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  1. Yes, I feel it's far too much too soon now. Nobody asked to have this many ships so soon, and the rush job I think is starting to show based on the half-baked ship models being shown to us. I'd much rather them release lines at a slower pace that are fully baked and thought out. I've always been an advocate of revisiting some events for older/existing ship lines that newer players may have missed the introduction on in order to buy time for other lines to be developed. In the meantime, here are some funny responses from the YouTube crowd on this dev blog: "A line of hybrid BBs, copy paste Worcesters, and now this. Never let it be said the player base gave up first: WG very much did it themselves." "These are not even paper ships anymore. They are fantasy ships with a written story around them." "Wow, WG were so desperate to show this off quickly they didn't even have the tier 9 model ready to go." "This seems like a good idea on paper, but it is overwhelming while feeling rushed. It's really hard watching something you enjoy so much, slowly dying." "New words WG has learned this year are 'assume', 'would', 'could' and 'inclusion'." "AA guns from Worcester in 1945 and main battery guns from the secondaries on Hood in 1916 "
  2. Ace_04

    Any chance of a plating reshuffle?

    It is indeed the case. Especially once you realize this game has a limited shelf life, it makes it easier to forego some balance and fun continued "progression". I suppose it would be a lot different if WoWS was intended to be an indefinite gaming platform.
  3. I suppose after seeing the atrocity that the development of the Pan-American light cruiser branch is appearing to be developed as, this question may be moot, but just doing a little historical research on the Japanese navy shows that there is was enough material to completely flush out the tech tree line in game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cruiser_classes_of_the_Imperial_Japanese_Navy Just curious as to why WG would not take the time to fill the line starting at T3, just like the rest of the light cruiser branches currently in-game. If the consensus is that the game is starved for material (judging by the continuous new branch releases), why not at least try to start at T2/T3 as per the norm rather than skip to right to T5? The IJN had enough armored cruisers to fill out tiers 2 through 4 no problem. While I'm sure the answer will be that "nobody plays low tiers", then that is a real shame. I still think low tiers could be their own sub-branches of ships separate from mid/high tier in order to make them relevant again, if thought out properly. Anyway, I suppose it just kind of bugs me when the branches aren't all flushed out like the rest.
  4. Ace_04

    Any chance of a plating reshuffle?

    Power creep will always be a thing. Otherwise, how do you keep the next ships appealing to the playerbase if they aren't any stronger than the previous ones? Unfortunately, BALANCE and FUN typically are the sacrificial lambs, which is what we now see at T9 and T10 and have for a long time now.
  5. I just think it's strange as they've never shown us such an preliminary dev blog before. It just looks like it was released "unfinished".
  6. Good points here. Guess sometimes you gotta phone it in and hope that nobody notices. The fact that the images being shown to us in this dev blog are so rudimentary and unfinished compared to usual standards seems a little suspect as well.
  7. Ace_04


    I think the woe that falls German destroyer Z-31 is pretty well known, but does it need to be this bad? Tier for tier and class for class, this has to easily be one of the worst damage platforms in the entire game. As evidence against her T7 counterparts: HE DPM - 54,000 (last place); next lowest is Z-39 @ 70,400 AP DPM - 111,000 (14th out of 20) Torpedo DPM - 54,800 (16th out of 20) Torpedo speed - 50kts @ 10km (20th out of 20); good luck hitting anything when there are actual ships that can outrun these torps I know Flamu has a video out there (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuMxRrPhO5A) detailing how there are some statistical categories where Z-31 is outclassed by T1 ships. With stats this bad, it's painful seeing this ship brought into competitive arenas like Ranked. Frankly speaking, I want to like this ship but it's simply SO bad I just can't. It's not even deserved enough to get the Hydroacoustic Search consumable, which is a German destroyer signature trademark. So it begs the question WG, does it NEED to be this bad? Does this ship not deserve some love to at least make it remotely competitive?
  8. Ace_04

    This is a SURFACE COMBAT game

    Remove the surface combat ships and you have World of Warplanes. Oh wait, we're not supposed to talk about World of Warplanes....
  9. Ace_04

    Owns Musashi with 395 games?

    Well, at least he performed well instead of dragging your team down. Maybe it's a second account and he's a seasoned vet?
  10. Ace_04

    need your help guys!

    Just basically highest DPM in the game. And the challenge of being able to make that ship sing, because she's not an easy one to do so. But like anything difficult, when you get all the stars to align, boy can Colbert put out the hurt.
  11. Ace_04

    PSA: fresh RB multiplier today

    I'm the weirdo who actually likes the nostalgia of replaying a line, so the most I've reset any single line is twice. Then again, I've also been ignorant to the fact there was a multi-multiplier (?) involved here, so that may have changed the approach as well. I can just imagine how many RB points you've accumulated using a 13x multiplier at this point....
  12. Ace_04

    need your help guys!

    Funny, I don't think it really is. Its crawling smoke is unique, but I think Daring's quick draw smokes are more flexible on the battlefield. If you pop smoke in Vampire II and your enemies disappear, you're left waiting for it to expire, and the enemy can see where you're re-deploying to. If I didn't already own Daring, Vampire II would likely get my vote. But by owning one, I find it kind of redundant to own the other. Just my thoughts. @ObiphanKenobi, my vote is no. For that amount of research points, I think Colbert is a much more unique experience.
  13. Ace_04

    Premium Pass + Season Bonuses

    Funny, I never did the math on any of it. I just bought the pack and hit 'Battle'
  14. Ace_04

    PSA: fresh RB multiplier today

    Really? So it just doesn't show the accumulation? I ask because there are a couple lines I've done twice now.
  15. Ace_04

    PSA: fresh RB multiplier today

    Still showing x2 on my end.