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  1. Should I get the Perth?

    I can't really recommend it for anything like ranked. The long smoke is a nifty gimmick, but because the cooldown starts after the smoke has stopped blooming, and that the smoke only lasts a few moments you're left with a lot of down time between smokes, and in a ship this squishy that's not a good thing. The gun range is also lower than the Leander, but it has a spotter plane to make up for it. However, I would say that this is one of the more fun premiums just because of that unique moving wall of smoke (even though it can only go 1/4 speed in it.)
  2. Things BB Drivers Love

    Nah dude it's the Danae for me. That thing is made of wet toilet paper and tears. It also helps that EVERYONE sails in a straight line full broadside.
  3. This. If they made CV's less awkward to play/learn to play I would be more interested in playing them.
  4. Holy forum change batman!

    I'm pretty happy with the mobile version of the forums, now it actually shows profile pictures and looks a whole lot cleaner, kudos WG!
  5. It really depends. If you set fire on somebody and then they use their damage con immediately then set another fire right after, that that fire will burn for its full duration and caused much much more damage. This also applies to flooding. Also worth noting, a ship like a Kurfürst that has a much more Health than other ships will take more fire damage because fire damage and flooding are percentage-based where is if you shoot a T-10 Destroyer or something with a small health pool it wouldn't do as much flat-out damage. Personally I've started like 20 fires one match and didn't get witherer, but I've hit like 1 torp and lit like 3 fires and gotten it.
  6. Danae, the people who sail this thing always show complete broadside and get deleted by anything and everything. (The Danae also happens to be one of my favourite things to shoot at ) Also any strike loadout CV. They always try (and fail) to snipe the enemy CV, then all of their planes get shot down while the red CV farms free damage.
  7. Speaking of " What the heck are these?" What are these balls that are on the Tirpitz, Bismarck and similar ships? Did they have something to do with radar?
  8. I don't see how that would apply here. Trump must at least have one good point to his campaign (I wouldn't know. Im not American.) But to defend a company that is frankly just over charging on digital boats is kind of silly.
  9. I've found that the AI in co-op mode is really unfinished. They seem to only be able to focus on what their target is, not what is actually in that trajectory. I've often seen bots shoot each other with torps (This also happened to me with a bot that was on our team) and they run into islands... all the time... It's especially bad with the Fuso on the map "North," the thing usually just sits at it's spawn point and barely makes an effort to shoot anything.