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  1. Presenting the all new T10 Italian's cruiser, Venezia. Masterly crafted and design by expert Italians shipbuilder. Encompassing sleek and modern design with speed to match of up to 38 knots. She include the iconic Italian Red and White candy cane paint on her bow and sporting detailed craftsmanship on her exterior design. Using the all new SAP shell technology in a 5x3 configuration for simultaneous 15 shell barrage onto target at sonic speed. Her AA suite is top of the class and will satisfy your needs to protect your precious asset from any would be airstrike. Safety is our number one priority and we ensure your crew will stay safe with our patent pending Exhaust smoke technology to get you out of troubling situation when the need arises complimented by sea mines for any pursuing target that may seek interest in your brand new investment. Get your today at the nearest Regia Marina certified Shipyards for a low cost of 19,900,000 credits. Please provide us with feedback below so that we ensure that your next vehicle of transports, is a Regia Marina's ships. Enjoy future captain, and may she serve you well. Venezia Commercial.mp4
  2. Karulean

    fix the game mechanics for overpens

    I understand your frustration but please understand some of the game mechanics first hand. Hopefully this video will help you understand. How it Works: Ballistics | World of Warships
  3. What next? do I have to downloadmoreram.com and eventually force myself to downloadmorebandwidth.com because my internet is too inferior to keep my client updating the movement of these mystical ship?
  4. Des Moines captain since forever.