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  1. desmo_2

    Cloaking device/ ships disappearing

    Detection ranges are a thing. I am a bit surprised that you are posting this when you have 16,181 battles played. I really expected this from a sub-1k game player. Remember, if one of your team mates is spotting that ship for you, but then goes around an island, smokes up, or otherwise loses sight of that ship, you will also lose sight of that ship if you are still beyond its detection range.
  2. desmo_2

    Im scared to buy perm camo now!?

    I have 3,890 single use camo. I'm good for a while.
  3. desmo_2

    Who else enjoys being bottom tier?

    "Always being bottom tier" sounds suspiciously like confirmation bias. I used to be that way, but I started keeping track of how many games I was bottom tier when playing tier 5-8 ships. Here is what I found: tier 5: 321 games played, bottom tier in 204, or 64%. However, 74 of those 'bottom tier' games didn't have any tier 7's, so were only -1 tier. tier 6: 811 games played, bottom tier in 280, or 35%. tier 7: 826 games played, bottom tier in 177, or 21%. tier 8: 805 games played, bottom tier in 336, or 42%. None of the tracked tiers qualified as "always being bottom tier." *edit - just realized this was posted in 'British aircraft carriers' subforum. I don't play CV's much, so CV main numbers could very well have a significant variance from my numbers, which are primarily BB, CA, and DD.
  4. desmo_2

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    I have been BEGGING for this feature for years! I have several permanent camo that offer great benefits, but are just too hideous to enjoy using. Now I can use them and not have to keep my barf bucket handy!
  5. desmo_2

    Mission Directives

    See the image near the top left of my port screen, just above the Dockyard tab:
  6. desmo_2

    RB...did I blow it?

    You have to have researched five tier 10 ships to qualify. If you have reached that requirement, if you go into the tech tree and look below your tier 10 line you want to reset, there is a gold diamond shape. Click on that and it will open the Research Bureau options. For more detailed information, go here:
  7. desmo_2

    RB...did I blow it?

    Just to clarify, we are currently on the 2nd season of double points.
  8. desmo_2

    285 ships. It takes 75 seconds to authorize and login.

    My game boots up very quickly (about 10-15 seconds) But, I have a new computer. I second what Viper069 said.
  9. desmo_2

    Good work, you forum people...

    http://via Imgflip Meme Generator
  10. desmo_2

    free premium ships

    Yeah, I think it was a WoWS 1st anniversary gift.
  11. desmo_2

    What Happen to Smolensk

    OK, then. You could have been the victim of a childish division. I don't think it happens very often, but I have heard enough stories to know it does happen.
  12. I don't have any issue with the button existing. I just can't fathom why someone would utilize it for that particular post.
  13. Well said, Ensign_Cthulhu. I have no idea why anyone would give you a "boring" reaction for that.
  14. As is, I'm going to finish on stage 26. BUT, if that hour glitch hadn't happened, I probably would have been able to finish Directive 4, which would have unlocked and allowed me to complete Directives 5, 6, and 7. I am definitely going to submit a ticket and request my dockyard completion.
  15. desmo_2

    Pats Dynasty Over!!!!!

    I was in a dark place at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. I told my son, in the Navy and also a HUGE Chiefs fan, to stand by for an epic comeback (at 1604 hours ET). Wow...what a comeback, indeed!