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  1. Been a shark since the start and I will remain one to the end. I have been invited to join the Eagles twice but I am loyal to my faction!
  2. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    You have to take into account the position of the ship you want to focus down in relationship to your fleet. For example I wouldn't pass up the chance to punish a board side CA, just because you called for me to focus down a BB that is 15km+ away and angled in to me. Plus you have to look at target of opportunity that suddenly pop up that are more important. I would rather try and kill a DD that just popped up then fire upon a BB. Your target just may not actually be the best target for the other players to engage at that time.
  3. Which pretty much proves that the clan requirement is a [edited] one to begin with...
  4. My only issue is tying rewards to clan battles. I don't have friends who play the game and I really don't want to join a clan just so I can play clan battles. I don't mind if it will take me longer to earn coal and steel but there should be viable options outside of a single play style.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Or a map pointing out where A and C caps are located?
  6. An idea to fix CVs

    A developer for what? I write code but that doesn't make me a programmer for a video game. And as a developer you think it would be a good idea to basically remove an entire ship line and make it a mini game? What next, Battleship only battles?
  7. You mean outside of the various nerfs aimed directly at torps? You know, like making easier to detect or slowly down the IJN versions? Yeah, I am sure they were nerfed again and again because they were weak... Thanks for the stat sites but without the ability to better filter them, it is hard to get a decent picture.
  8. Not even close, the walls themselves were OP because they could be launched form a completely save distance and were very effective because you could cover large areas of the map. Now I will agree the rise of DDs was due to the strength of BBs but the threat of the torp wall was always there, it was just never fully deployed until half the fleets were slow moving and very predictable BBs. There was nothing wrong with gun boats back them. Remember you still had open sea stealth firing. A gearing who know how to use that to their advantage could ravage a slow moving BB without ever putting their ship at risk. The difference between the two was in game style. I think CVs would disagree with you on that claim... If you think DDs are less common than a ship you might see 1 out of 4 matches... And as I said it ha been my experience, which I stand by. The lack of really valid tracking sites now that warships.today seem down again makes it kind of hard. Do you have a valid stat site?
  9. And why is that a surprise? It's not like BBs before this tended to almost never use anything but AP but suddenly it is a huge deal for a BB line that using HE and not AP? Hell WoWs is even trying to push BBs to use HE more that they are reducing the armor on DDs to make your AP even less effective against them (which I think is a dumb idea but that isn't the point here). The reason a lot of CAs using HE is simple, our AP tends to be ineffective unless we are in close and have a nice broadside target profile. Otherwise you are just better loading the HE and getting more consistent damage across the board. The only way to change this would be to revamp the CA AP to make it more effective against angled targets and that isn't going to happen any time soon.
  10. The extra armor will allow it to move it closer without fear of being nuked thru the nose when it does. Right now CAs are so passive because the second DD spots them, every enemy BB start shouting "Me, Me, Me!" as they dream of citadel numbers popping up. The extra nose armor will allow them to move in to cover caps without completely risking their ships.
  11. An idea to fix CVs

    That you will never have a job as a game developer?
  12. And I am sure most old school players remember that days before, when torp walls of death rained down across maps. When stealth DDs where more effective gun platforms then most CAs due to their stealth firing. The current days of being a DD are much harder and you guys could probably use a break but I still see just as many if not more DDs in any given game then I do CAs.
  13. Nevermind, I didn't see how old the OP was...
  14. Good for you, you did the proper parent thing. The good news? The penalty doesn't mean a freaking thing! You left the match and someone reported you for being AFK, that is exactly what the system is for. Now unless you are constantly doing dumb things, the flag will disappear soon and you will be back to normal. At the worst you will only be able to play some co-op games for a couple of matches. Honest, why do people get so bent out of shape over something that has no impact on the game?
  15. How do you predict where a ship that most of the time you can not see will be in the next 30 seconds? When you use your torps you already know the location of your target ship, it's direction and it's speed. Try closing your eyes and just torping something, that would be able what your suggesting.