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  1. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Finally Quit

    this is not correct This is: “Fair Winds and Following Seas” is a gesture of good luck to those we will miss and sailors who have served with honor and courage. The combination of phrases implies that a vessel will have good winds, and not have to pound into the waves. The phrase can be used as a toast or salutation between mariners. I echo many of the sentiments here and wish you good luck OP! It's a shame to see another veteran go. Hope to see you back some day, if I'm still here Cheers!
  2. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    If we had everything, would it be fun?

    I think it would be boring as well, and many more bad players would be playing. I personally would like to see WG make premium ships rentable, just for perhaps 2 hours, and price them appropriately. If they expect me to spend more than $30 bucks on a ship, I'd like to kick the tires and give it a test drive. Prices above T7 are toooooo high. Also, some of my favorite ships are TT and worth the grind.
  3. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    If we had everything, would it be fun?

  4. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Battle Pass - Pass or Fail?

    I personally liked it a lot. I also got the premium pass and thought the rewards were pretty good, and I also made it to level 76. I will probably do it again, depending on the ship at the end of the rainbow.
  5. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The New Meta

    Oh, this takes me back. I've had a few of those :-) Nice collection.
  6. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The New Meta

    By the by, ARMY VS. NAVY game this weekend, and all I have to say is (grid iron war) GO NAVY!
  7. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The New Meta

    Interesting topic, post and video @ArIskandir I do agree that you must adjust, there's no getting around it. Adapt or die, or quit I suppose. (It's sim dying, so.....) Either way, it's still a war game. The fact that it's tactically selfish in the sense of no central command on either side doesn't change the fact that it's a tactical war-themed shooting game with the central objective of Green vs. Red . Of course it isn't true to historical norms of war, but no sims are because, well, simulation. If WG had more clever ways of forcing allied play, that'd be something like OPs but with both sides real. Scenario play. Brawls is another example and a good idea. I thought BB brawls was fun, and a good idea. In a perfect world, such is close with ranked as you pointed out, everyone would play as a team. And that can still happen in WoWS Random. It's a beautiful thing when teams communicate and tactics come together for a win, isn't it? It happens in OPs a good bit, too. We are way past the realistic vision of some players who'd like to see a true military sim. That ship has sailed, pun intended. But's it's still a war game. WG is moving way too fast IMO. Ships introductions and mechanics are shifting too quickly and if they keep the afterburners lit this way they'll end much quicker. I think more emphasis on polishing what they have and letting the other new and updated products evolve at a slower rate would help. Improving game mechanics and modalities. I think WG should realize there's only so many hours on those afterburners until you auger in, or you can keep this game going a very long time if you pull back the throttle and access.
  8. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    WG, one of the issues with Aegis, as I see it.

    Holy Smokes, I'm agreeing with you more and more these days. I remember when we were arguing because you wanted OPs to remain unchanged. I noticed a while back when that changed. Good on you @Wolfswetpaws and thanks!
  9. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    New players, what do you think about the game?

    Agree. That is just one of the few reasons that I hide my stats. I think that people with mods for stats, or those that peek in so they can look down their noses are superficial and shallow. Time and time again I come across players that are so full of themselves and I’m just not interested in that kind of attitude. Also, they almost always assume that you are a terrible player because you hide your stats. Perhaps they are disabled, like someone with one arm for example, or a number of other disabilities. Perhaps they are someone who allows other members of their family or friends play their ships. They might not be very good at the game therefore skewing the stats. Perhaps it took them a few years to get good at the game so their stats may not reflect the true nature of their current gameplay. Perhaps they are Unicum and don’t want to embarrass the superficial and hollow people who may just want to try and recruit them over and over. Or perhaps, they just want to say mind your own business, my gameplay will speak for itself. I could go on. It is impossible not to run into bad players. It is my belief that most players that are not good at this game, either want to get better or they won’t stick around. This isn’t the type of game that lends itself to people that want to lose in my opinion. But it’s open and free and you were going to run into them anyway. WG isn’t going to take back the selling of higher tiered ships. If you don’t like to win, chances are you aren’t going to hang around very long. Like that turtle guy who used to start games and just go to the opposite direction and do nothing. I knew he wouldn’t last very long. Whatever your situation, or whatever your station in life, it is a game and intended to be fun. It is my belief that when it becomes a chore, or if you are getting mad, angry, hostile – you probably should consider a different hobby or something to fill your time. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be able to complain about aspects of the game you don’t like, that’s not what I mean. It’s not all about you, it’s about the person on the other end as well. Everyone has their story, and everyone has their idea of fun. We are all of us from different places and circumstance. It isn’t your exclusive club. So you are inevitably going to run across 35 to 40% WR players, that’s a given. It’s not avoidable. So if you can’t handle that or be accepting of it, you are in the wrong place or state of mind. Welcome to the “World Wide Web.” Good luck and Fair Winds!
  10. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    WOWS/WG why are you allowing this?

    I wonder if it has occurred to OP that the player may already be experienced and just made a new account for whatever reason. Perhaps the stats are lower because he/she simply hasn't learned the ships. Perhaps he just stopped off at the local dispensary and purchased some really good Kush and is a novice with a bong. Who knows? I bet you'd be surprised by the variety of circumstances by which people play this game. If you knew my story you'd end up with curly hair, or the opposite depending on your situation. And if you're bald I'm sure it suits you. Fact: WG sells high tier ships, and well, you might run into a few of those.
  11. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    WG, one of the issues with Aegis, as I see it.

    From your mouth to WG's ears!
  12. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    WG, one of the issues with Aegis, as I see it.

    Nope, disagree, although you make some good points that's not the problem. ALL OPS are harder, and better except AEGIS. I'm not arguing the COOP situation, that's entirely different story. And yes, you do have to adjust and not sit and snipe, etc. Players for the most part have adjusted to all other OPs. Aegis is winnable but 5 stars are rare now because of my earlier point, the escorts are moving too fast too early. They've made the last wave irrelevant in a sense and the balance is off. They have even acknowledged that it's needs a fix!
  13. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    WG, one of the issues with Aegis, as I see it.

    This has been discussed on several threads. The problem is wave 2, and the convergence of the ships coming down from the NW and the transports escort ships from the North. That shouldn't happen and it's because the escort Myokos have been sped up which was a huge mistake! Too many Myokos that actually converge when before you had time to deal with the NW ships, THEN the escorts. Speeding the escort ships up was dumb because it makes the 3rd wave for the 2 BBs too difficult because usually there aren't enough left to get it done. So, it becomes all about the first two waves then boredom until the end just getting transports to the cap. Many players just can't/won't adjust and the soiling of the sheets begins. It's simple, slow down the escorts from the North like it was before! They are saying it is being looked into I guess and it might take a patch or two. I hope so because a good mission is now that smelly brown stuff
  14. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Asashio B

    Congrats OP! She's a good ship for sure, if that's suites your playstyle. Remember, everyone, especially CV wants your @$$.
  15. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Unpopular opinion, let commanders have more than 21 points

    Ummm, No. As a DD, I don't want a BB having Radio Location. Thank you.