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  1. confusion

    reset the clock.....
  2. he could have been hit by something else shooting at him and thought it was the DD, but like others have said, need to see it to buy into it.
  3. The New Cleveland Sort of Sucks

    nah, I can live without the armor, she is a light cruiser after all, I will take her DD like stealth, I would just like to be able to stand off a bit more, nothing crazy like zeh Russian super range cannon laser homing guns, but just a lil more would help.
  4. Raptor rescue broken?

    ya you have to beat the raptor to the exit, but if you look at the mini map OP has, the exit has not spawned, the green circle in the photo is the repair ship area, on the mini map you can see the marker in the middle of the map at F5, Raptor somehow missed it, so the game still thinks the Raptor is coming to stop there and it never triggers the exit point.
  5. So I got reported for this

    least it wasn't a Canadian ship....
  6. The New Cleveland Sort of Sucks

    I just wish she had a tad bit more range, not much, but just a bit more, still love the ship, but she is far less forgiving of mistakes now, cant do the crazy things you did before in her now.
  7. Raptor rescue broken?

    That has happened to me before, somewhere along the way the Raptor gets dumped off course and misses the center stop, you can still see the triangle in the center of the map, it doesn't read the Raptor as hitting it, so it never spawns the final exit to end the game, raptor just sails on the edge of the map till time runs out, I sent a replay and screen shots into WG and they agree, something must have happened to the Raptor to make it miss one of the markers to trigger the next one, they didn't think it was a bug, just a fluke.
  8. When your team hasn't a clue

    Welcome to Summer and Warships......
  9. Hi

    Welcome to the high seas, like others have said, check out vids on youtube, they actually help allot...see ya out there.
  10. for WTR 1100 -1200 = Very Good 1200 -1400 = Great 1400 - 1800 = Uni 1800+ = Super Uni WR I am not 100% sure but I think 61% is Uni and anything over 65% is Super Uni
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    sometimes I think the whole rock-paper-scissors thing is really DD's cry about radar-BB cry about torps(and fire)-Cruisers cry about ap, as long as that is the whine line WG is happy it seems.
  12. keeping the forts alive is the only problem I have been having, seems the bots top target is the forts, had had countless 4 star games where we could not keep the forts alive, I do like that its hard, and feel good when we get a 5 star, but the bots cheat so bad, I only wish I had their torpedo detection skills, the second you fire off some fish they are moving to avoid them and their fire chance put RN BB's to shame.
  13. 519 battles, 316 wins, sailed away 216 times, 20+million in damage, 611 ships sent to the bottom, 1300+ aircraft shot down, she was always my go to feel good ship back in the day when she was a terror on the seas, then she was handcuffed, but was still a great ship, than operations came along and she was right back in the terror of the sea spot, operations made her shine again like the ship of old and I loved taking her out to defend the harbor, or save the fleet, rescue the raptor and wipe out a naval base, she really did shine and that is where I will miss her the most, power creep and nerfs have limited her role for a long time, I really hope seeing tier 10's all the time will not put one of my fav ships on the shelf.
  14. played two games tonight that were 5 star and no one died.
  15. Angling = Useless

    big shell goes in the front of the boat, comes out the back of the boat...wreaks everything in between...