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  1. I once started a thread asking everyone to post their top 3 most fun ships to play. I then started tallying all the ships mentioned. Scharnhorst was far and away the most mentioned. Your understanding is correct, it is highly recommended, it is a bit of a mix between a cruiser and a battleship, and Tier 7 is pretty forgiving in matchmaking. We don't know what ships will go on sale, or when. Yes, WG typically puts on a Christmas sale, but there is no telling if Scharnhorst will be included. I hope you get your wish!
  2. If you spend enough money, sure, your chances of getting a ship a pretty good. I just spent another $12.75 for 5 more Big Crates (15 total, now, and almost $40). No ships. "...your (sic) insane not to try"? That would entirely depend on if you have money to burn. If the OP can only spend $20-40 and really wants a ship, he would be MUCH better served to spend that money on a ship. If a ship is what he really wants and he burns his play budget on Santa crates and gets NO SHIP, which is quite likely, he will feel like he threw that money away. Perhaps he will get lucky and score a ship, or two, or more...but maybe he won't. Only the OP knows how badly he wants a premium ship, how much money he can afford to spend, and if he is willing to gamble on the Santa crates.
  3. The odds don't seem to be as good this year. Only buy crates if you are okay with a lot of good camo and some great signal flags (and the New Year Streamer is a good camo!). If you get a ship...bonus. Many people are throwing tantrums because they bought crates expecting to get ships. That isn't a guarantee, and is a fool's folly. I bought 10 of the Big Santa crates...no ships. So, no, don't recommend he buy Santa crates to get a ship if what he really wants is a ship. He will be MUCH better off picking a ship, spending money on it, and being guaranteed to get it.
  4. Turbotush is right. It isn't your team mates' job to watch where you launch your torpedoes. It is YOUR job to watch where you launch your torpedoes. Your team mate may have to turn around to dodge incoming red torpedoes (you know, the ones he is supposed to be looking for), to prevent showing broadside, or any number of reasons. If he can no longer turn around because your torpedoes are coming in behind him, you may have killed him without even hitting him. Don't do that. If a team mate could possibly steer into your torpedoes and you launch them anyway, it is YOUR fault. This seems to be a tough lesson for new players to come to grips with.
  5. I rarely see Mutsu in games. Which I am fine with. I got one in a Santa crate last year. I don't play it much, either, but when I do I soon remember that no one knows she has torps.
  6. I don't really care what it would be called, but "Hit for the Cycle" seems a bit too baseball specific. Even though "Grand Slam" also has a hunting reference, I'm pretty sure that also came from baseball, so...
  7. I think I have maybe 4-5 games in Minsk since the Russian DD line split. Still, for some reason I still have it in port. This morning I decided to take it out and landed in a T8 game. I scored a Kraken, and sank 1 CV, 1 BB, 1 CA, and 2 DD's. Yep, sank at least one each of carrier, battleship, cruiser, and destroyer. That's kind of cool. Rare, sure, but cool! I have done it several times before, but usually in Tiers 3-5. I have said it many times over the years, but sinking one of each ship type in a game should be an achievement. Call it "Grand Slam" for the hunting reference (harvesting one of each species of turkey or sheep), or for the baseball reference (4-run hit)...it applies both ways.
  8. I get it. I mean, I don't get it. I understand all the mechanics in WoWS, but I am a complete noob in WOT. I frequently don't even get a shot off before I get smoked. I see why it can be so frustrating for a new player to try to start a game with swarms of experienced players. In about 5 of those 20 games, I was smoked by my own team right after spawn. Why? Because, "He's a noob." It seems the Tanks players are trying to remove any chance of new player growth in the game...which would eventually kill the game, wouldn't it??? No desire to continue with WOT.
  9. About a week ago I was playing WoWS and I got a pop-up offer in port. It said "play 10 games in WOT and get 7 days premium time". I clicked 'yes, pls', and was re-directed to the WOT website. I was never a WOT player, so I had to download the game, played the tutorials, and now have 20 games in Randoms. Where is my 7 days premium time, yo? I did get 3 days of premium time from WOT for reaching Noob Status 1, but as that is a built-in reward for WOT noobies, I don't think that is the same thing as the offer I accepted in WoWS. Has anyone else seen/tried this WoWS offer?
  10. desmo_2

    1st of this i've earned....

    Well, it IS a new achievement, and has only been in existence for the last couple of patches.
  11. desmo_2

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    Only premium ships that are currently available for purchase with doubloons will show up in the tech tree. Premium ships not currently for sale, or that are for sale only in the Premium Shop, will not be shown in the tech tree. I suppose the tech tree really isn't intended to be a list of all ships currently in the game.
  12. desmo_2

    RN Campaign

    You want it to be LONGER?!?
  13. desmo_2

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    Premium time is NOT offered in this year's Santa crates, just to be clear.
  14. desmo_2

    Just opened x80 mega crates

    80 Mega crates? $300 worth? And you got two ships?!? Ah, you just edited to increase it to 11 ships. Still...$300 for those ships. I hope you wanted all those signals and camo...
  15. I was making an attempt at a funny, thus the "" in the spoiler. Sometimes I succeed with a funny...sometimes I don't. (I blame the auto-correct of "silly" for making my attempt appear less innocent)