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  1. Lochnivar

    Epic bonus code still valid!

    Worked for me and Holy Cow.
  2. Lochnivar

    April Fool's Day Idea

    What if the bots became as salty as we do to each other in Co-op games? Screaming over unicom or tattling on their teammates with position grid coordinates. I think it would be hilarious to be playing and when I killed a bot, it starts complaining about match making.
  3. I promised myself a more productive New Year where I would contribute more and complain less. It's getting tested, but I'll do my best here. Wargaming, can you please focus on the content that is already in-game before trying to push new content? Don't get me wrong, I love new content and exciting things, but even you have to admit that the handling of content is somewhat off. Yes, one of the things I'm talking about is the IJN Yashima. With 460mm shells, the Yamato/Musashi can pen and overmatch anything out there. So, why do we need 510mm guns? Other than selling to a crowd that places entirely too much on gun size, I can only see one reason for this much overkill. That reason to make the gun so overpowering that it will simply punch through anything except a heavy BB, causing only 10% damage. If that's correct, then it makes it less effective against DDs and Cruisers that is simply going to blow through one side and create a nice jagged porthole on the other side. Is this the reason? For the constructive part of this, I'd like to see the efforts put here being directed into reimagining the US and IJN lines. At the time of their creation, they were the only two and it was easy to tell what the national flavors were. They've since lost it. Reimagine the line and reconstruct it using lessons learned to create uniquely flavored lines. The newer lines have this and I love it. The older lines are getting a bit long in the tooth and could use some help. Another brainstorm that I'm thinking about is the idea of adding ship quirks to the game. Each ship in a class is supposed to be different from the other ships, something minor that makes the ship unique. In game terms, perhaps a rudder that is just a fraction faster, or a shell that traveled a little faster. The same class, but something to make the ship subtly different. Then make the ship itself unique in the matchmaker queue. Of these quirked ships, only one can be of that unique ship can be used in the match. For example, if Wargaming releases a new premium alternative for the USS Kidd, call it the USS Cassin Young, the ship is identical in most aspects but has a quirk and when matchmaker goes to fit the teams up, only one Cassin Young would be in the game. Again, I'm just tossing stuff at the electron wall here and see what will and won't stick.
  4. Lochnivar

    Dr_Venture returns to WoWS

    Welcome back. Always glad to see a return, especially when they are doing better in real life
  5. Lochnivar


    So. The New Year Resolution post that nobody really cares about. Well, too bad. In all honesty, this last year has been a doozy of one for us. Between the highs and lows (I'm looking at you PR), this community has been stretched to a breaking point. I've always thought that this community is the best out there. We fight. We bicker. We even vent and rage on each other. So? That's pretty much a holiday with my family at home. We love each other, even if we can't stand each other. I won't call us a "family", but we share a deep and abiding love for the game itself, even with all of its frustrations. In general, players are still helpful and friendly. I don't want to lose that. So, my resolution for this year is to try to be a moderating force in this community. Someone who tries to steer things back to a middle ground and away from the extremes. But, I'm going to need ya'll's help. Players: Wargaming is going to do what they are going to do. It's a business and, in the end, a happy player base is a profitable one. That's not a swipe at WG, I promise. Understand that they are catering to a huge player base. Of which, the ones that are active here or on Reddit are only a fraction passionate enough to post opinions. It's been said before, but bears saying again, we can't have this expectation that WG is going to cater the game to our own liking. Wargaming does listen, but there needs to be enough noise and outrage to let them know that a significant portion of the players are peeved. This isn't helped by the fact that Wargaming isn't a company built from the same culture that many on the NA server is used to. I understand they have an office in Austin and should have the ability to interact with us effectively. However, many of those who work for international companies also know the challenge of trying to frame foreign company policies into regional culture norms. My gut feeling on this is that NA received specific direction from HQ and executed those directives and models. Us 'Muricans tend to be a little heavier on the soft skills when it comes to selling us something. Other cultures aren't as weasely and much more direct to the point. It's not an excuse, but it is a factor to consider. Wargaming: Please, please, please, for the love of all that's holy, communicate with us. Hire a guy who is pure PR and has the power to put the brakes on an initiative if they think it's going to start a dumpster fire. Then step back and let him/her do their jobs. For PTS and other initiatives, you could let us know the rationale behind the changes being made. Yes, you give something when you make a change, but it's more along the lines of "To make the ship more competitive" and that really doesn't answer the curiosity. For example, the next iteration of the Sub mechanics has some pretty drastic changes to it, changes that seem to be at odds with the progress already made. I can understand if you are wanting to test how a player base would react to an extreme situation, but tell us in the beginning instead of letting YouTubers have the wrong impression when they present it to their viewers. Let's make this a great year. Let's come off of the extremes and settle into something more homey. Players be more forgiving and Wargaming communicate. God Bless everyone and wonderful wishes for a great New Year to you and yours.
  6. Lochnivar

