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  1. Expect your not suggesting a massive nerf to them in the name of making them more realistic. I mean last time I checked, a crew doesn't instantly put out fires or fix flooding either :) My point is when you use language like "works absolutely NOTHING like real radar" you invite people to point out the flaws in your suggestions when you promote changes that make it "NOTHING like real radar".
  2. I would have won by points, turning to fight the Cleveland was unnecessary and only played into the enemy teams hands as they only way they realistically could have won was to hope the Graf would engage.
  3. Maybe they are trying to balance the AP bombs so they don't completely obliterate CAs, giving them a few seconds to maybe dodge a bomb or two before they land. It probably won't make any difference on BBs.
  4. Yeah, I heard it actually decreased the detection range of some BB after they fire.
  5. Wait so you want to make it more realistic and yet still keep the arcade limited use feature? Last time I checked things like radar are not a "use 3 times and then return to port to refill" piece of equipment. I would be fine with that, provided ALL spotting mechanics worked in a similar fashion. Just because a friendly ship can give me grid coordinates, direction of sail and approximate speed shouldn't suddenly make the ship perfectly visible to me. After all, fair is only fair...
  6. The change didn't make you detected just because you fired, it increased your detection to the range of your guns. If no one was in range of your guns when you shot, then no one would see the gun bloom. Of course this is discounting things like islands blocking line of sight or cheeky smoke firing.
  7. Probably because it is what Wargaming named the ability? After all when one is discussing how to use an ability, it is pretty common to use the name given to said ability. So if you want to ask that question of someone, ask Wargaming.
  8. It is entirely possible to fire in front of an advancing ship wile it is still outside your detection range, allow them to sailing into your rounds and remain undetected. You can play hide and go seek using island to block line of sight while firing. You just need to be more creative with how you stealth fire now then before.
  9. You can made complete modifications to radar once you make smoke firing completely realistic as well. No more firing out of completely opaque smoke because some team mater on the other side of the map just happens to see a ship 8kms in front of you, who can't magically see thru you now one way opaque smoke.
  10. I am all about the KM BB line, I tried the IJN and USN ones but neither really appealed to me. I am more about playing a front line BB and KM BBs excel at that but my RL friend loves his IJN BB. He is a huge Yamato fan, loves watching things blow up with those massive guns.
  11. I have learned to be less focused upon my primary target and more aware of my surroundings. Always evaluating where the best options for me to engage and having more than one route of retreat if I need to fall back.
  12. Who said you had to travel to different part of the map. For crying out loud you can fire your torps in front of the advancing KM BB at the target and the KM BB would never be in danger... You make it sound like the only possible angle of attack is the one being occupied by the advancing KM. I don't give a flying crap where you fire them from, provided they are not directly in my path. If I am sailing towards the enemy ship, you could sail to my left or right and slightly ahead. Drop your torps in their path and magically I am not blocking you at all. If that is what you took from my statement, we are done because you are clearly inferring something other then what I am writing. You are the one making that conclusion, I never said that. As I have pointed out time and time again there you ways for you to engage without risk of hitting the KM BBs. I only pointed out that every ship has to be aware of friendly ships when they start firing upon ships in close quarters. I have been sunk in my CA by other CAs firing into the engagement, it happens but the fault lies with the player who fired. Anyways, I am done with this thread :)
  13. I answered "no, no" only because there shouldn't be any "serial TKers" to deal with. This type of player should be removed by Wargaming long before we need to worry about adding a additional color coding or possible "friendly fire" exception for them. Anyone classified as serial should be banned, end of story in my mind.
  14. I don't feel that it is acceptable but lets be realistic for a second. If the friendly BB is in the way, it is much easier for them to find a clear line of fire than the much slower and less agile BB. Plus you can always just engage another target and be thankful in the knowledge that if you can not get a clear shot at the enemy BB due to the friendly BB, it is just as likely the enemy BB is going to be less focused upon anything but that big [edited]KM BB in his face. Not only does if have to become more away of it's angling to keep the KM from just nuking it out of the water but it has to be aware of ramming, this distraction is just what a crafty DD needs to sneak in for the sure fire torp strike or slip behind the now engaged BB and find a sorter target. No BB should get within 5 KM of another, KM or not. At that distance the risk of the losing BB ramming becomes a greater threat than the actually BB itself. As for "at the side", I meant moving to the side of the enemy (ie flanking). You do understand you can torp from more than a single angle and if you catch the enemy DD focused upon the KM BB bearing down upon them you will have more than enough time to launch your torps from an angle that will posse no threat the the BB. Remember that even a destroyed ship's wreck will block torps, I have used the sinking remains of other ships to block incoming torps before. And that is their fault. Players need to be aware of friendly ships in the way of their shots. It would be no different than a CA hitting a friendly DD engaged in a battle with an enemy DD. How is that any different because now it is a BB? True but the difference is a CA doesn't ever need to get within that range and the only time they should is if they are cornered or made a serious mistake. It's not like that KM BB is going to suddenly sneak up upon a CA. So really the only ships other than BBs that get caught up in that range is DD who try to sneak in for torp strikes.
  15. As HazardDrake mentioned, you can redo completed missions for the stars. You just don't get the reward again but if you are lacking a certain ship type or just don't like playing it, pick one of the missions that fits your playstyle and just repeat it as needed.