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  1. I played about 130 battles - most in Co-op. Got the Black with a coupon and a couple of steel missions and have about 4k steel left. Have enough coal for JB but not sure I want her. WG bring this type of opportunity back!
  2. Khafni

    Musashi - Got her today!

    Oh, I know I can switch captains between premium ships. Yamamato skills are tailored to Atago. I'm probably gonna respect another IJN captain to get the most out of Musashi.
  3. Khafni

    Musashi - Got her today!

    Not gonna respect him for Musashi. He has skills aligned with Atago strengths which would work but aren't optimal. Just a personal preference. I have another 19 point IJN captain I'll probably respect for ranked. I may grind a 14 pt on up, too. Cogitating on it...
  4. Khafni

    These sci-fi shorts are outstanding!

    I saw that one just yesterday and watched a couple more that the DUST studio put out. Not bad at all!
  5. Khafni

    Musashi - Got her today!

    I was sitting on the fence about her. Thinking Jean Bart may be more fun but then, just this past Friday, for $12.75 she landed in my port out of a Santa crate. I have a 19 point captain to respec to her once 8.0 drops and we get free respecs. I've taken her out in Co-op a couple of times to get a feel for her. She does hit hard. I am much of a BB player but she is fun in that mode at a minimum. We'll see how she does in ranked. Which is why we need another IJN special captain. I am not moving Yamamato off of my Atago just for the turret traverse boost. We don't necessarily need another Yamamoto or Halsey class of captain but one like the British/Russian/German brothers would work just fine.
  6. Khafni

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Worked for me as well. Thanks @Ensign_Cthulhu!
  7. Khafni

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    I finally got the Gremyaschy two weeks ago but I am, sadly, underwhelmed! Yesterday I got the Musashi but I'm a DD main. Not complaining. Good stuff all around. Will buy 5 more large crates next Friday for my final round this year.
  8. She's not OP but she is very good at contesting caps. Her hydro is best at that tier and her 6.7 km torps are deadly fast.
  9. Khafni

    Mah new bote!

    Congrats ReddNekk! I was able to get the Black with all the steel awarded thru both free and paid missions this holiday season. WG finally thinking about those of us who are in it for the fun more than the competition.
  10. Khafni

    CV rework and the premiums

    Also, didn't Kaga, Enterprise, and Graf Zeppelin have different torpedo drop patterns than the "standar" one that Saipan has? I know I had more interesting times dodging those patterns in my DD. What happens to those "peculiarities"?
  11. Khafni

    Your very first Premium was?

    I bought Warspite at the start of Open Beta. Still liking her every time I sail her...
  12. You didn't do to bad in it when we were on the Islands of Ice map. At least you weren't bottom dog and no red teamer surpassed your score. I happened to be in the Mikhail Kutusov and was happy to have survived that T10 match...
  13. That too! I picked mine up half-price in game for doubloons that I got from crates. Very nice!
  14. Congrats on the ships! I have enjoyed this Holiday season as much as the last two. Getting ships and scratching my "gambling" itch as well.
  15. If you had any standard Premium (WG) time when patch 7.12 was launched you got the same amount of WoWs Premium time "gifted" to you. Now, when you buy more Premium time you will be given the option to extend the WoWs or WG Premium time. And as @awiggin said, several events give you WoWs Premium time as well.