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  1. jr_token

    Worst Premium ship in game

    No way I love her she makes me work every game
  2. jr_token

    New WG code from stream

    Thank you
  3. SRM is seeking Active Players 1.Must be active and a good sport 2.Must use discord and have a mic 3. Win rate isnt everything but activity and aggressive play required ( We look at E/B) 4. Be available for Clan battles 5. Respectful of Other clan mates https://discord.gg/VN2qMgu
  4. jr_token

    Average tier you play.

    7.2 My 2 favorites boats Monaghan and Fiji
  5. jr_token

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Just was wondering if it is a typo is all lol
  6. jr_token

    Open challenge, CVs.

    12000? or 1200
  7. jr_token

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Excellent review and thank you for your time
  8. jr_token

    Russian collection

    I trust the missions weren't heinous? I never got one out of my crates. Really wanted Leningrad. earn 5000 base exp I did both together and While I did Gripe I honestly thought the same concept as the Exeter would apply I was gifted that ship and when I completed the mission for it I got doubloons and once again I misunderstood and got Salty :)
  9. jr_token

    Russian collection

    I can live with that
  10. jr_token

    Russian collection

    Listen Mr 2000 games and 10,000 post I'm thinking the basement must be lonely Dull people who needs to shame someone because they Worked their whole lives and typing wasn't a skill needed in the blue Blue Collar work world as for you my fine friend Your attack on me and my grammar must fulfill you in some strange way the effort you have expended to belittle me or shame me or put me in my place must be almost orgasmic in nature Hope you have a towel handy have a Great day!!!
  11. jr_token

    Russian collection

    First off I am a paying customer the concept of paying money and getting what I deem as an inferior product or service is my right and there is nothing elitist about it unless you care to make my purchases for me As for my Grammar and punctuation I am Busted and you spell checked all by yourself and I am shamed you're to clever for me (talk about elitist brats)
  12. jr_token

    Russian collection

    NO I couldn't find that anywhere if I had I wouldn't have posted and credits don't help me I have plenty
  13. jr_token

    Russian collection

    I got the chance to play for the Molotov and Leningrad which I own on the personal mission after completing them I got in game credits 16 million credits for 2 premium ships worth almost $48.00 and I get less credits than a T-9 Battleship maxed out This is Pretty cheap and insulting to be honest I play and I do support the game and it seems the only thing changing are the exorbitant pricing of the ships and those I already own but not getting their actual value is [edited] I am sure there is the equivalent of used car salesman fine print somewhere, I think I will be skipping Yorktown with my Grandsons W.G just proved my worth as a player and a customer in their eyes I have over 115 ships and half are premiums WG you are making it tough to support you