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  1. Having fun again

    I wouldn't say they're easier. They might feel easier since they're not your "first" attempt playing the game. Each nation has their own national flavour that takes a bit of getting use to. But if there is a ship type you enjoy or a playstyle you're interested in that's what the other Nations are for. The identities tend to start to show themselves between T5-7. So most say try to get to T6 before "quiting a line" If Cruisers are your jam right now all the lines should give you something similar in feel but also something slightly different; exception the Royal Navy Cruisers (they're vastly different and will take a while to become comfortable). The IJN line gives you the earliest access to Heavy Cruisers with 203s at T5. Everybody else is around T7 onwards. But if you want an early taste of CAs and what it could be like you might want to start there. Some Cruiser "gems" you might want to work towards are: Cleveland USN T6 (while it lasts; line split in the future is moving her to T8.) Best CL at its tier, good RoF, high number of guns, good AA. Mogami IJN T8 it has 15x 155s across 5 turrets. Or if you're liking the 203s access to those as well. Budyonny USSR T6 challenging Cleveland for number 1 at T6. And will probably take it once Cleveland moves to T8. Furutaka IJN T5 once upon a time nobody would have ever recommend this ship. But since the C Hull was implemented it makes things different. Earliest access to 203s. I can't say much for the French, Germans, or British there's no major mid-tier standouts and they're relatively new compared to the USSR, IJN, and USN. But they do have interesting things for their lines. Anyway here's how I summarize the Cruisers lines. The British have single launch torpedoes, only fire AP, and access to heal and smoke. The French have speed boost. Which I guess means they're good at chasing down DDs or.... Retreating.. (Yes, I went there). The Germans have good HE Penetration values but low HE damage, strong AP, and good Hydro for sniffing out Torpedoes and DDs. The Russians have good ballistics and range, access to Radar to deny Smoke. The IJN have good %Fire, high damage long range Torpedoes (poor arcs), +10 guns starting at T7, poor AA and large Citadel zone. The USN have poor ballistics but it works in their favor, strong AA, fairly quick RoF, and their AP shells have a lower chance to auto-bounce.
  2. Priority Target - solid T1 skill always good to know how many ships are looking at you. Catapult Control - a nice to have but some later Tiered ships don't have planes; In the RN's case Conqueror. IFA - bad skill for BBs, but it's interesting if you accidentally pick it. It makes the floaty long range shells a bit easier to dodge a full salvo. It'll probably still hit with some bit gives fair warning to avoid a full long range shot. Preventative Maintenance - good for keeping your secondaries and AA alive for longer should you need it late game. --- Expert Marksman - an always nice to have. Faster Traverse is always welcome. Later ship mods have negatives to traverse in exchange for their buffs. Adrenaline Rush - good for a BB, you're expected to take damage even though you have a heal. --- Superintendent - probably the best T3 skill for a BB, gives you more heals. Vigilance - strong pick things will always be throwing torpedoes your way. You a big slow and easy to hit. --- CE - is a top pick for the RN considering their base stealth rating. Fire Prevention - is also a solid pick. See vigilance.
  3. Having fun again

    If management of Guns and Torps in combination with maneuvering is giving you a bit of a tough time learning using DDs, I suggest you try taking the IJN Cruisers up to at least T6. I learned management of it around T5-6 which allowed me to easily apply it to DDs. And the Cruiser aspects you already sorta know. The Furutaka and Aoba both have moderate Main Battery Reload times for their 203s and it will help you get accustomed to swapping between MB and Torps. Although arcs aren't the greatest and neither is the Turret Traverse. But if your looking to practice Moving, Shooting, and Torping you may want to give them a go. The T3-4 IJN Cruisers also have torps but they are CLs with faster firing guns but they might be too similar to DDs to practice mechanics with.
  4. Still working on my L19, but as far as I can tell you can start working on them with ECxp. But when the time comes to move them to whatever ship you want them to be on compared to the current one they are specialized for, it will require even more ECxp to instantly retrain them to their new specialization.
  5. I suggest save and stack on a single ship. I got impatient afew days ago a drop half my saved dubloons to get the Mo. I'm currently at about 50k FExp from playing and the odd lucky FExp crate. Everything is stacked on my Ibuki and the yields are good. And at worst decent when I preform poorly. Word of advice though. Make sure you're running the Detonation Signal. Nothing worse than watching all those signals and camo vanish because some else got lucky and you were not. Devastating Strikes on the other hand are all on you...
  6. My only guess is that Hiromi Igarashi 's asking price was either too high OR her scheduling didn't allow it. I'm more inclined to believe the latter; but the former is always likely if it comes to the talent agencies they work for. Anyways part of me is hoping they revisit the Arpeggio series for the ARP camos for Yamato and Musashi. And possibly them as Commanders and voice overs. The movie is rather enjoyable if you've already finished watched the Arpeggio series.
