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  1. Absolutely worth it. My most-played ship and one of my favorite three for sure. Aki does require a high-point captain though so get him up there. I play Akizuki more like a hunter personally unless it is a Tier 10 match and there are a lot of American/German DDs.
  2. Would prefer a change up in the next season. I think that allowing duos would help bring people together more. Also I see a lot of clans that have members on both sides anyway so duos would help to mitigate the issue of that. But Ranked is definitely not worthless. It makes you a better player. And turn off the chat like me if you start to lose it.
  3. Clan Battles for next season (NA)

    IDK about you but most people that I know play games around 8pm-1am.
  4. Clan Battles for next season (NA)

    I think just a balance on each day, or a split of 2-3 hours at a time, or just a longer period would be good. Like say one day more west coast friendly time-wise, one day more east coast-friendly time wise... etc.,
  5. Hey guys I don't know about you but having NA Clan Battles only on Eastern time zone nights is hurting participation for most clans. I have friends in other clans and they say that anyone west coast or pacific (Hawaii, Canada) can't come on. I am also hoping that we get a little bit more time overall to play - it is time for many people to eat or study... I feel like Friday nights too would be better than Saturday because most people have real plans on Saturday nights. What do you guys think? I really hope that WG at least has some kind of feedback thing.
  6. You know it is funny because I ran into quite a few guys who didn't know what the rewards were. We had to explain it to them.
  7. Flint, Black and Ranked Rewards

    I guess on the seasons before it was like, "Oh no, we don't have a Belfast!" This season it was more balanced at least. Being a super-uber-unicum do you believe that there should be a new prize for winning seven of these things? That's the main question I guess. If they add another multiple season prize I will stop playing Ranked after getting Black whenever I do (probably a few more seasons). Apathy kind of set in with the camo rewards and yet another season of no teamwork/cat herding. If they add a special supercontainer that contains a ship that could be say, Black/Flint/whatever depending on how many of them I have I might do it. Then they could give premiums or some wonderful thing to people with tons of time/super unicums with tons of mental energy.
  8. For me it was specifically ranks 3-4. Hours and hours of sitting in queue only to find "that guy" on my team again. And then there were AFK people... some people even purposefully threw or AFK'd. I was two stars away on the last day and I lost a game because a rank-fiver was driving around in the open firing guns with his Fubuki at a Cleveland and torpedoed our own Arizona on accident as he died. This in the highest bracket. I mean, how do you carry that? How is losing that game any measure of anything but my patience? I am not THAT good anyway but there isn't much to do after that. You lost your spotting, you lost 1/3rd of your DPM. How do you carry your way out of that? And as you said, what's worse is waiting 10-20 minutes for that game.
  9. Flint, Black and Ranked Rewards

    No man, you're not bugging me at all. I understand that I was a few hours away from it this time. How can I say it.... I don't feel anything anymore when playing Ranked. It's kind of like playing for Graf Spee or Bismarck skins and doing stupid challenges. You're not really playing to win or lose because it is kind of out of your control most of the time (due to throwing, AFKs, suiciders, etc.,). You are just... playing. I remember in those challenges I was just charging in to complete some aspect of the challenge, dying, then going to lobby and getting in a new ship ASAP to complete the challenge and feeling like an idiot. Goodbye WTR. Similarly in ranked I saw people playing DDs, rushing in for a kill, and then suiciding. I knew that they would then rush to the lobby and jump in the queue immediately hoping to avoid a long wait for the next game/next star. I saw this ALOT. I started to feel again towards the end of the season spending some time after rushing home after work. The last day was nerve-wracking because I realized that I may have spent all of that time for nothing. Ranked, like these challenges, is seriously burning me out. But without something to aim for, I'd probably just quit Wows, at least temporarily. I don't think that getting a ship should require you to spend 33 hours plus for a 45 day period every three months over two years. Maybe it's just me. (To put it into perspective, USS Black costs at least 150 hours of playing Wows! - that would be over 2500 usd of salary for most if spent working) And as far as "accomplishment" or "prestige" I've already got pirate flags. Ranked doesn't feel like a measure of my skill. I'd like to play a mode that DOES measure my skill and teamwork more than my patience and endurance. I'm worried though that the server population isn't large enough for clan battles... I hope otherwise though.
  10. Flint, Black and Ranked Rewards

