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  1. ThreeGreen83

    The New WGC Launcher

    Still I have yet to see anyone officially with WG address what happens to all us Mac players... do we just get dismissed even further? The "we don't support apple" is bad enough when you have tech issues (poor form imho since there is specific download links for Mac users)... but then to let us play, spend money, and then just turn off the game to this client base? Exceptionally poor form... I sincerely hope that is not the direction of WG... but to date, I haven't seen anything address the fact that historically WGC has been Windows only so what's the new version going to do to us?
  2. ThreeGreen83

    Captain vs. Crew

    I like this ability to diversify as such.. but the simplicity is nice in WoWs... I personally think perhaps instead of full on diversified positions like you originally suggested... perhaps just adding a single "Ship Crew" that stays with each ship and can't transfer... you can then build it in maybe one area to specialize... survivability, AA, main guns, concealment?