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  1. I actually appreciate your post because I already own the Leningrad and I really like her. I had been hemming and hawing a little bit but I think I’m going to pass on the ship because I would definitely need the 10 point Captain and don’t want to spend the money. It is very tempting it looks like it might be a pretty cool bote but since I have the Sims and Leningrad I’ll stand pat. Especially with the holidays coming. It’s that time a year for WG to post up some tempting premiums they’ll have to sell pretty hard to get people to spend during the holidays. At least that’s what I would think. Of course, should the grimy come along.... lol! Also, the Indianapolis is probably the only ship I regret buying. The Naval historian got the better of me. But it sits still in my harbor more than most ships.
  2. The Bly is back in the store and therefore I am re-reading the review. This is not one of the more comprehensive reviews but it does cover enough ground. This is another ship that has intrigued me and I would like to have it. The problem is no Captain with training there for the ultimate package would be the way to go having a 10. captain to start. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend more money but some of these DDs are very attractive. This one seems a little bit enigmatic, so it’s hard to pull the trigger. Temptation is ....
  3. LWM, yet another brilliant review. I am afraid you have locked yourself into high expectations. Now you mustn’t ever give a bad review or you will be lashed severely with heavy noodles. This is a boat I’ve been waiting to come around again, and I’m going to have a very hard time not buying this one. Oh please save me from myself.
  4. This is happening to me in the Kagero. I do not see how it is humanly (or statistically) possible to be on so many consecutive losing teams, let alone being up-tiered all but one game out of 19. I have lost 19 of 19 random games in the boat despite scoring in the top five most of the time. It is the most infuriating thing I’ve ever experienced in the game. I cannot even get my daily bonus and I’m getting really tired of driving the slow boat. I like the boat well enough, it would just be nice to catch a win once in while. What are the statistical odds of landing on 19 straight losing teams? Even if you suck. Im not great in DDs but I’m not that bad either. I’m not a mathematician but I would assume the odds are fairly long. I was beginning to think it was the patch, the MM, or something that I just cannot explain and do not understand. Even if I was the first to die every single match it would seem I would be on at least one winning team out of 19. Perplexing.
  5. You may want to go watch the YouTube video of Flamu driving the ship. In the hands of the right person the ship is obviously very good. These types of boats remind me of light tanks in WoT. There is nothing more valuable than a great light tank driver, and also nothing more rare. Conversely, there is nothing more pathetic than a bad light take driver. The same logic applies to DD in the WOWS. I think the price is too high, but it does fall in line with the other tier 8 prices. I’m not buying the ship because I know I’m not good enough at DD’s to drive it properly, and admittedly the price point irks me. But in watching people play that know what they’re doing the ship obviously tickles them pink. Give credit where credit is due. I do think the review view is a tad generous because the average person (probably) isn’t going to like it. Gudbote might be causing more controversy than LWM may have expected. But she certainly doesn’t leave much room for speculation. It’s about as comprehensive as it gets. Extremely valuable review and reviewer. Gud for those who love DD, Meh for you average player, it seems.
  6. My pleasure. There is a trim down version of Windows 10 also but I’m not sure where to find that. My IT guy gave me a copy and it’s really nice not to have all the extra garbage goes along, but still have the option if you want it. Good luck
  7. Well done! And 2 torp hits to boot
  8. Another very nice and comprehensive review Mouse, thank you. Cons: base price $41.49 With all the options including power windows $81.79 EGads!
  9. Yeah, actually I have my res on highest when playing on Windows side. Mind you, I have a solid video card for a Mac, but I was also able to run it on my i5 without much problems either. I’m not sure my frame rate but the video is nice quality. No jitter, chop or blur. Next time I’m on I will try to remember to check the FPS and I’ll let you know. I don’t have it set to display on the screen. But the game looks beautiful! Note: if you have a Fusion drive (mine is 3TB/256gb) it could be a difficult operation to load windows on that machine. I did it by partitioning the SSD separately and the main 3 TB drive partitioned in half. So it’s setup with OS on SSD and everything else on HD. It was a real pain but it can be done. Also, some of the Windows drivers for BootCamp are sketchy or dodgy so I do have to reboot windows every once in a while.
  10. Now that’s what I call a troll. Just when things were winding down, too.
  11. BahAhahaha , seeeeeeeee! Density it wont let me use l-m-a-o either? Lmbo. Wow, I mean WoWs
  12. The edited B-S without the dash, really? How about horsefeathers, can I get that through?
  13. Omfg, this is one ego you cannot quell LWM. He keeps talking about going private and never does. He keeps wanting to backpeddle, but always reignites the volley. He wants to apologize but cannot. (And doesn’t know why) He is like a black hole, no light can escape or enter! This is the kind of density that moves universes. You must rise above it Mouse and shrug off the [edited], it’s just one guy and he isn’t getting what your bringing. The horse has been dead and has maggots ffs. Nutty, just send her a bloody private message FFS! And “I’m sorry,” usually works when there’s not a disclaimer in parenthesis that says you’re really not. Let me guess, you just can’t bring yourself to, because you’re just NOT wrong or just CAN’T grasp why! I have to unfollow as my inbox is littered with this back and forth nonsense about semantics and YOU.
  14. Aaah biscuits, the gift that keeps on giving
  15. I would sell my Indy in a heartbeat if I could get my cash back! I like my Molotov because of its range, firing arc, and beasty guns. But I don’t drive it often either. It’s a paper lion, but it’s great for a few weekly missions.