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  1. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    Mouse wants to own both sides of the argument. I agree with them until I don’t, but actually I do, but maybe I don’t. I was for it until I was against it and against it before I was for it. As I recall very well, Mouse was one of the loudest supporters of the GC and was constantly recommending it to all that would listen. Many posts praised the GC over and over. She is the reason I bought the ship myself, although I do admit it didn’t do for me what it did for others and I rarely ever play her. I think I have less than 30 games in her. Now it is the bane of tier five and it is ruining the game. The sky must be falling, WG has proven it with their own actions. Now, the current stance is that it is best to bite the bullet and uber-peeve the whales so we can try and grab new consumers. Now, in the middle of one giant beta that it doesn’t appear they can get a grip on. Are there even any new consumers? We can’t know because WG doesn’t feel we need to know. But, now I get it. I had an epiphany and realized that WG is right and they should proceed, despite the naysayers. Don’t listen to the sky is falling crowd folks, not the ones that disagree, they just don’t see, but they will, someday. And if they don’t, they’ll just quit or take a break and all is well. No harm no foul, keep up the good fight and eventually, some day, all will be vanilla and all ships including premium will be so balanced you will all be exalted into the same epiphany. That’s the gist of it. It is the “whales” that made WG what it is today. That is a static unarguable fact. With respect to the last six months of WoWS, they have practically spat in the face of all their most consistent consumers, but we should be happy because they’re doing it for the betterment of the game. (Not altruism, but some other definition we can’t quite define). It’s okay to poke the past payers with the preverbal cattle prod to the groin spot because well, we’ve already extracted what we can from them, time to turn our attention to setting up an entirely new set of dupes. But, it’s necessary because all-along we’ve actually been too kind, too generous to our paying base and not enough to those free players. Gotta keep the mantle of “the game is free” as the tag line, even though we could never exist on “free.” Pulling ships from sale won’t do it for us, that’s a nonstarter and well, we might look like hypocrites if we sell them again. Let’s see what other nefarious reasoning and rationale we can conjure for our bad marketing ploys. After all, it’ll all work out in the wash, EVENTUALLY. Most of these people are just whiners and babies. Their points are hardly valid since our track record shows we always make the right decision and we will weather the storm. Especially since we now have our CCs squarely on our side, and they’ve bought into the overall scheme. Dissent from them is practically nonexistent now - Yay! The cattle prod please. Mouse, I think you are awesome. Easily the most knowledgeable, diligent and hard working person in and around the game forum. But on this you have me flummoxed. It feels a lot like you’ve bought (and are now therefore towing) the company line. All with a dash of precautionary disclaimers as to appear unbiased and untouched by the guilded messaging. I really do like you, and all the relentless right-fighting. Keep up the good fight, maybe I can come around to your way of thinking. Right now, I am not feeling the love from WG that you feel. Help me to feel the love, please. So far, you have taken to tacking into the wind and I’m not getting it! I do not see the end zone as well as you, and I’ve read all or most of your posts. If you’re right, we will all be singing the praises for WG, on high. If you are wrong, game over and dead. Or maybe, it’ll be a lot of the same come the spring. I’ll go with the latter. Just a guess.
  2. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Hahaha, Russian BBs. Sorry, struck a funny chord
  3. Capt_of_Satisfaction


    Decided to play one random game in the MK, and ironically ended up only with one T8 on each side with NO CV. At least six commented on the No CV factor being a surprise. One guy said, The MK had Russian bias and was therefore considered a T9. LOL, fair enough. Somehow this old buzzard dusted off the rust and I remembered how much fun the boat can be.
  4. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I didn’t say I had to know, I said I’d like to know. I am curious like many of us. You make a very valid point and I don’t think that WG would give us that information. But it sure would explain volumes. All WE can do is just that, surmise. So far, suppositions and innuendo is fueling the fires. But this “things have to get a whole lot worse before they get better” strategy is as annoying as it gets. The track record isn’t good.
  5. Capt_of_Satisfaction


    Why, why couldn’t they get enough on the test server? This begs numerous questions which is for another thread, I suppose. From what I’ve read about the test server and how WG has implemented it, I suspect the answer but I’m certainly not qualified to answer it.
  6. Capt_of_Satisfaction


