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  1. Ivlerlin

    HMS Vanguard

    I wonder what her SB ranges are.. Hoping they're above average considering their AA value is listed at 5.2km But those AA ranges could already be adjusted for the CV reworks.
  2. Ivlerlin

    19 point captain...help!

    My Scharnhorst CMDR is splitting time between Graf Spee and my KM Cruisers. He's not yet lv19, but I'll be spec'ing a Secondary Cruiser build. PT - HA - BoS - CE - AFT - MFCSB - EL As awkward as the build looks it's decent on ships with BC characteristics, if you want a full offence build take AR/BFT, for something in between take AR/SI. Scharnhorst's greatest strengths are the above average Secondary and her 283s. But since the CMDR also is splitting time with my Cruisers, you'd expect it to be extremely Sub - Optimal, but it is only slightly Sub - Optimal.. If you catch a DD within hydro or within range your CA SBs will be quite surprising.
  3. My Izumo CMDR splits time between Musashi and I've found that a FP/SB build is decent. PM - AR - BoS - FP - AFT - MFCSB - CatCON Module wise pick what you want but based on build SAM1, SBM2, DCM2, MBM3. MBM3 is semi-critical as having 460s and their overmatch potential means you want your MBs firing as much as possible regardless of opportunity costs spent on Secondaries. Another alternative build to the above with similar outcome is dropping FP and CatCON (5pts) for SI and EM or JoaT (5pts). You get the extra heal and/or mitigated Turret Traverse or Faster Consumable CD. A third alternative would be trading EM or JoaT for HA for a slightly quicker DCP CD.
  4. Ivlerlin

    How to deal with a griever

    Anyone else's First thought was "Maze Runner?...? Wut?"
  5. They do start fires... from Leander to Neptune.. But you need to "think you're hard enough" to press into Secondary Battery Range; and spec/mod for it.
  6. Ivlerlin

    Brit DD's SOON! (tm)

    It's their lack of speed boosts. They're quick, nimble, and agile. But they're short sprinters not marathon runners. Can't wait to get my hands on the T8+ and see what the DD life is like opting for TASM1 over CSM1. Sure stealth is life, but I feel they can shoot their way out should the fall into a 1v1 DD engagement. And IF you're APM is high enough a person could launch a Single Torp between Gun salvoes.
  7. Ivlerlin

    19Pt Captains

    I've only got 2. But I'm about 250k from my 3rd and another 500k from my 4th. Luckily those ones are ships I'm currently grinding and my 2x 19ers are IJN and USN. So they can be placed in Musashi and Missouri for some nice earnings. At some point I'll get around to a KM 19er which will get good mileage from my PE.
  8. Ivlerlin

    Ever worry about becoming 'That Guy'?

    The calm way to say this is "play the points" "we've got the score counts to win" Although if you're math isn't the greatest, the loss is potentially on you IF the points difference still results in loss AND the players still alive play more passive and defensively.
  9. Ivlerlin

    Duke of York can now mount Hydro Mod 1 ???

    Time to Check Hood if the DFAA one also works.
  10. Ivlerlin

    when did Daring get released

    I caught a glimpse of a Lightning the other day. Forgot about it then got Thunderstruck'd by a full torpedo spread. It was a terrible but glorious thing...
  11. Ivlerlin

    Special Captain availability?

    I got Dunkirk a few weeks back, but he's tied to a collection. Honoré was part of a challenge or campaign. And other were available for purchase. If they're a collection reward then they "might" still be attained IF you're working on their assigned collection.
  12. Ivlerlin

    Is battlefleet gothic coming to WoW?

    BFG already has a game slightly similar in BFG:Armada it's on Steam. It's an interesting take on an RTS from the few hours I've played on it. More interesting if you enjoy the themes of the 40k universe.
  13. Ivlerlin

    Super container drop rate increased?

    Check the ranked rewards. Maybe there was an SC listed.
  14. Haven't played much on mine since I've gotten it. But because of its better +CXP bonus if your KM CMDR is lv19, keep him on there for better ECxp earnings.
  15. Ivlerlin

    Will new T10s get uniques/legendaries?

    Considering that LUs are mostly designed for "alternative play styles" I'm of the impression they'll release something once the general player base has converged on a "standardized" playstyle.