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  1. Lochnivar

    Thoughts on the Asashio

  2. Lochnivar

    Thoughts on the Asashio

    Very much agree. Perhaps a better way that I should have said that is something like if you focus on making your actual damage number higher than your spotting number, you're playing her wrong. Those torps are dangerous when they do hit.
  3. So, Santa was kind to me and I got a LOT of premiums this year, including the Asashio. This is one ship that I've been drooling over since it first arrived. Not so much for it's abilities, but for it's gimmick. I like gimmick ships. I love my Atlanta and I bought the Terrible simply for it's speed. (MEEP MEEP!) So, when I dropped it in a crate, my jaw also dropped. So, what's my take on it? I like it. A lot. Not so much for it's BB-torpedoes-of-doom, but for the package it really brings to the game. This is how a destroyer should play. More specifically, this is how an IJN destroyer should play. Before the BB'ers blow their tops, consider this. It's so freaking easy to dodge torpedoes if you are paying attention. You really don't have to know where the torps are and still avoid them. With the Asashio torpedoes, it's more the case. Yes they are fast (I have mine to the 72 kt. version); however, they still take almost a minute, or so, to get to their full range. As soon as you see your spotted icon go off and you can't see who spotted you, you need to start turning, moving, something. Any form of deviation will throw off torps that have already been fired. I don't really feel bad a BB has had a full minute to maneuver and still hits my fish. As a BB player, I don't get salty when I get torped, I should have been more agile. That's on me. That being said, the Asashio torpedoes aren't the game enders that they are feared to be. A savvy BB player is already taking evasive reactions. I've fired many a torpedo salvo that went wasted because people have discovered WASD hacks. (Damn you Jingles!) The ship also isn't the one trick pony that people pan her as. It's true that her torps can only hit BBs and CVs; however, against an alert CA or DD player, you're not going to hit them any ways. You're really not losing anything there. Her guns aren't great. They aren't bad, but they aren't great. Where the Asashio shines is her detectability. I've gotten her down to 5.4, which is insane. As long as I'm keeping an eye out, I can roam the map and never get spotted. More importantly, I can roam the map, spotting for my team. It's not uncommon for my games to end with spotting damage over 100k and 0 for my actual damage. As long as others are hitting what I've spotted, I'm happy to keep them lit. And that's where IJN destroyers really need to be in this game. We don't need another offensively minded DD line. Originally, they were designed to be the "passive" class with the USN as the "aggressive" class. However, lazy players, both DDs and other classes, demanded a change to the existing line that pushed them from the niche. Now we have a creep to where ALL DDs are offensive weapons, not the support weapons they really are. I know, I know, a lot of players don't want to be passive players. I understand that. There are other lines to play. If you want to knife fight, go USN. Gun and run? Go Soviet. Speedy? Go French. Agile? Go British. Go ninja? Sure, go IJN. But stop complaining when you can't delete BBs and you are relegated to support roles. And that's the lesson from the Asashio that I'm learning. With a detection range of 5.4, if I'm playing offensive, I'm really misplaying the ship. I should be looking for ways to keep enemy ships spotted and quick cap grabs. If my actual damage is higher than my spotting damage, I'm doing it wrong. Actual torpedo runs should be when the opportunity arises, not the whole point of the ship itself.
  4. You guys are proving what I've always thought. You are sooooo much smarter than I am.
  5. Lochnivar

    Why Tier X Ranked Battle Is So Bad

    I've played in every Ranked, as you probably have. The dynamic of this season, and the last, has been very different from the previous ones. I could care less about the ranking out. I know how crap I am at the game and the highest I've gotten is 8. I don't expect to get any better. There are just that many good players. This is about WG making a change that, in the long one, wasn't a good one. It shut out a lot of players and didn't have the effect that they were working towards.
  6. Lochnivar

    Why Tier X Ranked Battle Is So Bad

    Oh, I'm not fishing here. Just want people to know that I'm not bashing because I'm part of the problem myself. This is more to get a conversation going.
  7. Ok, let me preface this by saying that I'm just as guilty on this as anyone else, so I'm not trying to denigrate anybody. The question is, why is it so bad to have only tier 10 ships in ranked from 15 up? The answer is somewhat counter-intuitive. Logically, keeping ranked at tier 10 ships should filter out less experienced players by the expedient of said players not having tier 10 ships in port. Logically, that should mean a better quality of play at this level. Unfortunately, it's not and I think the reason is that it's causing the opposite of what it's intended to do. Consider this. A newish player sees ranked and he/she wants to be a part of it. Unfortunately, their highest ship is a tier 7, which means they are out. However, if you're desperate enough, you can convert ship xp to free xp and open up a tier 10. I know I did this by skipping the Fletcher and grabbing the Gearing for clan wars. I missed the entire training grind that came with working through the tier 9 dynamics. In short, I suck with my Gearing now and I pretty much get owned at Ranked battles. That's my fault since I regularly play tier 5-7 as my preferred tier. So, what happens is that we actually get players that are even less experienced at playing tier 10 battles. Randoms at 10 is tough, but ranked is a whole 'nother beast. If you're not familiar with the dynamics there, you're going to get eaten quite easily. We need ranked back down to, at least tier 8. It's not so grindy and it's on a much closer level to play for a newish player who still wants to enter the competitive sphere. I suck at ranked this season, and it's my own fault. I'm just not ready for tier 10 battles, especially ranked.