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  1. I had no idea that the cowardly Parks could do anything but die. That is really cool.
  2. So far I have loved all the missions. The weekly missions are a great idea and I've been playing them more than anything. Dunkirk is my least favorite, but it is still pretty cool. It is not supposed to be easy! The point is for it to be hard. It is great that they give you 19pt captains and let you set it up yourself. And I've only been on one team that was able to complete it, and that was for four stars. I do think the minefield should be more visible outside of the mini map, perhaps dotted line, or just being able to see the actual mines. I am not sure what the little collectibles are all about. If there's not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, most people will probably not like that. I have not been getting great containers however, just bad luck I suppose. I've never received a ship in a container. But please keep the weekly missions coming, it's a great idea and it teaches team work which is the pinnacle of this game. Lone wolves are no good to anyone in nearly any battle of these games. One idea I thought of and did not see it here, is perhaps you could choose to play this at several tiers, like 5-7-9 for example. New players could obviously choose 5 and the mission obviously easier at that level, and more experienced players could choose higher levels. I'm not sure if there's enough players in the queue for this idea however, just tossing it out there. Keep it up WG, One thing they could never accuse you of is stagnation!
  3. I have absolutely no problem will change, and I welcome positive change. But in case you haven't noticed this board is littered with issues about the new forum. They are not tiny, nor do they suggest the sky is falling. Over-exaggerations don't help much either, let alone useless responses. I am fully aware but they probably will not bring the old board back nor do I care. I do think that this should've been thought out better before implemented. And, I also think that people bringing negative comments to bear when issues like this occur causes them to pay closer attention because of the litany of complaints coming in. This is a product and we are consumers. Coming on here and making condescending statements and reminding people they have no reason to complain is absolutely pointless and does nothing to further any solutions to their new set of problems with this board. If I can't sign on for days, and when I do I cannot find any of the content that I need, I find that to be an issue. And obviously many others have as well. But you can always count on people and their egos coming on here to score some kind of pointless victory in their own minds. Boy, you sure put me in my place. People don't like change, how erudite. And the guy who explained I use the wrong acronym (WOW) instead of (WoWs) was especially helpful. Hint: Sarcasm. Since WOW is in fact an acronym for World Of Warships it was especially helpful. Yet I'm the one accused of nitpicking.
  4. I went ahead and made my premium purchase on my Mac, but I did submit a ticket. Not sure why some iPads work fine for checkout and not mine. Really odd. I'm on a newer iPad Pro so I'm perplexed. The payments come up just nothing happens when you click on them. Just wanted to know if everybody else was having the same problem. BTW, my Mac runs WoW with ease.
  5. Have you made purchases using your iPad in the last couple weeks?
  6. Wow, Dump the iPad, great answer! You are just so helpful. You would think they would address the issue since it's probably losing them money. Last I checked companies try to make money not lose it.
  7. Ever since the upgrade of the forum, or whatever patch, I am now unable to make purchases from my iPad. It will not except my clicking on PayPal or Amazon. I cannot buy things sitting in bed where I like to be in the morning going over my account. Also, why isn't there a shopping cart? If you want to purchase a few different flag packages, you have to do them one at a time instead of having a shopping cart where are you can make multiple purchases. I've never understood this. I'm really hoping I can make the purchase on my Desktop. Please fix. I can't buy something if I can't buy something and you're giving me time to think. I know you guys like to sell things, but you can't sell them if we have no way to pay. Thank you in advance!
  8. It is interesting to see the litany of negative posts regarding the new forum. I cannot find the titles, previous posts, many archived and relevant informational topics. I am unable to even find the proper board to post what I need. It cannot be used on a mobile phone which is absolutely ridiculous. It is full of bugs and problems. It took me two days to sign on. And on and on and on and on. The Snowball is headed down the hill and WOW appears to be just watching it roll, perhaps trying to steer it. Now you have an entirely new host of issues that you have to repair. Why don't you just dump the project and go back to the old forum? Wouldn't that make sense? Is the snowball rolling too fast because it seems to be out of control. Sometimes I think WOW just likes to irritate its customers. I just don't get it. It wasn't really broken and what needed fixed would certainly be easier than this debacle.
  9. The Snowball is halfway down the hill and it seems they are not going to stop it. When you have a bad thing, which used to be a good thing, and everyone is telling you that, but you still ignore and continue on the same path, need I say more?
  10. Is this some kind of cruel joke? What the heck was wrong with the other forum? What is the point of upgrading when you are really downgrading? It took me two days just to be able to sign on. Sometimes you just have to recognize bad for bad and get rid of it. What wasn't broken obviously didn't really need fixed. Now you have a whole host of problems that you have to fix. And that makes perfect sense, right? Bite the bullet and go back to the way it was for crying out loud.
  11. Mine didn't work either. Dowloaded new, replaced, and opened game. Switched graphics to High (not very high, just high) and launched. It crashed in seconds, before starting match. I recorded it with OBS but all it shows is black screen and not the Crash Applets that were displayed. I ran Studly Utility and reset everything. Left graphics on Low and no issues. Same a before. Global Low on graphics and I'm fine. anything else, crash.
  12. This may seem like a dumb question, but have you tried changing your power settings to Never while doing the install so the computer can't time out? Also, have you tried setting the global graphics to Low and leave all others to default... just change that one factor to low and thats it.. no frame rate adjustments? I've run the game numerous ways and it crashes every time. But when I run Studly Utility, Troubleshoot Part, "Fix damaged Wrapper" and "Fix shut down bug" then restart game and its like its being run for the first time. I go to settings and change that global to Low/apply and it runs fine. Perfect, no problems at all. I change one thing and bang, crash! If you don't run the utility first, it won't work. I dont change it anymore, I just play.
  13. Bootcamp is (should be) already a part of your OS, but since you weren't aware of that I strongly suggest you watch a youtube video on how to use it. Find a recent video on how to install windows on a Mac using bootcamp and time machine backup everything first. It is in the Utilities folder of your Applications.
  14. I am not having any issues on the global graphics set to Low, and that graphics aren't even bad, just obviously not as sharp as higher settings. But have you considered installing windows on your Mac using bootcamp? I had it running great on my old Mac 27 i5 and soon going to go ahead and load windows 7 on my new Mac but I have a fusion drive so I've run into problems and have to reformat, repartition and reload OS which is why I haven't done that yet. Just haven't had the time. But if you have HD space windows should run very nicely on your Mac. And windows can be obtained fairly cheaply on a key site. I have the crash logs for velvet and will send them on as soon as I'm at my Mac. On iPad now away from Mac. Thanks velvet_velour!
  15. I believe that velvet_velour is working on the Mac wrapper that allows us to even consider playing this on a Mac.