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  1. DevilFreak

    [QQ7] High Caliber Is Now Recruiting For High Level Clan Battles

    There's more than one thing that's killing you currently. - Overall PR - Tier 10 stats/PR -Warship PR's, but W/Rs are great Basically, your profile page is a rainbow. However, given you have 2500 battles, you can easily influence it 180 degrees. I recommend you play ships that you're good in to raise your stats and be fairly consistent. Play with people who are better than you. There's also ships that are good for PR if you play them correctly. Basically, ships like Yamato, Montana, Kurfurst, Shima, Hindenburg, etc are examples of ships that can help your PR if you do well in them just like any ship. As PR is influenced by damage, kills and win rates. You can have a 200k damage game with 2 kills and still manage to get a Unicum or Super Unicum PR for that battle. On a victory, the PR for that game can be much higher.
  2. DevilFreak

    [QQ7] High Caliber Is Now Recruiting For High Level Clan Battles

    Looks centered now to me
  3. DevilFreak


    Happy New Year from QQ7.
  4. DevilFreak

    Unicums, Purples and players in 07

    Because that'd be too much free stuff. Can't let that happen.
  5. This was my first 20 Mega rolls. Think it was okay.
  6. Ty for the heads up! Just grabbed mine.
  7. DevilFreak

    Clan Battle Participation

    +1 to this. I also agree to this. Mirage, you said it well.
  8. My biggest question since the treasury came out... what's the point of having a doubloons part in there if you can't add dubs in there and help clan members? The Steel and Coal I understand, but come on, at least have a feature to add dubs to the treasury. Would make a world of a difference in being able to distribute dubs to clan members conveniently instead of having to gift dubs to clan members every single time.
  9. DevilFreak


    Does it really matter if he does co op to get rid of pink status? Y'all be flaming him over it, and that ain't even a good reason. Moral of the story is.. you turn pink over the stupidest things in this game.