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  1. Khafni

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    DeGrasse is a very competent and fun CL. Even in a loss she produces...
  2. Op Narai is one of my favorite operations yet I don't think I've seen anyone get torpedoman in Narai. Usually, ships don't live long enough for the torpedoes to reach or you have to suicide yolo to make them count. Today, with the stars aligned and in Z-39 of all ships, I scored a torpedoman achievement. Very fun game with this DD. Anyone else seen torpedoman achieved in Narai? Plenty of them are earned in Aegis but not so much the other ops from my experience.
  3. I never looked at it that way - firing angles dictate which fires first. That should be correct if only the center launcher has the angle. If both have the angle then the side launcher should fire first. The workaround is nice but a fix would be better.
  4. That is the same mechanic as the Mahan and why I hate that DD so much. The center torp should fire second to either the port or starboard launcher. @Kami can you get this bit of bad behavior from Hill and Mahan into the backlog? Have the center launcher fire after the port or starboard launcher.
  5. I was hoping to get an invite. If you looked to me and found my PM down then I don't know how to turn it on. Settings haven't changed since the Masquerados event. Try me again if you please. Khafni
  6. Khafni

    Remove all signals button.

    True, that. Any "quality of life" enhancement with flags would be appreciated...
  7. Khafni

    A UNICORN of the WOWS

    What is it supposed to be? NM. A draw...
  8. Khafni

    Remove all signals button.

    Mine wasn't as fancy a mockup but it presented the same feature - submitted in a post last December. It never hurts to be the squeaky wheel...
  9. Drop their sigma to 0.9...
  10. Khafni

    Scenario Preview: Raptor Rescue

    Bot CV's are in Co-op, too.
  11. Khafni

    Scenario Preview: Raptor Rescue

    It feels to me, as a noob CV player, that the not fighters are waaay more effective against my planes than mine are against theirs. Otherwise glad to have it back.
  12. Khafni

    Attacked by CV while smoked

    CV's can attack a "point on the map" since the rework and, if lucky enough (or skilled?), will hit you. The size of your smoke cloud, your AA shooting on and shooting, and any lack of motion do contribute to their success. I haven't experienced launching while on fire.
  13. Khafni

    4 mil captains

    I just bought Skullcap. I dismissed him when I realized I couldn't hide his rogue wave picture with a standard captain picture by turning off Rogue Wave. Not interested in apocalyptic stuff. I could live with the name but not the outfit...
  14. Some dock hand must've tossed a mooring line on ya! I've had "sticky" situations like that before. Maybe, in this case, turning to port slightly while going forward would cause your stern to swing out and let go. Sometimes you just can't get "unstuck".
  15. Khafni

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Salem for the daka-daka-daka!