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  1. Bonus code naval legend playlist

    Thanks for the codes. We need a thread that gives hints and not the codes themselves. More fun.
  2. Loch’s 2018 Wish List: Coming in to 2018, we all have a list of things that we would LOVE to see in the game, to make it much better, in our honest, and humble, opinions. I’m simply adding my list to the cacophony. 1. Spotting UI Feedback: One of the supposed strengths of a DD is the ability to spot the enemy and not be spotted themselves. However, it’s difficult to tell if you are actually performing that role. It’s a guess as to whether you are being a use or not. If you aren’t, then you’re simply wasting your time in an unadvantageous spot. I would like to see a captain’s skill that would let you know that you are the only ship with eyes on a target. 2. Separate Skills from Upgrades: Basic Firing Training is a skill. The captain teaches his crew this. Last Stand isn’t. You have the ability to move even though you have engine damage. That sounds like it something that should be an upgrade rather than a skill. Skills: Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance, Superintendent Upgrades: IFHE, Fire Prevention, Torpedo Acceleration. Those aren’t the full list, but an example of what split I’m talking about. 3. HE -> Fire chance paradigm shift: Ok, paying appropriate homage to “realism” is all great and fun; however, we’ve seen that WG has no problems balancing realism with game mechanics. As it is, BB’s firing HE and starting fires has become a standard that shouldn’t be. On the other hand, a DD can’t expect to dent with AP, so they have to go with spamming HE. Battleships have options. Let’s switch the extremes. Give DD’s the higher chance of fire and BB’s the lowest. Fire is the great equalizer and leave it on BB secondaries. But a BB firing HE exclusively doesn’t fit with what most of us see as BB guns. 4. Torpedoes as consumables: Following the above, giving DD’s a huge buff in fires needs to be balanced with their other greatest weapons, the torpedo. Historically, destroyers carried a finite set of torpedoes, nothing like the free spam we see today. Don’t have a firing solution, fine, spam the torps. I think it would be interesting to limit the number of torps that we have on a ship. That would certainly force a captain to make decisions for more sure torp spreads than the wall of skill. These have probably been suggested ad nauseum in other forums, but I thought I’d add my voice for feedback and the inevitable trolling/ridicule.
  3. Ok, clarification here. Are we supposed to be writing something about BEFORE the battle or right before she sank? From the other two stories, I get the feeling that I wrote mine with the wrong setting in mind.
  4. Letter to sweetheart found among the wreckage. January 28th, 1943 Dear Sarah, I hope this letter gets to you before your birthday, but you can never tell with the post. If it does, Happy Birthday. The atmosphere on the ship is still tense. Captain Bode has been particularly nasty since Savo Island. From what we can tell, the higher ups are not happy with his performance. He seems to be trying to prove something. There’s talk around the decks that Chicago is an unlucky ship. Nobody says it too loud for fear the captain might hear it, but it’s there. The torpedo that we took in Sydney seems to have rattled nerves. Otherwise, things are normal here. We celebrated Christmas and New Year the same way we do every year. I did receive your package. And no, I won’t let the other boys see you in that outfit. All my love, Signalman 1st Class, John Caleb Wright
  5. WoWS dying?

