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  1. Giovybez's' Skins

    Hey Gio, Love all the work you've done! But do you have a file with all the skins in a massive gameplay folder to just drop in the content folder? I'd love to use all your skins!
  2. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    I managed to unzip and place the specifics on the unzipped in the textures folders for each one. Specifically using the Gnevny skin. Downloaded and unzipped it and pasted the specific parts in the finder, guns and ships folder textures that were in the Gnevny file download. Still not working. What did I do wrong?
  3. Does your Gnevny Class Skin only work for the Gremy, or does it work for the Gnevny?
  4. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    Hey Tanz, recently came across this thread and decided to try out your Gnevny camo. I was wondering how the heck I could add to my game. Do I have to add the file download to the res mod file in my NA WoWS folder or somewhere else? And do you have any camos for French and Royal Navy cruisers?