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  1. Underperforming DW Torps

    That is what the torpedo belt is for, it reduces the damage caused by torps.
  2. You act like the "pink" status means a damn thing. You are not being punished while pink, it is a warning stage. Now if you have so many real world emergencies that you fall into a punishment stage, you have bigger issues than WoWs...
  3. HMS Hood Buff!

    I take it you didn't notice this thread is nearly a year old?
  4. So basically you changed head first (and alone) into two CAs, then allowed them to kite you for 9 minutes before you finally died and the problem is HE? I think you might want to rethink your tactics and play style first.
  5. Spending money isn't going to really improve how a player performs. I have seen some really bad players in premium ships and they are still just bad. Honestly you just need to determine what is your biggest short coming and focus upon improving that. Find a ship line you are best at, then find the the nation that best fits your play style and focus upon it. Once you have improved with that one, branch out.
  6. CV often times seem like they are doing nothing but generally they are gathering their planes into squadrons, going thru a refuel/rearm cycle or holding back waiting for a target window to open up. Inactively doesn't always mean they are not playing.
  7. It is odd because I seem to remember reading that most ships carried a special flechette type of round for their main guns to help with AA defense.
  8. IJN 8-10 BUFF cruisers

    20 KM torps on a CA just means more TKing. There is zero reason to have torps with that kind of range, you are only going to hit AFK players anyways.
  9. As I mostly play a Hindenburg, it depends upon my team and the ships on the enemy team. If there is a CV on the opposing team, I will assume close escort duty to a BB (I tend to prefer KM BBs that most into closer ranges) for a couple of minutes to provide them some AA support while they move into position. If there is no CVs, I will move up and help cover DDs but only if there is adequate cover I can dip behind once I am exposed and every BB on the opposing team starts engaging me. If I can I will then play a bit more passive for a bit. Looking for CAs who are showing too much boardside or passing fires around BBs. Once the game starts to break down into different little battles, I will then get more aggressive and move in to start finishing off the weaker CAs, while keeping BBs on fire.
  10. I had a game the other day where the Graf was on the opposing team. Being in my Hindenburg with heavy AA build, i was ready for him and immediately assumed an escort position along side a GK close by. The Graf tried twice but never came close to sinking the GK, then he tired to sink me and failed. At that point he finally moved BBs that were less careful and had wandered off away from AA support. He quickly cut down a Yamato and a Bismarck. It was a bit scary how effective he was at dealing with them but any decent CV could have done the same. You really need to take the Graf seriously if you are a KM and IJN BB, they will mess you over if you are caught unprotected and that is how it should be. If I make a mistake in my Hindenburg, a Yamato will rip me in half and send me back to the port in disgrace.
  11. And I have nuked CAs back to port before they even know wth happened in a Lyon before. Sometimes you are the one doing the paddling and other times you are the one being paddled.
  12. Well this the byproduct of the BB heavy meta we have been stuck in. The second a CA is exposed to the enemy, their priority target indicator probably jumps to 4+ in a couple of seconds. So the last thing they are going to be willing to do is move in closer to that kind of fire power and reduce the chances they might be able to dodge the AP volley that will send them back to the port. You want to fix the AA problem, then fix the issues that is keeping most CAs on a more passive footing until later in the game.
  13. and 82k health! This is going to be the little brother to the Stalingrad I am guessing.
  14. New Unique Commander coming

    No, it will have 21. That will be true bias.