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  1. Swine_007

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    Well earned sir, congrats!
  2. Swine_007

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    I had a lot of fun this season and it let me finish a mission directive for Germany and more than half of one for USA. I admit, I made lame choices playing Tipitz and Massachusetts but it was still good playing and most players were not the normal basket case of irritability I normally associate with ranked. Thank you WG, I didnt expect it to be a good experience 1 v 1 but it turned out to be just that. 44 games of fun.
  3. Swine_007

    Base XP

    Ranked Sprint currently gives 1250 base XP per win for what that's worth. The games tend to be fairly quick also. Although because WG wanted to make it as hard as possible, one of the missions in directive 4 is Random and Coop only.
  4. It really is a bit too easy. I am not a 16-2-1 player. I'm decent but not that good. Times are sequential. Losses were to another Tirpitz and a Tirpitz B, Draw was to a Bismarck when both of us had ram flags. Defeated: Lightning, Atago, Takeo x2, Tirpitz x4, Tirpitz B, Ognevoi, Benson, Bismarck x3, NC, Massachusetts
  5. Swine_007

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Thank you for your time with the community and best of luck with your new work!
  6. Swine_007

    Halloween operations

    I also was lucky enough to complete it first try. Gave +1's all round to a a team that just got it done.
  7. Swine_007

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    One of my favourite line ships
  8. From time to time I go into my inventory and sell off all the random type 1 and type 2 camos as I will never ever use them. I have tons of other types with better bonuses. I noticed today however that I had some camos that were worth .... well more than I was expecting ... I am too much of a collector to sell them off, and I dont need the credits at all ... but nearly 38 million credits ... in CAMO ? Who knew ... well I sure didn't.
  9. Like many others I have seen I was only missing one ship from the list ... Played a couple games in her .. Shes not bad but not outstanding to me. Thank you WG for the free Premium, she is a welcome addition .
  10. My favourite memory of this game is from Project R. I remember the excitement of the process ... will i manage enough Pearls ? What are the mystery rewards ? It was new and fun and surprising. Then I got the R and it was the ship that really taught me how to play IJN DDs .. It gave me an " Oh .. THIS is how it is supposed to work " moment My wish .... I do have most things in game ... perhaps a '41 West Virginia
  11. Second game in this. It's not a terrible DD. Granted this was a t4/5 match but still ... not bad.
  12. Swine_007

    Worst Premium ship in game

    I won't call any of the ships WG has provided for free bad or as worst Premium in game. WG has given players some great free premiums ( Kamikaze R, Graf Spee, Benham, are all solid ships ) and a good few mehs ( Mikasa , Aigle etc ) but in an effort to avoid the hypocrisy of looking a gift horse in the mouth I will stick to ships I've bought or got from crates. 1. Mutsu : The poor armour and the shells propensity to shatter make this thing a permanent port resident. 2. Okhotnik : I know many many people love this thing. I loath it for its slow ROF on the guns and its feeling of sluggishness due to its length. Yes the torpedo barrage of doom is fun, but not enough to overcome the irritation with the rest of its performance. 3. Dunkerque : I have never had a game in this ship that tempted me to hit battle with it selected again. Unlike many according to some of the preceding posts, I kept all my ARP ships and although I can't give a rational explanation why, I always had more fun and better games in my ARP Kongo than in it's line equivalent. Finally for all those who said Yub Yub is the worst.... she isn't. She's fragile and small and under armoured ( and my first ever ship ). Challenging ? Yes. But she is not the worst. Not even close.
  13. Swine_007

    Ribbons in the Air - 23rd - 29th

    Some ribbons while doing coop French token farming
  14. Thank you for the clarification Kami. Thank you also to all the volunteer Marauders. Without ya'll there would have been no event.