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  1. Khafni

    Lake Mead Report 1JUL2022

    Vegas should just ban grass and make white rock the preferred lawn.
  2. Khafni


    Wicked, wicked, creature from the black lagoon...
  3. Khafni

    What to see in 2023?

    Change the bonus for Grease the Gears skill back to a degree per second as it was with Expert Marksman.
  4. Not a fan but free stuff is free. Any captains are dismissed for Elite Commander XP.
  5. Welcome back! Looks like you had your priorities right at the time. Good for you!
  6. It's baked in. It is actually a bit better. Instead of +5% across the board it is +5% ShipXP, +10% Commander XP, and +5%% credits. By itself, the Military Month Contributer flag is Bonus Level 1 (from the dev blog).
  7. Khafni

    PTS Full Stack Boosters

    I can't stop ROFL! Too much!!
  8. Khafni

    Who have you seen in game

    Just met up with my clan mate @DJC_499 in another Co-op battle. He was out there slaying in his Salem again. For some strange reason he and I were among the first to go.
  9. Khafni

    Research Bureau question

    Nope. Superships aren't counted in the reset. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Research_Bureau
  10. Khafni

    Random Prime LOOT Drop in!

    That was it. I should've looked there, first before posting my confusion... Why would anyone expect it to be wrong???
  11. Khafni

    Random Prime LOOT Drop in!

    Thanks @Col_Nasty! I claimed my loot. Not sure why but I got two sets of "5 days of Premium Account". Don't get me wrong! I like having more premium time but the expectation was one "5 days of Premium Account" plus a randomly chosen item from a list which did not include "5 days of Premium Account". Again, it's all good. Just not as advertised. YMMV!
  12. Khafni

    Sell price of expendable camos

    That's what I am expecting and it seems like, initially, we are going to have more bonus "sets" at a higher level than we could achieve through stacking. I have (projected) 26 "sets" of Commander XP at +1,600. There is no way I could achieve that many +1,600 results with my current number of camo/signals no matter how I mixed or matched them.
  13. Khafni

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    @Ahskance or @Boggzy, should I assign my "floating" camo to a tech tree ship before the change or will that detached economic bonus be available to assign to a specific ship afterwards. I am specifically talking about the T0 Epoch and T8 New Year - VIII camo. I can't find that detail in the text (but that doesn't mean it ain't there...).
  14. Khafni

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    @Dah_Bears268 this is true. I've been skeptical so I compared Captain XP using the +1,600% bonus vs results of a 2,200 base XP Narai battle where I loaded up all flags and Asian Lantern camo. The +1,600% bonus would have given out about 4k more Captain XP. Granted, you won't see many of those +1,600% bonuses but neither will you see a lot of Asian Lantern with that +777% Captain XP bonus. You should take a look on PTS. I will.
  15. I've always thought they were worth it. The chance for a ship is 4%. The remaining "rewards" are: If you happen to have all the ships you get 1,000 doubloons instead of a stack of credits. Even the camo and signals are worth it IMHO - especially with the economic rework coming up.