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  1. I guess my idea to make IFHE a 2 point captain scale went over like a polished round stinky brown thing. I haven't had a chance to sign on my with desktop as I am away and on iPad.... I hope they reset the skill so we can retool, and IMO the entire Capt should be reset since some skills are taken with IFHE in mind?
  2. Invite please, lol
  3. I'm seeing lots of questions...... So where are the answers? Which Sunday at 5pm, next year's Sunday?
  4. Ooooops, screwed that up. Very sorry. I actually do have a serious question. Why hasn't WG employed many of the best an obvious features found in mod packs? For example: Transparent mini-map, more details above ships without having to tap option key, zoom options, crosshair options, more minimap options like displaying ship names, more chat options, etc. I'm not suggesting that you employee all of them, just the obvious ones that simply make the game better. I know that there are options in the Settings, but many of the best options are found in mod packs. Could settings be expanded someday to include many of these outstanding options?
  5. Happy birthday WG! Still love the game. Other than the NEW sale anniversary box stuff, I'm not seeing any price drops especially on all regular items. The same price as always for everything. I spent quite a lot of money on this game and been here from the start. So wish they'd offer some better bargains instead of earning rewards through copious play. When the "percentage off specials" are always the same, it's not a special! Example: All Bonus Flags, -26% forever, still $14.99 Won't buy them for $20, and won't buy them for $15. It feels like a constant state of manipulation. But you can play for FREE! Oh I forgot, it's THEIR birthday. I should be spending more, not less Seriously, happy birthday WG
  6. Hehe, gaming PC? I play on my 2014 iMac 27" Razor, i7 3.6/9 GHz intel, 32 ram, gforce 780m 4gb video. I don't use the Mac wrapper because I got tired of it. I just loaded windows 10 on my Mac using Boot Camp and it runs beautifully along with OBS recording software. I also like to use Aslains so I wanted Windows. I was running Windows 7 which was very stable but I am really liking windows 10, especially the trimmed down version. I really wish WG would make a better effort to make the game run on a Mac. They are just losing customers, people that aren't willing to go through the hassle of loading windows or constantly getting errors with the Mac wrapper. There is a thread here devoted to the Mac wrapper by the way, and some very devoted people making that happen. Hats off to velvet_velour and dstud208 ... Who have done quite a lot in the effort! Thread Playing on a Mac - Dstud's Guides and Troubleshooting
  7. Wow, talk about comprehensive. I think I have the necessary information I need to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase this ship! Lol, outstanding! It is very much appreciated. I'm going to pass on the ship myself. Can't say enough about the review and the contributions.
  8. Flamu seems to have a differing impression from many here: Of course he's working with a high-level captain, as usual.
  9. I've been loving the weekly operations, albeit depends on the team. It is true that it is hard to find a good team and the problem is wasted time for such a long missions. But I have five starred killer whale numerous times and, 4 and 3 stars as well. I think we have more successes then failures, on average, or at least enough to complete the mission. It is definitely frustrating to get into a game where people simply do not listen, or they feel they know what's best instead of doing a team effort. What else is new, right? Doesn't the same thing happen in random games? It is funny how you can usually tell at the beginning of the game if there is an impending loss, like 3 destroyers Gnevny, Nicholas, Farragut. Please, only the best players can play the ships on this mission. Picking the proper ship is obviously important. I find the Cleveland and Texas best for this, in my group that is. And the pay off is good, especially captains skills. I love the Ops!
