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  1. Except for a very few turds, I would not recommend using Free XP to skip tech tree ships. You are typically better served playing the ships and gaining the Player XP (very valuable, not available for purchase!). Player XP can level you up from Potato to Unicum, positively affect your win rate, and make you much more valuable to your team/clan. So, save it for Nelson, which is a fun ship.
  2. The Problem With Pirates

    It's only for a couple of days. Many people really love these events, even if others do not. Look on the bright side...the caps should be wide open for the taking. Also, it's a Tier 3/4 game...what do you expect?
  3. I make sure to keep enough super signals (Red Dragon, Hydra, Ouroboros) and super camo in stock for when those +100%+ first win bonus events come along. I can rake in massive Free XP/Captain XP on those big first win bonuses!
  4. Leningrad needs Buff

    Are we talking about the same Leningrad? Because my Russian Rocket sure as heck doesn't need any buffs...

    Damn. I was hoping I wouldn't be spending any money until (and if) premium time went on sale, again. I was already seriously tempted by this thing. "Happy birthday, honey, I bought you a virtual ship! You don't want it?? Can I have it, then?"
  6. Next Free Experience Ship

    Uh, I am playing, anyway. I earn the Free XP, anyway. I am going to spend that Free XP on something, anyway. May as well be a FREE premium ship. I have Missouri, Nelson, and Musashi. I have 850k Free XP...just trying to decide if I should buy Kronshtadt now or wait to see how Alaska will be made available.
  7. ^ What he said. Click the two little gears next to Ships and Vacant Slots. In the list that comes up, if the content has a green eye you will see it in game. If it has a gray eye with a line through it, you won't.
  8. I'm at 58% WR, 85k average damage. I'm okay with the WR, but would like to bring the avg damage up.
  9. Thanks WG for the Okhotnik!

    Okhotnik is a unique animal. Nice stealth. Great guns, and at her tier you can wreck other DD's. The torps are short range, but if anything does get in range you can flood the seas with torps. Loooooooooooooong for a destroyer, so don't sit all comfy in smoke when broadside to reds or you will soak up the torpedoes. She looks ridiculous, but can either be tons of fun to play or quite frustrating to play...depends on how patient you are.
  10. Post game compliments

    As I stated in my post, Base XP is one measure to give a compliment...not the only measure.
  11. Help

    You can get on any computer that has WoWS installed, enter your username and password, and boom, there is all your stuff. Nothing from your account is stored on your computer; it's on the WG server.
  12. LOL...this reminds me of a match I had earlier tonight. Our Gaede was AFK almost the entire match. He finally woke up as we took the 2nd of 3 caps in a very close game, and were trying to kill the clock for the win. He decided to try to contribute by attempting to take the 3rd cap, which was held by a Kirov...with 90 HP left. He charged in with his full health. Got detected. Smoked...while continuing at speed. We were all hammering into our keyboards to "SHOOOOOOT!!!!". Naw, he chose to launch torps and park, and never fired a gun. The 90 HP Kirov mowed the full-health Gaede down with several unanswered gun salvos. We still won as the clock expired, but only by the narrowest of margins. Potatoes gonna potate.
  13. Post game compliments

    They mean nothing. Zero. No one cares. Pointless. Well... ...but... ...okay, I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes I have one of those games when I either hard carry a team to victory, or I throw the anchor and slow my team's defeat. Either way, I end up 500, 600, 700+ points ahead of my next highest team mate in base XP. When I have one of those games and feel like I far and away earned an MVP award, then get back to port and...nothing. No one cared. Really? I mean...really? None of you noticed how many potatoes I was carrying on my back?!? LOL it's not like I can pull that off very often, and when I finally get a big game...no one appreciated it. Consider this one of those reminders that gets posted every now and then on these here forums. If you have a team mate (or opponent!) who really does well...let them know! There is so much salt and bitterness in chat...well deserved compliments in chat during the game and/or a compliment post game CAN improve our gaming community...if even just a bit. A player scores #1 on the team with a bottom tier ship? That's worth a compliment! Someone outscores the #2 player by several hundred base XP? That's worth a compliment! A team mate covers you with smoke when you were being focus fired and were in trouble? That's worth a compliment! A single red thwarts you and several of your team mates' attempts to push a cap with smart play? That's worth a compliment! I have been making a point to notice these things and give compliments where they are due. This "Karma" post was episode #1! See episode #2 for advice on when to submit complaints! JUST KIDDING! It appears no one needs tips on when to submit complaints! LOL
  14. I maxed out my loyalty on Team Sharks yesterday and got the Des Moines camo. So, rest easy, Eagles. Today I switch and the Eagles shall finally prevail. I'm good for a couple hundred points per day...more than enough to put Eagles over the top. You are welcome.