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  1. As you always say Lert, we'll have to wait and see what the final product becomes.
  2. Yep, 3km radar......see how that works out.
  3. I do stand corrected here. Yamato does outgun Conqueror by 2km in range.
  4. The main difference here is that some ships, if properly angled, can still bounce Yamato shells depending on where they hit. The problem with Conqueror HE spam is that there is no defense against it. You can hit the funnel of an angled battleship with an HE shell and still light it up. A Yamato AP shell would just overpen the same area. On top of that, she has best gun range, best concealment and best heal at T10, attributes she didn't need combined to be competitive.
  5. Varyag SCs

    Yet it is the one that is never offered anymore.
  6. Varyag SCs

    Still not as good as the Gamescom camo, nor does Ocean Soul look nearly as bad@ss. I'd trade in 400 Ocean Soul camos for 150 Gamescom ones any day of the week.
  7. Before you go singing a formal eulogy, note that the devs have changed the plane reduction from 136 to 116 in the latest Supertest, as opposed to limiting it to 96: https://thedailybounce.net/2018/04/17/world-of-warships-supertest-information-13/
  8. Perhaps not, but she isn't meant to be a firebreather like those ships are (excluding Amagi). What she does get in return is a better pen on her HE than those ships, so she can do penetration damage more reliably. If you're playing PE like a Mogami or Kutuzov, you're doing it wrong.
  9. I honestly think the repair party suits Prinz Eugen just fine. I don't believe she needs any further buffs.
  10. Stalingrad Changes

    It was only a matter of time before they added radar. I was surprised that wasn't there from the start. I just hope they resist the temptation to make her super gimmicky just to make her special by giving her something silly like Royal Navy British BB super-zombie-heal.
  11. So it would be like a slow as balls but tough as hell Atlanta at T4.
  12. Just an observation over the past week or so, but it seems that the rotation rate of Standard Battle Mode games has increased significantly since the last update. This could just be a coincidence on my end, but I've had at least a 70% standard battle take rate as of late (no scientific backing of that number ). So is it just me seeing this, and it perhaps being a fluke (since I highly dislike this objective-lacking battle type) or is anyone else seeing a difference in the appearance of Standard Battle modes of late?
  13. Opinions of the CC Trip

    Does the early preview of the CV rework possibly indicate we may see it launched live sometime in the 2018 calendar year? Because frankly, after the USN cruiser split, I've heard of no further tech tree developments beyond that for this year.
  14. New to Richelieu

    As long as you can accept the overpen nature of her AP on most cruisers. I find it a trait of all of the high-tier French battleships.....crazy AP penetration.
  15. Weekend spree

    Maybe it is confirmation bia, but it sure did seem like there were an awful lot of one-sided stomps this weekend. Wasn't much fun, even if it ended in victory. Just wanted to some fun and competitive battles, but they were far and few between. More so than other weekends, it seemed.