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    Gamebreaking Bug

    I recently just got back into WoWS a few days ago, it was working fine. I installed it on a different computer, One that i have previously installed and uninstalled the game, and never had any issues with. The first match i played, my game was horribly glitched. The round started, and I went to max throttle. My speed indicator said I was moving at ~30 knots, And the water effects were piling around my ship in a weird way. But compared to the islands and waves, It was clear I was not moving. Turning my rudder did nothing. Several seconds in, I started to drift to the right, but in a way that made no sense. I was moving sideways at about 20 knots. I tried to fire my guns to see what would happen, but it wouldn't let me fire, despite the obvious fact that my cannons were loaded and aimed at my crosshare. It finally let me fire, and nothing happened. I fired another volly, and the shells came out of my guns at a snails pace, so slow where I could see the shape of the shell from the 3rd person camera. After about a second, the shells hit the water and splashes appeared several kilometers away, even though the shells impacted the water maybe 300 meters from my ship. A friendly BB that was right next to me exploded, and his remains flew to the middle of the map at hypersonic speeds. Still moving sideways, I was about to ram into an island, but I just phased through it. After about a minute, I started to take damage, but no shells were hitting me, and no torpedoes for miles. Eventually I died, And my remains then flew to the side of the map at impossible speeds. I quit, then went into another match, same thing. I died, and stayed around with the spectator cam for a few minutes. Ships were firing with no shells exiting the barrels, things were randomly exploding and flying to random places, and ships were phasing though mountains randomly. I went into chat, and nobody had any issues apart from me. I restarted the game, no changes. Restarted my computer, nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, Same thing. I have no issue with the port. No ping problems. I'm in North America, And I'm playing the north American version of the game. This glitch makes the game literally unplayable, and I need help. Ill try to add a video later if I can.