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  1. Fletcher build help

    If you really want to troll. Spec full aa except manual fire. Then div with a cv. It’s possible to shoot down 50+ on t8 cvs. And about 40 on t9-10 depending on the upgrades
  2. ship XP over 1 million?

    It doesn’t. My fletchers at 1.8 mil
  3. I do both, I have most of the prems. But I keep and if the fun main line 6–10 tiers.
  4. yugumo worth it?

    I like the Yugumo, however I run pretty much trb instead of smoke most of the time. It’s pretty fun then.
  5. Wrong Collection Progression

    The Bismarck containers have been returned for something like winning 5 battles. The French ones should still be given to you once you complete a stage in the mission.
  6. Don’t exactly see a problem here. As far from the video I could tell it’s not a mod, just a feature
  7. Duke of York campaign help. :S

    British BB line is what I used. Conquer 16.5 inch AP on <5 km battleship turrets. HE on everything else. Took me about 5 games
  8. Which Museum Ships Have You Visited?

    Missouri (bb), Midway (cv), Bowfin (ss), Blueback (ss), Astoria (lightship),
  9. To Grozovoi or wait for PA

    I have the Grozovoi, super fun ship. But you should probably save the xp for the PA dds. That’s what I’ve been saving the free xp for
  10. A new ship in port

    What about the other ship in the dry dock behind him?
  11. Camo deal - what is it?

    250% to free XP and commander XP
  12. AA speced Grozovoi was extremely fun before the buff. I had 50+ plane kills will T8 planes, down to about 35 with T10 planes
  13. Yes, the Missouri is highly recommended. Did one of the tours that goes through parts of the ships. Only my family signed up that day so it was like a private tour