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  1. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Just had this happen to me twice while playing randoms. If I cant get credit for what I played, I dont see a reason to continue until this is fixed. And the game was already on shaky footing with me as it was. *shrugs*
  2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    How many Games have you played in Tier X ships?

    I cant take the meta up their to really bother playing it much. There's really not much fun involved up there compared to the mid tiers.
  3. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    When doing a random battle....simply ask "Plan?"

    Usually gets the response "kill", or "don't sink" ie: nothing useful at all.
  4. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Karma system: an issue that could be fixed

    The karma system is completely ineffective for what Wargaming put it in the game for, shocker, and means nothing. it is routinely abused for people who dont like that you did a better job then them, dont like the build you were using, the color of the camo on your ship etc, etc, etc. There is largely no point what so ever to paying it any kind of mind.
  5. Getting reported and complained at in the game chat because I'm not running what people THINK is the optimal setup for a ship is so much fun. 5afe48d4c246e_images(21).jpg.b632d435ebb524934ae44b7a71888280.jpg

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Thumbs down at the griefers.


      You're OK. I feel your pain, bro.


  6. Well what do you want, what do want to see in the game, I am curious . I do agree with what you are saying on certain aspects. I will say that if players would play as a combat team instead of being selfish it would be a better game. In the real world ships of navy's fight together not who can sink or get the most damage but as a team to defeat the enemy. One question arises who's in command  and how do they get that command. And are you willing to follow orders like the real world of combat. But it is only a game.

  7. I have no idea why I'm playing this again..... -_-

  8. *sigh* gotta love doing things in ships that people say they cant only for the same people, who have more experience in those ships by the way, basically tell you you have no idea what you are talking about.

  9. JUST what the game needed, more HE spam, this time from Battleships.....if this game gets dumbed down anymore its gonna be dead before it realized it had an accident. 

    1. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      Sad to say, this game is a lot dumber than the one we tested at the beginning of CBT.

    2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      Pretty much, it why I have started playing Dreadnought more and more. This game is verf quickly loosing the luster of what had made it special back in CBT

  10. Meta's are so boring. Plus they lead to people know exactly what to expect out of a ship if everyone uses the so called "best builds". This rather effectively nerfs the "best builds effectiveness..... 

    1. Sledgehammer427


      I only like metas because it meals I have something to break >;)

      I mean I built a tiny reputation brawling with Yamatos in my Montana because I learned how to bounce with my belt, therefore operating outside the "BB sniping" meta and giving my opposition quite a start! 


    2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      I hear ya there, I run TA F3s in my Yugumo and make it work. X3

  11. .....WG gives RU DDs 1 or 2 nerfs....then the next patch buff 5 or 6 elements of them.......gotta love the outright bias going on toward their own ships...-_-

    1. Sledgehammer427


      I'm going to hold my judgement, they aren't the easiest to play if you're familiar to other DD lines


  12. HE is NEEDED to do dmg? No whats needed is for people to drop their damn crutches, move your ships, and learn to AIM.

  13. Great,,,,more HE buffs on the way......this game is getting to be a "find the skill button" type.....

  14. Watched the Maas Armada vid. So many people in the comment obviously dont know how to play that boat and keep trying to use it like the other DDs. There in lies the problem, she and the entire KM line are NOT the other DDs. They require different tactics to be effective. But nobody else wants to learn those they'd rather yell at WG that they think something is wrong with the KM DDs. I myself THANK WG, for making the KM DDs something that this game desperately needed. DIFFERENT. ^^

  15. Is it just me or does the HEAP seem...a bit.....no...WAY over the top of what it was supposed to be?

    1. Sumeragi_Lee_Noriega


      Been calling this since I saw that skill pop up on the skill tree, but:



    2. CaliburxZero


      Given DE is only 3 points but at 2%, along with both fire chance flags for 1% you can basically have HEAP for little downside. Its only lowered TTK even more. I suspect this will only further make BBs even more passive and scared. I guess WG likes this awful meta.