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  1. What's the point here? Are you that bored on a Saturday?
  2. Love the Extra History series. The way they present things is just very engaging for me.
  3. I like the Grozovoi, but she is probably not everybody's cup of tea. Plays completely different than Khabarovsk.
  4. Personally, I'd only take Manual AA if I was continuously divisioning with a carrier. But for solo randoms, I'd take AFT. To each their own, I suppose.
  5. A lowly Tier 2 destroyer is "killing the game"? I don't think so. Every ship has a weakness. Find it and exploit it.
  6. Radar on DD's in general is messed up. Sometimes it really does seem like the devs are intentionally trying to break this game.
  7. Great write up. +1 But out of curiosity, why not take AFT over Manual AA? You still get huge AA benefits, while also helping out your main guns. You get useable perks in games without CV's, whereas Manual AA is almost a wasted skill (other than the rare scout plane) in matches without carriers.
  8. Phoenix built into stealth and IFHE is a fantastic weapon. Not many players have high point T4 ships, but it is pretty fantastic if you do. Never got much onto the Kuma bandwagon like many others. Svietlana and Karlsruhe are decent performers, even if the latter is widely disregarded by most. I don't recall anything memorable from Duguay-Trouin, and Danae......well, we just won't talk about Danae.
  9. There was mention in one of the dev's Reddit posts awhile back that WG may add some high tier Polish DD's to help fill out the line. Kind of like a high tier sub-branch (even though there is no main branch). Could just be fluff at this point, but it would be great if it was expanded upon.
  10. In your defense, you're only up to T6 at this point. You'll eventually find a ship that just doesn't click with you. We all have them.
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/aw-ship-son/
  12. What module do you have to sacrifice to equip the torp reload option?
  13. Yorck is definitely the anomaly of the line, and completely interrupts the fluidity of the German cruiser branch with her HE focused gameplay. That being said, I never played her pre-buff version (which legend has it was terrible), but I didn't mind her once I got used to the playstyle. She becomes lethal with AP late in matches when she can be aggressive at less than 10km. But I can understand why many don't like her. She feels like she belongs in a different nation tech tree altogether.