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  1. Premium shop issues?

    Same. Purchased Graf Spee, Texas, Ishizchi bundles as well as Yubari. Transactions all show as pending on credit card and Paypal (used Paypal for one); have not received anything. I submitted a support ticket. My div mate made purchases last night w/ no issues.
  2. How was your weekend spree?

    Back-to-back Kraken's Saturday in Konig (190k and 230k damage): My div mate said I can't complain about the rest of weekend, so I won't complain... but Sunday night was only 4 games in Konig, all losses with the last having me six-torped by a Kamikaze (Devastating Strike - great shot) in the first five minutes (I was low score obviously). Karma.
  3. When will this stop?

    I'm sorry, "poi" is annoying and not even fun for some of us. And it has nothing to do with "warships" for those of us not obsessed with anime. I just ignore.
  4. Thnx - didn't even know that page existed. Cheers!
  5. Free Cursor Not Working

    I thought I remapped the "track shell/torpedo after firing" to SHFT MMB, but I checked my setting and that function is not bound to any key at this time. Not sure if I did that or happened during a patch. I no longer have that problem when I scroll to zoom, though. Early stage senility...
  6. Free Cursor Not Working

    Had same issue. My division mate kept telling me about "free cursor" to prioritize secondary/AA and I had no idea what he was talking about. I think it may have been due to me remapping the MMB zoom to CTRL MMB to avoid the accidental fire and zoom, but remapping didn't correct. I ended up doing a fresh install and that fixed it (and not remapping anything with CTRL). Kind of a pain, but it worked and is definitely worth it.
  7. Good game in my Omaha.

    Okay, just had to put this one up pre-buff: 1.5x multiplier, but best game in terms of number of achievements.
  8. USS Sims Rebalance?

    Have not played the Simms once since 0.4 OBT. Pity as it was okay in CBT (not stellar). I played USN DD line up to Farragut in CBT and did reasonably well. I'm at Nicholas now, but just am not having any luck or fun. The smoke nerf killed the USN DDs.
  9. Border skidding.

    Something like this. In MechWarrior Online, when you go out of bounds, you are given a warning and a certain amount of time to get back in before you are simply destroyed. You can still shoot and be shot. Perhaps a loud klaxon warning you are out of bounds. Time out-of-bounds should be cumulative so people don't dip a toe in bounds then go out again. At edge of out-of bounds, you can slide but counter is winding down (a hard stop would make it difficult for large ships to get back in bounds if truly an accident). Just my thoughts.
  10. Fatal Error

    I've only had it happen once so far. I just closed the client and restarted and everything was fine and have not had another repeat.
  11. Overtime- Cure for Draws(?)

    159 PvP battles, 6 draws = 3.8%. Agree. Games do not need overtime: sometimes a losing team will (and should) go for the draw as a perfectly valid tactic. Too many battles I see teams going for kills rather than the stated objectives.
  12. Fatal Error

    Program suffered fatal error: "unhandled exception" requiring client to close. First time I have encountered this error through all of CBT into OBT. Screenshot of error attached.