  7. Anyone have any good experiences with IFHE? For all I've read it doesn't matter for the Main Batteries but what about their Secondaries? Thinking of moving my Belfast Commander to a main line ship and it's already got IFHE and CE. I tend to run partial Secondaries on most my BBs so I'm wondering if is should pickup AFT once he hits L18.
  8. Considering that late tier CVs gain access to DF would it be to much to ask for mid tier CV's gain access to the "Catapult Fighter" consumable? Either charges like standard ships OR have it reduce their FTR Hanger count while Active. And IF it doesn't get shot down for the duration it returns to the Hanger count.
  9. Not sure if anyone has run the numbers but think of all the Elite Commander EXP it could potentially earn... provided you have a L19 IJN Commander. Sure it would be a lot of matches to run but if you have all the Arpeggio Ships and bounce that IJN L19 around for 1st Win Bonuses... that's a lot of yield depending how good you play your matches. Musashi, 4x Kongos, 4x Myoko's, 1x Takao, the CMDR's normal ship, whatever other IJN Prems you own.. And all that could be done during "down time" when your Main grind focus sinks to early OR you're feeling burnt out and just want to not grind. Personally I feel if you've got a L19 IJN Commander Musashi is a "must buy" or "eventually buy" since it will make earning Elite Commander Exp all the faster. Which in turn will make leveling Commanders of other Nations all the easier.
  10. From what I remember anything that hits the water is a Miss. So aiming for below the waterline will only help you if your target is turning towards your depressed point of aim -or - RNG disperses your shot above your point of aim into the ship.
  11. Build for Secondaries? You've got Little-er Guns for the little boats. Unless your min/max'ing your Primaries.. Then you might want to pressing more and attempting to stick near the Cruisers that can deal with your DD problem. Or trade a little Main Battery Performance. AFT and SBM2 goes a long way to scaring of Torpedo Runs. It's also a nice Early Warning bubble. Once you hear them start to fire, scope out and take a look around. Unless your one of those MFCSB builds.
  12. Part of me would hope for a super-scharnhorst at T9 if WG goes the route of Sci-Fi for a T9 German BB premium. 3x4 283mm Turrets combined with the Secondaries of the Main Line BBs... any Cruiser that finds itself in "brawling" range of it would get eaten alive. From either rapid firing Main Batteries or a plethora of Secondaries. But probably not, the trends for Germany during the era was "Bigger is Better" and a Super-Scharnhorst would be misfit compared to the actual trends of the Main Line BBs. But then again that's Science Fiction.. The question is what weird hidden design study will they pick out should the Germans be next in line to receive a T9 Prem.
  13. It was cool. Until you decided to take a break and run AS and we're dumped into a 1vNone CV match. Back when spotting didn't grant exp.. Or if it did very little for CVs.
  14. HSF Harekaze is a player who favours Variable Playstyle's wet dream. It's got the potential to be the best while at the same time worst depending on the situations it faces. The 1-4 Hull is the only thing I find lacklustre about Harekaze. It's better than Stock Kagero, but the only way it's any better than Maxed Kagero is if you pick the other hulls. The 4-10 Hull is great if her Commander is a high enough level but compared to Akizuki the ships tradeoffs depend on how well you play Both Kagero and Akizuki; It's a bit of both. You lose 1 Turret but gain 1 Torpedo compared to Akizuki. But you gain 10cm Guns compared to Kagero. The 11-12 Hull is a mishmash of ships. IJN stealth, USN gun arcs, USSR %Fire... Can't recall if it's got anything similar to the KM. Anyways, compared to Benson it loses out on 2x Turrets and the Launchers go from 5x2 to 4x2, but it gains access to TRB if you choose to trade Smoke. Your guns are better for knife-fighting then the only other ships that can proximity detect you based on stealth ratings; Kagero and Harekaze. --- Basically the adjust the Hull for whatever style of play you want to adopt. 1-4 Hull is great if you're into the IJN playstyle, but you potentially will be bested by the Kagero if it's Maxed. 4-10 Hull is great if you like the IJN alternative line but still want to be more Torpedo focused of the main line. You'll be bested in a gunnery duel if you run into an Akizuki, but to everything else your an Akizuki with more Torpedoes. 11-12 Hull is good if your commander isn't a higher enough level to maximize the potential of the 10cm guns. Or if you come from USN DDs. Those are just some thoughts on the Harekaze, basically make the ship your own. It can do things others can't But it's not as good at doing the same things others Excel at.