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  1. desmo_2

    Lake Mead Report 1JUL2022

    How much water is being pumped out to water lawns and fill swimming pools in Las Vegas? When you build a city in a desert, and then try to do tropical things there, the desert air will consume that moisture with voracity.
  2. I find Black to be pretty unimpressive. Super slow torpedoes, and okay to good-ish guns. Her "power" is having radar, but without support ships (i.e. division mates), most of that radar use is not well capitalized on.
  3. desmo_2


    Your idea isn't "new". It has been brought up and rejected for years. But, you never know. Let's not forget subs were a hard "there will NEVER be subs in this game".
  4. desmo_2

    Incomparable or wait?

    I built up enough coal and steel to buy two ships each (almost). I recently used my coupon before it reset to buy Bourgogne, so I am just short of enough steel for my next steel ship. I like having that build-up so if something is announced as being pulled, I know I will have the resources to pick it up if I so desire. Similarly, if something new is released that is really interesting (which is pretty rare these days since I have almost 300 ships in port, 154 of which are premiums), I can pick it up as soon as it is released. So, my advice is to save your resources until you know you want to spend them. If you spend all of your steel now on a ship you aren't even sure you want, how long will it take to build up enough steel for the next ship which may really interest you?
  5. I don't care for any of them. I much prefer historically correct visuals. The collabs certainly detract from that, but so do the dozens of other hideously tacky camo that have also been added.
  6. I have had the issue of no patrol plane drop square. I resolved it once I updated my video card drivers.
  7. desmo_2

    Your monthly super container

    You are the big winners. Those are both good ships. I got 15,000 coal (16,500 w/ clan bonus). Fortune smiled upon me, as well.
  8. Yep, I had the same issue. Outdated GPU drivers were the culprit for me, as well. Glad you got it sorted!
  9. Is there any method of getting unstuck? Yes. Don't get stuck to begin with. I know...sarcastic answer, I'm a troll, and all that crap, right? Well...no. It's a FREAKIN' ISLAND! It hasn't moved all game, or even since that map was introduced. I will give a caveat to those underwater obstacles that you cannot see, but since the introduction of subs, the underwater geography has been changing (I despise the fact that I must acknowledge a positive aspect to the introduction of subs), and those underwater snags have been reduced. Seriously, though...in this game, if you run aground you run the small risk of getting stuck. That sucks. But, you don't suffer a flooding penalty from breaching your hull, which would certainly happen in the real world if you ran aground. And, it's a FREAKIN' ISLAND! If your minimap is so broken that you can't see the islands, or you can't be bothered to check your surroundings as you steam about at full speed, damning the torpedoes, I suggest you invest in the super premium minimap upgrade that allows you to see such things. If you get stuck on an island, darned near every time you should stop blaming the island and start blaming who was steering the moving thing that hit it.
  10. That is completely inaccurate. I have been playing since the first day of Open Beta. Getting stuck on an island or a submerged chunk of land has existed my entire time playing this game.
  11. desmo_2

    Does Ahskance Even Read The Forums?

    Every one of my posts is being looked over by an adult?!? Well, that certainly takes some of the fun out of it!
  12. desmo_2

    The wonderful prizes of Wargaming

    Once again, a player is raged because he/she didn't get a ship from a super container. Perhaps you are not aware that the chances of pulling a premium ship from a super container are still pretty remote. Your reward for finishing that collection is a T7 premium ship container. And, you will satisfy the completionist in you.
  13. I am betting the new system will never allow another game like this:
  14. desmo_2

    Doubloons in SC

    In my last 221 super containers, I have never gotten a 5,000 doubloon drop. That's a pretty rare one. Here are what my last 221 super containers, since September 2017, have contained: x100 standard signals = 54 x50 camo = 50 x25, x50, or x100 special flags - x25 = 21, x50 = 13, x100 = 1 1,000, 1,500, 2,500, or 5,000 doubloons - 1k = 18, 1.5k = 1, 2.5k = 1, 5k = 0 7, 14, 30, or 90 days premium time - 7 = 13, 14 = 4, 30 = 3, 90 = 0 15,000 coal = 17 50,000 Free XP = 11 1,500 steel = 7 premium ship = 4 (Ashitaka from 2019 T10 Anniversary event; Massachusetts from daily XP crate; Kaga and Boise from 2020 T10 Anniversary event) special modules (only available via SC for a while, my last was June 2018) = 6
  15. I hate sounding like the typical IT guy, but... ...have you tried closing the game client and restarting?