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  1. Check the "combat missions" and "personal missions" on the PTS. That will tell you what you can earn for your main account. You get something on your main account for hitting Rank 1 in Ranked Sprint...but the rewards from the Ranked Sprint itself are only earned on the PTS server. You get something on your main account for completing the new campaign...but the rewards from the campaign itself are only earned on the PTS server. Any daily XP containers you open, including super containers, DO NOT transfer to your main account. In your original post, you said you completed "Spring 1". What are you referring to? And, what are the four containers you got on PTS but thought your were supposed to get on your main?
  2. desmo_2

    Combat Missions

    The tab looks like a picture, and when you click on it you will see the directives. The picture should have "Directives" printed on it. I have seen a few other players who also couldn't find them.
  3. desmo_2

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    At least one or two players on each team will be a potato and get sunk quickly or hang in the back and contribute nothing. So, one player doing so will not seal a loss. Three or four doing so, however...
  4. desmo_2

    Resetting a line

    The first win in the next tier ship earns you the RB points for that ship. Modules are not required for RB points. Obviously you will need to follow the tech tree requirements to advance to the next tier, so you can earn the RB points for that ship.
  5. Rewards received on the Public Test Server are immediate. Rewards from PTS on your main account are not credited until later (typically just before or when that patch hits the main server). Rewards for the on the PTS for the PTS are completely different than rewards from the PTS for your main account.
  6. desmo_2

    the game sucks now

    WG thanks you for your detailed, well thought out, and superbly written feedback. I wouldn't be surprised if they give you a small token of appreciation for the effort (like a forum ban for the "RUSSIAN DOGS" bit). Perhaps in the future, avoid running into team mates to prevent denting, or "dentonating", your warship. Good luck and fair seas in your future endeavors!
  7. desmo_2

    WG Your MM!!!!

    I have a few screen shots from games I have played in Huanghe and Krasny Krym when I was bottom tier and finished #1 on my team. At that point, a win or a loss doesn't matter to me!
  8. desmo_2

    earned 1900 bxp for mission and...

    First, try disconnecting and reconnecting. I don't know why missions sometimes don't log progress, but every time it has happened to me, a reconnect corrected it.
  9. desmo_2

    Pandemic Teams

    If you are suffering from bad teams, the reds are also suffering from bad teams. The argument "I am always losing because of bad teams" doesn't hold much water, unless you are a consipiracy theorist and believe that for some reason, WG is out to get you specifically and is constructing teams to prove they don't like you.
  10. desmo_2

    Premium Ship from Free Dubloons

    That sale didn't return this past Christmas.
  11. desmo_2

    PSA code

    Apparently each week gets a bit harder. This week starts with 1,500 base XP, and the final stage requires 1,900 base XP.
  12. desmo_2

    Is IFHE worth it after adjustment?

    This IFHE change is just way too complicated. This is not a naval simulation game, so the mechanics should be fairly simple for everyone to grasp. And, for the most part they have been (if the player cared to learn them). This complication was just unnecessary.
  13. desmo_2

    Public Test 0.9.0 round 2

    All that means is that the rewards for the Summer Season are a unique Summer Season emblem. And, the Summer Season rewards are the same as they were for the Autumn Season. If you complete all four seasons, you will also earn a special, four season PT emblem. You only have to complete all seasons if you want the special four season PT emblem. Otherwise, each season's rewards are independent of each other.
  14. "...within the current season..." There are three Phases to each Public Test season. We just finished the first weekend of Phase 1. I believe there will be another Phase 1 weekend. For those who do not complete the personal mission for Phase 1, they can go back and finish it in Phase 2, after completing the Phase 2 personal mission. The same will apply for Phase 3. Once a Public Test Season is over, it's gone. You cannot go back to previous Seasons. There are three phases to the Spring Season. Each phase has its own personal mission that must be completed before you earn the Tier VI premium ship container on your main account.
  15. The Spring Season of Public Test will have three phases. Each phase may have two weekends. EU destroyers may still be included in Phase 2 or 3. In order to get the Tier VI premium ship container, you have to complete the personal mission in each of the three phases. We have only had Phase 1, weekend 1 of the Spring Season. The other two personal missions you are required to complete for the Tier VI premium ship container will arrive with Phase 2 and Phase 3. Keep an eye on the news portal for info on when those phases will begin. PTS was suspended Monday morning, concluding Phase 1, Weekend 1. I believe there will be another weekend for Phase 1. Keep an eye on the news portal for info on Phase 2 and Phase 3. PTS is only open for a specified time, which is usually on a weekend. Phase 1, weekend 1 was Thursday through Monday, so it is over. There will be more PTS weekends for the Spring Season, so be patient.