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  1. jr_token

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    I am not surprised That WG choose this moment during a pandemic when people are Strapped for cash to make what is little more than a Blatant money grab and using CV's being in Clan battles as an excuse This is [edited]
  2. jr_token

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    What happened to rank battles T-7
  3. jr_token

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    This make zero sense "Please note: during the current Season, in contrast to previous seasons, there will be no discount on resetting Commander skills. This was necessary at the start of previous Clan Battle seasons because players often needed to change some of their Commanders' skills due to the fact that aircraft carriers weren't allowed in Clan battles." A lot of players have limited Top point Captains CV's I can Live with this is Wrong Don't we spend enough as it is?
  4. jr_token

    Update April Fools' Day

    This what was stated about clan Brawls on the Update 0.9.2 Date: 04/04/2020 Prime times: CIS 15:00 — 20:00 UTC EU 17:00 — 22:00 UTC ASIA 11:00 — 16:00 UTC NA 0:00 — 05:00 UTC (on the next following day) Format: Battles will involve Tier VIII ships in a 4 vs. 4 format. Restrictions: a maximum of one ship of each type per team. Rewards: up to 350 Steel; 3,500 Coal; and 2,500,000 credits Maps: Hotspot, Shatter, Trident, and Northern Waters with reduced action zones; and Big Race, with a standard map size of 30x30 km. Now This scrambled Stuff Can I get just a clear message
  5. So W.G. has copied "Thomas the Train"?
  6. jr_token

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    B.S ...Russian version of American redneck Big Truck = Torpedo envy lol welcome to Russian fantasy ship Just admit it. Its no longer world of warship its world of Russian warship .......................................................................the Bias is real
  7. jr_token

    Personal Investment into WOWS

    Thank you for sharing and My deepest condolences for the loss of your Brother
  8. jr_token

    No XP game.

    isnt this shaming ?
  9. jr_token

    [ALL] ModStation

    I use The WOWS Mod and I can see them I just use the Tech tree and I see all the ships
  10. jr_token


    SRM is currently seeking Active Players for Clan battles and Division Play, The Ideal candidate will have a mic & discord. A willingness to take part in helping build the clan and develop friendships WE have players from all walks of life and welcome anyone willing to contribute . Our discord is a bit rowdy at time so if colorful language and jokes bother you We wish you the very best in your search for that sort of environment . If you think you might like to check us out Contact MT_Grizzly or jr_token or https://discord.gg/QUVUFYz
  11. jr_token

    So I came back

    I fired 100 torpedos in 15 minutes .......Good idea's and add fleet battles of 3v3 clans brawls rock and I had the most fun I've had in a while in this game
  12. My best memory is being on the opposite side as 3 of my clan mates and Sinking them all Daring rules My birthday Wish Belfast or just surprise me :)