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  1. Khafni

    50 Guineas

    At the end of this directive you could have 20 guineas. If you took advantage of the 10 for $1 deal you only need 20 more. I am very tempted to open my wallet now but...must...... resist..........!
  2. Khafni

    So loyang ninja nerf

    Her hydro should not be affected by the nerf mentioned in the ST bulletin.
  3. For speed and maneuverability the Sims, hands down. Add the ROF and turret speed and she's a little monster on CAP.
  4. Khafni

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    My goal is to have at least one premium at each tier where a premium is offered. Getting Salem will complete my goal. And, like you, I find all of them fun to play.
  5. Now you just stop making me sound petty! I want to whine. Don't feed me cheese and crackers!
  6. Yeah, knew the division thing but I fly solo. I'll get the directive finished, no problemo. Us "solo artists" are SOL for that mission? Hate to leave a mission out there hanging but I do it all the time when the mission requires a CV. May fix that though as I am testing the CV rework.
  7. So we have a directive/mission that ends next Thursday morning and a new scenario that uses T7 ships coming when? On Wednesday morning as usual, I hope? We will have one day to get 7 stars. Sounds like a tight fit @turbo07. Was that planned that way?
  8. Khafni

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    Here's a question about subs... Many moons ago the skill that let you know when you were detected became a common skill for all ships. Will we know if a sub detected us and, if do, will there be a visual discriminator to show a sub has detected us as is done with detection by aircraft?
  9. Khafni

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    5th star gives you a third. Five stars are needed to get the sub I don't think you see them in your port until that mission starts next month.
  10. Khafni

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    Has anyone got anything other than Halloween camo from the pumpkins?
  11. One time for each star just like any other operation. They reset the awards for those of us who played it when it first came out - which is nice.
  12. Khafni

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    Thanks @LittleWhiteMouse for the preview. My biggest concern is the situational awareness. I rely on that minimap quite heavily with other classes. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to test CV's. I think I have played 8 to 10 CV matches but only in public test. The gameplay just never inspired me enough to pick it up.
  13. I am hoping that WG is applying the term "consumables" to flags and cammo as well.
  14. Khafni

    14P Russian BB Cpt for ranked

    I recommend Vigilance and PM. You know the Kamikaze sisters will be out in force. Having that extra torpedo awareness for a clunker like O.R. is important. If she turned like J.C it would be different.
  15. Khafni

    Made It!

    Not too shabby! Congrats.