    Hey mate, I wasn't good enough or didn't have the stamina BY A FEW HOURS this season. So I get it. But I have ranked out mulitple times before. I guess maybe this thread is about ranked burnout and the chewy snacks at the end of the hamster wheel. To me ranked feels like a hamster wheel after real life. It feels like it is testing me on nothing but patience and endurance... I just burn out on it. I feel like it needs a new design or we need to see the end of the tunnel or something. To me the light at the end of the tunnel would be getting Black after winning a few more seasons. I just don't want even MORE ships like Flint or Black. It's really the LENGTH of the thing. Yeah sure, it gives you a light headstart. But it's like 15-20 minutes each game. You can be winning and carrying and then someone just throws out of impatience and there goes that time of your life. Even if I was good and got out in 100 games that is still like 2000 minutes = 33 hours of someone's life, not including waiting. I spent more time and was just a few hours away from the prize. This season's meta got particularly cruel at Ranks 2-5. I didn't find it fun. Even if I got rank one again, I wouldn't feel like it had as much to do with my skill as with my endurance, some kind of bizarre social skills, and luck. I think that a Clan Battles type mode would show more skill honestly. Actually to be honest this season may have just burnt me out on the game in general. I notice many streamers feeling the same way. Maybe it's just getting to me.
  11. How do you guys feel about being newer players and missing out on 3-4 other Ranked Seasons and ships like Flint and Black? Do you think they should add a third ship next season?
  12. Flint, Black and Ranked Rewards

    I've gotten rank one many times now. Not enough to get Black yet. Not all of us have MMO-amounts of time to devote to playing ranked to Rank One 8+ times in a row. I really want to play, sure. I have to have a life though. I think that's my issue with the consecutive season-style rewards. I hope that they don't add more like "win 7 ranked seasons" or "win 9 ranked seasons". Already with Tier 6 the playerbase for this season was rough to cat-herd. Getting Ranked One is not all skill though. It's also about luck and time. I think that the sheer grind of it weighs down on your skill. You start to want it to end. You play to get to Rank One not because you really want the prestige or reward anymore but because you've already put in 300 games and it's sort of hypnotizing. TWO STARS. TWO STARS AWAY. #$(*#$& Oh by the way I thought that it would end 30 minutes later than it did. But the queue wasn't full enough to start a game anyway.
  13. I ended the season at 2. Ugh, kind of in a state of shock. All of that grind for nothing.
  14. Hi guys. I don't know about you but this season was the one where Ranked Battles jumped the shark for me. I just didn't have time to grind. My friends kept trying to pull me away to get chicken dinners. I ended up only a few stars away from ranking out. Anyway main point of this thread is this - so I still need two more seasons to get Black. So I have to wait another season. Then another. Waiting from six to seven was waaay too long. I'm guessing that the next season won't start until at least October. But how many more seasons will there be? Let's say I start the next season to get Black and then it says - but wait - "Get 7 Rank Ones and you get the USS blahblahblah!" Is this going to go on forever? I hope not! I can't imagine that I'll have the time or spirit to get more than Black in the next half a year. Work is getting crazier. There are so many new ships coming out and I doubt that they will all be at the new tier for Ranked. I want to enjoy my purchases. I'm sure that it would irritate those grinders if they sold Black. But it would be beyond irritating if I win another season and then they say - sorry, Ranked is being cancelled in favor of "clan wars". Although I would probably prefer Clan Battles to Ranked. So what do you think? Should there be a prize for winning seven of these seasons (a feat that only a super-unicum or masochist would want to achieve)? My vote is no and I hope that WG is listening.
  15. French premium De Grasse confirmed

    I would have preferred Suffren or Gloire around this Tier. For the original De Grasse design, I would have preferred it to be named something else. Then De Grasse and Colbert as built could have been separate higher tier premiums. Who knows things change... believe in the positive power of feedback.