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  1. kinda funny to think that many ships DP guns that can for out to 10+ km as secondaries, somehow suddenly cant do anything of the sort in the AA role.... The more and more I hear about this, "rework", the more and more I start thinking I need to find another game for a while till this dumpster fire goes out and things go back to somewhat normal......
  2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Time for WG to increase the rewards for testing

    Would also help if most of what was being told to WG by the testers was actually listened to. Many dont bother as WG tends to decide to do what they want regardless of what has been put out by the testers.
  3. Looks like more of the game developer mentality lately of well throw it out busted and fix it later... cause that's been working SO well for all the other companies that try it. *pops open lawn chair and grabs popcorn* Time to watch the fireworks....
  4. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    So WG's pushing something to fast again that they cant possibly hope to have finished and done right by a stupid early deadline.... at least they are consistent I guess.... *facepalm*
  5. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Community Contributers have higher odds of Supers.

    Im not a CC and I got Kron, Musashi, Oktober, and Ashitaka all in a row. The logic seems highly flawed here. ^^' And I only bought one set of 20 Megas.
  6. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Conqueror Alternative guns not useful at all. Why not?

    http://shipcomrade.com/?p=790 I mainly went for something that would make the Conq more appealing to me then just sitting and throwing HE like a flamethrower equipped pill box. So I ran off to LWMs HMS Thunderer Review, aka: Fakeboat, and made a build for it as close as I could get it and used the ideas she had to try to build a play-style for it. Now don't get me wrong I get that these guns are unpopular, but I dont really wanna play a reskinned Montana. I dont find them to problematic on accuracy either, as long as the engagement range is 19km or so and in. Its kinda the same idea as many other BBs, just because you CAN fire 24km, doesn't mean you should. Either way though, this style and idea of play does have the Conq moving in and engaging ships at much closer, and more entertaining, ranges. Plus, kinda like with HMS Vanguard, having a smaller number of guns rewards ammunition choices. Those are also brought into a more manageable range by the Expert Loader perk. While Im not trying to sell you guys on these guns they do have some use, its just not the kind of use many people expect out of a Conq. If you are bored of her though I'd give this build a try, or by all means put your own spin on it and try it another way.
  7. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Re Thinking Conqueror

    http://shipcomrade.com/?p=790 I put together a 457 Conq build and gameplay style based on this idea of LWMs. It plays rather well and is surprisingly fun for a ship that had been labeled as "braindead." Oddly I also havent been having any accuracy problems out of the main guns. Ya they will troll every once in a while but most BB guns do that. I also try to limit my engagement range to about 19km or so, they seem to be rather consistent there.
  8. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    I'd appreciate you not putting words in my mouth. I said everything ive heard from people who have tested it and what I have read. Most of the opinions on it have been negative from what I have seen. I merely stated my opinion based on those findings. If yours is different then fine, good for you. But stop putting words in my mouth and trying to act like I said something I did not.
  9. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    I can do it, but its just not anything resembling fun. I like to play games to relax a bit. Ill take your advice on this though and start keeping a record of my next 100 games. Thanks for the suggestion. ^^'
  10. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Vanguard AA

    sad part is I run the the upgrade in the first slot to make the AA and Secs more resilient to attack, doesn't matter they still get blown to bits.
  11. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    Great, and Ive been stuck in T10 after T10 after T10 game when attempting to play anything in the T8 bracket.
  12. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    It was probably downvoted into oblivion by the community. The entire set up and "fix" they are trying to do has been sighted as unbalanced and boring as hell by the testers. But apparently all WG hears is the positive while ignoring the negative in this case.
  13. I keep getting game after game that is DOMINATED by T10 ships, in contrast to how it used to be where there was some 10's some 9s and some 8s. This isnt fun, its frustrating as hell when my T8 ships are constantly having to run for their lives from all the T10s with uber modules that WG thought were great ideas. I don't know what they did, but most of my games look like these, I get maybe one out of 10 thats anything remotely resembling a decent game anymore. WG needs to take another look at this fix and take the time to get it right.
  14. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Update 0.7.11 Bug Report

    Anyone else got their T8s being dumped into T10 dominated matches? Seems your MM fixes need fixes as well since this is happening over and over again.
  15. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    So, Mogami

    Imo Stealth Mog, should use the 155s as she has the ability to make use of their DPM more easily. But imo, the more fun build, a double rudder Mog should stick with the 203mm guns as her swinging back and forth will easily, and often, pull her guns off target and not allow you to use the DPM advantage. With this build you want alpha strike ability. You will have to learn to dodge like a mad man to make this setup work but it can be outright hysterical to dodge a salvo and return several of your own depending on your target. Good luck with the Mog and have fun in her, shes definitely a keeper for me. ^^