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  1. Dubloon Compensation

    You don't think so? lol I have had Gallant since the first Dynamo operation I suppose and when I used the 200 sovergians I got 4,500 doubloons You have thought wrong Please make sure you Have a firm grasp of a situation before you impune another person word BTW I Use the WOWS Approved Mod station and it has the "All ship in Tree" try it you might like it
  2. Dubloon Compensation

    I had Gallant before this I gathered the require Sovereigns 200 and when I used them on Gallant I got 4,500 doubloons I think it works the same way
  3. Massive bug for WG

    Update : fixed with compensation
  4. Login Issues after Update

    Unable to connect to update server
  5. Mousepads T-shirts
  6. the ship I sank and the one Im credited with

    I don't know how to do that
  7. This morning in a battle I sank a Giulio Ceaser the Owner is Karnisher when the Game was over I was accredited with sinking an Atlanta owner yukinositayukino THIS never happened How is it possible I'm not a great player but I am not blind

    Is it planet X ? Widespread Panic !!!

    The bright side of this is it isnt just me:)
  10. ARP ships

    Well excuse me ..lol but hey any chance to be a keyboard rambo uh?
  11. ARP ships

    How can I turn them off or delete them I don't want them and I Don't want to see them if I wanted to use them I would make that choice
  12. Looking for mature clan

    Looking to get into the clan gaming Play daily and willing to learn
  13. ​Please define potato ...also I had no clue that if someone buys a Tirpitz they can't play... I have one I love it and this discussion that turned rather nasty and judgemental because someone having fun isnt as good as someone else On the brightside winter is almost over and I have tickets to a few great concerts
  14. http://dionysus.biz/torpedoaccuracy.html