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  1. American Crates in the PTS

    There is a new article explaining all of this on the homepage.
  2. When will the next line be teased?

    I would hope to see British or French destroyers. But I’d expect as stated above the next 2 IJN destroyers to finish out the line. After that, It would be hard to say.

    I think it is one of the achievements for operations only
  4. Impossible to complete personal assignment/challenge

    Rank 1 battles are all tier 7 ships. NOT 8 or 10
  5. Alsace or République... or both?

    I on the other hand love the Alsace more than the Republique. I prefer the full secondary speck to brawl with
  6. I think a third option that is a more greenish ijn like camo. I don’t know the buffs or what it exactly looks like however.
  7. Why do game sometime just end?

    Have you noticed if the timer has run down from its 20 minutes to end the battle
  8. weirdest citadel i ever got...

    They do happen. The oddest one I’ve had was conqueror HE at 13 km on a Montana. Didnt cit for much damage but it was odd
  9. First Tier 9 glamour shot.

    Easily my most favorite high tier bb right now. Enjoy her.
  10. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    I have home on the Alsace. Just feels better since the Alsace has more turrets for it to benefit from.
  11. I run the full aa build on it, without manual aa. It’s realky fun to see a t10 cvs reaction when you shout down 30+ of there Aircraft
  12. Fletcher build help

    If you really want to troll. Spec full aa except manual fire. Then div with a cv. It’s possible to shoot down 50+ on t8 cvs. And about 40 on t9-10 depending on the upgrades
  13. ship XP over 1 million?

    It doesn’t. My fletchers at 1.8 mil
  14. I do both, I have most of the prems. But I keep and if the fun main line 6–10 tiers.
  15. Only for the PT right now