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  1. desmo_2

    Nottingham price

    Count how many Nottinghams you see today. WG ain't wrong.
  2. desmo_2

    New Code

    Is this from the latest WoWS YouTube video?
  3. If you got Missouri when it was originally offered for 750k Free XP, you have the credit printing version. WG has modified how that credit bonus was applied a few times. Initially it was in the permanent camo, then it was changed to a permanent mission, and now it is a modifier that can only be seen in post-game summary. The original Missouri always did and still does get that credit bonus, but how it was credited has changed. However, Missouri was available for a very short time a year or so ago, but without the credit printing bonus. The second Missouri has credit earnings in line with other Tier 9 premium ships. Look at the "credits and XP" page in your post-game summaries. There should be a 30% credit bonus if you have the original Missouri.
  4. desmo_2

    post-nerf super container

    Ah, I didn't notice the "drag files here" option. Thanks.
  5. That used to be a 15,000 coal drop. Feels bad, man. *I have used Imgur for years to post pics to this forum. Now it doesn't insert the image. What other methods should I be using for images?
  6. desmo_2

    Ships and SCs

    From my last 323 super containers (which takes me back to September 2017), I have gotten 6 ships. My first was T7 Japanese BB Ashitaka during the 2019 WoWS anniversary event (where you get super containers for owning and playing your Tier 10 ships). My second was T8 American BB Massachusetts from a daily XP Try Your Luck super container. I scored big, there! I got T8 Japanese carrier Kaga and T7 American cruiser Boise from the 2020 WoWS anniversary event. T8 Pan Asian DD Siliwangi came from the 2022 anniversary event. I got two super containers upon log-in one day...I think from a clan drop. One of those gave me T6 French CV Bearn.
  7. desmo_2

    So.. WTH.. just do it and see....

    Well, son of a gun! No gambling necessary! This is the first time that has happened to me during any of these types of early access events. *edit - I'm an idiot. I thought it was a special/premium ship. I just paid 1,000 doubloons for a free tech tree ship. Reading is important.
  8. Ship XP bonuses are pointless on special/premium ships. The other expendable bonuses are still profitable. I'm sure you know that, but I felt it may be important to point that out to the masses who may read this thread.
  9. desmo_2

    Monthly Supercontainer

    x15 blue Ship XP expendable bonuses.
  10. Those who charge in so they can get shot at and then quickly get sunk are doing it wrong. I get good average potential damage because I try to play battleships WELL.
  11. Zieten, Hawke, Haarlem, Shimanto or Benson. I already have perma camo for the last 3, so when voting is fixed I'll probably pick Zieten.
  12. I am averaging 1M - 1.5M per game while playing battleships in Random. Granted, Random isn't everyone's cup of tea.
  13. I completed the mission string that rewards one of the last pre-nerf super containers. I got x50 green Ship XP expendable bonuses, increasing my total of those to 5,620. I only have two ship lines I am still grinding (not counting subs or carriers) and I use the blue expendable bonuses for those. I am not complaining about free stuff I don't need. It is just a bit anti-climactic for a fairly laborious mission string for one of the last "good" SC's.
  14. Complete 6 other tasks for stage completion. Let the potential damage task finish later as you progress. You will still have to get 32,250,000 potential damage for the last stage, but I think you have 2 weeks to complete the last stage.
  15. desmo_2

    Feels like the end

    Your choices are (1) subs, or (2) CV, or... (3) leave. #3 gets larger every day. Subs were a mistake, and WG refuses to cap CV to x1 per game. I really love this game, but #3 is looming for me, as well.