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  1. Tzarevitch

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    You kinda have to get the ui to work before you can balance, otherwise you don't really know what you are balancing.
  2. Tzarevitch

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    I could certainly use some too. I got really lucky and got 3 of the RN DD missions immediately with the coveted Lightning coming in my first crate. However, RNGezus did not bless me with a golden ticket.
  3. Tzarevitch

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    I suspect the reduced awareness and the difficulty spotting is at least partially intentional. SubOctavian did mention that they did not want CVs to be spotting machines like they are now. I guess testing will tell if it is turned down too much. They may be able to improve the detection while the planes are in the immediate area to make targets easier to spot for attack runs, but counterbalance it by having visibility of the target drop off faster than normal than it does when ships are doing the spotting, when the planes are gone. Also, from those of us who did not get an invite, thank you for the updates. 🙂
  4. Tzarevitch

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    I suspect the testers and the CCs are all invited and for everyone else it is random draw. I played up to Ranger before my dislike for the RTS style stopped me from going further.
  5. I have not see this happen. My games the entire team forms a ball of uselessness just outside one of the caps. Not in the cap or anything useful like that, just short of it. At least if they scatter some of them may blunder into a cap and contest it.
  6. I do like that cammo a lot, but I doubt I'll be very interested in paying for this ship.
  7. Tzarevitch

    I got called into Service - CVs

    People CAN handle it, but they didn't like it and they made it clear by not playing it and voicing their dislike.
  8. Tzarevitch

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    Got it. Ty. :) Anyone else comment on why people don't like it? I'd be interested to know because I've never had a problem with it myself.
  9. Tzarevitch

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    Um... so... what is WGC and why are people having issue with it?
  10. Tzarevitch

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    People who know her history would buy her, but I'm not sure many more would. Exeter wasn't really a particularly good ship, she was just present for several historical battles. It is basically a British Furutaka/Aoba. An interesting side note is that she could duel Graf Spee again … with probably the same results.
  11. Tzarevitch

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Honestly, with that torpedo range it really doesn't matter. Narrow is nearly the same as single. Also at that range if you try to single launch, one is all you'll fire before you get vaporized. We aren't talking about a Hindy here. That's some mighty thin armor.
  12. Also, a strafe from planes with rockets isn't going to be nearly as bad as an Akizuki raining unending shells at you. They just hit you with a salvo and fly away.
  13. I think Henri is stronger but not much stronger. Firepower was never her issue. Her problem was always flexibility and utility, which are supposed to be cruiser hallmarks. Henri has good abilities but the package doesn't really perform any cruiser role well and provides almost no team utility. I've played through all the T10 tech tree cruisers except Moskva and Henri is the least impressive one. It doesn't cap well because it is basically blind (no radar, good hydro, or spotter), it can't detect DDs or stealthy cruisers without help, and its AA isn't that good so it is dangerous operating independently if there are carriers around and it is of little help defending allies. The only thing anyone can ever point to it doing well is kiting away. The problem is that only works if you have good teammates who are doing the spotting for you or an enemy who keep shooting and chasing you. Either way you are also conceding the cap points doing it. It basically farms HE damage on BBs most of the time but if that is all you are going to do you are better off with a Conqueror or Repiblique (if you want to stay French). Honestly I think Henri needed a reduction in her detection range far more than she needed the reload booster. That would at least allow her to get in closer and make better use of her speed. Like most ships a good captain can make Henri work but it isn't a particularly good ship. Almost anything it can do you can find another cruiser to do it better (other than go fast).
  14. Tzarevitch

    Should I get DM now?

    You've made it this far, just finish it off unless you need DM right now. Especially if you are fine with Buffalo.
  15. Tzarevitch

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    World of Warcraft has rebuilt massive game elements for years. Sometimes they announce that they did it, sometimes not. If you go back to the original game it plays almost nothing like it does now. That game has been massively rebuilt. They rebuilt two whole continents to allow for flight. They've introduced whole new phasing technology so players can operate in the same area and see completely different effects. They introduced a vehicle combat engine. They've built a competent matchmaking engine from scratch. They've redesigned almost every class repeatedly so much that they only resemble their original versions. I'm sure lots of other games have done so as well. People just don't remember earlier, less functional, incarnations of the game well. That's just the way human memory works. What WoWS is trying to do isn't that earth shattering. It will work out and be playable. How much and whether the player base as a whole will like it is another matter. That is the real issue.