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  1. I see you just troll all the time, go do something else with your life if it is that pathetic..........
  2. The one good difference between WOT and WOWS is that you can still do well much easier at bottom tier. In WOT if you were the bottom tier 8 in a heavy tier 9/10 match, you had little chance to pen consistently without gold rounds. I remember tier 10s completely disregarding me in my T8 and just running through me and past me like cheese, not a care that I would ever last long enough to be a real threat.
  3. WGreed

    Camo request

    WG, we are in need of better and more diverse premium camo. My god, all the US camo looks the same, with the same tri color scheme. For 5k gold I want some cool options please.
  4. I think it is pee your pants funny how hard they worked on the armor system for every vehicle in the game, touted it like it was the coming of Jesus, then sold gold shells for literal gold that negated all of it.
  5. I started WOT in beta approx. 10 years ago or so. WG was kind of new to MMO wargames then, and completely new at making the first FPS tank game that I know of. There was no competition to speak of, they were the first for a long time. From their communications to the community, they were very cautious and unconfident at what they were doing, as it was like walking on the moon for the first time, there simply was nothing of its kind to learn from. They were very humble, I even remember a letter to the community during beta that stated they didn't know what direction WOT would go in, they even mentioned that infantry was not out of the question, not kidding, the game was an open book that was being written as it went. But they clearly were very thankful to the community. Then the game blew up, millions of players started signing up from around the world, It was not long until they knew they had a gold mine. And it was the end of the humble romance stage for WG and its players. I remember this exact timeline to this day. I was excited about the new game and what it had to offer currently and in the future, then it hit. There was an early premium tank called the LOWE, it originally it sold for 7,500 gold, but after a "rework" of the economy, the LOWE's price jumped to 12,500 gold, and players were making approx. 25% less credits in battle than before, across all game modes and using any vehicle. Soon there were about 4-5 more "reworks" of the economy, and players found themselves unable to play competitively at high tiers not only without premium time, but supplementing their income with premium tanks. And one vehicle started to divide the entire community with the precision and power of a light sabre, it was called arty. You see, arty was a vehicle that tossed a shell anywhere across the entire battlefield, early on it could one shot any tank, from behind a bush, at the back of the map, safe from any counter, as other arty players would not take the time to look for it hidden on the map. And as more arty per team emerged, the community was more divided than ever, almost with distain toward each other, you were in the arty camp or not, there almost was no middle ground. And WG let this go on to this day, "reworking" arty numerous times, but never fully fixing the issue. Then, as this was going on, a pattern emerged. WG would introduce obviously OP tier 10 tanks to the game in the regular tree, seemingly wait until impatient players spend $100's of dollars racing up the tree for the new tank, then nerf it around the 3-6 month period to balanced levels. Players thought it was a mistake, but all vehicles go through testing on the test server where they are warned of the said OP strength, but the tanks would be released anyway. This happened a dozen times or more, and the game got more and more expensive to compete as time went on. Special tanks that players were told "will never return or be sold", would make their way back anyway. Power creep started to plague the game, and old regular/premium tanks became obsolete. Deals for festive events became more and more of well disguised money grab, far from the actual great deals presented in the early years. And when WOWS came out, being worked on by different people even at the same company, my hopes were high that this game would not have the same fate, and they might be proving me wrong.
  6. I am not positive, but I think these CV players are screwing up the MM by playing them late at night when the population is low and MM is trying to stuff them into battles.
  7. True, and they also were able to destroy other CVs as their MAIN target. In this game that strategy is ignored almost completely. This first thing a WW2 CV does is look to destroy the enemy CV.
  8. Then maybe they need to lengthen the time of replacements. It just seems that the carrier can constantly do attack runs for the entire game.
  9. The reason it is so hard to balance CV's in this game is due to their having an airplane factory under the flight deck, hence all the "reworks". All a CV player has to do is rotate the squads as they get replacements, and who cares about losses. Along with AA being 70% as effective as it should be when fully specking it. If a CV wants to focus and eliminate a target, it will, period, and you have no say in the matter. All of this across the map, safe in the back, with no accountability. Not exactly player friendly if you are not the one with the CV. And where is the real counter to a CV, like all other ship types have? They are too powerful and decisive for one player to command, this is a team game, the power distribution should be 1/12 for each player, CV's do not fit this model, deciding way too many games depending on the skill differential of the two CV players. I propose a logical solution to the constant and mindless pounding you may get from a CV at times, and their seemingly endless supply of planes. Make their aircraft loadout finite. Lets say a T10 carrier starts with 80-100 planes, and they will NOT be replaced. You can still have a timer to receive replacements if needed, simulating bringing them up from the hanger, but once all of your aircraft are gone, that's it, so you better actually use them wisely. This makes AA MUCH easier to balance in relation to CV's. Take the DM for example. You can balance it so if it is fully specked it may shoot approx. 4-6 planes during an attack. Another ship with usually bad AA may only shoot down 1-2. When grouped up, the best ship uses the full number, all other ships in AA range use 1/3 of theirs, with a min of 1. Now the CV has to make an actual decision with accountability, does he attack a group of 4 ships and possibly lose the entire squad, or attack a lone ship and lose only 2 or 3, and wait until the group breaks up. Because right now, it seems like CV players can just dive right into large groups at will and still be a overpowering force at the end of the game. And instead of those shot down aircraft ribbons meaning almost nothing, you know you have dealt the CV a tangible blow with good AA. This would make specking AA much more viable and attractive, while making the CV a perishable entity, punishing foolish players instead of rewarding them with OP CV's, and the good players having to make hard decisions and work for their victory.