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  1. Well what do you want, what do want to see in the game, I am curious . I do agree with what you are saying on certain aspects. I will say that if players would play as a combat team instead of being selfish it would be a better game. In the real world ships of navy's fight together not who can sink or get the most damage but as a team to defeat the enemy. One question arises who's in command  and how do they get that command. And are you willing to follow orders like the real world of combat. But it is only a game.

  2. Do you want Aslaska or Kronshadt

    why's it matter which one we get? The end result is its gonna be doing the same thing every other ship in the game is doing atm. Stacking fire skills and hiding behind islands. This game has about as much depth as a puddle.
  3. Battleship Shells for the modern age?

    Honestly, if the BB does come back it will be an entirely new platform. That said, while the rail guns look to be the ideal weapon for them, more then likely they will still have a back up in traditional unguided munitions as the rail guns many parts and energy demands can lead to some possible problems that may leave the system out of action sometimes. The entire idea that keeps the 2 iowas on the Naval roster is that they can provide analog fire support with out the need for all the fancy laser guided munitions and such.
  4. I have no idea why I'm playing this again..... -_-

  5. Split tree for Cruisers

    I pointed this out to friends earlier, but whats the point of a split when the tactics for the ships will be the exact same as the currently are? Long range HE spam while hiding in smoke. Not exactly a game changer of any kind here...
  6. *sigh* gotta love doing things in ships that people say they cant only for the same people, who have more experience in those ships by the way, basically tell you you have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. JUST what the game needed, more HE spam, this time from Battleships.....if this game gets dumbed down anymore its gonna be dead before it realized it had an accident. 

    1. Carrier_Kaga


      Sad to say, this game is a lot dumber than the one we tested at the beginning of CBT.

    2. Battleship_Kentucky


      Pretty much, it why I have started playing Dreadnought more and more. This game is verf quickly loosing the luster of what had made it special back in CBT

  8. Meta's are so boring. Plus they lead to people know exactly what to expect out of a ship if everyone uses the so called "best builds". This rather effectively nerfs the "best builds effectiveness..... 

    1. Battlecruiser_RenownMkI


      I only like metas because it meals I have something to break >;)

      I mean I built a tiny reputation brawling with Yamatos in my Montana because I learned how to bounce with my belt, therefore operating outside the "BB sniping" meta and giving my opposition quite a start! 


    2. Battleship_Kentucky


      I hear ya there, I run TA F3s in my Yugumo and make it work. X3

  9. .....WG gives RU DDs 1 or 2 nerfs....then the next patch buff 5 or 6 elements of them.......gotta love the outright bias going on toward their own ships...-_-

    1. Battlecruiser_RenownMkI


      I'm going to hold my judgement, they aren't the easiest to play if you're familiar to other DD lines


  10. Impressions of the German HE change?

    Honestly I feel that the over buffed nature of the HE in the game is causing alot of its problems. No one maneuvers, no one aims, no one uses any kind of tactics beyond hold button until fire starts or use busted HE mechanics to guarantee damage cause we dont want to waste time gaining map knowledge and studying armor profiles on where to but the bullet for maximum impact. The game is hugely stagnant and alot of the blame can fall on its mechanics being dumbed down to the point you dont have to think anymore.
  11. Impressions of the German HE change?

    The change was unneeded and really not warranted. The KM CAs were supposed to be a CA group in game that got better use out of its AP shells compared to its HE. And now WG have done away with that and made yet another line of ships that care nothing about the armor or defensive abilities of the ships they are shooting at simply because WG over buffed the ammo. My opinion, the AP for these ships should have gotten the buff, not the HE. The last thing this game needed was more HE flying around....and now...thats all we have.
  12. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Is there any plans to actually balance out HE and IFHE in the future. These ammo types in their current state are causing alot of the games stagnation by not requiring playser to learn game basics of aiming, positioning, etc. When you can just lol pen the ship in front of yous armor with a single captain skill there are problems with that skill. Fires are also WAY to common in game. It is infinity easier to start fires in this game then it is to put them out, this also encourages FAR to much damage farming in game rather then kill securing and objective play. Im not saying destroy the ammo, but some kind of balance needs to be struck to encourage ammo switching rather then just buffing one ammo to do EVERYTHING while it ignores and defensive ability that the victim player has. Buffs to AP would probably help close this gap, the IFHE skill itself however is extremely unbalanced and should not have been implemented in that game as it suddenly causes CLs, to completely out do CAs, and renders just about any armor in the game null and void.

    Theyve been talking about putting her in a permanent dry dock for years now. Not like Mikasas though. They wanted to put her up on pillars to show off the entire ship, while still letting people board her and look around. Problem is, from what I understand anyways, is finding funding. Those kinds of dry docks are expensive. This site shows a few examples. http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/parks/battleship-texas-dry-berth-project/reports_and_correspondence
  14. HE is NEEDED to do dmg? No whats needed is for people to drop their damn crutches, move your ships, and learn to AIM.