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    You forgot HMAS Perth, the closest ship to a "Submarine" thanks to it's Unique Smoke ability.
  2. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    To the OP, You might have some good luck with Atago. Sure the utility is lacking, but if you've got a high Tier IJN Cmdr, with a few module swaps you can easily tailor her functionality towards your CMDR's specializations. DD cmdr specialized in Torpedoes? Make the most of Atago's strong concealment and act as the Torpedo Presence once the Red DDs are out of action. CACL cmdr, Atago is a Cruiser, run her as you would normally. Although on tempting thing that I've done in the past and still currently do is a Secondary Build for Atago. It will surprise some DDs and other Cruisers that stray into range. Boosted you're around 8.36km range; just don't force the engagement. *this is if you've got a higher levels Mogami cmdr spec'ed with IFHE.* BB cmdr, if spec'ed for survivability, toss in DCM2 and the other survivability modules. Atago has DRP available to her. To some extent you can do the BB thing and chain DCP and DRP for long term mitigation. Anyways, Good Luck and Good Hunting
  3. AA spec'ed Gearing?

    Err... yes. I had forgotten to specify Long Range (large calibre) AA DPS. I also must have had my threads mixed up when commenting. And forgetting to Quote another commenter which I was directing my comment towards. --- As an AA platform, some ships can get away with "forgetting" to select an AA Target even when spec'ed with MFCAA. And while forgetting to select something in the heat of battle will make MFCAA's buff not activate; which in some cases is okay to mistakenly forget. But considering this thread is about Gearing (a DD) for the most part they're running silent AA. The interesting side effect of "Silent AA" and Manual Selection of an Aircraft, is that it automatically turn your AA to "ON" once a target is selected. As for Damage output the +100% Large Cal AA on target is roughly 30-60% overall boost to AA DPS (with target selected) a ship's Large Calibre AA trends to be their Largest AA Bubble, which means aircraft passing over head will spend the most amount of time within.
  4. AA spec'ed Gearing?

    MFCAA is a flat boost to AA DPS with a target selected. It is MFCSB that requires target selection to activate.
  5. I'm still hoping they come back. I missed my window by a few hours when attempting to maximize the PremTime the bundle came with. Was hoping they were back for the week with Isoroku...
  6. Aigle as a French BB Captain Trainer?

    You can get away without running LS on a DD, But it's only really the higher tiered ones with access to SGM3 at the expense of CSM1 and max Conceal. But honestly a DD is significantly more effective with LS savings DCP for fires and other repair issues. --- As for Aigle as a BB Trainer, I'm assuming you're not looking to purchase a Dunkerque or Gascogne. If you have the CL, she'll probably better suited as trainer. The lesser dependency on LS for a Cruiser is more in line with a BB. If you're going Secondaries for your French BBs, I'm going to assume your planning on getting IFHE and AFT at some point. Which will would well when the commander is transferred to Aigle or the CL. TL;DR for Agile as a BB Trainer: It's possible, you can do it. But it's 70-30 bad time VS great success. My Honorés cmdr doesn't have LS when on Agile, but it's very important to remember that he doesn't. When I remember it's "okay" when I forget, I'm off playing a different ship in port.
  7. Best usage of ECxp is for acquiring your first 19, then others until you've got 1 for every major nation you play. Or at the very least, your favorite ship per nation. If you're talking about points spending on skills solely then it is highly dependent on Ship Type. In which case things like DCM2 + BoS is great for "buff stacking" likewise Vig + TASM1 (if you're hard enough to skip CSM1) or PremCons + SI. Other things that are less used that stack together are the Consumable CD reducers. Signals, JoaT, HA (high alert), all these reduce CDs on consumables. Combine that with PremCons and SI and you've got a ship with incredibly high utility. I'd almost argue the utility of JoaT, HA combined with Signals, SI, PremCons AND BoS + DCM2 is a more "Balanced" Survivability Build thanks to the utility it offers in comparison to a FP (fire prevention) survivability build. But I say "Almost" because if you're grabbing the above skills and modules, the opportunity to pick FP is still available at the option to NOT select something like AFT, CE, RDF, or MFC.
  8. noob cruiser player question.

