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  1. To Grozovoi or wait for PA

    I have the Grozovoi, super fun ship. But you should probably save the xp for the PA dds. That’s what I’ve been saving the free xp for
  2. A new ship in port

    What about the other ship in the dry dock behind him?
  3. Camo deal - what is it?

    250% to free XP and commander XP
  4. AA speced Grozovoi was extremely fun before the buff. I had 50+ plane kills will T8 planes, down to about 35 with T10 planes
  5. Yes, the Missouri is highly recommended. Did one of the tours that goes through parts of the ships. Only my family signed up that day so it was like a private tour
  6. I’ve been to Uss Missouri bb 63 Uss Midway Cv 41 Uss Bowfin a light ship in Astoria Oregon, and if you count some of three ccm boats, those too
  7. Smoke and Fire

    One of the main points for the smoke change was primarily so bbs don’t sit in the smoke and fire, it really wasn’t trying to affect cruisers and destroyers very much
  8. Worst/Best nail biter I ever had. Was in the 5th season of ranked (or whenever it was T6 and T8). We had 2 ships left to their 4, but we had held all the caps the entire game. And their Warspite enter the final one of our caps when we had 999 points. 999!! Then we lost that game.
  9. CV snipes becoming common at t8?

    I do see it occasionally at T8, but I’ve seen it mostly now with the T7 premiums against rangers
  10. Pan-Asia DD Radar

    Don't they have to trade up the smoke for the radar.
  11. P51 Voodoo 2017 Reno qualifying

    Route is still the same for the unlimited class. But it will sure be different next year since Voodoo is done racing
  12. Kamikaze (not the "R")

    It was also sold right around when the Mutsu first went on sale, I think about 3 days before.
  13. Dunkirk

    I did have the same problem as you. I filed a support ticket and they said that they didn't have plans to reopen the Dunkirk collection, or bring the containers back. But he said he would bring it up to the right people, that people want to have another chance to complete it.
  14. Ranking System Bug

    I had this happen to me as well from 14 to 13. It fixed itself after I played another ranked game.