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  1. Honestly, as a CA player I would much rather see 5 DDs on the enemy team then 5 BBs. The hype around the new DD line is probably inflating the numbers. I remember the BB numbers went thru the roof when the KM BB line came out.
  2. Fix BB AP against DD

    Now let's have some fun with that statement for a second. "It's not that destoryers shouldn't be able to hit cruisers. It's more about the supposed rock-paper-scissors of the game model itself. If destroyers can effectively defend themselves against cruisers, then what exactly would their weakness be?" - Do you believe this statement is accurate as well? If so then I trust you will be requesting a nerf to DD AP and torp damage as well.
  3. You can;t not without nerfing the living hell out of the alpha damage they cause.
  4. When that part is true, then come talk to me about CVs.
  5. PT 6.14 starts tomorrow

    Harder hitting and harder to detect torps, CAs are going to be switching over to Hydro in mass. Hope you BBs aren't going to be expecting a lot of DF cover from USN AP bombs...
  6. And here is the rub with that logic. Long before the CA encounters that DD, it will detect him and now all the enemy BBs will start raining AP down upon the CA. Once it starts taking focused fire from more than 1 BB, it has to break off and retreat or it's going to be sitting back in the port very quickly. CAs are in a difficult spot in regards to DD hunting, unless they are hiding in smoke and you are a radar CA you really don't have that great of a chance of running one to ground. And all the while you are perfectly visible to the enemy team.
  7. Alaska class why?

    I love my Scharnhorst, as it gives me a BB that plays very much like a CA. I have long wanted to see more of this design model added, so I would like to see the USN version.
  8. CAs and DDs can not take the same kind of punishment as a BB. BBs in their tier will have 2-3 times more health, a pocket full of heals and far more armor to help them survive. Not to mention that most the incoming fire won't even be at the BBs in the first place and instead directed at the CAs and DDs. These ships line will disintegrate under direct focus fire in less time than it takes for you to response to this post.
  9. Use of Aslan Mods in Game

    They do sometimes include them into their UI, they pulled in the damage tracker and some mini map ones already. Oh and I love the whole "protecting the innocent and speaking the truth" bull crap. You are stating your opinion, it's not like you are out there doing something noble or heroic...
  10. Expect karma isn't about how good of a player you are, it is about what the other players in the match thought of you. For example I earned some karma the other day because I used my neared dead Hindenburg as a torp shield for a Yamato that wasn't playing attention. I was nearly dead, on fire with DC on cool down and no repair when I noticed the DD's torps incoming towards the BB I was screening. Now I could have dodged the torps, lived a few more seconds but would have eaten several and his death would have cost us the game on points. Instead I took them, saved him and he went on to finish the game with a win. My numbers that match were nothing special, I was middle of the pack but I got 3 karma points for "taking one for the team".
  11. Use of Aslan Mods in Game

    Are they living under a rock or something? I could see maybe new player not knowing about mod support but anyone who spends any time on these forums or the reddit WOWS board will know about mods. Hell anyone that watches a WOWS twitch stream or a youtube video will learn about mods and the benefits of using them. And of course they are not available for the game client, that is why they are called third party.
  12. While I would hate to see the dispute process over a ban and then have to fight it out with Microsoft over their reporting. It's not like they haven't made mistakes with their ban waves with XBOX in the past. A developer that uses this would have to take the information Microsoft collects and review the data themselves. I can see the system not being pretty a pretty small foot print, as it only has to monitor applications in "protected" status and windows has a much easier time tracking and recording what you are actually doing then some game company.
  13. Use of Aslan Mods in Game

    Expect anyone can use the mods, so your comparison hardly applies. The reason most companies allow mod support is they get a ton of free work done for them. They don't have to have a large team dedicated to UI improvements, they just take the best from mod authors and add what is popular. Saves them time and money, something every company loves :)
  14. You can be in favor of one game mechanic because it is historically accurate without being in favor of yet another historically accurate one, or do we need to discuss exactly how many torps a DD actually carried? Just as a hint, it wasn't unlimited unlike the game.
  15. The biggest issue is the possible skill gap between CV players. The best defense against an enemy CV is your CV but if the enemy CV is much better, he will stomp the your CV out quickly and then start to pick the fleet apart. CVs are probably the most powerful ship in the hands of a truly skilled player, there is little that can stop them. Even AA ships are only a threat when they have DF up and given the soon to be released deep water torps, you will probably start to see more and more CAs moving to an anti-torp skill set. Making CV strikes even harder to fight off.