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  1. It should be able to bully T8 BBs too. About half of the T8 BBs can't overmatch its bow or midships armor if angled properly. The big thing is it doesn't really have a lot of torps. What it has won't sink a BB on its own and the reload on the main battery is nearly at battleship levels. Its alpha with guns and torpedoes is unreal though.
  2. Tzarevitch

    It seems the CV queues tell a tale of truth

    I was trying to complete the missions for the permanent camo for the T4 Rhein and the CV queue was horrific.
  3. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Yes. Apparently Tom Hanks wasn't happy it was sold to Apple to go behind its paywall. He is well aware it won't get nearly the viewership it would have otherwise. I'll probably wait around a bit and see if there are alternative methods of getting access to it.
  4. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Yep. If the escort runs low on depth charges, the sub thanks whatever god he worships and goes about his business.
  5. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Ty. :) That one was available normally so I got it when it came out since I am a fan of war movies. It was OK. I felt it missed a lot of the horror of WWI. I don't want to wreck it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I thought the end was a lot milder and more reasonable than it should have been. That wasn't very typical of command decisions in WWI. The ending in the old Gallipoli movie I thought was much better.
  6. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    That might be worth a try if I can stream it free for a week from the web browser. I am most bummed that the Foundation series will be on Apple TV exclusively. ... Now that I checked you can watch it from the web browser.
  7. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    Yes. Therein lies the problem. I haven't owned an Apple device since my iphone 4. I would buy it as a standalone in a heartbeat but they aren't making it available for purchase. If they have and I missed it please let me know, but I've been checking and I haven't seen it. It's not available on Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Movies Anywhere.
  8. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    It's not the money. I would gladly buy it as a standalone. It's that it only exists on Apple's service which I don't have. They have not offered it for purchase that I am aware of.
  9. Tzarevitch

    Kurfurst Captain Build: Tank or Full Meme?

    ^ This sums it up for me as well. If you aren't going to use its greatest strength why use that ship?
  10. Tzarevitch

    So...when does the nerf begin?

    He didn't even need that. He just needed to turn. Then he wouldn't have eaten all the bombs. He let Soshi line up right over him for free. Rngezus also smiled on that drop. I've never gotten that many bombs to hit a CL that small before. The best I have ever managed on a Shchors or a similar sized cruiser is 2. I have managed to get all 6 to hit BBs like Tirpitz and get a dev strike, and also on BCs like Yoshino because they are big enough to fill the reticule. Four on a Shchors is really nice ... at least for Soshi. lol. Not so much for the Shchors.
  11. Tzarevitch

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    I was really looking forward to seeing the movie when the previews came out in the spring, but it is exclusively behind Apple's paywall now so that probably won't happen.
  12. Gezus, the Skypirates are enormous. lol. I knew they were huge but they are larger even than the twin engine planes.
  13. Tzarevitch

    CV Rocket tweak (nerf) is in testing

    The rocket reticule change was needed. I play CVs a lot and it wasn't good practice to require players to know which specific type of rocket plane was attacking them to tell which way to maneuver to mitigate or avoid the damage. Midway and Lexington were particularly bad as figure out whether he was using Tiny Tims or HVARs to know which way to turn and there was no obvious way to do that. Now all rocket planes are consistent and prefer to attack broadside.
  14. Tzarevitch

    German Tier 8 CV - August von Parseval

    I've been bottom tier in nearly every game in Parsaval over the two days I've had it. You get used to it after a while. You have to be careful about what you attack and when you attack it. You really just don't attack ships that are clumped up. The planes completely disintegrate even with max buffs. In the beginning you have to wait for the targets to spread out a bit. You go after the speedy guys out front or the slackers in the back. If you have to attack go FAST.
  15. Tzarevitch

    How to Midway?

    Like others said, it's basically a scaled-up Lexington. Could you give us a better idea of what you are having difficulty with? If you can play the German CVs and you leveled through Lexington you should have no problem with Midway. The rocket planes have the same 2 options as Lexington: Tiny Tim or HVAR, the DBs are basically the same. The TBs drop a lot more torpedoes that individually do less damage, but she drops a lot of them. The reticule is very wide though and takes a while to narrow. If you don't let it narrow you get a big fan of torps. As a note HVARs are not worthless at all. They some of the highest alpha damage of all the rocket planes. The big difference is they have less pen than the Tims and aren't as good as the Tims against heavily armored BBs.