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    World War II and studying history. World of Warships is my hobby. Privacy is my love.
  1. The_Sparrow

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    ^^^^ Also they are bad stats because potatoes if you know what you are doing you are fine and even great. Edit: For example every game I have done over 200k has been in a high tier US BB and out of my 5 best game 4 of them are US BBs (High Tier at that). So I think they are quite good but it depends upon the player.
  2. The_Sparrow

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Also the reason I am getting her is that she is way more accurate than the germans. That's the reason I love and do very well in my USN BBs. If you look at my warships.today you will know I love my American BBs and do well in them so I think Alabama will be a great ship to me.
  3. The_Sparrow

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    LOL thanks for the clarification. And to mouse please use a real word and not magled letters ;D