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  1. Sierra Mike Flags

    Dear WG, Please make Sierra Mike flags available to purchase. Please, pretty please. I do not play every day. I’ve been playing since CBT and I play all ship types except CV. I do not have a Capt. Above 18 yet. Plenty of 11 & 12 pt. Captains. I like to play the weekly missions and I’m only on for about 90 minutes at a time. So I simply do not accumulate Sierra Mike flags nor do I come across them very often. Whenever I get a crate I choose the Flag option and still have trouble obtaining these flags. I think it’s the hard-core guys that play a lot that are able to accumulate them. I play a lot of DD and I find these flags to be very valuable and wish that I could purchase them. Please make them available within reason, please. Thank you I’ll stop groveling now.
  2. I could not agree more, the exchange rate is abysmal.
  3. How to defeat bow on Bismarck/Tirpitz?

    Yes I got that. I was just pointing out that it might ‘feel’ like you’re turning faster. That’s all it meant
  4. How to defeat bow on Bismarck/Tirpitz?

    I think it feels a lot like you are turning faster because you’re turning tighter. At least that’s what it seems like to me. Especially in a cruiser where 3/4 speed seems to get me turned around much easier than full speed. Not quicker but tighter. Besides, it also reminds me to constantly keep changing speeds, and that usually a good thing.
  5. Thanks again Mouse. I’m getting used to these brilliant posts. I am afraid you’re stuck here for a long long time. Scrathing head and thinking I can’t even handle all the info of what is currently out now... new boats on the way rattles my old brains.
  6. Many people have the perception that you need some major gaming rig to play this game, and that’s just not true. It is true that if you want the best graphics and perhaps you want to record, then you’ll need some decent power. But this game looks very good at mid-level graphics, and can be played quite well and quite smoothly on an i5 based system with a mid-level card. I played it for a long time on my 2011 iMac with an i5 and only 8 gigs ram, including the old 512mb AMD card. I had to run low graphics but the game still looked pretty good and ran smoothly. Now I have a much stronger i7 Mac, but only a gforce gtx760m and I’m able to run quite smoothly at high graphics and get very crisp OBS recordings. It looks and plays wonderfully. I should mention I’m running BootCamp Windows 10 on my Mac and not using the Mac wrapper. An i5 will do fine, especially if you have an adequate vid card, and some decent ram, like 16gb or better always helps, but not required. Look at some of the old jalopys is on this thread. Good luck and fair seas!
  7. Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    The more you play it, the more you’ll like it.
  8. Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Shhh, its cheap right now, too word is gonna spread
  9. I received her in a gift box and was pleasantly surprised. But playing Newport station always scoring higher on my Cleveland. Still, DeGrasse is a fun boat IMHO.
  10. Same old names bickering over old topics. Now blaming Mouse for doing a year-end review and commenting on one of the most controversial subjects of the year. How can you do a year-end review without making a comment about it? But of course you can’t do that without the bigmouth‘s bringing it all back up again and wanting to argue and rehash it all. Same names, same arguments, yada yada yada. Perhaps you could just take it in the spirit it was given. Very brief and very smartly put. That’s all it is. If you guys were sincere you would take it to PM and leave it off the boards. Everything that needs to be said has been said. Everyone has been offended in someway and everyone has self-righteously taken to the boards to defend some stubborn position over the GZ debacle. Can we get through one thread, even a positive spirit one without bickering and arguing and childish banter? Just once?
  11. Dude, quoting an entire post that long, really?
  12. Happy New Year everyone! Really outstanding year-end presentation from Mouse and Lert! Great stuff. Thank you to all the WG staff and Community Contributors. Cheers for making the game that much better!
  13. Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Oh well, guess it’s best to have both then. Do you not realize we are but fragile humans, and those of us who love the LGrad are going to have trouble not buying the Blys? Hold me down honey, don’t let me do it! Oh, how I wish one would turn up in the roll of the dice.