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  1. KillClub

    I think SALTY actually worships WARBEASTY, so are a lot of other clans including us!
  2. KillClub

    A true legend.
  3. Clan Battle Guide

    We are not talking about an effective counter until we had enough in the first season!
  4. Clan Battle Guide

    bump for our lovely underaged boi who's going to inherit this entire clan soon(TM)
  5. Hi Aslain, I have been using your modpack for a while, I appreciate the effort you and your fellow modders put into this project! I represent NA clan [NADO] [NAD0] [N4DO], we are all the same and self-impostering is just our way of overcoming 30-men limitation. Just in case you need different resolution: 100px 24px Thank you very much! I look forward to see us making appearance in future battle loading screen & team panel mods!
  6. is this a hothead idea sir? giving a 15min notice and expecting anyone to jump there and ask questions straight forward? Or is it a long planned stream session that I failed to catch?
  7. Trip to the Developers Studio

    with the recent (or on-going as this is posting) EU-NA clash event, I'd like to add a demand for developers: Spectator mode in training room, please.
  8. Trip to the Developers Studio

    Clan Warfare, Sincerely.
  9. As much as I hate cheating, I really don't think replay file is good enough to be evidence of such assessment, because it is technically not inherited. Although, if replay files contain information I do not know of (data outside of battle replay), then by all means such assessment is welcomed by me. But then again, shouldn't it be declared without confusion?
  10. 1. when I say aesthetics, mods changing the model of ships or outlining armor layout may fall in illegal department. But I consider language mods also aesthetic since we have a number official language support from SEA/RU server and people still want their own customized version. One person I know used a private simplified Chinese language mod (the official interface on CN servers are heavily cencored and traditional Chinese interface from SEA server might not agree with him) AND a tracer mod from Aslain's modpack, he got banned for 7-days and was logged off during a livestreaming session. 2. About past events when rules were not brought up or enforced. I think you made a good point of not tracing such activities retrospectively and focus on present situation. However as far as I understand old versions of hags and WaruPaku (sorry this forum would censor the word) still run compatibly with latest versions of WOWS. Evidence of a player using illegal software in the past should hold up until the involved individual presents counter evidence to nullify previous information. This directly affects my personal attitude towards confirmed individual cheaters: I won't stop treating you as a cheater until you have proven yourself clean. Think about rehab as a remote example. I'm not saying they should be punished for past usage of cheat software when those were not well-defined by rules, which they should not. But rather, I personally will hold the grudge against them until they come clean. And what matters when I insist my personal opinions on other players? Not much to the cheaters, and definitely not to the community. But I put out a gesture and that's good enough for me.
  11. true, and even the video maker said major major impact to the game. See above quote, and the video in his link please. Aiming assist is banned because the general atmosphere has to be against it, and this should be backed by a ruleset. If there's no official saying in defining aiming assist as illegal mods, then everyone can use it and I won't be bitter about it for a single bit.
  12. Since the post is still actively discussed and tended to, I'll drop my opinions here. First of all, the word cheat/cheating here, refers to the activity of using illegal mods/aiming assisting software in WOWS. I do not care about motivations. 1. Simply looking at stats is never good enough to condemn one of cheating and it should not be, because you never know how good or bad people can be. To be clear, speculation and accusation are two totally different ballgames. 2. I deem a player cheating, because I see the person sending his own screenshots with illegal mods or aiming assist app overlaying the game interface. Not because the person has some wicked stat number like 79% main battery hit ratio or a replay file that shows target hits at exactly where it should be for an entire match. Wicked stats are at best memes. 3. I don't like people cheating in games at all, but I leave the judgement to WG when it comes to managing this situation in WOWS. I am a player who may have or may have not paid for items & virtual currencies in this game, all I can do about it is making suggestions (or complaining, in a specific format). 4. In turn, I don't wish to see people accusing individual players of cheating simply because they hit targets when normally could not, or they anticipated movements without detection or having weapons locked-on, etc. NOT that I have sympathy for such players, but I take this matter very seriously that I could not treat this lightly without having REAL evidence. Stats, replays files are NOT evidence in this case. I do not wish to explain further why these 2 not warrant the verdict for cheating. 5. After playing more than 10K games since OBT myself, I still don't know what EXACTLY warrants punishment for cheating. I've seen people getting 7-day ban for installing a mod that's of pure aesthetic function (usually weeaboo stuff, no hard feelings there) or just a private language mod. While in the meantime some people who have been sending screenshots of hags overlayed games since last year get to roam freely and grind their way up in the rankings (Yes I saw those screenshots with my own eyes). All I have felt is inconsistency in WG's attitude towards making the WOWS community cheat-free. I guess all I want in this is: WG needs to define cheating in WOWS more directly and with details, so people would know what are do's and what are don'ts. Should there be a clear ruleset or even a piece of law, may there be just ground in dealing with this delicate matter of using unauthorized methods in game. And please keep in mind. At the end of the day, WG's attitude and deeds will determine the fate of this game, NOT the fate of any players. We are always free to come together and go away. Our choices can be influenced but not determined by others, because we make our own calls and movements in everything in our lives.
  13. thank you garfield001, I appreciate your answers. The matter of unfair advantage can be discussed extensively elsewhere and I am open to discussion. This is not my major concern at the moment. Someone I know got a 7-day ban, he came to me and showed me the mods he installed, including a shell tracer mod from Aslain's modpack and a language mod downloaded from a private forum. He explained to me that he's non-native English speaker and would enjoy the game better with a fully translated interface. He also pointed out that he could use language files from another published WOWS client of another server, it is heavily cencored and contains incorrect ship names and so, therefore he preferred using a third-party language mod. So despite me gratefulness, I was not expecting a reply from you, garfield001. I expect a WarGaming representative to reply this. I can also make this easy: I wish to know if my account is at risk of being banned for using illegal mods, should I present interest in installing a mod of unknown origin I come across. Just give us a tool.
  14. is it safe to assume using anything other than this modpack puts my account at risk of being banned for using illegal mods?