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  1. Ace_04

    Rank Sprint Ship Table by win rate

    Indeed, Gremyashchy is much more versatile. But I used Okhotnik solely as a hard-counter to as well as a DD hunter. With the prevalence of DDs in the Ranked Sprint season, I didn't need her to do much more than that to be successful. Once the enemy DDs were eliminated, it made the rest of the match a breeze since cruisers and battleships couldn't do much else in Domination mode.
  2. Ace_04

    The jolly roger flag.

    No, you just get coal for Rank 1 in the Ranked Sprint.
  3. Ace_04

    Rank Sprint Ship Table by win rate

    Ironically, I found a lot of success ranking out with Okhotnik. She served as a nice hard counter to all the Kami-clones sneaking around. Then again, I seen a lot of well played Mutsukis and Minekazes out there too. On the other end, Acastas seemed to suffer pretty badly whenever they showed up.
  4. Ace_04

    Weekend spree

    Blased through the Ranked Sprint in two days. Was pretty fun with the smaller maps and quicker matches. A 66% win rate helps the fun factor as well. Used Okhotnik as a hard counter to all the Kamikaze-clones sneaking around out there. Nicholas is also able to do some nice work there too. Somehow managed to 5-star the Saving Transylvania on the first try on Friday, which was nice to get out of the way. Now have unlocked Jervis and am starting to grind through her. Might put some time into the CV beta test as well this week with all the other missions cleared up.
  5. I used Okhotnik instead over Gremyashchy. Seven 130mm guns with 5.7km detection sure made for a great counter to all the pesky Kamikaze-clones sneaking around.
  6. Ace_04

    RN DD: Icarus Torpedo glitch

    Submit a ticket to support with a replay if you continue to have trouble.
  7. So, can you only receive Premium Ship missions for the ones you don't already have? Or can they be duplicates of premiums already in your port?
  8. Don't like 'em.....don't play 'em.
  9. Ace_04

    Quite a few changes in 0.7.10

    Hmmmm.....the buff to Z-39 might give me an excuse to bring here out of port again. Will be interesting to see how the tier 5 Ranked Sprint works out. Will probably give that a go too, if the CV beta test doesn't chew up a lot of the little free time I have.
  10. The concealment nerf is justified though. There's no reason WV '41 should have any significant detection reduction compared to the Colorado-class. Possibly less, with her massive masts (if you believe in the now-defunct WG statement of concealment ranges being determined by height of ship masts), which look taller than those on the modernized Colorado.
  11. Apparently, yes. Gonna have to do some reading up on the details to make sure I'm in tune with the specifics. Not really into CV gameplay in its current iteration at all, but thought it might be a nice opportunity to learn on the ground floor for the rework.
  12. Ace_04

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    The Channel Dash would be pretty cool. You'd be able to incorporate mine fields and air attacks like Operation Dynamo, and could give the player an option of using Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, or any of the German DDs involved. That way at least there is different levels of variety depending on ship type chosen.
  13. Ace_04

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Some major ones immediately come to mind: Battle of Jutland (1916) - limit battle to WWI era ships only Doolittle Raid (1942) - might be a cool operation when the CV rework is implemented and can be experienced in first-person style Battle of Midway (1942) - another significant CV battle theatre Battle of the Coral Sea (1942) - could be used as a great point to introduce any future Australian premium ships to the game Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944) - imagine a scenario that incorporated Kamikaze-style attacks on ships? That'd be different. Battle of Guadalcanal (1942) - an event that could use Halsey and Yammamoto as scenario commanders, depending on side chosen
  14. Ace_04


    RNG is RNG. What is your commander build?
  15. Ace_04

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    The original post called only for battleship hit ratios.