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  1. Kordosa

    [ALL] Kleiner_Kreuzer's 'Skin Bottom Sound'

    That sucks that your thread was deleted. You had many more older skins that still worked. :( By the way, thanks for the updated Amatsukaze skin. Were you still not going to make an Ashigara Kai Ni skin for Myoko's top hull? Or do you not have any of the Arpeggio or Dragon ships? Also, any plans for a Nagato Kai Ni skin for Nagato? As for a personal request, could you do a Girls Frontline skin for Yorck? I would like either G36 or UMP45. If it's Touhou, since Harugumo means "Spring Cloud", how about Lily White since she announces the coming of spring with a face full of danmaku? Annoying just like Harugumo spam. :P Just an idea since I have no preference.
  2. I guess this will do for now.
  3. Check the list on the first page of this thread. The links go to each of their skin posts in this thread.
  4. @Kleiner_Kreuzer Can you maybe see about updating your Kagero skins since WG reworked Kagero's ship model with the new update? (The old skins don't seem to work.) I was using the Amatsukaze skin before, so I would appreciate it if you reworked at least that one.
  5. Gear icon on right side of screen above ship carousel -> Custom Ships -> Arpeggio (uncheck):
  6. Do you still have any of the Arpeggio Myoko clones? I would assume you'd be able to turn off the Arpeggio skins in the port for that. I would be fine with just the top hull.
  7. @Kleiner_Kreuzer I really enjoy your skins. If possible, I'd like to request Ashigara Kai Ni for Myoko.