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  1. Pensacola at Tier 6 vs Tier 7, does it matter?

    Excellent post Mouse. Iconic is right. I have one 19 point Capt. and it’s in my favorite non-DD ship, the Cleveland. So naturally I find it a hard pill to swallow that it is not only being moved, it is being tweaked. The game has enough problem children with lack of balance and umteen mistakes to umteen ships to mess up what is one of the best cruisers in the game. The Pepsi I fully understand, it has always been one of those problem ships that people love or hate. It has had its fair share of controversy. The Cleveland makes the tier six weakly missions a pleasure, and that is my biggest complaint about moving it as well as other stated issues. I just don’t get why they want to mess with one of the most desirable and iconic ships at its tier. I actually stopped at tier 8 as I was so disappointed with the American cruisers above Cleveland. I rarely ever use my NO, so I suppose the biggest upside is that MAYBE I’ll want to go back up past T8 on the US cruiser line. So far I have not been very excited by the proposed changes but trying to keep an open mind about it. Also, I have a MKutuzov which I cannot see the Cleveland eclipsing at all. But then I do understand the MK is no longer available. And of course, there are no T8 weeklies.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Great review Mouse!
  3. Asashio Poll

  4. Asashio Poll

    They don’t want people to play BBs anymore?
  5. Asashio Poll

    Thank you, I couldn’t of said it any better.
  6. Octavian commentary on some of the latest issues

    But the French push has run its course, and the premium shop is looking pretty sparse. I think the WG devs have done a very good job at keeping the game fresh, current and bringing along new ships, gameplay and cosmetics pretty rapidly and consistently. IMHO, I think the game is better than it’s ever been.
  7. Do you think WTR is a good indication of skill?

    But you have to look at the positive qualities, he would’ve made a good and loyal Nazi!
  8. Do you think WTR is a good indication of skill?

    Lol, what about people like me that allow their grandsons to play on my account with my ships when they come over to visit? They try really hard but they’re not very good players and they have destroyed my personal stats. Same thing on WoT. I’m not a great player, but I’m a pretty good player. My stats certainly would not reflect exactly what kind of player I am in either WG game, nor do I care.
  9. USS Salem where is she?

    Don’t be messing with the Cleveland
  10. Snow freak out?

    Actually it was January 19th, 1977 and it snowed in Miami too. But of course since Palm Beach is 50 miles north of that we had it worse. Haha. Snow in Miami
  11. Snow freak out?

    Haha, right. I am from Palm Beach and still remember the one and only time it snowed there. It was January 1977 and when I walked outside to go to work there was snow everywhere. Impossible! Talk about things coming to a halt. I spun my car a few 360s on the way to work which was fun. Hell we didn’t know how to drive in the snow. Most people had never seen it. Now I’m retired living in the mountains of North Georgia. It does snow here occasionally, and hard sometimes. But it is true, even living in the forest of the mountains they still freak out when it’s snows and Atlanta goes into turmoil. It’s snowing more and more here now so you would think they kind of get with the program. Instead half the city shuts down when it snows.
  12. What Ships Is IFHE Viable On?

    It is definitely viable on my Cleveland But I still think it should be a 2 or 3 point skill.
  13. It is a lot like arguing whether or not Bigfoot exists to someone who believes in Bigfoot. While the notion is absolutely ridiculous to most sane critical thinking persons, to those that believe in Santa Claus and the like, it is pretty difficult to convince them otherwise. There are people that still believe in and use this video as so-called proof that Bigfoot exists. Even the makers of the film confessed it was a hoax, but that doesn’t matter to them.