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  1. Khafni

    Weekend Spree, 5 to 7 May 2023

    Nothing's changed with the fleet. It's all premium ships until the New Year and Anniversary events when I "buy back" some tech tree ships. So I have plenty of credits but I also have enough ECXP to boost three captains to 21 points. I don't need any more 21 pointers right now so I opted to use a bit of it. Not sure how I'm gonna spec the Tashkent '39 captain yet but I have a couple of Russian captains not using their DD skills yet. Those three sets of tubes (3x3) with a torpedo reload booster on a Russian DD are quite interesting...
  2. Khafni

    Subs in Queue

    I think you’re seeing more subs lately because of the ship-type dockyard missions.
  3. Khafni

    Weekend Spree, 5 to 7 May 2023

    Finished dockyard missions and the weeks battle pass missions. Decided to spend those pan American tokens on the Jurua. Used some ECXP to get the Tashkent ‘39. IRL mowed the yard and helped wifey in the garden and moving furniture from point A to point B and back (because it didn’t look right at point B).
  4. Khafni

    Armory Exchange. Incredible

    Spot on, Taylor! Very well said. I wouldn't spend dubs or coal for the Tashkent '39 but a couple million extra ECXP? No hesitation! It would be nice to have other ship options but still a good start.
  5. Khafni

    Super containers???

    If I could select all three choices I would because ………….. BACON! I know the stats are an overall nerf but I’ll never really see a difference by the draw. The good stuff is still hard to get.
  6. Khafni

    Seriously tired of the garbage co op spawns

    C'mon Poop, you know you can anticipate the bot movement. They move toward subs first and then DD. If you are on one flank and a sub is on the other then expect the red bots to move toward the other flank. Head that way yourself and enjoy the cits. Same with DD. Learn the bot patterns then reap the rewards! In the end it is just a game as you said. I doubt WG changed the spawn points to make a buck but to vary the play. It has done that...
  7. Khafni

    Worth coming back to after 2+ years?

    @Chain_shot these are the facts - what @PrairiePlayer says. There was a redo to the commander skills as well in Jan '21. WG has gimmicked the snot out of subs to get them to their current (sad) state. Maybe you will like them? About the time you left I moved to Coop/Operations almost exclusively. After nearly eight years (Jul '15 to now) I'm wearing thin.
  8. If you can't shoot it then don't try. Plenty of other ships can. Engage something you can hit!
  9. Khafni

    1 more CODE for easter

    "Code Activated"Thank you.
  10. Khafni

    My First RB Ship....

    I think she is the best! Good choice and good hunting with her!
  11. My guess is your BO was noticed by MM so they kept you far enough away the stink wouldn't bother the other players!
  12. Khafni

    Reached 6,000 kills....Time for an AMA

    Wholeheartedly agree with your statement, "I play this game WAY too much". Trying real hard to slow down, now...
  13. Khafni

    Coal Commanders

    Both commanders that @DJC_499 and @oldblackdog called out are good. I actually like John Doe (35k coal) as well because of the Gun Feeder skill enhancement. Swaps main battery shells 60 percent faster which is a benefit in Coop when those bots veer into torps across your bow!
  14. Khafni


    Well done @Ensign_Cthulhu! My first ship from a daily SC was the Erich Loewenhardt at about my 5 1/2 year mark as well. My second one, Ise, came 22 months later. May you not wait that long for another from a daily!
  15. Khafni

    Maintenance this morning

    According to the text on the game launcher it was "planned" server maintenance. That would mean no "fix" patch. I wish they would put on their events calendar these "planned" maintenance and patch launch days. I would bet a lot of players, like me, were up and expecting to play during the "planned" maintenance and were more than a bit put out by WG's lack of notice before the morning of the "planned" maintenance.