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  1. The problem is just like any other ships players can only get better by playing. CVs are just a little harder because there play style is very different, they combat is very micro management and often times they have to divide their attention between several different tasks at once. Not to mention learning tactics like manual drops or strifing as an offensive or defensive tactic. Yes, it is obvious when you see a looped sided skill gap between two CVs and it will have a huge impact on the match but the lesser skilled player will never get better without queuing up and getting playing.
  2. Actually, they will just put the counter flag back on sale :)
  3. Yeah, I didn't read the change you suggested. I just remember reading the original idea and thinking it was OP. Your suggestion would probably make things to complicated, it is interesting but this would also have to apply to add things DC fixed and I am not sure many people would enjoy either.
  4. Wait so the idea is to give out a more flexible DC ability and then give it an even lower cool down than the premium versions? Yeah, I am sure BBs would love this. Being able to put out 4 fires every 65 seconds sounds like a winning idea to me...
  5. The MK is still going to be a very solid CL. With it's 18km range, the smoking fire change shouldn't impact it vary much. If someone gets close enough to see you firing from smoke, you f'ed up and deserve the pain coming your way.
  6. Radar is far too powerful to be an always on system in WoWs. It has been limited to try and keep it more balanced, otherwise DDs would go the way of CVs.
  7. The Monarch has been a bit of a drag for me, almost completely due to it's main gun range. It is hard playing a BB with an 18km range and getting throw into matches with tier X ships. At that tier even some CAs can out range you. Thankfully I can generally get in close enough at the beginning of an engagement but I have had some situations were I had to sail into fire for a few KMs before I could return fire.
  8. No, my point about the HE was shell damage not fire damage. You already said you took about 10k fire damage from the CLs. Even HE rounds cause damage outside of fires, which was my point. Even at near 30k damage out of 65k total, that isn't out of line for you being focused down by the Iron Duke. And that is a point I will agree with you on but to be fair, it is not to difficult for an HE spamming CA to do similar. When I play my Hindenburg, it is not uncommon for me to break and destroy AA guns on bow in BB when I switch to HE. Now I do agree that AA survivability needs to change, it is far to easy to stripe a ships of these with HE rounds. The issue really isn't your positioning, its the face you sailed into an engagement with three enemy BBs and their support ships and where their primary target. Sorry but no ship should expect to live long going up against that. The fact that bow in tanking is so effective is the reason why HE has become so popular. Not to mention the RN BB's AP would have been worthless against a bow in BB anyways. So it used its most effective ammo against you.
  9. I think some of you are misunderstanding what is happening. They are offer a refund due to the smoke fire change and they will no longer be selling them, they are not just taking them away from everyone that owns them. If you own it, you can keep it. The smoke fire changes won't have too much effect on them, as their guns are small enough caliber to still fire a decent range without being auto spotted.
  10. 65k - 25k from CVs, - 10k fire from mostly CAs, - 5k from other BB AP leaves about 25k from the RN BB. This is not even taking into account the actually HE shell damage from CAs nor the flooding from the CVs (going to assume you flooded some as you mentioned using DC to counter RN BB fires), So you are looking about maybe 20k out of the 65k damage you took for the RN BB. Really that isn't such a big deal, when you are being focus fired down by a ship that is basically intended to go after you.
  11. Oh so the counter trump card is played. Funny how DD weapons are effective against CAs, YOUR COUNTER! So I guess you would support making nerfing DD AP vs CAs and adjusting torp so they are less effective as well? After all, we are your counter and apparently that trumps all :)
  12. Again, a CA makes that kind of mistake and they will be lucky if they can play passive the rest of the game. Most of the time they will be sent back to the port for it. Sorry but you guys already had your citadel zones removed, you are agile and difficult to hit. Like you love telling BBs, stop sailing in predictable patterns and BBs won't be hitting you.
  13. I am fine with clan wars being a hard core group mode, clans deserve some content aimed towards them. Now I do think it is a bit lame to give it a custom reward that no one else can earn, most of all a possible ship.
  14. Module destruction is a bit too easy, even in my Hindenburg I tend to knock out 20 or so AA mounts over the game while firing HE on bow in BBs. Once deep water torps come out, I probably won't care as much as I will be switching away from AA and more into anti torp anyways.
  15. It's only really useful if you know you are being stalked by a DD and want the extra torp warning. Even with KM hydro you need to close in so close that a few second more and you would spot them anyways. Plus with the upcoming smoke firing changes, everything but DDs will be visible while firing from smoke long before you get into hydro range anways.