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  1. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    Thank you for the feedback but is there a timeline for how long the daring and haru will take? The have been in circulation for a while to date.
  2. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    Common WG
  3. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    ill keep commenting to keep this at the top so WG takes notice
  4. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    yep its been months and no word from WG. Iam not sure why more people aren't upset bout daring not having one yet
  5. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    Any information is welcome WG. Make a statement about it.
  6. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Enterprise - Worth Getting?

    Its still good but worse then the other t8 prems. lex is better. sho is worse
  7. So many bad players refusing to adapt then coming here to cry their poor little eyes out.
  8. OP states he hasn't played since the rework. Why are you here to cause trouble? "with the issues ive heard"
  9. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    Where are the CV legendaries, and the Daring? The new Russian bb's got em? If so, what are they? If not, when will we get them? Seriously any damn day you want to comment WG
  10. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Daring and CV legendary mods

    I agree whole heartedly. But feedback from WG is needed so the players have an understanding as to when they will be released for cv. Absolutly no reason the Daring does not have one and that needs addressed by WG promptly.
  11. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    oooooor it didn't happen. Which is most likely the case. Nice try trying to get WG to make the game easier for you instead of bettering yourself through what I already told you though. Your participation trophy is in the mail.
  12. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    soooo the bad players got punished for their mistakes? Dang that should definably be nerfed.
  13. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Iam positive you did none of that. Aaaand iam also positive your bad play probably puts you in worse situations almost constantly. I recommend you analyze your self, seek self improvement, and examine how better to plan your positioning. Also please stop the forum tears because you haven't done any of the aforementioned.
  14. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Daring and CV legendary mods

    WG. Where are they? When will we see them? Can you give any sort of time frame for either or are they just not going to be implemented/ reimplemented for the CV ones?
  15. Sigurth_Valkyri

    Legendary skills

    When will the legendary skills be updated and released back to us? Does anyone know?