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  1. Soon, there will be Haida

    Yes, let’s add super duper radar. 20k Radar!
  2. Community Contributors Updates - Round One

    Wow what a great list. Congratulations to all, and as a forum regular I will say “thank you” in advance!
  3. Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    But please note how well the Bots dodge torps, especially slow ones!
  4. Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Wow, if you’ve played her up to 19pt. Capt., that’s a lot, obviously. And you must know this ship quite well. But your WASD comment could literally apply and be good advice for ANY ship in the game. BTW, “cruiserpalooza,” made me LOL (cruizaPalooza)
  5. Top 5 Best (and Worst) Premiums of 2017

    Agreed. I had seen Mouse tout the GC so much that I bought it. And you’re right, it is an excellent ship! Im still trying to figure out which is better, the GC or Texas. I’ve played the GC more lately due to high tier crunch, and now I’m giving the edge to her. This topic could be revived, and it will be a very interesting topic to start at the end of 2018.
  6. Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Lol, we must’ve posted at same time.
  7. Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Can you really call them torpedoes? 49kmh and 6k damage? I’ve driven the Sims enough to know how aggravating 49K towards can be, and they’re superior to these.
  8. Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    I see the Marblehead is back for sale in the shop. Is it just me or shouldn’t this be a T4 ship? I don’t like the Murmansk much, but this appears to be worse. I don’t own it so I’m just asking for the latest opinion
  9. confusion

    Dream on, I remember a topic where they said they’d answer questions from us and literally never answered a single one. There were loads. My sarcastic question on the topic was... My question is: when are you going to answer the questions? It was never answered, and if I remember right, it was summarily deleted. Wonder if anyone remembers that? I don’t feel like trying to find it
  10. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    If I were going for the ship with the coolest name, I would get this. Another outstanding review LWM!
  11. confusion

    Sadly I haven’t. I don’t play a lot, maybe an hour a day, but I should be running her a little.
  12. Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Lol, I was speaking for myself. I know it was my fingers that typed that, I think. But how many people like paying to re-spec a captain, especially a 19 point Admiral?
  13. confusion

    I have the Indy and it collects dust. I wouldn’t lift a finger to earn her. I have way too many nicer cruisers. I was too busy trying to get to my Shimmy which has been made completely controversial and a pain since the NA split. As long as the high tier match queue is 80% cruiser, I’ve have been and will be playing my Clemson more than my Yugumo, and my Izzy and my Shenyang (love this ship) and my V-170 etc. even if there is four carriers in practically every match. I played 8 games yesterday at T5, 4in the Texas, 4 in the GC and was uptiered to T7 every single match. I expect it, but 8in a row, wow.
  14. confusion

    I totally agree with you about everything except one thing, the Texas is a really good ship, not middle of the road. Having said that I could care less that they are giving some incentives to try to re-attract customers. Actually I’m glad.