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  1. Bellicose_Intent

    You Broke It!

    CV are broken and I agree RTS was superior to this CV model ( players developed skills to use them)
  2. Bellicose_Intent

    You Broke It!

    They did this I think in server migration to the detriment of the game
  3. Bellicose_Intent

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    Sadly I took Flint over Black and regret that everytime I see a Black, Today Flint is a nerfed port queen A cautionary reminder that WG willingness to screw you after they have your payment
  4. Bellicose_Intent

    High resolution maps

    Thank you
  5. Bellicose_Intent

    High resolution maps

    Where can I find high resolution clan battle maps for season 17
  6. Bellicose_Intent

    CV's in Ranked

    THANK YOU. Askance has some good intentions in regards to creepy players who trash the game but He is the in House CV main/defender of all that flies I marvel at WG's refusal to have multidimensional battles Greatness lost I suppose
  7. Bellicose_Intent

    Arms Race Hits Random and Co-op Battles in Update 0.11.4

    Rank has been enjoyable.
  8. Bellicose_Intent

    No more money WG until CV have depth charges.

    It may be location
  9. Bellicose_Intent

    No more money WG until CV have depth charges.

    Nothing against you at all my idea of a balance and yours may be different I mean no shade at you or CV players in general Just in my opinion they are unbalanced and broken. I am not anti CV or sub at all
  10. Bellicose_Intent

    Brawls in Update 0.11.3: Round 2

    Players being severed up as cannon fodder for unicum teams and WG data supports it
  11. Bellicose_Intent

    No more money WG until CV have depth charges.

    I'll spend more if it means one less Broken OP CV Nothing personal If CV's aren't broken where are they in competitive play Just think with the money you save you can help a animal shelter
  12. Bellicose_Intent

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

    WG data support these changes anyone who disagrees is not informed or need to "Get Gud"
  13. Bellicose_Intent

    Silent majority

    Stats say exactly what WG want them to say WG interprets its data to defend their plans WG Polls and surveys say what they intend them to say Period, Ever get the game poll/survey if you even hint at being unsatisfied the survey closes What about a survey that covers for example my satisfaction with a game just played My CV on my side had a xp of 743 and a wr of 43% @ T-8 vs a CV player with a 53% WR and an xp of 1115 WG implies that this is balanced, I disagree I could care less about CV being in the game subs either for that matter I just think balanced should include player abilities I'm no great shakes myself Is my presence in a unicom game welcomed ? I doubt it! I am not anti CV or anti Sub I'm anti unbalanced
  14. Bellicose_Intent

    Separation of Economy from Camos Discussion Thread

    Thanks this makes sense and a good point
  15. Bellicose_Intent

    Separation of Economy from Camos Discussion Thread

    Wait! the perm camo I paid for that included +4 dispersion will not get that dispersion?