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  1. _JohnWick_

    Captian skills/equipment setup

    Thanks guys.... much appreciated.
  2. Hey guys... as mentioned in a previous post... i'm back after sometime away and really enjoying the game. I'm quite confused over what captain skills to use and what equipment setup to use for BB/CC/DDs. Just wondering is there a website or something that shows me the best setups for whatever class i'm sailing in. I realize that not all ships in the same class are built the same and therefore will have diff setups. I'm more looking for a general idea. I follow Notser and Flamu on youtube and they are a great help... Any suggestions?
  3. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    thanks for the history lesson bro
  4. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    So I have been watching a bunch of vids online... mostly from Flamu.... And thru this I have discovered that the Belfast and Kutuzov are no longer available to purchase because of how OP they are. Can someone clue me into why they are OP? am I using the wrong spec on these ships?
  5. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

  6. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    Another quick question... I thought when I played last that the premium account from Tanks rolled over to Ships? was that not the case?
  7. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    sounds like i'm in for a good time... just hope it doesn't discourage me... thanks again guys
  8. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    and what do you guys mean cv's got reworked? those are carriers ya? they were pretty annoying last time I played, like arty in Tanks.. did they get buffed? or nerfed?
  9. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    Thanks for all the tips guys... not totally in the dark with this game.... I have a grasp on things but ya I noticed there are a lot new ships... little daunting to be honest. Really appreciate all the help...:)
  10. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    bots only on the enemy team? or also on mine? and you get full rewards and credits and everything playing Co-Op?
  11. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    Sorry.. remind me what Co-Op is again? is that playing vs bots?
  12. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    I played DD's mostly in the beginning... then I branched off to cc's and bb's. From what I remember.. one of the most frustrating things was not knowing which ships have which skills... .like which ships have radar for example
  13. _JohnWick_

    Back after 2 years

    Hey Everyone... Stopped playing about 2 years ago to focus on Tanks... and honestly Ships stopped running on my mac. I have a virtual windows drive now and will be installing it tonight... I'm sure lots has changed since I played last.. which I believe was around 6.5 update. Just wondering if it's hard to get back into? anything I should know before I play? THanks