    We can only hope It’ll never happen and the button idea is a nonstarter.
  7. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I appreciate the post, but I am NOT ‘demanding’ anything. I am very curious about the numbers of regular CV players and CV mains. I am curious as to how many have quit playing since this started. I am not demanding it, I am just concerned. (See above post) Knowing those figures would sure explain quite a bit, wouldn’t it? It could put you at ease or it could display just how bad things actually might be. That’s all I was getting at.
  8. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I think the overall point is that you have a whole heck of a lot of peeved people, and clearly people are dropping off the game. Can the game survive all of this??? That is the entire thrust of my point. The “testing” should not be on the live server, and you may not have enough client base to survive. It’s pretty hard to say since we have no idea what the population actually is. I’ve been reading nothing but nightmares about the test server and how WG has messed that up. That is why I’d really love to know how large (regularly played) CV population actually is. If it is under %7 (as has been suggested) then this is especially bad strategy. And yes, I understand that people play all classes, CVs included. I play all classes except them. I tried playing CV but find CV play boring and monotonous, but that’s just me. I have nothing against CV players, or any other class of players. As for taking a break, I already have! I haven’t played more than fifty random games in the last few months. I only play coop for testing a new ship, otherwise find it boring. I practically stopped playing my favorite class, DD, since the radar debacle ensued. I’ve been playing mostly Operations and that’s it. Whenever I play above T7 I get peeved. The only reason I’m still here is because of Operations, and this has affected that as well. I am not mad or upset at CV players, and I’m not mad they want to rework the CVs. I am just very annoyed that they may be ruining the game and losing the customer base. I am very annoyed at how they’re doing it, not why. That and the other issues of marketing. So, I’m on the edge of just quitting altogether and wonder just how many are like me. I already closed my wallet in December. Also, to the point about the constant changes. Should you decide to come back in that six months, which you seem to believe will be all better and sweet by then, you will need a heck of a lot of catch up because the changes will have been numerous. Completely taking a break is a lot like quitting altogether. At least for me. I did that from WoT two years ago after 15,000 plus games. I tried signing in the other day and felt completely lost. Gave up on it pretty quickly. The sky isn’t falling and I’ll survive just fine. I just wonder if WoWS will. This goes well beyond simple tweaks, buffs and nerfs. I have praised the game over the years, and been a loyal spending customer. I have enjoyed the game immensely and feel like I shouldn’t have to apologize for being annoyed or concerned for the future of the game. WG has made a fantastic game that feels to me like it is unraveling ever since Radar Love. I don’t know what to expect in six months, but I do know that the game was one heck of a lot better last year at this time than it is now. That is called devolution not evolution.
  9. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Of course not. But that was not the thrust of my post nor do I think that is the expectation. Read the thread/s.
  10. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I don’t think any of this is ‘reasonable.’ Also, you’re making an educated guess and so far they have disappointed all of us with their predictions, such is the case with 8.0 and now. They’ve given us zero reason to believe these changes will amount to anything but a new set of ongoing issues. And as of this point, we don’t even know if they’re going to nerf premiums. It’s all one big guessing game. While I appreciate the ‘trying’ to keep us informed, it doesn’t seem to instill much confidence. Also, it is really telling that nobody can even give a reasonable figure as to what percentage the CV population even is, and WG won’t give up even that basic information with respect to populations playing the game. If they have, I’ve missed it, and you cannot say how large the CV population with all you know? Smoke, mirrors, and guesses. The confidence levels appear to be dropping like a submarine with a screened door.
  11. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    How do you know? Please explain how you know that the game will be ‘less wonky,’ (in 3 months) and how do you get so optimistic about a company that has us in ‘beta’ after five years? Because they say so? And you believe them? This isn’t a new game in beta, this is a long running full out game that has plunged the entire population into beta. That’s the outrage, and the reason for people are upset is pretty obvious. I am almost always defending your point of view Mouse, but now we are making predictions three months out? Where does all this brimming confidence come in when WG has displayed the opposite, especially these last three months? Also, is it accurate that only 5-7% play CVs? If it is, then why oh why are 95% of players having to endure this nonsense?
  12. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I tend to agree with the sentiment pasted here, and I think WG is a little tone deaf when it comes to the issue. Without having seen the following five pages I am responding to this point In the thread. I very much appreciate LWM and her analysis, and I am trying to understand as best I can. But this is become an obvious convoluted mess, and we as players are suffering through what is a long and extended beta test to try and save CVs. And this affects all modes of play, including missions which they have made easier for some reason by removing CVs from some of them, like Aegis. It is obvious that your average player, especially those that do not have an interest in carriers are weary and frustrated at a game that has seemingly completely changed, and then changed again, and again. Meanwhile, WG and its dubious marketing practices have compounded the issue by disenfranchising and/or eroding the trust of its consumers. (And please, I don’t need to be reminded that the game is technically “free.”) It feels a lot like this is been rushed, even though I know they been working on this forever. It feels like it should’ve been better tested before attempting to release. Having read previous post about the issue, it appears that many of these things were foreseen by many players. But not everyone, especially those who do not play CV like me, wants to continuously have to take a study course to understand what is going on and how they operate. We all appreciate that there are CV mains, but most of us are not. Has anyone ever suggested, and I almost feel like I should duck before I say this as not to get hit by flying debris: instead of actually proposing that CVs be removed from the game, that doesn’t have to happen. But what if they were to consider making CVs AI controlled added ships. Bots! In other words, and example would be in a random game one or two additional slots could be added for CV bots in addition (over and above, not in place of) to the original non-bot players. Much like is Operations/Missions, the CVs would be randomized and placed into a percentage of Coop or Random game play. Not all games, but a certain percentage. Not sure about Ranked as I just pulled this out my hind end. Is this just dumb, I haven’t thought it out much, just an idea tossed forth. But it seems like something has to be done now, instead of these constant irritating tweaks that seem to alienate half the CV population and please the other half, and on and on it goes. Not to mention all other classes and their frustration. Is the CV going to bring down the game? I think that is what the major committed population is mostly concerned about. Is the CV worth saving, and how many customers will have to drop away before we know the answer? Now I will attempt to model my way through the rest of the thread, and not understand some of what is being said about the deep mechanics of the CV rework. I am trying, honestly I am trying.
  13. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The Skull Throne

    @LittleWhiteMouse excuse me while I do a double-take! Glad you found your own little corner. I hope there’s plenty of cheese! Thanks for everything, Mouse!
  14. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    So I did a Google Search on My Picture...

    Mine found my posts here on forum, interesting. Never thought of searching that, especially since it’s a generic pic. (because obviously no pics of Capt. Morgan’s ship Satisfaction could exist, except those of its RIP on the ocean floor)
  15. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    Ok, try real hard to think of what you just said. Because YOU said it, and you said it here on this thread. Irony lost?