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  1. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    How to balance CVs and make them a part of the game

    Hallelujah! Finally a Succinct post on the subject from someone who knows what they’re talking about. And the biggest reason I have not played the game in months, and probably will quit. It’s usually regurgitated same’ole same’ole and therefore I only come by to observe posts now as I know the game has and probably will forever be trashed by the CV scourge. I won’t respond to those telling me how little experience I have with CVs because I apparently have to become a CV main to understand it all. Umm, no TY. Not interested. The bad soap opera has no end. Enjoy!
  2. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    I’ve only been gone a few months, and still haven’t logged back in the game. I come to the forum from time to time check out a few things. It’s like a soap opera, this forum. You can check out for a few months, come back and things have barely changed. Not that I expected it. I don’t intend to get back on the game until after the holidays, so I do not have to look at the scam bait I see even Mouse is now fairly disgusted with some of WGs nonsense, if I read that right. Good luck to all the CCs, whatever they decide!
  3. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Hi, first post, I hate cvs

    I took a few months off, and that has turned into wanting even more time off. Not sure when I’ll fire the game back up, perhaps soon. But, It is interesting to note that the CV complaint threads still shoot like a rocket once someone has posted a complaint. This game is kind of like a soap opera. You can take a few months off and when you come back things of barely changed
  4. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    NERF Battleships!

  5. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    NERF Battleships!

  6. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    still not fun

    Bad or average player comes on forum and gets browbeaten, harangued and talked down to by petty tools with egos far larger than their appendages. Stat-shaming and condescending behavior is top priority around here - tool central. News: if multiple CV wants DD dead, DD usually dies, period. Other news, not all players are 55+ percent, go figure. CVs in the current meta have ruined the game, period, end of story. One CV per side only is the only possible remedy.
  7. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    still not fun

    I’m terribly sorry, I meant the Clemson. Jeez, also played a Fubuki game and then went to bed. Can you ever forgive me??? Make a Simple mistake on something and people really jump you, Instead of considering the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like I haven’t been on here for over four years. It’s not like I haven’t been on here for over four years. I do not lie and I do not make up anything for the purpose of trying to make a point. If people have not seen three CV games per side then I must’ve been in one heck of an anomaly! There are plenty of people here that will back me up since I’ve been on the board since CBT. If it happens again I will definitely make a screenshot so I don’t get pounced on.
  8. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    still not fun

    Do not post a video of any of your DD games since all you will get is how badly you played and how you should’ve done it differently. You just need to get good or get out. It’s the same old same ole. It doesn’t matter how well you played, the critique will always be how badly you screwed up. I haven’t played in week, and very little in a couple months. Last night I decided to play a game in random to see how things are. I decided to take out the Clemson and of course was up-tiered to T8, no biggie there. But the best part was having three CV per side, all Hosho. I have never seen that before, and all I could do was chuckle. Now we are having three CVs per side, how fun. Being perma-spotted the entire game, yay! It’s a joyous fun ride to be looking up at planes swarming everywhere the entire game. So, it looks like it’s probably the end of the road for me. I will probably go on and mess around from time to time, especially with scenarios. And perhaps play a BB or a cruiser from time to time. But the game is simply no fun for me anymore. I closed my wallet last December, but kept on in hopes that they would get better. It just ain’t happening. Good luck and have fun!
  9. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    My personal nightmare - HMS Thunderer

    All I can say is, WoW!
  10. I’m really not understanding why anyone would report anyone for what they’re playing! As if they designed and placed the ship in game by and for themselves. Just ridiculous. World of Whaaaa
  11. Capt_of_Satisfaction


    Yes, WG has a money tree on the grounds. No one need spend a dime and they’ll do just fine! Everyone has an opinion
  12. Capt_of_Satisfaction


    I have a similar mindset. I’ve taken a break and played very little these last few weeks, including forum. When I do, I usually play Scenarios. When I play random, I just get somewhat annoyed. So I’m also taking a hiatus from the game. I love it too. There are so many good things about the game, and now so many bad. I want to support the game but closed my wallet last December over the dubious business practices and other economic elements of the game. I still have 111,000,000 credits and 1.4 mil FXP, but little incentive to play. I started playing Legends and really enjoyed that. But now they’re going down the same rabbit hole on console. The prices are shameful IMO. Good luck to all!
  13. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    Wait, like two minutes in, did he say “conversate,” instead of converse? I stopped watching Zoup quite awhile back with a video I won’t bother going into. Sorry, couldn’t get through it.
  14. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Just heard a cat in game

    It’s just an echo dude, lol.
  15. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What If CE Was Built into Every Ship?

    I do not use it on “most” of my BBs. But why not argue for 23 point Captains?