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  1. Never say never. They seem to pop up about once per year.
  2. Ace_04

    Jean Bart $80 Really

    $80 scales well with the rest of the tiered premiums based on price. However, if you're going to gawk at $80 for a T9 premium, wait until they unload the first T10 premium to the masses for purchase. Since WG broke their own rule of not selling ships above T8, the sky is the limit now. If Alaska and Jean Bart prove to generate good sales, there's no reason why they wouldn't crank it up one more notch.
  3. Ace_04

    Date for 8.2 release?

    0.8.2 should drop this upcoming Wednesday.
  4. Ace_04

    DE on Worcester?

    Thanks for the clarification. To be honest, I haven't taken out Worcester since the CV rework. I have all my 19pt commanders shifted down to T9s for the last season of Ranked, so I'm waiting for the free respec to bump them back up to T10. But his skill points are still reset right now, so I'll take this info into consideration when re-spec'ing him.
  5. Now that we know what's in testing, how prophetic is this statement now?
  6. Ace_04

    WG - I would like to participate

    Agreed. There should be an event option for the following: automatically include me in all participation events optional inclusion in participation events exclude from all participation events Of course, with the ability to change these settings at any time.
  7. Ace_04

    DE on Worcester?

    I don't personally run Demo Expert on Worcester, as I feel the sheer volume of shells more than makes up for the lower percentage fire chance. Here is my commander build: I'd personally rather enhance the already strong base AA with more range to help out with those pesky CVs.
  8. Ace_04

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Never underestimate WG's ability to surprise you in all the wrong ways in one fell swoop.
  9. Ace_04

    Tips for DD Duels

    If you're battling for a cap, always give yourself an out if you feel you're on the losing end of things. For example, if I'm the first DD into a cap, I'll get in an swing around 180 degrees near the close edge of the circle. That way, my stern if facing the enemy and if things get too hot, I can just zip out of there without having to do a fully exposed turnaround to escape.
  10. Although aesthetically it would be cool, I don't think they are really necessary. +50% XP on a tier 2 ship that normally takes one match to get through......now takes only half a match?
  11. Ace_04

    Help with Salem

    Look up Des Moines commentaries on YouTube, as the tactics used for it will apply to Salem as well:
  12. Didn't realize there was a shortage of good AA ships at high tiers.
  13. Ace_04

    Why are opt-ins a thing?

    This exactly. There were too many complaints from players receiving content they didn't realize they were earning (go figure). I believe it mostly stemmed from the anime collaborations with HSF and ARP back in the day.
  14. They haven't even announced the details to 0.8.2 yet, so how do you know?