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  1. Ace_04

    ST, 203 mm SAP shells

    Wait, weren't the angles on the SAP shells just buffed up to 80-85 degrees due to underperformance?
  2. 40k XP perhaps, but by no means is anybody pulling in 40k FXP in a single match.
  3. Are we really wasting this much effort complaining about a T3 ship? 2-3 matches in PvP and you're done with it. Not sure why the need to gripe.
  4. Ace_04

    Germany's new toys...

    Yeah, that 12 gun Admiral Hipper-class looks pretty nice. Far more interested in that than the under-gunned battleship.
  5. Yeah, without doubloon compensation for those ships, there is no enticement for me to want to buy any crates whatsoever.
  6. Ace_04

    Sabaton live!

    I was never a metal head either, but I do thoroughly like their Bismarck song. As for the vid, I gotta give credit where credit is due. From almost day one, WoWS has had some great cinematics along the way.
  7. +50% chance of steering gears incapacity (Bismarck only) Yes, definitely. Would be a lot more interesting than just winning them through directives or buying them with doubloons.
  8. Ace_04

    How long until Kitakami?

    Sure, for ONE MILLION STEEL!
  9. Ace_04

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    World of Warships 2.0: Cold War
  10. Ace_04

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    Speaking of coal, what is the next coal ship slated for release?
  11. Ace_04


    She'll likely be a monster in future T9 Ranked seasons.
  12. Ace_04

    My recommended ships for ranked S13

    Been having a pretty good time with Seattle as of late. Z-46 and Neustrashimy have been my go-to DDs. But at the end of the day, just play whatever ship works best for you. If you can perform better in a Tashkent over a Kitakaze, go for it. If you do better in an Iowa than a Musashi, great. It doesn't matter to me what ships my team mates bring into battle, as long as they are able to pull their weight in them.
  13. Ace_04

    Udaloi for ranked!? Wait What!? "Video"

    I put no stock into "kill steals". A win is a win, no matter who gets the kill.
  14. Ace_04

    Guepard thoughts?

    I like this sentiment. The difference between success and failure with these ships will be like riding the razor's edge. It will be intense, and likely not for many, but it will definitely not be boring.