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  1. So how many lootboxes they fixed it to take you to get things this time? Or was it just all thrown into a ridiculously overpriced bundle?
  2. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Italian Cruisers: the Rules Made Simple

    Seems to involve buying loot boxes since most of the other early access events free boxes seem weighted against giving the ships early. And im not about to pay for something thats coming free later down the road.
  3. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    another loot box fest to get ships early that will be out for free soon..... *smh*
  4. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Any love for the Vanguard?

    I love her, I have a full mobility build on her and it pisses people off when you hang back and use her guns accuracy while easily dodging return fire, the fast reload makes it hard for DDs to approach as well as they can easily, and quickly, eat 8 15" HE shells. Great ship that is misunderstood in its application by a great many.
  5. Im not throwing my SSN onto site for a video game reward sorry.
  6. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Santa Crates

    I hope wg doesnt the last thing this game needs is more loot crates. Not to mention using no longer available ships to drive the price and number sold up.
  7. They did that already, got told it wasnt ready for release, and threw it out anyways. Doing it again wont have any effect as they didnt listen to it the first time before they had put all the effort into trying to fix a horribly botched system that they were warned about well ahead of time.
  8. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Submarines Beta Test, Round 2: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    God forbid we hold WG to any kind of standard. Its not like their last sets of decisions have cause huge problems in the game..... oh wait....-_-
  9. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Submarines Beta Test, Round 2: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    Im with you on praying its done right.... but the track record so far says this is prolly gonna end up a mess. There's not alot of faith left in WG at this point.
  10. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    This makes me want some older maps Back...

    This makes me want the game we had in beta back....
  11. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Pretty much hit my point on the head. To get back to what I enjoyed I now have to grind in a way that relies on rng giving me the coal rather then anything I can actually do
  12. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Only thing that irritates me about this whole thing, I enjoyed Conq with the 457s and now I have to grind a huge amount of coal to get the style I enjoyed back. If I wanted to play a 12 gun T10 BB I would load up my Montana. Conq now has lost the only thing that made it unique and interesting to play for me. I wanted HMS Conqueror and now until I get the coal for Thunderer I'm stuck with HMS Montana.....
  13. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Submarines are Coming

    WG said the same thing before the CV rework then ignored the feedback it generated and released an extremely broken mess that they are still, badly, attempting to clean up. Fact is, the playerbase is out of good will. Especially in the case of watching WG implement another class with huge balancing issues to the game when so many problems STILL need to be solved apart from the CV rework. All the subs are atm is a waste of time and resources in a game riddled with developer made problems that they refuse to solve.
  14. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    we aren't skeptical of subs, we are skeptical of WGs ability to do them right as past changes have been implemented against feed back and backlash from the player base and been proven to have been huge pains/wastes of time and resources. Can submarines be made to work? Possibly, but the playerbase is out of good will and faith to have any confidence that WG can do it correctly after the latest series of events that has done nothing but show the amount of feedback taken into consideration by WG is minimal at best and that our efforts testing things are mostly a waste of time as WG tends to implement things how they want to at a detriment to the game despite being told its issues ahead of time.
  15. Angel_With_A_Shotgun

    ST, Halloween

    *stares at new cosmetics for Halloween event* yup .... it sure wasn't possible to do something like those as rewards for the rb instead of throwing game balance to the wind........-_-