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  1. "got put in a game with only bots and no CVs" Did you even bother to read what posted before you flamed him? God forbid someone would want to test out to a ship line they play on live to see how the AA and plane changes will impact them. Nope, they have test according to your standard...
  2. I have been trying to test all morning but I can;'t seem to connect to the test server today. Not sure if it is down or not...
  3. Bril01

    cv opt out

    Sure they can add it right next to the "BB opt out", "CA opt out" and "DD opt out" options. Won't it be fun when we are all you queue for hours waiting for a game with just the ships we are strong against. Well except they will be the ones selecting to opt you out of their games..
  4. Expect you are ignoring the fact that generally players get better at things they do again and again. As Noster pointed in in the video he was just LEARNING it, give him (or anyone other half decent CV player) a week practicing it and they will easily start to dodge more and lose less and less planes in the process. The entire problem with flak is it fires in a predictable location, once you learn how to make those predictions it will become easier to avoid them. It is like "BBs not sailing in a straight line to avoid torps". The real problem is outside of the flak guns, the rest of the AA auras are garbage. Their damage is far too low and with the reduction AA range it will be very hard (not to mention dangerous) to have over lapping AA auras. Right now the best AA defense is the catapult fighter. I have no doubt that WGing will adjust AA once things start to shake out on live but with what I saw on test, I will without a doubt drop most my AA based commander skills upon all CAs in favor of better value in others.
  5. You are missing the point, if a 100% AA speced DD can not defend itself what chance do normal DDs who have almost no AA abilities have? I am not saying a DD should counter CV but when one is outfitted to defend themselves and they can't, wth is the point in having AA on them at all? If he was playing a standard DD build, he would have been dead in a 1/3rd of that time as he wouldn't have been able to defend himself at all against the rocket attacks. Here is another example of a CV against players testing out the AA of what should have been very strong CAs and BBs. Yet he doesn't have any issues landing his attacks, most of the time he has to fly over the target three times before he suffers any serious losses and yet he is still able to launch wave after wave of planes without delay. No one can look at all the videos out there and say that AA is fine. The flak system is going to be a problem, the lack of range means it will be harder to provide AA coverage. The real problem is the lack of being able to test this stuff out upon the test server and being forced to deal with it on live so they can actually see it in action.
  6. And the worst part is he is playing against a CV player who doesn't even try to dodge his flak fire. The guy flights in a straight strafe pattern on every attack and yet he still hounds him all game and because he has unlimited planes and Flammu can't shot down even in each wave to deal him, he still can't defend himself. We are talking taking a DD to the extreme of it's AA abilities (hell he had manual AA for crying out loud) and still without DF he couldn't really defend himself.
  7. You mean like when he did three strikes on the player controlled USN BB and didn't lose a plane or what he effortlessly wiped out the BoT Khab without a single plane shot down? Perhaps you should turn on the sound and watch it again, he purposely shows you what happens if you fly into flak fire and then what happens when you dodge it. The AA module and captain skills are up for debate as they only increase the flak fire, you know that thing that people have figured out how to minimize by not "sailing in a straight line". I mean just watch the video and pay attention to the flak burst placement. It is almost never in the right position to hit his planes...
  8. You do realize that the only difference is the BOT not selecting a sector of fire correct? The AA modules and skills don't help if the damage is easy to avoid in the first place. The problem is they baked all the AA threat into the flak system and then made that system so predictable that it is easy to avoid once you understand it.
  9. Once CV players learn that flak fire is pretty easy to avoid, it will become an issue. Notser released a video over the weekend showing just how easy it is to game the flak fire system. He even showed himself doing several strikes upon an AA USN BB and didn't lose a single plane. The AA really is going to be an issue and the lack of range makes support ships trying to cover AA protection a nightmare.
  10. Bril01

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Don't worry, in a few more days the CV changes will come out and DD will be completely at the mercy of CV players once again.
  11. Everyone can have it, for 2 commander skill points.
  12. Bril01

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Try and keep in mind they can only have one active and controllable air wing at a time. So to hover over you and actively keep you spotted would require them to not do anything else with that air wing the entire time. All you need to do is sail to a friendly CA and they will back off you, the only they bother trying to keep you visible the less time they are trying to sink your allied ships.
  13. I agree that if there are serious bugs with the UI it should be delayed until they are ironed out but balance issues won't be accurately tested with the current test bed, these (unfortunately) will have to be addressed after launch and more than a handful of people see them in action. I completely disagree that CV planes should see "AA aura" rings around enemy ships, it's not like we are putting out buoys to mark it for you. It is something CV players will have to learn, just like surface ships need to learn the estimated ranges of other surface ships.
  14. Bril01

    Like watching paint dry....

    Lower tier ships tend to be less fun to play as they have less bells and whistles, it is no different with the upcoming CV line. From all the videos I have watched, it seems fine. The interface still has issues that need to be fixed but it should be easier to manage than the current system. Honestly, we won't know how this is actually going to shake out until it is on live and we can really start to test it.
  15. Tell you what, you can destroy them in a single salvo when your guns take 90+ second to reload. Sound like a good deal to you? Personally I would rather keep my CA rate of fire and just kill them on a second salvo a few seconds later...