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  1. Free Premiums

    Do you monetize all of your other leisure activities with the same "Real Life Time/Money"? If you are sitting on your back porch drinking beer, how much does that cost you? If your neighbor comes over to get your advice about lawn care, and gives you a free beer for doing it, was that beer really FREE? NO SIR! You WORKED for that beer! Grumble grumble moan complain...I want a FREE beer, man! I want to be sitting in that chair like Homer Simpson, my brain completely idle, and have a beer miracled into my lazy fingers! Now THAT would be a FREE beer! Why can't you people comprehend this?!?
  2. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    Opposite, actually. 120 were bottom tier out of 310 played, so bottom tier 39%. The "not bottom" line is a header for the column. If I play a T8 ship and am not bottom tier, I add one to the 'not bottom' total for that ship. If I am bottom tier, I add the tier breakdown to the bottom of the list for that ship. I just placed the "total" summary next to that for convenience, since my full list also contains T5-8. I edited my list to clarify that. Quite a contrast from the constant complaints that T8 "ONLY" sees T10. I was honestly expecting a different result, myself. My perceptions were not reality!
  3. Free Premiums

    I have 30 free premium ships: Kamikaze R Emden Tachibana Graf Spee Shinonome Katori Missouri Vampire Nelson Duke of York Aigle Musashi Varyag Tachibana Lima ARP Kongo ARP Hiei ARP Kirishima ARP Haruna ARP Myoko ARP Ashigara ARP Nachi ARP Haguro ARP Takao Southern Dragon Albany (gift from WG) Marblehead (forum contest) Aurora (promo from 3rd party) Mikasa (forum contest) Indianapolis (forum contest) Texas (Twitch promo) Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia should have been #31, but I bought her hoping the extra Crimson crates would pay off. They really didn't.
  4. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    Have fun with it. The constant tier 5, 6, and 8 MM complaints prompted me to do something similar. Every game I play in a T5, 6, 7 or 8 ship, I keep track of the specific ship, if I was low tier or not (and if so, how many of each of the two higher tiers there were), and if I was low tier, how I placed in XP on my team. I wanted to see how often each tier was bottom tier, and if I could be productive with a bottom tier ship. I have been keeping track for months. I have not kept track of what the tier breakdown was for each game, server population, time of day, or other variables. Since you might find it interesting, here are my T8 results:
  5. Your perception is your reality. I have been keeping track of every T8 game I have played, and in my last 300+ games in T8 ships I am only bottom tier in 39%.
  6. Would love to have. 0 Rank 1 seasons to my credit. FML.
  7. Yep, can relate. When my son is home on leave (he is in the Navy, as was I) he will bring his laptop into my office. We'll play WoWS, div up so we can spot each other easier on the minimap, and talk smack all game about who is doing better. Good times.
  8. So I got reported for this

    How did you know you got reported...from the reporting player?
  9. I'm freakin' awesome at this game. I'm kind of a big deal. And I play Random. But on a more serious note...I am a freakin' big deal. Just a blueberry, not unicum. I'm not in a clan, so no CW. I stopped at R10 in Ranked. Didn't feel like torturing myself further, especially with the expense of T10 economy. I was off today and played Randoms quite a bit. Except for one game when I got pummeled in Cleveland (?) early, I had a really good day. A lot of #1 and top 3 finishes. I certainly ran into several very good players, too.
  10. Roon help

    I am not going to profess to be a brilliant Roon player...51% WR, 1,500 avg XP, 71,400 avg damage...so take my advice as AN option, not necessarily THE option. I don't rush in unless I have an island I am aiming for. Roon has hydro, but not with enough range to chase off any DD that may spot you for their heavy hitters. Backing in isn't a viable strategy because it typically takes too long to set up, although on occasion it can be done using an island. I also don't like bow-in because you only have one turret forward, so you won't be dishing out enough damage to make bow-tanking worth it. Range or island cover are your best set ups. Don't forget, you can also equip a spotter plane to increase your shooting distance. I'm not saying you have to hang at the back and snipe across the map, but...(read on) ...Make yourself a hard target...not a juicy one. Don't be the closest target if you can prevent it. Put other, tougher targets between you and the reds. As with any cruiser, if you are being targeted, keep the throttle and rudder moving to make yourself a harder target to predict and hit. Even though most of your guns are aft, you don't have to be kiting away to get them all on target. You can do it while angled in, as well. Roon has a good rate of fire, nasty AP and decent HE. The longer you can stay alive and keep your guns thumping, the better games you will have. I managed 172,000 damage for my highest with this ship.
  11. Roon help

    Don't charge in and get into a knife fight. I thought Roon was a beast from the day I bought her...even fully stock. But, she is still a cruiser. You have to try to avoid getting shot. Stay at distance, or at least have cover nearby if you move up. Priority Target is a very important captain skill. Knowing you are detected is one thing...knowing people are aiming at you is a completely different matter. Roon's AP can be nasty. Use it whenever you have a shot at a broadside or even mostly broadside target. It can be a bit tough to go DD hunting, because Roon has two turrets aft and only one forward...which as you stated makes her a kiting fighter. If you can get enough turrets on target you can certainly punish a DD, but your real bread and butter targets are cruisers and battleships.
  12. I got 91K damage in Aurora!

    I don't play Aurora much at all, any more. I now have other, better Russian premiums to use as captain trainers. But, I have had some fun with her. Here is a video of one of my best games in Aurora:
  13. How does this forum strike system even work?

    You can poke fun and post sarcasm...sometimes. But if you poke fun and post sarcasm about the wrong topic and offend a moderator...you get struck. I got a warning a long time ago...probably deserved it. It was a political topic, if I remember, and I know that is dangerous ground. My strike and one day ban I got pretty recently...I don't know...my comments were about a game feature and not directed at any person, and I thought were accurate and not overly inflammatory. But, a moderator didn't like it, so I got a strike that it seems will be permanent. Especially since it was recent, I feel I am now overly cautious about trying to be funny or witty. Nearly all humor can offend someone, because everything offends someone. Even posting in this topic has me nervous. You aren't supposed to talk openly about your sanctions. I think I am being vague enough by not mentioning when, what mod, what topic, what comment...but as I said, I'm a bit paranoid, now.
  14. Des Moines games in Co-op: Game 1 Game 2 Game 3