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  1. jr_token

    Ban Benham from Ranked

    Ban salt problem solved,
  2. jr_token

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    11 so far
  3. jr_token

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    New maps, New Clan brawl mode 4v4 , I only have so much money and WG is making me long for my X at this point
  4. jr_token

    RIP -- John Tiller

    I have a few John Tillers games, Campaign series being my all time favorite and RIP M. Collins
  5. jr_token

    Ban Benham from Ranked

    Paolo Emilio is scary too
  6. jr_token

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    I like mine like a mini BB IMHO
  7. jr_token

    Compensation for downtime

    Thank you.
  8. jr_token

    Carriers Are Too Difficult

    Yeah BB's with SAP DD really have it made lol
  9. jr_token

    Carriers Are Too Difficult

    Maybe you just want easy kills .Just ask the enemy ships to hold still for you because Its too hard......
  10. jr_token

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    To be honest I do not think you have the experience to promote these subjects and It reeks of sucking up to WG and Your need for ..