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  1. I have zero interest in them and after watching several reviews about them, I think they are probably the biggest mistake Warships has made so far.
  2. Make them co-op only, there is no way they can balance them for PvP.
  3. You don't need to play them or against them to understand some of the core concepts about them are wrong. This whole "bobbing" up and down to gain immunity to surface damage or anti sub weapons, who the hell thought that up? I mean all they do is sail directly in towards anything not a DD and then launch their torps from point blank range (thus no need to ping a damn thing) and just sail away and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. There are clear balance issues with the entire concept, these will so much worse than CVs, we don't need to play them to understand they need to be scraped and taken back to the drawing board.
  4. Bril01

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    You clearly haven't watched his most recent one. As he rips into the weakness of the ship pretty hard and questions why such a bad ship would be put in as a reward to an event that you will not only have to grind a ton to complete but spend cash upon.
  5. Not all CAs are actually any good at hunting down DDs. They have roles and not all of them are anti DD defense, plus for a CA to effectively counter DDs then need to push up in to the front lines. And area that will reduce their life span down to about a quarter of what it normally would be, thanks to all the BBs that will nuke.
  6. Most ships will wither under the fire power of the Smolensk before they manage to push you out and even then they have to worry about your torps and you have sonar to watch out for incoming torps. I tried it a couple of times and it never goes well...
  7. Bril01

    Is Anyone finding Dir 4 a pain?

    The directives just become insane after stage 3...
  8. I will finished it. I am already projected to be 35 out of 36. So I have like two weeks to finish up stage 4 and I am off until the 2nd of next year.
  9. Tier 14 BBs would come with the Wave Motion Gun :)
  10. I am wondering that myself, as right now I would be 35 of 36 if I do nothing else. I noticed the cost went down from 35k to 25k recently, so I am assuming the closer I get the cheaper it would become.
  11. Bril01

    Make DFAA Great Again

    While I may not agree with the OPs suggestion, there is no discounting the fact it is a worthless model to take now a days (even on AA ships). You are 1000% better off picking up Hydro then DF.
  12. That is the part that confuses me. If you do a quick youtube search for "warships puerto rico review", most of the CCs that are now calling it a subpar Alaska said good things about the PR. I mean I can totally understand thinking that it may not be worth the effort/amount but that doesn't change how the ship should perform in game. So unless something changed in the couple of weeks before the PR was released, you can see iChase, Noster and Flambass all gave it good reviews.
  13. It has always bothered me that when I set a manual target, half the ships secondary gunners just go out for a quick beer or something. I can accept that I have to manually select a target but it just seems wrong that half my secondaries just shut down.
  14. Bril01

    PSA: End Date For Legendary Module Missions

    Well I guess that is one way to force people to use the research bureau...
  15. I saw it happen over the weekend. In one match about 4 players ganged up upon someone who bought the PR, one of which was on the same team. At one point the BB who was on the same team as the PR actually drove into him, pushing it into the path of a torp strike that would have missed. This didn't go over well with the rest of our team and every said they were going to report the game. Hopefully people who act up like this are given a long holiday vacation to think about their lives.