    Looks like it. WOWs was never going to be a smash like WoTs. The pace is entirely too slow for those who like their action hot and their vehicles hotter. I wouldn't put too much into YouTube videos. While it may not have explosive growth, those who are around tend to stay around.
  6. As most people here have said, the changes to smoke really haven't affected DD's and it certainly wasn't the death kneel that people freaked about. For the most part, if a ship is close enough to a smoked DD that firing is going expose it, you should be dumping fish and engaging that engine boost. I find myself using smoke to hide in less and less and more of a cover for my allies. Especially with the spotting mechanics and rewards. Smoke your allies, and they have to depend on you for LOS. Cha-ching! :) Rake in that xp and dough.
  7. A few weeks ago, I had a funny, at least to me, thought. You could boil down the entire USN BB line into one song. Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba. "I Get Knocked DOWN, But I get up again, can you ever gonna keep me down!" in reference to the increased heals and general toughness of the line. Then I thought, what are some other thoughts that boil down certain lines. Soviet DD's : YOLO! - If Leroy Jenkins played WOWs, he would be driving a soviet DD. Fast but no armor and a low pool of hit points, small guns and generally bad torpedoes until you get to T8, the Soviet DD line just begs for you to drive into the teeth of the other side with little regard to the fate of the your crew. Soviet CL's : In Soviet Russia - Bring out the Russian Reversal jokes. "Ship Citadel You", "Ship Radar You", "Ship Sink You" and more. Soviet CLs love to have some of the best guns in the game mitigated by lackluster armor and durability. British CL's : Bouncing Checks - To paraphrase an old metaphor, British CL's love to write checks their captains can't cash. They get into action with good speed and agility with quick firing guns. Unfortunately, light armor and the inability to stop quick enough to use your smoke screen can tend to get them out on a limb and cut off the tree behind them. US DD's : Yippee-Ki-Ayyy, Mutha... - I was going to give YOLO to the DD's, but it didn't have enough 'Murikan feel to it. US DDs are scrappy with quick firing guns and the best knife fighters in the game. Their fish are short ranged, but devastating if you can get them to land. IJN DD's : Ship-Jitsu - Japanese DDs aren't quite the offensive weapon that the other lines have. Weak armor and poor guns are offset by good torps. However, against a good WASD hacker, torps can be something of a disappointment. If Jujitsu is the art of using an opponent's weaknesses against them, then a BB sailing in straight line deserves to get hammered. German DD's : German Army Knives - German DD's don't seem to excel in any one area. They are generalists that have good qualities across the board, backed up by hydro that make them the best utility hitters among the DDs Those are a few that come to mind. Anybody else have more?
  8. Along with "Once you pry it loose from my cold dead... bottom of the sea where I spend most of my time in my 'Lanta."
  9. New Angry YouTuber Review category "Graf (Whatever)"?
  10. This is just an odd map/setup. I can't decide whether it's super easy or super hard. For example, my first game netted me 5 stars and I'm thinking, well, that was underwhelming. Then my next 4 battles went muppets. It wasn't just my team, I'll take responsibility for my own potato-play. However, I don't think I changed anything about my play style. Yes, that means I consistently suck. After playing a few more, I began to realize something. Raptor Rescue is an operation of extremes. You either click as a team or you don't. There's not much room for the rest of the team to carry for you. There are too many islands around for players to readily support you when it comes time to screaming for support. It's not a matter of turning the turrets fast enough to add firepower. Most of the islands are too high to simply fire over. That means you have to wait until you clear the island before you have a clear line of fire. Where I see most of the fail occurring is when the team scatters too far to mutually support anybody. Really, the only excuse to separate that far is to the south where one of the enemy CVs spawn and even then, that needs to be a destroyer or fast cruiser. Anything else isn't going to get back north quick enough to help in the end game. I'm enjoying it and it's certainly a changing mindset to how we typically play. It's a win or suck operation with all too many ways to suck if the players don't work decently well together.
  11. Thoughts on Killer Whale

    Forts depend on gun caliber from what I've seen like armor. 130s aren't going to AP, so HE is advised. The 150s on the Nurnberg are borderline. Heavier is going to be more reliable on using AP.
  12. Thoughts on Killer Whale

    Thanks Dilbert.
  13. Thoughts on Killer Whale

    I think it's the withdrawal point. I thought it was the bay as well, but after killing everything there, including reinforcements, we still lost the haven secondary objective.
  14. Thoughts on Killer Whale

    It took me a few tries, but yes, I got my first 5 stars with my Farragut.
  15. Thoughts on Killer Whale

    Of the operations, Killer Whale has to be the most complex and complicated. It seems easy, you roll in, kick some red tail and GTFO. Except that it’s more involved that. This is really the first operation in which gunboat DDs are viable. Let me explain. First, yes, they are pretty much useless against the fortifications. But, then again, that’s why you have BBs on your team. If you’re playing a DD, lob some shots that way because it’s rude not to, but otherwise, don’t concern yourself with them. Get inside the bay where your job begins. Secondly, the buildings are nicely vulnerable to HE fire. Most won’t survive even a DDs salvo. Taking them out is ridiculously easy. Let the big boys handle the armed ships. Third, once the Cimmarons panic and start stampeding out, the enclosed bay makes it easy for even the Farragut’s torps to be effective. Fourth, the CV and BB are both stationary with cold boilers, again, sitting ducks for your torps. After you’ve cleaned out the get to the exit point pronto. One of your secondary objectives is to keep the enemy out of the haven. You are the only ship with the speed to get there. You’ve got some challenges getting there, however. The reinforcements have a few DDs so a good gunboat is a plus. Avoid using torp boats like the plague. They are pointless here. Their guns are worthless and they suck at knife fighting. But, the Farragut or Gaede are great. A Gveny is a good ship if you have the turrets buffed. The idea of staying concentrated is a valid one for the biggies. However, you are a DD and your power lies in keeping your props going and the rudder shifting. Staying concentrated is great, but I don’t think it’s your best move here.