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  1. My joy exceeds the words I have to express it...
  2. Even from the Eagles side I got good free stuff so no complaints. Free is always good. Thanks WG
  3. Finished my first Campaign

    Congrats op! Nice work.
  4. WG offers free 10 day "rentals" of higher tier ships to those players who have been inactive for a while. That's where you get these captains from. I am not sure how this offering brings them back permanently as, in randoms at least, you will get hammered if you don't understand the meta. I wouldn't enjoy a game that makes me feel like an idiot every time I play it.
  5. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    So let's see. We have: Assured acquisition at 2km Assured acquisition with the Target Acquisition module at 3km Assured acquisition with a consumable resource that works at short to medium ranges (labelled Hydroacoustic Search) Assured acquisition with a consumable resource that works at longer ranges (labelled Radar) This game has various means to spot an enemy ship. It is a game mechanic you should get used to and accept. Don't try to place realism in an arcade game, please. @Goodwood_Alpha has it right. Game engine can't support what we all would like to see...

    Same here. Three years, exclusively WoWs. Still having fun, too!
  8. Anshan

    @sourmash you don't need it. My 19 pt captain nearly mirrors MountainManxDan except I run PT instead of PM. I did try IFHE and DE in place of AFT and BFT but found the lack of range and reload more of a handicap. I may not do as much damage or set as many fires but this DD can annoy any BB and CA and survive better, with little loss in accuracy, at greater range.
  9. Next Update

    Soon! I was thinking today as they've had two rounds of PT. Maybe next week? Your guess is as good as mine.
  10. this game is crap

    I know, believe me. But, unlike Op, I'm still having fun.
  11. Return!

    I thought I heard you won a pole dancing contest... Welcome back Magyar5. Now get out there and sink some ships!
  12. this game is crap

    I don't see anything wrong with MM. It functions as designed and provides interesting ship combinations for battles. I enjoy the challenge. If, after 6000+ battles, you are just now calling it crap could it be you need a vacation from WoWs? Take a breather. Of course, the ultimate solution to a "crap" game is to uninstall it. That's an option for you!
  13. Buy that premium time today and get free doubloons. I've been on premium time now for two years. Nothing wrong making a grind go quicker. I grind out 19 point captains more than ship lines now.
  14. Aegis is back until Wednesday. Have fun! I sure do.
  15. I really enjoy playing both Huang He and Perth. They are virtually identical in play style and nearly identical in capability. I especially like taking them both out in Operation Aegis loaded up with XP, Free XP, and Captain XP flags. I almost always get stellar results with either. Just finished the scenario with both following the same game plan. Move full speed behind the Mahan keeping guns to starboard and load AP. When the Mahan pops smoke reduce speed to zero and turn hard to port remaining in the smoke cloud (it is all about remaining concealed). Abuse the CA with AP, then switch to HE for the DD and BB. Watch out for DD torps! When that smoke is running out beginning moving northwest at 1/4 speed. Guns again to starboard with AP loaded. Pop your own smoke and enjoy farming citadels from the CA coming from the north west. Hopefully none of the Ishizuchi stay west of the island. When the smoke runs out (or all the ships are gone!), turn north and engage the western escorts with AP. Stay outside of torp range and they will focus on the friendlies south of them. Once the western escorts are sunk, turn due east south of the second island from the border and load up HE. Slow to 1/4 speed as you leave the cover of the island or the planes spot you. Pop smoke again and start lighting up the CV. (This is where the lack of a spotter hurts the Huang He most). Continue east and pick at the flanks of the bots. When the team is competent this works out well. The (obviously) noticeable difference between the Huang He and Perth is the DPM. If only Huang he had that fourth turret... Crazy great fun - both of the ships!