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  1. Dang, Mogador on the 1st bundle?!? That may be a new record (I read someone got it on their 2nd).
  2. desmo_2

    Ship going Red!

    Your ship has allergies. It is allergic to shooting your team mates. Stop doing that and the symptoms should subside with time. (But, there isn't team damage in Operations, is there?)
  3. desmo_2

    Tech tree ships missing

    It wasn't very clear what you were asking, and apparently I misunderstood your question. By the responses above, I wasn't the only one who wasn't sure what you were asking. I'm glad SpudZero deciphered it, but I was trying to be helpful to you. I won't make that mistake again.
  4. desmo_2

    Tech tree ships missing

    Giulio Cesare is a premium ship, not a tech tree ship. Premium ships are rotated in and out of the tech tree. They are not all available there all the time. Some premium ships are also only available in the premium shop, and again, these are rotated in and out. This rotating availability creates "fear of missing out" in customers, and presumably drives up sales when those currently unavailable ships return. Giulio Cesare, however, has been supposedly retired from ever being available for sale again because it is deemed to be over powered (similar to Kutuzov, Belfast, Kamikaze, Gremyashchy, Nikolai, and probably a couple of others).
  5. desmo_2

    BB's and ammo type

    No, you pretty well have it figured correctly. The general rule of thumb for battleships is still to hammer BB's and CA's with AP. As you stated, there are still situations for HE (some RN BB's; shooting at DD's, some CV's, bow-on BB's you can't pen, etc).
  6. Right, but wrong. You are right that you got 10,000 RP for having five T10's. But @MannyD_of_The_Sea is correct. You get nothing when you click the "reset" button.
  7. desmo_2

    RESET what ?

    Ignoring the "Alaska and Azuma" part... ...IF I were to reset lines, I would probably choose US DD, IJN CA, and maybe RU DD's. Toss in US or RU CA's to get to five. I also agree with the above sentiments...I would NOT reset lines with the objective of getting Free XP. Just go for the RP's.
  8. desmo_2

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    Feeding on DD's will do that.
  9. I have done nothing besides own at least 5 T10's, and 10,000 RP's found their way into my bank.
  10. desmo_2

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    With Georgia recently acquired, I still need 68,000 coal to pick up Smolensk...even with a coupon waiting.
  11. I asked the same question: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/198177-tldr-research-bureau/?do=findComment&comment=4649808
  12. Oh, my. SO MANY players who hit "reset" without understanding how this works. And I am not the least bit surprised. I am playing low tiers for the new French DD's, and it is common to see people in chat (in their new-again T2-3's!) ranting about either not getting all the Research Points they thought they were going to instantly get, or not realizing they were going to have to grind 5 lines to get Colbert. Reading is so OP.
  13. desmo_2

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So, if you reset a line, all captains in that line currently get sent to the Reserve. Let's say I have 3 spots in my Reserve, and 5 captains in the line. Will my Reserve be expanded to fit these extra captains? If not, which captains get dismissed? @Kami@Femennenly