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  1. Is République a must have?

    I am really unsure what to make of the ship. I am still working on the Lyon and I want the tier IX but from some videos I have seen and things I have read, the tier X doesn't look that bad. I have seen people compare it more to a heavy CA then a BB.
  2. And yet when BBs typically go an entire game firing nothing but AP, well that is good game play! The RN BBs were designed to have superior and punishing HE, with weaker AP. So of course RN BB players are going to tend to stick to the round that will typically work better in most cases. If you happen to find a board side CA at medium range, sure AP would have been a better ammo type but if it had been a BB angled in to you. Then HE would have been a far superior ammo type. The reason most BB players do not switch ammo types is with how long it takes, you basically have to know 30+ seconds in advance which ammo type you may need and once you have switched you are stuck with or throw yourself into another reload cycle and again not fire for 30+ seconds.
  3. 203mm/50???

    It was slaughtered when they started making ships that someone drew on the back of a napkin. That started long before the UK BB line was even a glimmer in someones eye there.
  4. As much as it shames me to admit it, I have made that mistake before as well. Now I tend to catch it before it gets to that extreme but it is easy for someone make that mistake while they are in the process of launching all their planes and not catch it until they have sailed a ways. What surprises me is that no one even bothered to put it out until it was too late...
  5. Well unless you are going to support adding ammo limitations to all ships, no.
  6. Honestly, it's not a bad idea. Generally he isn't talking about adding anything more than in game live notification for things that the game already is rewarding you for, just you generally aren't aware you are being rewarded for them unless you look at the various details tabs.
  7. That is the cost of being dumb enough to let someone in that close. It's not like the NC some how snuck up upon you...
  8. Before we start recycling older special captains, can we at least finish out the other nations who still don't have one? How long before we finally add one to the RU and KM lines?!?
  9. Stop Being Useless!

    I generally find the people calling others "worthless" are the ones that died in the first engagement, contributed almost nothing and then feel they should stick around and back seat captain everyone else.
  10. You play the map you are dealt, otherwise it won't stop with just this one map. Next people will want "map A" while someone else will want "map B". Better off just sucking it up and playing the game. I mean I hate the Ocean map as I tend to play CAs and a make with zero land cover makes for a much harder game but I don't want to black last it either.
  11. I hope not, tier V and VI CAs are really bad. The selection of good ones is basically limited to Cleveland (which loses a ton of value with no CVs) and the Buddy. The rest are just too weak to be really viable.
  12. I am sure it will fit in well right next to the "No BBs" option as well.
  13. And then pray the opposing team doesn't have a CV because you are asking the CA to pretty much give up their upgraded AA support for anti-torp support. Sure now CVs are not all that common, so it might not be a big deal.
  14. That depends, do you take more damage from 4 fires than you do from 3? As we all know the answer would be yes, so then the correct question is. Is that reduction in damage worth 4 skill points, if not then don't take it. Not like every 4 point or 5 point skill is worth the cost...
  15. More special commanders, we have USN, IJN and RN already. Time to add in KM and RU to round out the fleets.