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  1. You have to use the “plain” normal Asashio that is not the Black Friday edition to get credit for the missions.
  2. Missouri, Belfast and the Arizona
  3. checksix51_2

    missions are missing

    The personal missions for the Haida and Monaghan only ran for a few months after they went on sale. The Haidas expired at the end of September and the Monaghan’s was expired a month or two before that.
  4. checksix51_2


    It’s tier 8
  5. checksix51_2

    All personal record for killed ships past 5

    7 in the Fletcher, Alsace and Shinonome
  6. checksix51_2

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Still haven’t gotten my rewards for top 10% either. Guess I’ll keep waiting
  7. I fell bad for you. I bought one and got the Jervis.
  8. checksix51_2

    DD builds for Dynamo

    If you have an aa build usn captain. (Or have the ability to get one) I would recommend using it on the sims if you are trying to 5 Star the operation really quickly. The defensive aa and the ability to get the long range aa to have a max range of 7.6km helps out a lot when you have incoming waves of planes.
  9. checksix51_2

    duplicate ships, 99 cent,

    It means that you won’t get gold for the ship. That is what usually happens when you buy a ship you already have
  10. Bottom left is probably HMS Eagle or Hermes.Top left looks like either HMS furious or a Courageous class. Bottom right looks like a premium HMS Indomitable. Top right appears to show an Implacable class. Middle left could be an Audacios class or illustrious class. That’s just my take of what these ships are by looking at pictures of them in real life
  11. checksix51_2

    Any more codes?

    If you go to the Pin Up article on the website. Scroll all the way to the bottom and it allows you to click on one of the patches to get. Just be logged in and you get the mission for it.
  12. checksix51_2


    Gone. They left the premium shop early this morning.
  13. checksix51_2

    Fr BB secondary or no?

    I have full secondary on the French tier 9 and 10. Even though they break easier than than German ones. I’ve had at least 40 games combined in them with a few hundred secondary hits. I would defiantly invest in them if you like closer range combat.
  14. Clear sky was removed a few patches ago. It was replaced by AA defense export and something else. I’m pretty sure the achievement for CV’s needs 50 planes shot down
  15. The higher stats probably have to do with so fewer battles than that of other cruisers. Good players help. But I think it’s fine where air is. 13ish km range isn’t going to do you much in higher tier battles