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  1. SystemRename53216

    Anchorage- deeply disappointing

    There are some differences: turret armour (thicker in Buffalo) and underwater citadel protection (which is strangely thicker in the T8 Anchorage)
  2. SystemRename53216

    Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    Thank you guys, there's a couple of them I didn't have. I don't think I've seen this one in this thread, so I'll upload it Here's a list of Premium ships I have missing from my collection. They may have never been rendered this way, but it won't hurt asking: Alabama-Arizona-Belfast-Cossack-Dunkerque-Graf Spee-Haida-König Albert-Krasny Krym-Leningrad-Missouri-Perth-Scharnhorst
  3. SystemRename53216

    What to use sharks tokens on?

    I remember reading somewhere that tokens not used will be converted to credits at the end of the event, but I can't remember at what rate since it's something I was not interested in (I've spent them all in camos). EDIT: Found the conversion rate:
  4. Very interesting changes, if they're intended. I like it being a night-only scenario. I don't like it having the damn planes around (seems like they have to add planes to anything). Now, change the 5 good players of your division for the 2 good players, 1 average player and 4 potatoes that you can get randomly, and this probably becomes unwinnable.
  5. SystemRename53216

    Indianapolis needs some buff

    We already read your message the first time. Indianapolis is not a free Premium. A lot of people bought it. So, your message is a pile of...
  6. SystemRename53216

    Do not buy Boise - 13.8 km range tier 9 ??

    I bought 9 de Julio in EU and I'm quite happy with the results so far, using just a 6-point captain. Most games I've been top tier (tier 7 is blessed with that apparently), but this includes a couple of tier 9 games like this one: Now I finally reached 10 points and expect the ship to perform a bit better with concealment expert. So my final tip is buy Boise/9dJ if you used to enjoy old T6 Cleveland.
  7. SystemRename53216

    How do I get the Dallas from Ultimate Frontier?

    You probably tried a Dallas with a couple of flags and a 10-point commander. Ultimate Frontier Dallas must have a 19-point commander with a full set of combat flags (and who knows what other gadgets WG gives to bots).
  8. SystemRename53216

    Now that WOWS is nerfing all my best ships, I'm done.

    Well, some ships get nerfed and some new OP ships come (it's WG after all, we all know how this works). Try the Helena
  9. SystemRename53216

    Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    Excuse me? Sims, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Saipan, Alabama, Kidd, Enterprise. And Flint as a reward and Massachussets soon.
  10. SystemRename53216

    The Cleveland, the death of the US Cruiser line.

    I'm yet to find a single bot destroyer in ANY operation that stealth torps. They all rush the players with guns blazing. Cleveland did not need any of those skills in operations to be competitive. CE is irrelevant in operations, because bots know where you are in real time, spotted or not. IFHE is not needed when most targets are lower tier than your ship, and while AFT to extend the AA bubble is a nice thing, it's in no way needed.
  11. SystemRename53216

    The Cleveland, the death of the US Cruiser line.

    In tier 6 operations you don't need sheer penetration. Cleveland guns were more than enough to wreck all those broadside showing cruisers in operations, with twice the rate of fire of current Pensacola, and ignoring enemy planes as long as you had DefAA working. Pensacola has been good so far in the operations I've played, but nowhere near old Cleveland level.