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    On my front porch looking out over the Ohio river...
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    Wife, kids, home, and WoWs - in that order. Sometimes, according to my better half, it seems WoWs jumps to the front of the priorities list...

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  1. Hey Khafni - what you gonna do about a clan? Are you in one yet? 

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    2. Herr_Reitz


      Okay! I'm in a clan, same thing... BABA... pretty laid back, minimal qualifications, same mindset as yours. 


      I'm waiting for oh, about six months from now, an announcement they will be adjusting the economy as everyone gets the various discounts from clans. lmbo


      GL HF and cya

    3. Khafni


      Glad to see these types of clans. I kinda figured they would show up once the economy was announced. Unless WG sets a requirement for clan battle participation then evryone will likely be in a clan someday. There are currently no negatives.

      And I agree that WG will likely change the economy. Soon everyone will have the "memorial day" flag equivalent for free just be joining a do-nothing clan.

      Thanks for the interest and see you on the digital high seas!

    4. Herr_Reitz


      Indeed... there have been no mentions of any prizes/rewards related to clans... as others have said, let us hope it is not just for the top dogs. 


      have a good day.