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  1. Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    Yes. Skip Seattle. Both are markedly less impressive than their T10s, but Seattle is the less impressive of the two. Skip that one.
  2. This is what I was thinking as well. It could work just fine, it would just need to be broadened to a general escape from the harbor like what St. Louis, Detroit and some others did, and Nevada tried to do. They would also have to add a sea attack component rather than just air attack. They could even replace the midget subs with torpedo boats.
  3. WoWs on a Flash drive?

    I have. It works well enough. I've played both World of Warships and World of Warcraft of USB (3.0) thumb drives and USB HDDs in the past. I currently play World of Warships on my Surface Pro 4 off of a MicroSD card. (The computer doesn't have much on board storage). They all work fine. Games don't load up as fast as on my desktop with its SSD but you'll get in before the game starts and I haven't had any particular playability issues. It isn't an ideal set-up but it works acceptably if that is what you have to do.
  4. Yea. That would cause a firestorm. I doubt they will do that, not when NA server will buy it (with FXP if necessary.)
  5. It would be closer to Alabamagate. Alaskagate was caused by a shoddy product release. Alabamagate was releasing a ship that the public at large wanted but couldn't get access to.
  6. Funny thing is I was actually thinking that #1 would be a good idea quite some time ago and I am a cruiser main. Reducing dispersion by x% per fire and possibly reducing the overall damage per fire in return seems reasonable and more realistic than the current system. I don't think it is necessary to affect AA because, as people already mentioned, you probably already permanently lost some AA from the HE shots that set the fire in the first place. Having the fire penalize AA again effectively double-dips. I would also have no problem with radar being a hittable module. I suspect that would be a little harder to do though because they would have to code in where the radar module is on the ship, how many there are, and how protected they are.
  7. I really originally wanted Jean Bart, but not as a FXP T9 with an improved heal and a special ability to prop it up. I had doubts about the ubercruiser/battlecruiser concept on T9, but Krontstadt seems to be working out satisfactorily so Alaska should perform about as well. That pushed Alaska up to the top of my list of ships to get. Jean Bart T9 is now just ahead of Mushashi (which I have little interest in).
  8. I've never figured this out. I am familiar with then flying close to see the range that the AA opens up, but how do CVs tell at the start of the match? I have the same experience as Soshi in that I never get attacked. I usually play US cruisers and all of them are specced for AA, but no carrier planes ever come close to me. The minute they spot my DM or Baltimore they just fly away. I had one Midway attempt to drop on me in my DM in all of 2018 (only one bomber survived long enough to drop the torpedo).
  9. That is why I do it. It is well worth the investment if CVs go away and bother someone else. lol.
  10. Nope. He hadn't been fired on at all. It was right at the start of the game and he was right in front of me the whole time. I was in my Massachusetts and the Midway planes bypassed me and went straight for him. Ironically, I was trying to keep up with him so I could benefit from his AA. Also, when I asked him how that happened he told me that he hadn't specced for AA at all. He was pretty accepting and straight forward about it. He was preparing for Clan Wars. It just shocked my how fast he got deleted by aircraft of all things. DM is one of my favorite ships and I've never been hit that hard by even a T10 carrier. But then again mine is fully AA specced.
  11. I saw a DM get sunk with AP bombs last week. He apparently didn't bother to spec for AA.
  12. The Surface 3 is a very different beast. It is older and uses an Intel Atom. It is MUCH less powerful than a Surface Pro 4. It probably would explode (or choke and die) if it tried to run WoWs. The minimum spec Surface 4 with an i5 absolutely can run it competently. (I cannot vouch for the m3 processor though.) The form factor is the biggest limit for Surface tablets. It is not a fun experience trying to spot incoming shells in the game sunlight (or a game storm) on a 12" screen. Also, you pretty much have to use some other storage if you have one of the small SSD versions like I have. Fortunately you can play the game off of an external drive or a micro SD card in the slot. The OP absolutely an play WoWs on a Surface Pro 4 in a pinch, but I would invest in a better machine. Either a Surface Book 2 or some other gaming laptop.
  13. Also, issues with two much radar can be easily addressed by programming the matchmaker better. If Blizzard can program their raidfinding software with enough intelligence to balance for player skill and gear, I don't see why Wargaming can't program theirs to spread the radar ships out so that one side doesn't have 5 radar ships to the other side's zero and or spreading them out into other games so that there are no more than 2 per side for example.
  14. I have Surface Pro 4, i5-6300u, with the integrated HD 520 graphics chip and 4GB of ram as my travel computer. Even a lower-end Surface Pro 4 like mine will play WoWs surprisingly well without heat issues. (You WILL hear the fan though.) It isn't massively spry with it (like 30-45fps), but it is quite playable. The system will automatically dial down the graphics but you can see more than well enough to play. The biggest issue for me is the small screen size limits peripheral vision and low storage capacity makes it hard to keep the game in onboard storage and have room for anything else. (I play WoWs off of a Micro SD card in the Surface card slot). Those are bigger issues than how well the Surface handles the graphics. I would not use a Surface Pro for my primary gaming computer though. It is a LOT better at it than you would guess but any laptop with a decent graphics card will easily put it to shame and there are a lot of inexpensive gaming laptops around now. The Surface Book 2 has models that come with discrete graphics (the 1050 and 1060 are the two models it comes with). Either of those will play WoWs very well pretty much on max setting. Both of those are at least as good as the 3-4 year-old midrange graphics card I have in my desktop that I play on regularly and my computer plays it on max settings with no problem. I've also watched a lot of videos of people playing games on the Surface Book 2 to see how well it handles them. You can probably guess that I have been researching the matter in preparation for getting a Surface Book 2 myself. :) In sum, I would not play the game on a Surface Pro as a regular thing if you have anything with a discrete graphics card, but it will play WoWs well enough if you need it to.
  15. ^I second this. Although I would add that the answer may change depending on how difficult it is to get steel for you. I can't get steel easily so I would never spend it on a ship that I can get with any other easier-to-access resource, such as cash or FXP. Also, in the current meta T9 isn't useful for anything special to give a reason to get Musashi right now instead of just building FXP (or converting it). Without knowing anything more about the OP, I would never spend steel on Musashi. Even coal is a maybe at best. I would just build FXP (or convert it if you want it now) and get it.