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  1. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Just heard a cat in game

    It’s just an echo dude, lol.
  2. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What If CE Was Built into Every Ship?

    I do not use it on “most” of my BBs. But why not argue for 23 point Captains?
  3. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    Des Moines is pretty decent
  4. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    That’s cool, I guess I was surprised to see Scharn as your fave, not sure why.
  5. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    This surprised me! Scharn, no GC, and no 4 or 5? Non-premium: Farrugut, Fubuki, Fletcher, Baltimore, Charles Martel, Clemson Premium: Kutuzov, Belfast, Atlanta, Lenningrad, GC, and really liking Jean Bart The biggest surprise to me was Martel
  6. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The danger of getting to close to a Neustrashimy

    lol, Yup. Kuro, I've heard you before you were sick. You sound like Nick Offerman! (Notser sounds like Keith Carradine)
  7. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    The danger of getting to close to a Neustrashimy

    Good stuff! Has anyone ever told you you sound like Nick Offerman?
  8. Really? And are they supposed to know how to code, and are they supposed to know how to employ game development? Perhaps they should go out and take a course in video game development software so that they can provide better input. It is really nice to know that you see absolutely no major issues with this game, and if so that you would offer absolutely sterling advice. So basically what you’re saying is that no one need to complain unless they have a solution in their back pocket. It doesn’t work that way, or you simply haven’t been on very many forums. As I said, this board is absolutely littered with good and bad suggestions. Much of those suggestions are argued into the ground within the community itself. One person thinks they should be one kind of MM, and others thinks it another way. It is a forum for people to come and express themselves in a variety of ways, and yes to complain. It is not incumbent upon the user/players to correct all these game issues, mechanical issues that WG has dropped the ball on. And there basically is almost no topic that has not been covered. And if you think these complaints are not affective, you aren’t paying attention. Many examples could be drawn just from numerous complaints alone. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and sometimes it needs to get pretty squeaky before anything changes.
  9. Oh, it’s now up to the players, and the payers to come up with the solutions, right? If you have a complaint about the state of the game, YOU are supposed to provide all the answers, not just call out the problems. How ludicrous, especially when this board is littered with suggestions, ideas, on and on. How about those that designed and run the game employ some of the really fantastic ideas that have already been postulated, and I think about every topic has been covered, some over and over and over. No, it is all about the bottom line and how much cash they can squeeze out of every individual. It is about how many paid players they can attract. The logic of having a really great game and the rest will fall in line obviously does not apply with WG. Just the bottom line! Keep making your suggestions and see how far it gets.
  10. ^this It is difficult to understand why people cannot grasp this concept. I think that people actually believe if you had all unicum players on both sides there would be no snowball or bad losses. That is of course, nonsense. Conversely, they may believe that if all bad players are in the game things would just level out. Just think about that for a minute. Someone has to be slightly better than someone else. There will always be someone that is better than someone else, and so on and so on down the line. They don’t have to be a lot better, only slightly better (or just on a better circumstance since people aren’t robots) to gain a slight advantage, etc. etc. Then there are a variety of other variables such as split-second thinking and minor errors that cause and effect will turn the match. Question: If you had all Unicum players on both sides, would one side win? Of course it would. By some of the logic I’ve seen employed on this subject, I believe that people think they would all be epic down to the wire games. This is grandiose folly. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. A purely stat-based MM would be a disaster.
  11. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    0.8.7 Has some interesting changes

    I see some very interesting and welcome changes. The MM does concern me though. I’m not sure tinkering with that in that manner is going to help, quite the contrary. But, oh well, we shall see. I am personally skeptical of any ranked or performance based MM changes.
  12. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Sierra Mike, Victor Lima

    lol yup. I have 1.4 million plus. So much FXP and nothing to spend it on. Sux Now, if I only had more steel!
  13. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Sierra Mike, Victor Lima

    This might sound like a dumb question, but... Every time I receive a crate on points, I choose the "More Signals and Camouflages" and up until this point I have kept myself in plenty of Sierra Mike and Victor Lima flags. I always have more than 20. Now, in the past few weeks or maybe longer the flags must be coming up less often. I know I play random much less frequently now, but, I still get plenty of crates with Ops, etc. Am I imagining things or are the Sierra Mike flags dropping less often now? They aren't more prone to drop from playing Randoms are they? I wouldn't think so. I'm still getting nice Camo at the same rate. Guess I'll have to burn coal, but it seems a waste.
  14. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Turning Distances and Radius over 30s of Tier 6 Ships

    Nice graphics, thanks!
  15. Capt_of_Satisfaction

    Who have you seen in game

    @ClassicLib seen on opposing side in DD Black. I was driving Jean Bart and had a fairly decent game. He was last alive as their side won on points. Great job staying alive for clock bro! You won it for your team.