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  1. Did you rank out in the end? I did in the very next battle. 22 battles, 68% WR, and all in Wichita. She is a pretty good ship when her and the captain are spec'd right.
  2. Exactly! USS Saipan named after the battle (as seen from the cockpit of one of her Bearcat attack aircraft)...
  3. Khafni

    Who have you seen in game

    @PrairiePlayerand I shared a Co-op victory this morning. He even called me famous! (Don't know why, but he did!!)
  4. So WG will balance these potential under performers with super performers when they split the paper Russian BB line! Balance, see?
  5. My favorite Commonwealth ship, Perth!
  6. Khafni

    Wichita in Ranked Sprint

    I will be looking into that!
  7. I don't captain Wichita all that much so when Ranked Sprint was set for T8 ships I determined I'd go for it using only Wichita. I have been pleasantly surprised and quite pleased with her performance. I have other T8 ships that I like better and I consider myself a DD main but Wichita has been a port queen too long. Additionally, I decided to spec her captain much differently than I usually do with US CA. Until now I have never used Expert Loader and very infrequently used Radio Location. IMHO they are game changing skills in Ranked Sprint. I think the thing that made her work so well is her agility. It took a lot to sink her (900k avg potential damage) because she "dances" so well! Such fun this round I'll have to pull another port queen out for the next one! Summary, captain specs, upgrades, and consumable selection below should anyone be interested.
  8. I actually like Yugumo and her 12km torps better than Shima. I think Shima struggles more than Yugumo at T10 mainly because she isn't as stealthy.
  9. My season isn't quite over. I am using only Wichita and I am only playing Ranked Sprint for as long as I have that space cammo. Started with 23 cammo and have two left and one win from ranking out. If I win, great! If I get outscored, well, that's great, too! I'll be done either way. Wichita is a great ship for Ranked Sprint. Very fun!
  10. Khafni

    Premium Ship Review: California

    So, how are the firing arcs, hmmm? Crappy?
  11. All manual input. I did it so I could see what I was actually getting from these containers.
  12. USMC 1983 - 2004 Retired MGySgt/2691 (Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare) Mostly Fleet Marine Force duties with all three Radio Bn on Med and Westpac pumps. One tour with the NSA and one as an instructor. Great fun. Should've stayed to 30...
  13. On that day, and nine others I collected a super container. I disregarded the formula so the SC actually counts as three. Two containers held three items, the SC only held one item but all three containers were collected. 1 container contained 2 Coal and the JC 1 container contained 1 coal, 1 FXP, and NF 1 container was an SC and didn't provide MR items but did count as one container of which the daily count of collected containers is reflected in the "Total" column Didn't think to call that out. It also applies to the three cases where I accidentally/inadvertently got a different container. Hope that helps.
  14. I don't envy you and the task you've taken on. If I had known about your spreadsheet at the start of the year I would have tracked accordingly. This month - maybe three months - I am choosing all TYL. I already got one SC with 100 JC. I will go back to More Resources later and will track trips and doubles then.
  15. Khafni

    Special Independence Day Celebration

    I am quite surprised, and pleased, that WG is providing credits if you have the cammo. Well done WG! Also, the inclusion of RB points in the monthly recurring chain is a nice touch.