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  1. Ace_04

    Can you imagine?

    Can't argue your point, but it's not going to happen. I'm hoping at best they get a speed boost gimmick added to them for more flexibility.
  2. Ace_04

    Pommern secondaries

    Does Pommern have the same hit point pool at FDG?
  3. Ace_04

    Earn Kitakami ?

    You get a Kitakami, you get a Kitakami......everybody gets a Kitakami!!
  4. Ace_04

    How to get Slava or Ohio

    Or, crazy thought.....we still enjoy this one.
  5. Plus, chances are with Pommern being a T9 ship, she'll likely remain in the Premium Shop for real world money as well. If you can afford to spend $$$, save your coal for the un-purchasable T10 special ships.
  6. Minotaur running the smoke UU loves this.
  7. Ace_04

    Convoluted Coupon

    It's all good. Not like it's actually possible to transfer it anyway.
  8. Do you run the extended tech tree mod?
  9. Ace_04

    Pommern or Georgia for Coal?

    Pommern is essentially a FDG with 380mm guns. If you like FDG, then you'll likely enjoy Pommern. Otherwise, Georgia is probably a better choice for you, and has a more unique playstyle than its tech tree counterpart.
  10. Ace_04

    Convoluted Coupon

    You don't like the offer, don't use it. Do you complain when pickles go on sale at the grocery store and you don't want them? In that case, can I have your coupon?
  11. What do you mean by "National" line?
  12. Probably only in the Armory for doubloons. At least Pommern and Erich Lowenhardt are now available in the Premium Shop.
  13. Ace_04

    New Signal Flags

    Would be pretty good for German and British destroyers as well.