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  1. BarbedWireRat

    Submarine Survival?

    Are subs unable to ram an enemy sub now? Is this a new sub "survivability" feature? I've had a couple recent incidents where I've gotten tangled up with an enemy sub and we just sort of pushed each other around. Once I dove down on top of it, another time it was bow on to the side while surfaced. Can subs still ram enemy surface ships?
  2. BarbedWireRat

    Game Log in

    I've been having trouble getting signed in today. I kept trying for 45 minutes this morning with no luck. I ran a check and repair and all that. Reboots and what-not too. Checked the forums nobody seemed to mention having issues. This afternoon I got in no problem. This evening my first login attempt I let it spin for about 10 minutes and got nothing. Restarted the client and started checking forums again; found this thread. Fortunately it did sign me in after a few minutes. I'm in SoCal; don't know if that has anything to do with it. Maybe it is Newsom's fault.
  3. BarbedWireRat

    USS California

    I had low expectations for this ship as I'm sure most have from the reviews. I bought it anyway because I thought it looked cool, at least relative to the Colorado and New Mexico. Anyway I think expectations are so low that people are underestimating this ship. Overall I'm actually having fun with this ship. I'm starting to like it better than Scharnhorst. The main drawback is you can't use this in most cases to keep up with cruisers, absorb damage, and support a push. Too slow and takes damage easy. Mostly I try to keep towards the center of the map. If you over commit to a flank you will become out of position quickly...an easy victim if your team collapses on that side, or out of the rest of the fight if your team pushed through it too fast. This thing is crazy accurate at range, and the 12 guns makes it easier to land penetrations on unsuspecting cruisers. Once I'm in position I creep forward at 1/4 speed, angle to get all guns into play, and just wait for the right opportunity...I'm surprised that I don't have to wait very long for those opportunities.
  4. BarbedWireRat

    Do you pay money for this game?

    I was purchasing papa papa flag bundles regularly. But since those bundles are no longer available, I haven't sent WG any money for awhile now. The other thing I spend money on are premium ships but I haven't come across a premium ship in the shop or on the tree that has really interested me in some time. I already have many I really like but not enough time to play them all, so there's that.
  5. BarbedWireRat

    In case you ever wanted Dasha anime cosplay...

    I like what they did there! Nice work WOWS team and Dasha!
  6. BarbedWireRat

    My computer system

    Same here, I picked up 1060 6gb for $150 from eBay just because the price was so good even though my PC build is better matched with Higher spec cards. But it makes sense as I'm just running a 1080p 60hz monitor. As to the OP's point, a laptop from 2009 is just too far outdated. It's probably having some issues with just web browsing at this point. Up unitl last summer I was running a 2010 machine, a first gen i7. I upgraded a few things in 2015, but either the board or processor started failing on me so it was time to replace or rebuild in 2018. It strapped for cash start checking Craigslist for a used PC that is a few years old. Perhaps $300 or so. If you are thinking about build a PC price can escalate pretty quickly even with a budget build. Reuse of your old stuff might not save you much; an inexpensive modern case might be better to work with than an old case. I went ahead and rebuilt in my old case with a design dating to the mid 2000's but it was a premium case for the time so I thought it would be neat to keep it around.
  7. BarbedWireRat

    Premium Carriers - More players than you think..

    Once I grind up a line I tend to only play the T10 and whatever premiums I have. Lexington is a great CV but now a T8 CV I'm only playing Enterprise, Kaga, and Saipan as I decided to keep the premium CVs I had before the rework. I suppose I do about the same in them. I at least feel competent but I still have a lot I can improve upon. Saipan stands out because her planes are nice to fly and all three hit hard, but yeah you gotta manage those resources, Kaga feels like she has unlimited planes but seems to work best by spamming as many torps as possible to accumulate damage. I think with Enterprise you have to make use of all three aircraft types and use each against targets they are most effective against but that doesn't always match up with the enemy ships that have isolated themselves.
  8. BarbedWireRat

    R.I.P. Saipan

    I kept Kaga, Enterprise, and Saipan. Of the 3 Saipan seems to hit the hardest, but man her flight deck gets depleted fast, I still find myself needing to dump ordinance from time to time.
  9. BarbedWireRat

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    I'm easing back into playing my other ships after immersing myself in CV gameplay since the rework. For sure DD game play has been turned upside down and have the most adjustments to make to their playstyles...it feels to me like back in the days when having to adapt to radar which became more challenging over time as more radar ships were added to the game. Most of my DDs are gunboats, so I gotta think things are rough for the dedicated torpedo platforms. I like that the AA cruisers now play a critical role when CVs are present; they can make life pretty tough for the opposing CV!
  10. BarbedWireRat

    Would you play a PT Boat if offered in game?

    I'll play any new ship type they put into the game.
  11. BarbedWireRat

    Need 42 more crowns to get implaccable

    Same here. I burned up my Doubloons on Midway premium camo instead. I haven't done anytime in a T6 CV since the rework so I'm fine with Furious to mess around with.
  12. BarbedWireRat

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    Burnsy, Great post, thats how I feel about CVs as well. Plus feel more immersed in the game with the new perspective.
  13. BarbedWireRat

    CV play sucks now

    This is a great point, It does feel like we are in a similar place just with a different control mechanic for the CVs. Though my preference is more positive for the new rework as I feel like it was less challenging for me to learn the new CVs than the old...and when not playing CVs I like that a unicum CV player can no longer delete me in a single strike.
  14. BarbedWireRat

    CV play sucks now

    Well I think the biased feedback is very clear now. The hotfixes diminished the performance of CVs across the board that new feedback complaining that they are still OP can be discarded. Maybe that was the best approach to knock them all down hard first to ensure the continued gameplay and satisfaction for the other types before slowly bringing CVs back up to par. Though I wonder if CVs will ever be on par, perhaps they will remain as underperforming ships to keep the numbers down to players who want to put some focus on them.
  15. BarbedWireRat

    Props to new Patch WG

    That sounds over extended to me. If CVs are in the game, it is the CVs job to do the initial spot. If the CV isn't performing that role and the DD wants to take that risk, they should be prepared to burn off a smoke to protect themselves. I wouldn't hold it against a DD for not spotting in a game with CVs.