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  1. Ace_04

    Getting good Wiki

    Knowing this makes me feel a bit better for now applying to be a Wiki editor in the first place, as it was something that originally interested me.
  2. Most players dismiss Izumo as still being a terrible ship. While still an awkward ship (especially compared to the rest in the line), her slew of semi-recent buffs actually make her a pretty strong ship in the right hands. I honestly don't mind playing her at all these days. As for the bow camp and reverse playstyle, it's one that I've never embraced and don't use on Izumo either. Her armor is good enough that you can angle away in a slow kite method to mitigate most heavy damage most of the time, while still keeping all 9 guns on target (versus bow camping, which only allows you a maximum of 6 guns on target).
  3. Ace_04

    First Sign of the Apocalypse...

    Wish I could have that kind of luck. While we're at it, can we also get the old Island of Ice map back?
  4. Ace_04

    DDs aren't played anymore.....

    While I get the sentiment, not all DDs have dual-purpose guns. However, if we change the interaction ability of rocket planes versus destroyers in the same manner that they changed the interaction with BB AP shells, it would give DDs more survivability and sustainability in the short-term. An over-extended destroyer should still be able to be punished, so the percentage base of the rocket plane nerf would have to reflect that.
  5. Ace_04


    Well, at least their parallel parking skills are top notch.
  6. Mr. Cunningham seems to be an ideal fit for Daring or Audacious.
  7. Ace_04

    DDs aren't played anymore.....

    During my current re-grind of the German DDs, I had a low tier game in V-170 where it was a 7v7 match with 3 CVs per side. Normally, I try not to gripe about the matchmaker, but that one was so screwed up I purposely went CV hunting right at the start of the match and took two of them out. Felt vindictively good, even though it wasn't the fault of the CV players themselves.
  8. Ace_04

    DDs aren't played anymore.....

    Sad but true, really. Without appropriate counter-play, CVs sap the joy out of DD play a good portion of the time. There is also a lost art to good DD play, whereas with all the gun boat DDs promote high damage numbers. Any good DD player worth his salt knows that a well-played DD match doesn't necessarily have to be a high damage game. Which is a shame, since it will skew the overall balance of the game in time. Something needs to be done about the interaction of DDs with rocket planes. Something to the effect of how BB AP shells got nerfed against DDs......maybe limit the percentage of damage rockets can do against destroyers in a similar manner.
  9. Knocking the snowflakes off all of the APR variants last month reminded me how strong Myoko and the rest of the IJN cruisers can still be. I may consider re-grinding that line when the double RB bonus resets.
  10. I'm fully on board if this is the gameplay style:
  11. I'd gladly trade a few new ship releases for new maps and/or bring back some old maps into rotation (old Islands of Ice.....I'm looking at you).
  12. Ace_04

    Is anyone else happy?

    I feel your sentiment here. After four years of solid enjoyment, I do feel the joy waning these days, while finding myself angry with the game and it's politics. I'm not going to say I've outgrown it, but I think it soon may be time to take a break from it so I can one day find the fun again.
  13. Considering the sheer amount of land mass that the Soviet Union occupied in Europe and Asia, what would they even need carriers for anyway in the 1930s?
  14. With the one drawback being that it has to be pushed around the map by a fleet of tugboats.