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  1. No, I discovered that back when CVs had unlimited planes...
  2. Bril01

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Great, like CAs need another ship line to target them...
  3. I am just a little surprised that hydro doesn't reveal them. I mean the entire point of sonar during WW II was to counter the sub threat, yet in Warships it is completely useless against them?
  4. Bril01

    Double CV Games

    Considering I am seeing less and less games with even a single CV, I don't mind seeing some with 2 per side. As most of my CAs are AA based, I am about to drop all the AA stuff because they are a waste when I see a CV 1 in 5 games.
  5. Sorry but CVs should fear AA speced CAs. If I can not defend myself and a ship I am escorting, what the hell is the point in spending all those commander skills and modules to enhance my AA? You can reduce AA rating when you remove unlimited planes.
  6. CVs are nonexistent again. I will probably be redoing all my AA ships next week to adjust for them being no longer played and refocus upon DD and counter BB skills.
  7. Bril01

    So CVs are about where you want them WG?

    Well seeing they seem to be about as common as before the rework, I would say they are probably not happy with it.
  8. Bril01

    Removing DDs from the game?

    Honestly, I haven't noticed any big decline in DDs on matches over the last week or so.
  9. So neither of you killed the other. So wouldn't that make the CVs immune to DDs as well? I mean if that is your only basis for saying the DD was "immune" that means it applies equally to you as well.
  10. AA absolutely needed to be changed, there was far too much value placed upon long range flak fire that could be mitigated by not flying at a constant speed and direction. The change now means that if you loiter over a ship their constant AA damage is actually be a threat. Only a rare handful of DDs are actually a threat (the rest you just took dumps upon because there was nothing they could do to defend themselves) and CVs should shy away from CAs built for AA support roles. People need to get over the number of planes shot down as it is nearly pointless now a days and instead focus upon how effective the AA was at defending allied ships. Who cares if I shot down 100 planes, if you still sink every ship around me... That said, I so hope they get it right as I like seeing CVs around.
  11. Bril01

    Camping Prevention Idea

    I have always supporting that idea. If you can not actually see the target for yourself, there should be a dispersion penalty for firing upon it. I understand the concept of allied ships spotting and reporting enemy positions and using that data to plot a shot but it is far from accurate. Anyone who has actually worked with indirect fire knows it is even less accurate when you are talking about mobile targets.
  12. I am seeing more DDs in the queue then BBs and CAs. Not seeing CVs in there...
  13. I just watched the video and he pointed that the mid ship deck around the super structure area will be immune to HE pen but the nose and rear sections are lower tier armor and not immune (plus obviously the super structure). Did I miss something that was changed? Maybe you are talking about AP?
  14. Bril01

    Inertia Fuse for HE question

    I need to see if I can find a good video of that. I was AFT/manual secondaries and I have been messing around with AFT/manual AA recently but I have never tried IFHE.
  15. Bril01

    Option to use HE bombs.

    Wait, I thought all CV with AP bombs could already switch them to HE before the match starts? In that case I tend to agree, there is no reason why those ships shouldn't be able to pick AP or HE load outs before the match starts.