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  1. Bellicose_Intent

    What will the next ship type

    I would love to see a class of ships with missiles and CIWS and Jamming and Chaffe Oh yeah now we are cooking with Microwaves lol and sub hunting Helicopters and .......We can name our own ships
  2. Bellicose_Intent

    What will the next ship type

    Russian Bird of Prey with the Research bureau invisibility mod
  3. Bellicose_Intent

    Armory NA not opening/down

    I bet those duck boats work
  4. wasn't worth 12 million credits that's for sure
  5. I used doubloons to do the sequential bundles, Got to the Premium ship Vll crate and I got 12 million credits. What a RIP off Doubloons are cash and WG gives me credits I guess I missed the fine print about credits and use car salesmanship . Cant buy a premium ship with credits then why give credits in exchange RIP off
  6. Bellicose_Intent

    For those with 15,000 plus battles or 5,000 plus posts

    Almost 62 Retired for a few years My wife and I now travel. Tennessee is home North America and Canada our play ground
  7. Bellicose_Intent

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Glad you are better Happy new year and I hope 2023 is better than 2022
  8. Bellicose_Intent

    Why do you play WoWS

    I am not sure why I still play, I think its the friends I've made The amount of money I have spent(kinda whalish) The last yr has been horrible to be honest. We are traveling and enjoying retirement now and I miss this game Its the art department that carries this Game It is amazing I have no beefs with CV's or Sub I do think they aren't integrated correctly I dislike the monetization of everything in this game. The need to turn WOWS into a Participation trophy game. I miss the interaction with the Old Mods, I don't even bother with twitch anymore I miss playing and knowing some of the money went to worthy causes Like Saving the USS Texas and The events to support Vets .The only skills being promoted these days are CVs and DD with dive bombers lol crazy but I get it I mean even my Military Month Contributors flag has been Fragged Its all included now I'm just disappointed BTW Art department The depth charges look great
  9. Bellicose_Intent

    Sunlit Fair

    Remember when WG did things to help save Ships and Vet's Now Its buy this and we will de-value it later When we turn this into a monetized Participation trophy
  10. Bellicose_Intent

    Random Thoughts

    wouldn't be the first apologist to become employed
  11. Bellicose_Intent

    Grab Your Santa's Gift in Good Time

    It used to be 1 mega per 1 T-10 Now it takes 5 games to get just 1 I bought 20 mega and got 4 ships and all T-6 &7 I would say save your money 80% mark up sucks
  12. Next thing WG will sell is Blue water.
  13. Bellicose_Intent

    I PROTEST useless rewards!!!

    The truth
  14. Bellicose_Intent

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    Leather and handcuff do tell