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  1. Favourite Low Tier Ships

    Campbeltown, Vampire and Katori at T3 I's have to say. Not because it is good but because it is just for fun Albany once in a while. Yubari, Clemson and Ishizuchi at T4 also for fun. Yub Yub was my first ship in CBT and even though she is so horribly vulnerable to .... well any kind of shelling ... I still like her. Oddly I have a Nicolai and and a Konig Albert but am I think the only owner who doesn't really enjoy driving either one of them.
  2. I'm currently feeling very mean.

    Well done sir !
  3. We're sorry

    She is a commonwealth ship so ... Perth and Vampire only so far I believe
  4. We're sorry

    Well said Ducky, and totally agree. Ty @Pigeon_of_War and WG !
  5. We can be content at least that our leader at least has some class and dignity, something notably lacking in the leader of our neighbours to the south. I would have thought most people on the forums, OP included, would understand the manifest patriotism that meant Canadians wanted to see Haida in game.
  6. I just did the math and its .... too many. It's 62. Earned in game ( including ARP) 28 and 34 purchased either outright or through my addiction to Santa crates. IJN: Earned in game :Tachibana, Tachibana Lima, Mikasa, Katori, Kamikaze R, Shinonome, Musashi, ARP Kongo/Haruna/Hiei/Kirishima/Nachi/Haguro/Myoko/Ashigara/Southern Dragon/Takao Purchased/Santa crates: Yubari ( my first ship from CBT ), Ishizuchi, Kamikaze, Mutsu, Atago 17/5 USN: Earned in game : Albany, Marblehead, Monoghan, Missouri Purchased/Santa crates:Smith, Texas, Arizona, Sims, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Kidd, Alabama 4/8 USSR: Earned in game : Varyag, Aurora, October Revolution Purchased/Santa crates: Imp. Nikolai, Gremyashchy, Ohotnik, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Molotov, Leningrad, Kutuzov 3/8 Germany: Earned in game : Emden,Graf Spee Purchased/Santa crates: K Albert, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz 2/4 RN: Earned in game : Nelson, Duke of York Purchased/Santa crates: Campbeltown, Gallant, Warspite, Belfast 2/4 France: Earned in game : Aigle Purchased/Santa crates: Dunkerque, De Grasse 1/2 Pan Asia: Purchased/Santa crates: Yo Lang, Huanghe, Anshan 0/3 Italy Purchased/Santa crates: Giulio Cesare, Duca D'aosta 0/2 Commonwealth Earned in game : Vampire Purchased/Santa crates: Perth 1/1 Poland Purchased/Santa crates: Blyskawica 0/1
  7. I Have Too Many Credits

    I play too much .. but I would have to say I'd like some way to use up some credits. @Taylor3006 .. I think you can see your own but on other people's pages it does not show their cash on hand amounts.
  8. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    Obtained from a crate. I bought 5, mostly hoping to get a Monaghan mission and I was lucky enough to get it. It's not a sick OP boat but a decent T6. I tried the B hull and .. just no .. its like i higher tier Campbeltown, sure it has decent torps but the price paid in main gun armament ... just no. You can get some pretty good ( or lucky ) games in her in the A hull though.
  9. Monoghans everywhere

    I bought 5 of the boxes because I am a sucker for a chance at a premium. Of the 5, two contained missions. One for Cleveland and one for Monaghan. I already own the rest of the possibilities from prior Christmas loot boxes so no big disappointment there. I am interested to see how it plays, i watched Notser's vid and I acknowledge his points, but I played and had fun in Campbelltown too which is kinda just as severely under -gunned, so I will wait and give it i a try.
  10. Texas, Alabama, Kutuzov, Okhotnik, Idianapolis and Huanghe. All from Christmas crates, so I never chose them specifically but got them anyway. I've tried my best to like each of them but they have just never clicked for me. I suppose I regret buying Aigle then finding out there were missions to earn her.
  11. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    Given how bent out of shape some folks in the US can be about copyright infringement , I am really surprised by the tone of this discussion. The question should be why is anyone surprised that the Canadian govt might be reluctant to have a foreign/multinational firm profit using the image of a national monument ? Thank you Ultimate for putting into words so well. I want very much to see the Haida in game and am quite willing to throw money at WG when/if it appears. I won't, however, condemn my federal govt for not wanting to allow others to profit from the image of a nationally historic site. Just our of curiosity , does anyone know how much Project Valor raised for USS Texas ? $175 000 or so ? That's for a ship that the US state it's in won't even pony up to keep it afloat. How about WG just donates a small amount to support Haida from the revenue in sales ?
  12. 145 ... which i think mostly means i have slightly more polite days than rude obnoxious ones ... WIN !
  13. Favorite YouTuber?

    I like a few of them, Jingles, Yuro, Notser, iChase and FLamu all. I had to say Yuro just because his videos while not as abundant are still awesome always. I mean ... ' How to Clemson ' what more do I need to say.
  14. Your "Cursed" ship....