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    The definition of "Mehbote" was a ship that was disgustingly average, entirely forgettable. It would make sense that the majority of the boats would be Meh.
  7. Lochnivar

    Yet Another PR Saga Commentary

    I was more referring to the dockyard build grind. Outside of the PR, I think it was an awesome feature. Have that but with fewer CPs to aim for.
  8. Lochnivar

    Yet Another PR Saga Commentary

    Yep, I needed to find a different way to describe myself as a ship Wh---re
  9. Lochnivar

    Yet Another PR Saga Commentary

    Ditto here. I'm going to be very twitchy about with my cash to WG.
  10. So, if I have a reputation around here, it's that of a WG fanboy. It's sad because that's not really true. I just simply don't typically buy into hype and understand that WG is just doing what companies do, make money. Either way, I really do have a choice of whether I play by their rules or not. Having said that, for some reason the possibility of a shiny new ship from a cool new event with a good dose of pitchman advertisement overrode that skepticism and I was one of those who purchased the three boosters without looking under the hood. The ONLY saving grace for me was that those doubloons were ones that I had gotten from the Santa crates that I had previously purchased. And don't get me wrong, the dockyard is a great idea, I love the concept. It was the parameters that sucked. Having said that, I don't think I'm unhappy with the results. When I logged in this morning, I found that my doubloons had been refunded, minus the cost of the Santa crates that I was awarded as part of the "grind". Fair enough. I got a Kutusov out of it so I'm not going to get picky over a few thousand doubloons. So, here I am. I've got 24k doubloons (the refund plus some extra that I had earned other places). I'm going to spend them. So, what do I spend them on? I've been known to turn a few tricks for ships, so I looked at the armory to see what was available. Saipan... Irian... Vanguard... some tier 2 and 3 ones I really don't care about... The others I have. (Yes, I have a ship issue). There are some ships that aren't available in the armory but could drop in crates (like Benham) and I could only afford to get one or two of the three available. What the heck, let's roll the dice. 22.5k doubloons later and I've got 20 shiny new Mega crates. Out of those, what do I get? Saipan, Vanguard, and Irian. Too perfect. I also get 8k doubloons, so I go for another three crates and grab a Fujin. So, overall, I'm happy with the outcome, but there are some takeaways that I think are important. 1. Wargaming DOES listen to it's player base. The problem is that that player base has to yell really really loudly to be heard. 2. Wargaming needs to communicate the intent of an event. For this event, it was intended that the PR be achievable for free for the absolute .000001% of the player base that ground it out. All others pay through the nose. I'm actually ok with that concept. I think reward ships should be held as reward ships. It irks me that the Flint and Black are both available for steel. I have neither, but those who did earn them should have exclusive access to them. They worked hard to get them, let them keep the prizes. 3. On the other hand, Wargaming needs to offer a similar prize of lesser value as an alternative. For those of us who CAN'T put in the hours, provide a lower bar. The choice to use the same event but grind the Gorizia would have been nice. 4. We, as a player base, need to be more skeptical about these things. I'm guilty as well. I plan on waiting a week or so while smarter heads do the calculations on these before I jump in like this again. Fool me once Wargaming, shame on you, fool me twice and I'm a moron. 5. There is no room in our community for the hate that we saw over this. Yes, I got trollish. I got trollish because I find irrational hate to be laughable. If we need to protest, let's protest. Let's not hate the people.
  11. Lochnivar

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    Nice review! I like the new "Verdict" style. I have to ask the question. Do you think the reception of the Gorizia itself is going to be overshadowed by the association with the PR?
  12. I don't doubt that this is an old, old, old question, but I wanted to give it some life. I've been lucky enough to get a few ships out of this year's containers and I appreciate it. However, some of those ships were the "Duplicates" (i.e. B and Limas). It would be nice to be able to exchange those copies for dubloons or equivalent ships. Yes, I can sell for credits, but it would be nice to do an equal exchange.
  13. Lochnivar


    And you as well.
  14. Lochnivar


    To all of you. I apologize. my last thread got a little more heated than I really intended it to and looks to have been deleted. Fair enough. I regret that it got that deep in the muck. Our community deserves more.
  15. Ok, this question comes so far out of left field that I'm pretty sure it didn't even originate in the ballpark. I wonder how many foster and adoptive parents there are in this community. I've been a foster parent for 6 years now and have adopted 2 kids. Those who are know that we face some pretty unique situations and can't really relate to others who aren't. The reason that I'm curious is to see if there is enough of a population/interest to start a clan for foster and adoptive parents. I don't see it as a support group, but more of a clan of people who can relate. If there already is one, I'd like to know that as well. Thoughts?