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  1. checksix51_2

    Containers are missing a ship

    It was available for a few thousand doubloons in the tech tree a little over a year ago or so.
  2. checksix51_2

    Honest Request for Help: Alsace

    Alsace has become one of my favorite tier 9 ships over the past year or so. If you have a higher level commander. Preferably 14 points and up. A full secondary build goes well with an agreed ice play style. I’ve probably amassed close to 60 close quarters experts with it. I haven’t run any other builds besides a full secondary so I’m not much help outside of that realm. But I thoroughly enjoy the full secondary build.
  3. checksix51_2

    Free XP/Coal CV

    Love it. But we need the Hornet with B-25s as well.
  4. checksix51_2


    I would run the reload module in slot 6. That’s what I’ve found generally works the best unless you want an as build.
  5. checksix51_2

    Is the dreadnought worth a dabble????? any good ?

    I enjoy it. I don’t play it often since you can’t work on missions with it. But when I do, I almost always have a great batte in it. I don’t know if it’s worth the price they asking, but if you don’t mind the slightly increased price I would get it.
  6. checksix51_2

    Daily win bonus on new ship

    The 200% bonus ran out on Friday 2/8 very early in the morning. It went back to the normal 50% bonus.
  7. checksix51_2

    Tier 7 CV's replacement or refund

    Pretty sure you were given free xp for the ship and upgrades. And gold for the camo. I received 4000 doubloons and roughly 400k free xp. I assumed the gold was from the Essex camo and free xp from the ships
  8. checksix51_2

    Kraken Heal?

    Does the heat affect have to be turned on for it to work? I had a 290k damage kraken game with Musashi but I didn’t get the beak affect after the kraken. Went back to port and under special abilities it had “0 per second” next to the heal ability in red.
  9. You have to use the “plain” normal Asashio that is not the Black Friday edition to get credit for the missions.
  10. Missouri, Belfast and the Arizona
  11. checksix51_2

    missions are missing

    The personal missions for the Haida and Monaghan only ran for a few months after they went on sale. The Haidas expired at the end of September and the Monaghan’s was expired a month or two before that.
  12. checksix51_2


    It’s tier 8
  13. checksix51_2

    All personal record for killed ships past 5

    7 in the Fletcher, Alsace and Shinonome
  14. checksix51_2

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Still haven’t gotten my rewards for top 10% either. Guess I’ll keep waiting
  15. I fell bad for you. I bought one and got the Jervis.