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  1. Ace_04

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    New maps would be fantastic. I'd have that on my wish list for sure (not my goal list). But really, who truly loses in that scenario? Nothing like setting the bar extremely low.
  2. Hello Shipmates, Now that it's almost the end of 2018, it got me starting to ponder the upcoming new year. And with a new year, come new goals and resolutions. For those of us invested enough in WoWS, there can be goals set there as well. For myself, I can think of a few: Find the effort and energy to finally delve into CV play (if the rework goes well). All other lines have been ground to T10, so this is the only unexplored adventure for me at this time. Keep improving my play to finally achieve Unicum level status on na.wows-numbers.com. Been quite close for awhile now: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1014374676,Ace_04/ Maybe......maybe, get into some Clan Battles at some point. Haven't really had the time necessary to commit to clan battles, and wouldn't want to bring down any other -K- members with unpracticed play. What about you? Do you have any specific WoWS goals for 2019?
  3. Ace_04

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    IFHE on 240mm guns? What are you trying to penetrate? Yeah, it's early. My bad, I missed that part.
  4. Ace_04

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    IFHE on IJN DDs? That's a first for me hearing that. The only DDs IFHE is really useful on (in my humble opinion) are the British DDs as you mentioned, and French DDs like Aigle with their 139mm guns. Using up 4 skill points with IFHE on an IJN DD (outside of Akizuki and up) is a huge misuse of commander skills that could be much better used elsewhere.
  5. Looks cool, but no way I'm starting from scratch all over again.
  6. Ace_04

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    The cardinal rules still apply. IFHE is still basically mandatory for any 152mm-sized guns for reliable damage outside of fires. Basically, anything in the 140mm (Kuma, Yubari) to 180mm (Donskoi) run range will benefit greatly in HE penetration against the armor types they will face. I almost don't like it being a necessity skill in the current meta for light cruisers. Really reduces build flexibility.
  7. Ace_04

    Monday Funday!

    Yes, I believe the number is -60% in dispersion on the secondaries. But, as @Ace6steel mentioned, the secondaries on the far side of your ship become all but useless if they are manually targeting an enemy on the other side. At least without the MS skill, they'll keep firing at the next logical target.
  8. Ace_04

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Hmmmm......never thought much of smoke as bait. I would never do it with valuable smokes like USN or Pan-Asian, but for something like a British DD with short, but many smokes available, this could be an interesting tactic in a DD heavy match.
  9. Either the Steam sale from this past summer where you could get ships like Anshan and Ishizuchi at a massive discount in cost, yet still get the full doubloon value if you already had them. This was before WG changed their stance on this. Otherwise, the 50% off for a year of premium time in December of the last two years. Believe it worked out to less than a dollar per day.
  10. Ace_04

    Monday Funday!

    Some good points brought up here. Do you have Massachusetts and run this build, or is this just speculative?
  11. Ace_04

    premium shop

    To be honest, the only thing I've ever really questioned is how there are different price points for same type/tier ships. You'd think a T8 BB would cost the exact same regardless of choice, yet you have different standard pricing for Kii, Tirpitz, and Massachusetts.
  12. Ace_04

    Repulse and Prince of Wales

    I'm sure there are threads on these ships somewhere, but considering the current highlight timeline is for Pearl Harbor, these ships had no direct significance to that battle.
  13. Ace_04

    Monday Funday!

    Thankfully, I didn't purchase the ship. She'll likely see little action anyway, unless there is a US BB line split in the future where the sub-branch is more brawling focused.
  14. Ace_04

    Monday Funday!

    Well, my plan is to swap Halsey into Montana (which will get used much more than Mass B) and take the 19pt commander and put him into Massachusetts to play around with. But I honestly couldn't imagine not taking Manual Secondaries on a secondary build ship. That would be like forgoing AFT on an AA-spec ship. Trust me, I'd rather use the MS 4-points towards CE, but with Mass essentially needing three level 4 skills (MS, AFT, IFHE), I can't seem to justify CE at all.