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  1. jr_token


    Another reason for it to be Clan Brawls :) and other tiers as well
  2. jr_token


    I enjoyed Clan Brawls and have looked forward to them 3v3 was a blast quick, intense and FUN win or lose. This new Brawl is Just a smaller random and Not as much fun. Can we have That mode back :) and in Different Tiers as well
  3. jr_token

    New stage of submarine testing

    Define "Hydrophone removed"? Is this "Now your Ship's have hydro. Now they no longer Have hydro"
  4. jr_token

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    I expected this Petro being banned I expected FDR as well
  5. jr_token

    Explain this.

    I go to Drive D games then my WG file open it and its under replay
  6. jr_token

    CV debate

    It's co-op bot CV never hit anything anyway lol. I am not a CV hater I just think the mechanics are wrong . Yes Hitting a DD can be tough for them , I think they are Op in certain situations.. Like Clan battles and Ranked due to the ship count being 7v7 I have a few I've never played and someday I will
  7. Yeah you suck ! Feel better? Have a Nice day
  8. jr_token

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    Lab Rat
  9. I have a 400 dollar a month gaming/entertainment budget . I also help clan mates, A lot of people had it far worse than myself during the pandemic and what's 9 bucks 2 cups of coffee? A clan mate and myself run in clan contest for prizes about $200 every few months ,We believe in giving and helping others who enjoy the game and We also know we support the game content which everyone here benefits from I just suggest you never spend what you cant afford Real life comes first
  10. 1 hour ago, Snargfargle said: "It's simply ridiculous that I get "reported" every time I play a CV." I report you regardless of what you play lol
  11. jr_token

    Ban Benham from Ranked

    Ban salt problem solved,