  10. Lol, and away we go again... Well done Lexington! I was hesitant to post this because it is probably pointless, however some toxic people need to be called out. And I feel that this is worth stating for the benefit of a public board. Warning: I made the apparently horrendous mistake of responding quite briefly to the "tooth" and found that he is less than stable. Based on my "LOL, anger management suggestion," my sarcasm was obviously lost between the ears. He thinks that condescending verbiage is only OK when it is coming from him. You know, the classic hostile bully syndrome. It seems to be quite popular right now, I can't imagine why? He also thinks that the only people that should respond to him are people that he has spoken to directly, apparently not aware of how a public board works. Believe me, he cannot help himself and will most likely rant on and on with hostility and quite frankly minimize his opinion. And of course he does have the right to his opinion, as long as he doesn't violate the rules as he so pointedly likes to mention in his right-fighting for the WG cause. If you look at my above post that he responded to, that is nothing compared to his private messages I received in my inbox despite having tried to tell him I wasn't interested in anything he had to say. Filled with degrading condescending language, calling me a human garbage and using the C word was especially delightful. This unfortunately prompted my only "report" ever on this board. I simply do not like to do that under almost any circumstances. So, If he hasn't already been kicked prepare for the onslaught. Whether you want it or not. Ive been watching iChase videos since he came online. I've seen almost every one of them and feel like I have the right to comment on the matter. After all, it is a public board where a variety of public opinions will be posted. You can even make sarcastic comments on a regular basis which I tend to do in a playful way. Honestly, I do not mean them in a mean-spirited way. And if I offended anyone I do apologize. It is amazing how much hostility is on just about any BB on the net. And by the way, I never challenged WG's decision. And as far as I'm concerned, honestly this topic can be locked or deleted. It has run its course IMO.
  11. Outstanding review Mouse! Now I see the Atlanta is finally back up for sale, and once again I am still leery as to whether to buy it. Quite frankly, whenever I come across in Atlanta I cringe because they can make your life so bleading miserable. Naturally once spotted, you have to do everything to take her out immediately. I hate my Indy and therefore will probably pass on the Atlanta even though it's a much different ship. But if I were a more talented cruiser driver I would buy her in a second.
  12. Sorry to see you go Taylor. I've seen your messages on other subjects, especially the iChase debacle. You sound like a good guy and believe me I know how frustrating it can be on a Mac. When you play the game in Windows mode, especially with enhanced mods, it is a lot of fun and quite impressive since they updated the graphics and sound. I mentioned Aslains before, which is a mod pack with a variety of visual enhancements to the game. Things like changing your crosshairs, and the overall look of things, etc. Some very cool stuff. I realize how dispiriting that can be trying to play on a Mac and I do think they need to address it since there are obviously millions of Mac users. That's just good strategy. But obviously the game was built for Windows and you know how ubiquitous that OS is! Wargaming has made a great game and quite naturally they want to make money like any other successful corporation. A Russian company is not going to perform the same way as an American company and I think that is what a lot of Americans expect, for it to be more American. I was just approached by a Russian gaming company that would like me too "Americanize" their website. They are concerned that Americans will not appreciate or be attracted to some of the wording on their webpages. Remember, this is a worldwide game with history at its core. I'm not sure people can imagine what it must be like to produce a game that satisfies people on five continents. All from differing cultures, all from differing forms of logic and understanding. I think context is important with respect to this game. Good luck to you! And a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the contributors that help people play the game on a Mac. It seems as though people come here to complain a lot and forget that you are all trying to make it so they can play.
  13. I think the overriding question is truly what WG intends to do about Mac users and if they want their game to be stable on a Mac. I honestly do not know the answer to that question, as I do not recall seeing any official WG comments with respect to people using Macs. Since they made it downloadable on their site from a Mac I can only assume that they do in fact want people to be able to play the game on a Mac. Maybe I've missed something somewhere. I do not know if Velvet works for WG and assumed that she is just a helpful contributor. I wonder if someone can answer these questions for me? Does WG actively employ you guys to make the Mac wrapper work? Are they actively seeking to make the game playable on a Mac? How serious are they about this endeavor? For me it was about playing the game in its full glory. Playing on my Mac with low graphics wasn't bad, but they were still issues and you could not use Aslains Mods. Each time there is an update there will continue to be issues until they decide to go all in with Mac support. I hope that someday it gets to that point. Until then, I strongly suggest that those who love the game use BootCamp and load Windows on your Mac. I realize some people don't have this option because they may have a laptop or other issues with running the game. But those issues will probably be the same if you had a PC and not enough RAM or hard drive space, etc. Right now, having Windows is the only consistently stable way to play the game on a Mac. I was able to play on my Mac most of the time and still became too frustrated to mess with it anymore. I was forced to move to Windows in order to play the way I like to play and to achieve the graphics I need to record games. Any answers with respect to my earlier questions would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading this board but I don't remember all 56 pages.
  14. Please tell me you meant a 73 or before Corvette? After the tail was chopped off, really? Something tells me you have or had a 77.
  15. Like was saying, this frees him up to do what he wants. IChase explains: