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  1. desmo_2

    Huanghe I have to say, quite a fun ship

    I remember the order of the day when Huanghe was first released was "she is GARBAGE." But, I have had quite a bit of fun with her. I do not think Huanghe is a garbage boat candidate if she provides fun, even if she struggles to be productive in some game modes. I have numerous other premium ships that struggle to be productive, and they flat SUCK to play. THOSE are garbage boats.
  2. desmo_2

    Is Friesland worth it?

    There are occasionally missions requiring main gun hits or fires with destroyers. Several DD's are viable candidates...but Friesland can knock it out in one game. And, she is oddly fun for a DD with no torpedoes. Days I have owned Friesland and had regrets = ZERO.
  3. I used to play my low tier premiums and/or favorites every now and then. I don't know if it is still this way, but Tier 4 used to be where the CV players would pad their stats. I would have 4 CV's in nearly every game. No where else were CV's so prolific. I don't have any issues with 1 CV/team, but 2 CV/team nearly every game got old...quick.
  4. I have been playing mostly Co-op lately for mission completion. I have no trouble not shooting my team mates, be they player or bot.
  5. desmo_2

    WoWS is soooo buggy

    This is not a problem I have encountered unless playing on my machine that relies on a wireless connection, which I know has occasional issues. I will be relieved when my home renovation is complete and I once again have a wired connection. So, since I have not experienced this issue and perhaps more of you have, I will bow out. Good luck on finding a resolution.
  6. desmo_2

    People with bad computers and bad internet

    And yet, he is not blaming anyone else for his win %. Hmmm. Yeah, the United States of America is a terrible place to live. Have you ever spent time in a foreign country (and no, ports on a cruise ship do not count)?
  7. desmo_2

    WoWS is soooo buggy

    Stats not being available during this session indicates a disconnect from the server while that battle was still in session. That is most likely an ISP issue on your end rather than a WOWS server issue. "Most likely" is the key, and does not completely dismiss a possible WoWS issue. But, it is "most likely" an issue on your end. I rarely check my replays, so I can't comment on that.
  8. desmo_2

    Getting uptiered every match

    Welcome to the forum. The masses here tend to respond better to the "how can I improve" posts rather than the "SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT" posts...in case you care. However, there was a time (when I was new to the WoWS world) when I also thought MM was screwing me and I was bottom tier most of the time. So, I started keeping track. I would show WG with hard numbers, by Jove! Here is what I have found, after keeping track for a few years: Tier 5: 393 games played in Tier 5 ships. I was bottom tier in 253, or 64%. However, in 101 of those bottom tier games, the top tier was only +1 tier at Tier 6. This is a unique thing for T5 matchmaking. Tier 6: 896 games played in Tier 6 ships. I was bottom tier in 316, or 35%. Tier 7: oddly enough, as of today I have played exactly 1,000 games in Tier 7 ships. I was bottom tier in 244, or 24%. Tier 8: 1151 games played in Tier 8 ships. I was bottom tier in 460, or 40%. You played 10/12 games bottom tier and you are mad. Yeah, streaks happen and I get it when the streak is against you. However, if you start keeping track for a longer period, I think you will find the MM is not as skewed as you now believe. And, once you acknowledge that fact, you can start taking advantage of the XP gains you can earn when playing bottom tier rather than claiming MM is screwing you and there is nothing you can do about it. Dispense with the bias. Keep track of your own data. Adjust your thinking accordingly.
  9. desmo_2

    Special commanders use clarification.....

    No worries, ask away!
  10. desmo_2

    Special commanders use clarification.....

    He will keep his skill points. Your commander has not yet been assigned to a tech tree ship...and that is fine. But, I would pick a tech tree ship you are currently grinding and train him for that tech tree ship. The more skill points your commander has, the more re-training is required when you move him to a new tech tree ship.
  11. desmo_2

    Special commanders use clarification.....

    A commander can be trained for ONE tech tree ship, but he can be used in ANY premium ship of that nation. If you have him trained for a tech tree battleship, his battleship skills will be fine for your premium battleships. If you move him to a premium cruiser or premium destroyer, you can spec his skills for those ship types, as well. He will retain his battleship skills. You can play every German premium ship you have, and when you return him to his tech tree ship, no re-training is necessary as he is still trained for that ONE tech tree ship. If you want to move him to a different tech tree ship, re-training will be required. Premium ships help you with that, too. When you want to change his tech tree ship, move him there and begin retraining. Then, move him to your premium ships and play him without any skill penalty. All experience earned while playing him in your premium ships will count toward re-training for his new tech tree ship. Once re-training is complete, move him back to his new tech tree ship and you never have to play with a skill penalty. Remember...only ONE tech tree ship. If you move him from a Tier 5 tech tree battleship to the Tier 6 tech tree battleship and re-train him, he completely forgets the Tier 5 tech tree ship ever existed. In this regard, premium commanders are no different than regular commanders. Some premium commanders have bonuses for some skills.
  12. desmo_2

    Age of this game (for real)

    Alpha testing started on November 14, 2013. Closed Beta started on March 12, 2015. Open Beta started on July 2, 2015 (which is when I started). Full launch was September 17, 2015.
  13. I have been a State Trooper for 24 years, I was on SWAT for 9 years, and am an active threat instructor. I agree about dropping your weapon and becoming a hostage, although I know it has happened in my area when an officer was caught by surprise and was staring down a gun while his/her hands were empty. Making accurate shots on the range is easy. Making accurate shots in a training scenario with induced stress is more difficult. Making accurate shots in the real world, surrounded by civilians, when lives are on the line is even more difficult, especially in a profession where the vast majority of officers will never see a single gunfight, much less a few of them. My experience with hostage takers while on SWAT is somewhat different than yours. A few harmed their hostages before we could make an assault. Several released their hostages and surrendered. The majority committed suicide. But remember, the line between suicide and homicide is paper thin. If they are of the mindset to end it all, deciding to take a few with them can be a dangerously easy decision to make. I have found the outcome of a hostage situation is largely dependent on what started the situation in the first place. If it wasn't a deadly situation and the perp can visualize a way out, a peaceful outcome is likely. If people are already dead or it was a violent domestic situation, an ugly outcome becomes more likely. This conversation could get really in depth and go on for dozens of pages. And, it could likely turn into a dumpster fire. If the latter happens, I won't be responding further. I have had my fill of having insults, hate, and cinder blocks hurled my way.
  14. As I understand it, Ise is currently for sale "on special", which means she isn't eligible for a doubloon coupon. If she goes up for sale as a regular, stand alone option where the doubloon coupon will count, then I'll think about it.