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  1. DevilFreak_

    New Version of WOW and the hacks are still on

    50 games and already crying hacks? That's a shame. I don't think you know how this game works yet. Just cause someone can aim well doesn't mean they hack. You also might want to actually grind your ship tree lines instead of trying to be a pocket warrior, you won't learn anything from buying and playing nothing but premiums. (To an extent anyway) There are hacks for this game yes. But the game is pretty much all server sided. Those would be detected pretty easily as you'd have to alter the games code in order for them to be injected into the game.
  2. DevilFreak_

    no fun

    Fix your english. I got no idea what you're saying or trying to say.
  3. DevilFreak_

    Laptop for WOWS, requirements?

    I agree. Laptops are getting more expensive these days.. though mostly gaming laptops. It's better to just build a desktop anyway like I did, but spent roughly $1,900 and built my desktop myself.
  4. DevilFreak_

    Ban in Chat

    Lets see.. Posting someones name in a hackusation is a violation already.. and then you threatening WG over a chat ban cause you couldn't just be good and be quiet in the corner? Yeah you're such a tough guy. Inb4lock.
  5. DevilFreak_

    Toast National Guard [-TNG-] is looking for new members!

    Interesting name, Saw some of you guys yesterday, but good luck in Recruitment! :)
  6. DevilFreak_

    1NOnlyJOKERSQUAD is recruiting!

  7. DevilFreak_

    1NOnlyJOKERSQUAD is recruiting!

  8. DevilFreak_

    1NOnlyJOKERSQUAD is recruiting!

    Ok to whoever downvoted this. Grow up
  9. DevilFreak_

    1NOnlyJOKERSQUAD is recruiting!

    Realised that I put this in the wrong section by accident. Can this be moved to the right section? Thanks.
  10. DevilFreak_

    1NOnlyJOKERSQUAD is recruiting!

    1NOnlyJokerSquad https://1nonlyjokersquad.enjin.com/ Welcome to our recruitment room, glad you could make it! [1NJS ] is looking for new people to join our ranks! 1NJS is currently re-branding and rebuilding to make a better fleet for not just the members who are currently in the fleet, but build a better quality fleet for those who have taken interest in our fleet and wish to join us. Our goal is to provide an active environment to those who don't like to play alone, loves to participate in clan battles, have a naval base of just about every bonus available and a make they can call home! 1NJS also has alliances with other clans to help train and prepare for clan battles. 1NJS is a Competitive and Laid back casual clan. Our clan make it to Storm League this last clan battle season, we're striving to hit Typhoon this next season! What does 1NJS have to offer? -Senior Leadership -Teamspeak -Enjin Forum -Clan Battles -Monthly meetings and giveaways! -and so much more! Our current Naval Base has the following bonuses: -Dry Dock: -15% to post battle service costs of all tiers -Ship Building Yard: -15% to the cost of re-searchable ships of all tiers (Other than CVs) -Design Bureau: +25% Free XP on any Tiered Ship -Research Center: +4% XP per battle of all Tiered Ships -Academy: +10% Commander XP per battle Currently have 25 out of 50 players filled Requirements Must have a Tier 8+ Ship Must Have Teamspeak and a Mic Must be Age 21 or older Be Active in game and Teamspeak! Note: All Recruits will have an orientation with the Sr. Recruitment Officer before moving forward with your Application! If you are interested in joining our fleet, Our Teamspeak info is: onenjs.ts.nfoservers.com password: joker Feel free to hop on and find any of the following officers CO: Gowkahn XO: 1NonlyJoker XO: DevilFreak_ Sr. Recruitment: SmokinJackD Hope to see you soon! -1NJS Command
  11. DevilFreak_

    custom horns

    Nope. Never gonna happen. There would need to be another moderation team to filter out horns to be appropriate and inappropriate, etc. etc.
  12. Oh dear... those graphics... Anyway... it's a stupid bug that happens randomly and I hate it when it happens to me.. cause not having that turret to shoot at my target that'll die in my hands (That sounded bad..) and they get away with not being brought an inch from certain doom is certainly annoying.
  13. DevilFreak_

    Match Making Sux Now!!

    Not surprising. I agree that T8 in T10 could be towned down a bit. But you think the MM in WoWs is bad? Play World of Tanks and then come back to this topic cause the MM there is 50 times worse.
  14. DevilFreak_

    Bears Clan Team killer gone to far

    I don't think it's their entire clan being TK'ers. I think it's just that one person alone. I'd send a message to the Clan Leader which is wolfracer_1 about it and see if he kicks that guy out. But also send a replay to WG and get the Tk'er banned as well.
  15. DevilFreak_

    Should I go down the French or British battleship line?

    Imo, The French line was the most fun for me.. though beware that T6-7 (Normandie and Lyon) overpen a fudge ton even on a broadside cruiser. It got fun for me when I hit Richelieu. I personally prefer the French over the British anyday because the Brits are slow, gun turret traverse is horrid, (but the Warspite is a good T6 Premium) but they have good AP and HE. But still, I'd rather play my French, especially in this ranked season currently.