    IFHE is okay on ALL Cruisers. But they benefit the 150 Light Cruisers the most. The 203 Heavy Cruisers are less benefited by the skill since they don't push the Main Battery passed specific Armour Penetration Thresholds. But if you're finding yourself within Secondary Battery ranges quite often IFHE will increase the potential Alpha Damage of your small calibre secondaries. Since you're identifying yourself as "inexperienced" I suggest not toying around with Secondary Builds for CACLs. It's very easy to press to aggressively and have little room to escape. Also I'm not to sure what you meant by CM. But if you're talking about CE (concealment expert). It is highly recommended you acquire that before anything in most, if not all, Cruisers. If you mean CSM1 (concealment systems module 1) then get that also once available. There's little to no competition for that module slot. SGM3 is an interesting choice, but for the less experienced; Concealment is King. Once you're comfortable with lesser stealth, over time you can then decide to opt for SGM3 over CSM1. But starting out and learning a ship always take CSM1.
  9. Just remember, it's called "Wall of Skill" because it Takes Skill to overcome it.
  10. Will the Missouri come back?

    Soon™ is probably the most likely... since the Trademark means: "sure it's coming; but when? My lips are sealed" Edit: although we should be careful with spreading those "soon™s" someone down the line might forget to insert the TM.
  11. Should a destroyer ever use AP?

    In knife-fights if the the DD is full broadside or shallow-angling then AP depending on calibre and how wide the ship is will yield great results. I was in my Harekaze a few weeks back and almost wrecked a full HP Khabarovsk with 10cm AP. It got away with 500hp since I got hit with a huge frame rate drop and ate his Torpedoes... knew they were coming, but didn't anticipate the massive drop in connectivity.
  12. Should a destroyer ever use AP?

    I have completely wrecked a Broadside Neptune in my Atlanta with AP. And while 'lanta is a CL she is rocking DD weapons. So if you're shooting at a CL, that's within effective Torpedo Ranges (>10.0km), IF the broadside is flat enough your AP will do significant work. Not sure about the sub 127mm calibre guns, but the +127s are punchy if the target is flat enough with relatively low armour.
  13. I actually quite like the HE secondaries for the French. The Firestarter potential is quite good with its RoF. Sure if you WANT better Alpha, you need to take IFHE. Yes, the opportunity cost is "enormous" but you retain most of the %Fire capabilities of the small calibre DP guns, But gain the ability to significantly better Penetration for the large Cal DPs and some extra for the small Cal DPs. I know it's been suggested lots by many over the course of small Cal DP HE secondaries, but that's why it is available in the tree. Sure it's "sub-optimal" but that's what it takes to make a different area Optimal. The biggest annoyances is the requirement of Dubloons OR ECxp for Retraining. --- Which reminds me; Dear WG, please make confirmation of Commander Skill Point Selection have a Final Confirmation at the end of the Respec process and not after each selection. Mistakes can easily be made mid-respec be can only be discovered at the end of the Respec process. IF discovered at the end that's a costly second respec penalty on top of the first option for respec'ing. Please allow for confirmation of skill changes when leaving the commander page/tab rather than after selection of each New Skill.
  14. Is the Zao still a beast?

    Range + Spotter with SGM2 + SGM3, was interesting when I tested it out. Arguably it was "too much" range. But Spotter is still okay as a consumable, use it either as a "gap - closer" and pop it as you're pressing. Or as a sustained fire consumable while kiting, pop it and continue firing until it either ends or speed out of its range boost. In the end, I reverted to a close-support DD build since I'm still running IFHE Secondaries. MBM3 + Spotter for that extra range and RoF. PM2 + CSM1 for faster "stop and go's" when tight around islands. Sure SGM2 is better for last minute course corrections. But if the DD in the area is not supported by a Red Cruiser, CatCon + Spotter is decent EWS for Torpedoes. If one looks at my Zao WR it's pretty abysmal, but she is my first T10. And the build I run is tailored to the playstyle I want to play and less optimal as a "carry build". Anyways, for your Kite-Build that you're building, I'd suggest Range Mod -or- Spotter, both aren't necessary together. Unless you really want that range. It does have some uses, but at least for myself the combo of both didn't result high yields. Good Luck and Good Hunting.
  15. I've only got the GK and laRé BBs only right now. The 2 builds I've got on them have been reasonably successful. But they're also builds I plan on using on my eventual acquisition of the GK and laRé. Those builds are both secondary builds, One is a "Full Manual" AFT, MFCAA, MFCSB. The other is "IFHE/AA Secondary" IFHE, AFT, MFCAA. If you can't tell, la République is using the IFHE/AA build. The reason for MFCAA in both builds is mainly to test their effectiveness VS cvs, since in space battles thus far I've run into far more CVs than I have in Randoms. Once I've unlocked the other classes I'd probably test out some other builds that are sub-optimal or a variation of other effective builds.