! I may be changing gears on this issue. But, I'd appreciate some of your thoughts. This is what I currently have: MOB - msi H77MA-G43 CPU - i3 220 CPU@3.3 GHz PSU - Dynex DX520WPS (that I think is fried) GPU - Invidia GEForce GTX550Ti Hard drive - WD10EARX 1.0T, 6 Gbps SATAIII, 64M cache RAM - two Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz, 8GB (2x4GB) sticks Case - NZXT I am considering replacing the power supply. Right now the machine powers up for a second, then shuts off. It will then try to power up every few seconds for about 1/2 second at a time, but nothing else happens. If this sounds like a power supply issue, which I suspect, is the rest of my build decent enough for now? I could upgrade components over time and probably save a ton of $$ over buying a new, ready for use PC. If I should replace the power supply, what would you suggest?
  9. PC recommendations?

    I have all of the peripherals (but I need to replace my keyboard, also). None of it is high-end, but it works. I would love to replace my 21" Samsung monitor, but that doesn't have to happen immediately. My son is in the Navy and recently got a laptop. Since I will likely div with him a lot I need to get a headset/mic, also. Since mine died and I currently have nothing, and because I don't know what I am doing, I prefer to buy one ready to go. I know tech-savvy computer people love to build them from scratch, but that isn't me. I would like to be back on line before the weekend is over, and building my own would take a week or more by the time I got all the parts together and figured out how to assemble everything.
  10. PC recommendations?

    Dammit! My PC has been getting testy for a while...PSU acting up, keyboard keys sometimes not working, etc. Well, yesterday it shut off and won't come back on. The power light will flicker and I hear a 1/2 second attempt, and it will repeat that every few seconds. I suspect the PSU crapped out. Of course this happens with the Aigle and French BB missions going on... I bought this PC used 2 1/2 years ago for $250 just so I could play WoWS. Now I think I am just going to get something new, but I don't know much about PC's. Would any of you have time to help me out? I want to spend less than $1,000. I main WoWS, but would like to be capable of more, if needed. this is not a work PC, and I don't do anything complicated with it. I would prefer to buy it on Amazon. I would like to have it delivered this weekend. I have looked at several, but I don't know much about brands, etc. Reviews on some units complain about cooling, ports, etc. I don't care about a flashy case, I just want something that works well. Any suggestions? I have upvotes to give!
  11. Favourite type of liquor?

    Bourbon and single malt Scotch are my drink of choice. Typically in a glass, no ice. While I have a few Van Winkles, Four Roses Limited Edition, George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, and several other very nice bourbons on my bar, my daily drinker is Makers Mark. It's cheap enough and very smooth...smooth enough to sip neat. For Scotch, I have The Macallan 12 and Belvenie 12 on my bar and thoroughly enjoy them. I also keep a Laphroiag for a peaty Scotch. I haven't researched Scotch enough, so my brand knowledge is a bit more limited.
  12. My five were x4 credit containers and one signals container. I was hoping for an epic container that gifted me everything my Corgi account had. Oh, well...maybe next time!
  13. Akizuki is T8 and is amazing. So, you lost me.
  14. Just get rid of events already

    I enjoy the Corgi Fleet event. I didn't mind the mission requiring torpedo hits. I don't see what all the fuss is about?
  15. It is a great event. Niko created it and is no longer with the WG team, so the event, AS NAMED, should retire with him. However, I am all for a very similar event with a different name and/or slightly different structure.