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  1. Killorr

    Show me the credits!

    In a Co-op battle, 555,950 credits with 5 sunk.
  2. Where are any Combat Missions now? As of today I have no Combat missions to complete. Maybe add a new Campaign?
  3. Don't share the code! The more players that enter, the less likely you are to win!
  4. I thought I had it, but was off on 1 letter. Once I figured that out I changed that 1 letter to something that made sense and was good to go.
  5. Killorr

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for streamer Mejash for introducing me to this game and for my first premium ships which I won on his stream. I's by super thankful if a HSF General Assembly pack was added to my account.
  6. Co-op is the place for easy wins. Thea
  7. Killorr

    PT server 0.8.9

    I'm trying to download the update for the Test server but get this error message "The data obtained from the update service is incorrect" Anyone else?
  8. When WoWs was still in beta testing I started watching Mejash streaming it on Twitch. I fell in love with the game and when I won access to beta testing on Mejash's stream I was as happy as a pig in poop. I have enjoyed my journey towards 20K games played. My birthday wish would be to receive the FRIESLAND: ADMIRAL PACK bundle.