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  1. I would have rather seen a nerf to its staggeringly accurate sigma values versus the citadel raise, but I suppose something is better than nothing.
  2. As much as I dislike radar while in a DD, I think any implementation of radar jamming should only last for a portion of the amount of a radar duration. It should not be a one-for-one counter, as that would make radar consumable moot. Or, make it so that a DD has to give up something like smoke to mount a radar jamming consumable.
  3. Lose it when you see 5+ radar cruisers every match
  4. Khabs and Conquerors. Khab requires a lot of skill to hit due to her speed, while there is something utterly satisfying (and ironic) about burning a Conqueror to send her to the bottom.
  5. Agreed on the first two points for sure. WG got a significant amount of revenue that it may have not seen if these bundles were not made available. As for the last point, I haven't seen a personal offer in at least 6 months. @Radar_X are coupons even still an active thing?
  6. request Doubloons back

    Submit a ticket to support. They won't be able to support you directly in the forums.
  7. I see the counterpoint here, and although it has merit, it would simply make me never run speed boost on a DD. Most high tier DDs have another option instead of speed boost (ie: defensive fire), so I would just swap out instead and not even worry about the detection penalty.
  8. Don't DDs already have it hard enough right now?
  9. WoWs Community Challenge

    Interesting. So it sounds like EU and NA are the most balanced then? It'd be cool to try a few high tier matches on each server just to experience the difference. The RU thing would be pretty fun to try on a test account that you don't care about.
  10. Worth Buying?

    If you like low tier BB play, Konig Albert is a great buy. It's really a T4 battleship shoehorned into a T3 slot.
  11. WoWs Community Challenge

    Which is crazy, because isn't RU typically known to be the most aggressive? I've heard they make NA look like tame bunnies.
  12. WoWs Community Challenge

    Are they that passive?
  13. Meh, Corgis are cooler anyway.
  14. I'm guessing this had something to do with players taking advantage of the drastically discounted Steam bundles from about a month ago. It was an incredible value, especially if you already owned the ships. Either way, thanks for the clarification @Radar_X
  15. However, if you've played long enough, it's not difficult to get an adequate amount of free port slots in daily containers too.