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  1. Khafni

    Old veteran meets young veteran

    The face of war may change but the essence doesn't...
  2. Khafni

    black screen and fireworks

    Update your video drivers. That is what usually causes the black screen. It is a good idea to do those updates after each patch or two.
  3. Khafni

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    I can see where beefing up deck plating on cruisers might make it difficult for CL but the pen value goes from 1/6 (24mm on Helena) to 1/5 (30mm). If I remember right, 25mm of pen is needed to be most effective without IFHE. Do you need IFHE with that pen value? Still not sure what is going to happen to IFHE but it looks like the points might be spent elsewhere.
  4. Khafni

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    What does this mean? How is this implemented?? Replacing Commanders or some modules, mastering or resetting skills, fitting or mounting camouflages which don't affect ship geometry, and mounting signals will now happen faster.
  5. Khafni

    how do you Donskoi?

    I throw some Type 69 cammo on her to cut the grind in half (+200% XP per battle). Get the daily win bonus and done. Moskva before the patch!
  6. Khafni

    Who have you seen in game

    @DocWalker was out in his Scharnhorst earning some potential damage in a Co-op battle we shared. I finished off the DD fires mission in Friesland. Pew, pew, pew - burn. burn.burn!
  7. Just need 680k to FreeXP thru the IJN DD (Shima) line. Tomorrow I pull the plug, grab my 20k RB points and spend on the Colbert - for better or for worse.
  8. I have an opinion based on my enjoyment with the class. That is all. I disagree with yours. The squeaky wheel ultimately gets greased. Keep squeaking and you might get WG to change them. Otherwise they are fine as they are. Again, opinion. I stated my case above and you disagreed. That's how these forums work. Don't expect me to accept what you say as gospel when I see it differently. We can agree to disagree.
  9. Your version of better is not everyone else's version. This forum is definitely not Burger King...
  10. Ya know, I've always wondered how those ships with DP guns can shoot at other ships and still have their AA counted against the planes. I don't mind so much. I wouldn't want to have to come up with the rules and then write the code for it, either.
  11. It's all about being "touched" without being able to "touch" back, isn't it? Those 11 other surface ships are only targeting the BB? Don't say the CV is doing the only damage to that ship. I do agree that after 15 minutes of fighting a CV can "hit" another ship. And that ship can still shoot down planes. The damage delivered at the end of the battle is highly variable based on squadron health. I see what you want to do. I don't agree with it. And you don't want to see my perspective...
  12. I get it. You are trying to compare the physical loss of planes to guns and find it unfair that planes can regenerate. How often do your guns truly get knocked out? CV's lose 20 or 30 planes, if not more, a battle. Additionally, surface ships can repair incapacitated modules fast than CV can regen planes. BB and some others can even "regenerater" their health pool using damage control. At the end of the match the CV has lost more fighting capability than the BB. Aircraft regeneration is not immediate and cannot replace those loses in a snap.You could compare plane regeneration as the CV's damage control ability.