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  1. Tzarevitch

    Not many Tones out

    Depends on what you are using them for. For damage? No. Atago is a more consistent damage performer. For versatility? Yes. The planes do add attack capabilities against targets that Atago can't even reach and it can contribute in situations where Atago can't do anything. That being said, Atago is a much more consistent performer and it'll do better in most situations where it can contribute at all. You can get totally obliterated while you are controlling the planes. You also have to be good at getting damage output out of the planes for Tone to keep up and it just doesn't do that consistently on T8. I like her, but the planes die like flies on that tier. On Ise's tier, the planes have moderate survivability, on Tone's they disintegrate against any solid AA ship. God help you if it had good stock AA and buffed it. On T8 AA is stronger and the AA auras are deeper, and Tone's planes are no faster than Ises. You have to take that into account. I mostly use them against isolated, weak AA boats, against targets hiding behind islands, or weak AA DDs. Tone is a perfectly good ship, but it has a higher skill floor that Atago does to be effective.
  2. Tzarevitch

    Is Enterprise still OP?

    It's fine. I used it a few times since the rework. You have to lead the target a bit more and it is a bit harder to hit DDs but it isn't completely unmanageable.
  3. Tzarevitch

    British CV Bounces 16 inch AP shells?

    Yep. Basically Glorious and Courageous were near sister ships to Furious.
  4. Tzarevitch

    British CV Bounces 16 inch AP shells?

    Glorious and her sister Courageous weren't armored carriers. It was mainly the Illustrious class and the follow-ons. I agree though, for all the fame of the the armored box design it was basically a failure. It put really severe limitations on the carriers ability to function as carriers. They were fleet carriers with the capabilities of light carriers. The British got good use out of them out of a combination of great skill and largely poor air opposition (mostly against the Italians) and the fact that the Kriegsmarine was wedded to dive bombing and completely ignored torpedo bombing. They would have been better served with improved versions of Ark Royal and gotten airgroups twice as large (and twice as capable) on the same sized hull.
  5. Tzarevitch

    British CV Bounces 16 inch AP shells?

    The shell came in too shallow an angle and skipped off of the armored deck. It happens a lot against Indom, Implacable and Audacious.
  6. Tzarevitch

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    Obviously at T10 though.
  7. Tzarevitch

    IJN Ise(BBV) -What would its fate be?

    I doubt it will be nerfed. It's basically a weak BB and a weak CV in one package. It's power is in its versatility. The trick to getting good value out of it is being able to switch to the thing your opponent can least handle at that moment. It's an interesting new concept in the game. I'm looking forward to Tone appearing. Also, there's no option for "No change" in the survey.
  8. Tzarevitch

    Tier 6 Virebeus Unitus

    You must be the only person I've ever seen who likes Viribus Unitis. I got it because it was an actual ship and likely the only Austro-Hungarian BB we'll ever see, but it really is a lousy ship. I agree with the others, it is a weak T5. No way it reaches T6. I would like to see Ersatz Monarch at T6, but I don't think we ever will.
  9. Ty for the video. Interesting. The final machine gun salvo doesn't tell you where the reticule is, it tells you exactly where the individual rockets from the salvo will actually land. That's not what I thought it did.
  10. We know as of this point the Europeans and the Dutch will not be interchangeable. I highly doubt that will change. They have not announced how the captains will move yet. The fairest way is for Friesland to spawn a captain with the same points as the captain it had. They may also just elect to have her spawn a captain with a set number of points (10 or 15 or so) across the board. They have not decided at this point.
  11. Tzarevitch

    Ise Questions?

    I agree it looks like it picks up some versatility with the planes but pays for it with dps and survivability. That being said it is a unique capability that hasn't existed in the game before and it was a real ship so I will absolutely get it. :)
  12. Tzarevitch

    Ise Questions?

    I don't see it out yet. It's only a T6 though so I would assume it will be available for $$ as well as doubloons.
  13. Tzarevitch

    Battle cruisers

    I think so as well. They would be a split off of the BB line.
  14. Tzarevitch

    Battle cruisers

    I think there's a decent chance we will see one for the British. There were enough of the build and sketched out to fork a BC line for them. There's a possibility for the Germans and the Japanese. I don't think anyone else produced even paper BC designs in enough numbers for a line, although Wargaming certainly could make some up. It wouldn't be the first time for that. lol.
  15. Tzarevitch

    Ise Questions?

    I can torpedo them as well. It's not that it can't be done, it's that TBs are the hardest to use against DDs, especially if the torps are slow and they are the easiest plane type for DDs (and some cruisers) to manage around. Even the KM line CV torpedoes which are intended for use against DDs aren't that easy to use on DDs. Certainly not when compared to rockets or HE DBs. I agree though, after torpedoes AP DBs are the next most likely to appear because they are fairly limited in use. They are really only good against cruisers and some BBs (in that order) depending on penetration and my guess is they won't have super high penetration. That was my fallback guess for Ise and Tone's planes after the TBs. It wouldn't shock me to see them on Tone, especially since she already has torpedoes of her own. It would add a more useful capability to Tone, while not making DD lives more difficult beyond basic spotting.