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  1. Bril01

    Sharks vs. Eagles Poll & Discussion

    Been a shark since the start and I will remain one to the end. I have been invited to join the Eagles twice but I am loyal to my faction!
  2. Bril01

    Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    You have to take into account the position of the ship you want to focus down in relationship to your fleet. For example I wouldn't pass up the chance to punish a board side CA, just because you called for me to focus down a BB that is 15km+ away and angled in to me. Plus you have to look at target of opportunity that suddenly pop up that are more important. I would rather try and kill a DD that just popped up then fire upon a BB. Your target just may not actually be the best target for the other players to engage at that time.
  3. Which pretty much proves that the clan requirement is a [edited] one to begin with...
  4. My only issue is tying rewards to clan battles. I don't have friends who play the game and I really don't want to join a clan just so I can play clan battles. I don't mind if it will take me longer to earn coal and steel but there should be viable options outside of a single play style.
  5. Bril01

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Or a map pointing out where A and C caps are located?