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  1. What is Nerfing?

    pretty sure I still have a set up in the attic someplace.
  2. What is Nerfing?

    I am a lawn dart survivor....
  3. Every now and then someone will actually listen to some friendly advice and say thanks, but most the time when you try to point out a mistake or give them advice on something that would work better in a situation you tend to get F-off back from them, but I still try to impart some of the little wisdom I have when I see a mistake.
  4. the French tier X BB

    landed 3 citadels on one at 12km with hindy AP.
  5. End of Steven Seagal

    Cpt. Malcolm Reynolds please.
  6. I just don't get it

    Threads tend to do that alot here. when they find a better way to figure wrt I will take it more serious, but since it's pretty much all about farming damage it really means next to nothing about a players skill.
  7. T8 Cleveland Revealed

    just return her to how she was coming out of CB and turn her loose.
  8. thing is, the ships we are playing from this spot in history really didn't go at it one on one, almost always was a mix of ships in a fight. Metal might not burn, but wow are there tons of old reel film and pictures of ships smoking and on fire from WWII, now I wonder why that is.
  9. This was an ummmm interesting read...OP's number 2 on his list actually made me laugh out loud....makes cruisers have to move closer to fight, I always thought they should do something to make battleships move in closer, but ehh..is what it is. bottom line is this, if a battleships makes a mistake at takes a pen he shrugs it off and keeps on fighting the way he wants, if a cruiser makes a mistake and takes a pen hes going to lose half or more of his life and his play style is changed for the rest of the match, so many games in a cruiser I have taken that one lucky round that takes half my health and forces me to be less aggressive do to the fact that now I am a one shot kill not only to a battleship, but other cruisers can pick me off with ease, so ya, I use islands, I use smoke, and I kite, HE is really the only choice most cruisers have against battleships, expect at point blank range, in my div we call out fires...when they start, when they stop, when they repair them and we focus the diff parts of ships to start max fires, its how cruisers kill battleships.
  10. Division change

    ya, put me down in the not a fan box
  11. BB dont like HE, they done like fire, MushiMushi uses AP, BB like AP, they like big damage numbers, No Nerf MushiMushi
  12. pretty sure most people playing at 9 and 10 don't really care about making money, or they are just waiting to post that "Just got a Billion Credits" thread.
  13. AI Submarines-Why we need them

    Sub post complete, Reset the Clock.
  14. BBS must CAP First-NOT DDs

    In a perfect world a CV would use his planes to scout and spot a cap, DD's would press in and lay down a wall of skill to either kill or force reds to move on, cruisers would move up with DD's and engage dd's and other cruisers with radar and sonar on to pick up dd's hiding or torps incoming, dd would lay smoke to help cruisers do their job and not get one shot, BB would be behind cruisers blasting anything they can helping cruisers who are helping the dd's....
  15. Wascally Wabbit