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  1. After what seemed like an eternity of anticipation by many, I'm just curious to see the community's initial thoughts are on Roma now that she has been finally released. I already have Giulio Cesare in port, so I'm not in a dire need of an Italian BB trainer. However, if reviews for Roma are good enough, I may pick her up at some point. She'd have a tough time competing for attention with North Carolina and Amagi in my port, though.
  2. A swing and a miss!

    Agreed 100%. I simply don't understand the whole design with the "beer can" on Roma's superstructure. What is it really supposed to be anyway?
  3. Perhaps, but it takes some serious jam to attempt it in the Pensacola.
  4. Who says they are releasing it in 0.7.0?
  5. Cesare changes?

    Damn.....guess I didn't lay my sarcasm on thick enough. I completely agree with you.
  6. Cesare changes?

    Did Cesare really need a buff?
  7. I gave up last night around midnight. My only real want from it was Fushun, so I could skip half of the PA DD grind when I start it, but it's no big deal.
  8. Free Experience

    Anshan (100% FXP bonus w/camo) + Papa Papa (+300% FXP) + Ouroboros (777% FXP) flags generates a ton of FXP.
  9. Germany still makes bad ships

    Indeed. Without the ability to counter steer with propellers versus the jammed rudders, her fate was sealed.
  10. Ocean

    Still 100x better than Tears of the Desert in Standard Battle mode (or Epicenter).
  11. Germany still makes bad ships

    What was wrong with Bismarck?
  12. Let the grind begin

    I'm with you on the FDG. At any range more than 12km, her accuracy (and lack of guns) become very unreliable and inconsistent. You're basically hoping any praying anytime you fire a salvo from even moderate range.
  13. premium XP

    Which makes me chuckle when I see premium ships in battle without their standard camo equipped. Fat fingers today, Lert?