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  1. so after this week's update, I used aslain mod and I noticed the fps limit is not working. usually, I set it to 40 due to laptop performance/ lag. So I went online, used the tutorial, went to the bin folder. there are 2 folders in it, and I went into both o them, change the engine-config XML in the res and res-mod folders, change the maxfps from 75 to 40, saved the data. But even after that, it still goes up to ~60. I even tried the clean version disabling the mod, and the problem persist. I checked all 4 XMLs and the 40 fps is still there. Any idea??
  2. as we can see in the attachments, im doing the mogami campaign mission for potential dmg. i got 700k potential in a random game, but it only counts for ~50k in the mission, so what really coiunts for the potential for this mission?
  3. I was looking for some game with naval aspect back in 2015. So i asked people in chat from another game, and one person who was in cbt told me about this game. Following his suggestion of ichasegaming, i watched videos and signed up on the first Friday after the game being public in Sep 2015. number 65
  4. posted the issue with photos in the bug section hope they fix asap
  5. here is another victim of this issue with my indy WG EMPLOYEES PLZ SOLVE THIS ASAP