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  1. Tide is out @Taichunger, that is all!
  2. I'm not dreaming ?

    Did you make a killing on ships in Santa crates? I've yet to get a ship in a SC from daily missions since crates started...and bummed about it.
  3. I'm not dreaming ?

    Ooh! Ooh! My turn next! Puleeeease WG! Congrats on the victory over nearly insurmountable odds.
  4. Pink because a stupid player

    True. And the accidental ramming that Op mentions could just as easily been a deliberate TK. There is no easy solution.
  5. Pink because a stupid player

    WG could quite easily turn off friendly ramming damage.
  6. I sold most of the low tier premiums I had but ended up getting them back just because. My fleet of 52 ships consists almost entirely of premiums from direct purchases, Santa crates, or award missions. I have around 2 dozen 19 pt captains for those tech tree ships I enjoyed playing and will on occasion buy one or more of those ships back for missions, line grinding, or just for fun. I keep mine manageable by not holding tech tree ships.
  7. Op is an elitist who has never, ever been below 50% win rate nor below 1,000 WTR. There are many of those out there. You can identify them because salt flows heavily in games where they know exactly what every ship should accomplish, when it should be accomplished, and whose fault it is if the potato team that they happen to be on loses. Not that they are part of the team, mind you. Belthorian, it is time for you and others with your mindset to go lay down by your dish and let people enjoy a game of ships.
  8. Thanks for that explanation! I've experienced the same and it has frustrated me greatly. Now I know...learning has occurred (and in only half the battles!)
  9. Didnt look at those but that makes perfect sense.
  10. I need help understanding one thing. It looks like our existing ships get moved to their new tiers in 0.7.5 and the new CL will be added in 0.7.6. If that isn't correct then ignore my concern and enlighten me, please. If this is true then the CL split will show up in the tree with Cleveland at T8. How could anyone acquire that ship in 0.7.5? Predecessor ships won't appear until 0.7.6. Maybe that is the American Cruiser collection purpose - give players a Cleveland? But Omaha captains will have no direct progression to Cleveland when 0.7.5 drops - only to T6 Pensacola or, later in 0.7.6, to Dallas. Not an issue with Des Moines. Baltimore goes to T8 and Buffalo enters the CA tree.
  11. Pissed off player

    Being older doesn't make you a better player. Experience does. Keep at it. Don't take it too serious. More importantly - have fun. At 59 I find the game very relaxing having been playing it since start of open beta nearly three years ago. I avoid the things that really cause me stress (ranked, clan battles). There are days when every battle absolutely stinks. Some times it's because of team mates, sometimes because of me having a geriatric moment. Just let it go...
  12. Kami R abusing everything that floats. Yes, clubbing seals is relaxing. I'm sorry......not really.
  13. Is USS Arizona worth the price

    Her accuracy makes her worth it, even with the slow reload. I have fun when I sail her. She isn't Warspite-level fun but still a good ship.
  14. Which to buy First?

    Get Scharnhorst now and get Roma in Santa Crates (maybe) this Christmas. And if you buy Roma don't get the Ultimate bundle because Roma looks silly with a beer can on top her mast, IMHO.