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  1. Fr BB secondary or no?

    I have full secondary on the French tier 9 and 10. Even though they break easier than than German ones. I’ve had at least 40 games combined in them with a few hundred secondary hits. I would defiantly invest in them if you like closer range combat.
  2. Clear sky was removed a few patches ago. It was replaced by AA defense export and something else. I’m pretty sure the achievement for CV’s needs 50 planes shot down
  3. The higher stats probably have to do with so fewer battles than that of other cruisers. Good players help. But I think it’s fine where air is. 13ish km range isn’t going to do you much in higher tier battles
  4. Boise

    Should be able to. It allows me to I just had to click the purchase buttonfirst. It then allows you to gift it to someone.
  5. Steel In Ranked?

    If we do, that won’t be published until closer to the update.
  6. Dumb Question: What is the Arsenal?

    The Arsenal is basically an in game shop that you can spend coal, steel and Go-Navy tokens in. I don’t know how to make it load in your place, but if it did. You would be able to see the amount of the special resources you have. You can buy ships, camo, flags, special modules, and certain collection containers in it. There is also a coupon section with certain coupons in it for items to purchase.
  7. Prince of Wales

    Isn’t that the Duke of York? I mean, there are the same class of ship.
  8. What's a good brawler?

    I use the alsace as my primary battleship for brawling and just ha big fun in it. I run the unique French captain on it with 19pts. A fully skilled captain is not necessary, 14pts will suffice just fine.
  9. New Cruiser!

    It’s the same as the current one but with main battery reload booster
  10. Dallas : AA firepower?

    Once you get the upgraded B Hull, the as gets a decent amount better. Not on par with the old Cleveland. But I can remember at least 4 or 5 games where I shot down around 35 aircraft.
  11. 219k in The Bayern. 246k in the Shimakaze. 206k in Musashi. 238k in Conqueror. 216K in Neptune.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    I know, the buffs make it so much more fun. First battle in her with the buffs was over 170k damage. I absolutely love it.
  13. Indianopolis

    You will love the Belfast. I myself just got back from England yesterday. If you have time to explore the country a bit, the imperial war museum at Duxford wa some of the highlights for me. Enjoy!
  14. Generally speaking. I play until I have gotten at least 2 of the daily containers and completed the available missions if the reward is decent. Otherwise the only thing stopping me is more than 8 losses in a row or consistently bad teams.
  15. How does one get the Stalingrad?

    It is still in testing right now. It is given to people who got to the top league in clan wars. Other than that it was said it would be sale for steel in the arsenal, (have no idea when that is or how much steel it will cost)